Mohammed Hijab – The Real Differences Between Sunni and Shia

Mohammed Hijab
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Today what would it be talking about is I'm going to be talking about the differences between Sunni and Shia. And this is something which people need to know to be educated about be informed about. And also, it's an important thing for the truth seeker to be able to have access to. So without further adieu, adieu, I'm just going to talk about something that the Sudanese or other people from maybe anonymous perspective would think about when they think about Yeah, so if you think about things like, what our marriage was maybe temporary marriage Takia, which is the ability for or the allowance for shear to be able to lay any, in certain situations, and

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maybe potentially, the melody, the melody, for this year is obviously different in character and description, and mainly for the cities.

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And potentially, they might be acquainted with the fact that, you know, she has believed that Ali should have been the successor to the prophet and Sudanese believed that the buck should have been as successful. When people think about the differences between Sunni, Sunni and Shia, these are the kinds of things that come into or crop into your mind.

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I want to say something to you guys, I think these are not actually the primary differences between Sunni and Shia, the primary differences between Sunni and Shia, I would say, all alum are three. Number one is the status of different number two is the Sahaba. And number three, or the companions of the Prophet number three is a magma. These are three things which I would say, are the pillars of difference between Sunni and Shia. So I'm mentioning these things not to cause a fitna or corruption in the land or something like this. I mentioned these things, because it's the right of the consumer to understand these differences when conceptualizing Islam in general.

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Now, the first thing we're going to talk about quickly is crime. Now, the Quran clearly is Muslims believe sent down to the Prophet Mohammed, by the angel, Gabriel, etc. But being honest here, I have to be honest, that when you look into the classical Shia scholarship, it's very clear that there's a difference of opinion between the scholars in shadow in the Shia school of thought, especially the 12th, she had school of thought, as it relates to the preservation of the Quran. So there are these who take the the Islamic position that is preserved and sent under Prophet and the things that we've been reiterating, and it's on our channel, so you can refer to it. And those Shia who basically

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don't take the Islamic position.

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And this isn't their scholarship, and they don't basically believe it before is preserved because they don't see that the Sahaba or the companions, have done a good job of preserving the Koran. And of course, some of the, the classical scholars I can quote them are people like Toby Rossi, who actually wrote a book called in translation that foster professional guitar basically the final say, if you if guitars are bad, they in the in the lack of pro the corruption of the book of the lord of the Lords, which here means obviously, Allah. So this is one example. And Khomeini in in his book,

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cache LSR. He also mentions the fact in page 117, that he believes that the client is not preserved. However, this shouldn't be said without also saying

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that there are other people like Allie Cameron, one of the one of the comments or alikom, and one of the show one of the she, as you have said, that the Quran is preserved. So there are two differences of the two kinds of opinions that exist within she has, clearly now those who have the opinion that is preserved, which I genuinely believe, are the majority, I genuinely believe, I personally believe the overwhelming majority, but

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because I would love to believe that and I think that is true, but it's very difficult to find out through sociological studies, if that's true or not, those who do believe that the Quran is preserved, and that the Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. And as you sat down to hammer solo solo, which is the normative Islamic position, those who have that Islamic position, we can then talk about the second thing, which we're going to segue into now. it with a bit more conviction. Number two here, which is what we said we're going to talk about in terms of the steps is the status of the Sahaba, the Sahaba. What is this? What are who are the Sahaba are basically the

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companions of the Prophet, the companions of the Prophet

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sahibi is a companion, the Sahaba of the companions.

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And listen logimat describe as a hobby, as someone who has met the Prophet, man lucky and navy, whoever has met the Prophet and his work cannot walk me down and he's he was a Muslim, or she was a Muslim. And we're met Allah delic and then died upon this is lamb. So as a hobby according to Islamic, the Islamic traditional, sorry, the pseudo Jamaat tradition is someone who has met the Prophet date upon Islam, and there's nothing to show that he is not a Muslim. Now,

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from a Sunni perspective, this is a harbor are seen as the transmitters of the revelation, but both the Quran and the Sunnah. Now if, if we do take the Shia position, which I'm going to outline in a second, then we would if we take our skeptical extreme to its max, we could actually say that the Quran would be corrupted. But having said this,

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what do I say? I mean, if you look at Al Qaeda, which is the second most authoritative book what's world cafe, it's actually three sections and Cafe is divided into three for this year.

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For right rocks cetera. If you look at McAfee, which is the second most authoritative book for the fushia, you'll find that it says and caffeine and I'll put the references in the description box

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that can that basically, the companions of the perfect where us hub read that letter letter that they were apostates except for three, and they mentioned who the three are.

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And they say it was an MK dad, and it was with

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everybody, and it was Samantha etc. These are the three companions, which are not apostates. According to the Shia tradition, of course, in addition to Alan Bates, who who are the competitors to the family, the immediate family of the prophet who they would say is Hassan, Hassan Fatima excetera. Now, these are big differences here because once again, if you concede that the Sahaba aquifer

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and this is exactly what one of the shadow scholar says in one of his books,

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he actually wrote a book and he entitled one of the

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chapters cough fella

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he basically

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not only do we talk about the disbelief of the Sahaba in general, but the she has make specific intentions is specific to fear or specific

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some chiasmus specific fears to walk Rothman alley,

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a buck, on and off man that makes specific texture to these three, meaning that they say that these people are not Muslims, because they usurped it from his rightful

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right to have you know, the,

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the successorship of the Prophet.

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We, this is basically the ship the ship position. So once again, if you take this position, you could fall into the first category of people who denied the Quranic preservation. But in addition to that, there's a there are lots of other problems that for example, if you look at the life of valuable avatars, we didn't come out and say to, to, to these three successes to Warcraft,

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obok, ama, and Othman that I believe you Kufa and this is not in their screen in their books, and neither is in our books. He doesn't. I mean, if you look carefully, he actually prays behind those people. And in Islam, if you pray behind it, this believer your prayer is invalid.

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In fact, more than that, he actually had two sons. One of them he named, he has more than two sons,

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two sons who he specifically named, Reebok, and armour.

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In addition to that, you know, Ali had marriage his daughter, drama will Hata macoun. So he married her off to this man. And clearly if this was a disbeliever, then it wouldn't be a legitimate marriage in Islam. So this would mean that he's doing something in Islam, which is considered basically allowing his daughter to do something which is completely harmless.

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These are some things which Sudanese would replace it Look, this is the issue with your thesis. Yeah, or the thesis that the Sahaba are not basically

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Muslim. But having said this, also the Quran makes it clear. The Quran itself makes it clear if we look into the chapter number 48 of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala himself he says La Jolla and Mina at bay I'm gonna cut that a shadow

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over him with Jiminy Cricket fat hand calibration, that's so Allah has he's not he knows

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The city would argue he knows that colada Raja la sorry, Allah is pleased with those people who have made baotou you under the tree by means the Pledge of Allegiance. And there's no difference of opinion that these individuals included us man and included,

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included a workaround and these big names that basically the Sudanese take has big names and this shows some of them I would say quite openly excommunicate from the faithful to God. So if we look at the Quran, the Quran makes it very clear and the other verses like the final verse on that very chapter, chapter 14, it says Mohammed the rules of law, were letting me know Ma, who as you

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may know him, and it continues, the verses continues. So it says the Prophet Muhammad is the soul of Allah subhanaw taala. And the ones who have believed with him are basically details so many different things. good traits would say, of the Salah. Now, having said that, having spoken about the second major difference, I'll talk about the third major difference. The third major difference is a very big one. Mmm. Now Mmm. If you look at the Islamic tradition, yeah, if you look at the Islamic tradition, you will find that Muslims all agree that there are six pillars of Amen. The five pillars of Islam, six pillars of a man and took me below my legacy because we Rosalie William

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laughter will cause a failure, that you believe in Allah and he's met his angels and his messengers, etc, etc, etc. The six pillars of Eman which is faith.

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Now, we would consider the six pillars of faith as we would say, the pillars or the foundations of our credo belief.

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All Muslims would say that she has now have in addition to this, what they say is that we believe in Inanna he mama is the idea that the 12 Imams, imams means kind of linguistically means leaders or people to be followed

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the 12 it means beginning with Ali Abu Talib, and ending with Mohammed Hassan asking

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that all of these 12 exams are number one infallible, that they are incapable of making mistakes. Number two, that they have all knowledge number three, that they can, some people say that they have control of the rod, even the atoms of creation, they can have control of it,

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and so on and so forth. So these 12 exams, according to the Sham are incredibly,

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basically perfect, they are perfect, in every way, shape, and form.

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And we have to follow them according to shad, in order to seek to get salvation in order to get salvation. Now, the question is, that's certainly as opposed to she eyes now is,

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if we look at the Quran, from the beginning of the Quran, to the end of the Quran, we will we will find many mentions not just one mention, but many mentions of all of the foundational elements of Akito faith,

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we will find many mentions of

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like, for example, the Day of Judgment a lot, this is all the things I've just mentioned the things which are the six pillars, but when you try and do the same thing for humanity. The question now is where does the Quran mentioned in the beginning of it to the end of it? Now, clearly those ancient probably, hopefully, they don't exist. This opinion is not present nowadays. But these may be classical minded, she has orthodox, she has or whatever you want to call them. Maybe I should call them orthodox, maybe, extremists, she has, they will say maybe the cloud is not preserved. The original Quran had 18,000 verses. And you know, therefore,

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that those verses that talk about you know, have been lifted, but for those years who maintain that the Quran is preserved, and that the Quran has not been changed, which hopefully I will say is the majority. The question now is how would they respond to the fact that the manner or the idea of the leadership of the 12 is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran in any explicit way at all, and this is very, very clear for to see.

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So this is a question that Sudanese have been historically posing to see ads for a very, very long time, and she has have been grappling with it. And you could say that they've been referencing some sort of metadata, such as other places which have vague references or ambiguous references, which are not clear and definitely don't mention any of the names of any of the 12 imams beginning from Ali have never thought about ending with Mohammed even has an Oscar who by the way, in a book written by a to see who is one of the biggest Shia scholars in this field, he says that in page in Baku, Eva, Page Number 74, he says that this man has an asset he was the 11th the man didn't have

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any children anyways. So there would be 11 times and this will cause real problems of this

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This is true for the fact that there are 12. And this is obviously a shark, Scott. But having said this, the question now would be where did the idea come from? And of mmm if it didn't come from the Quran, if it didn't come from the prophets, Prophet himself that is Allah, if you don't come from so what are the ultimate theories? And there are some controversial theories out there. I'm not saying I've subscribed to any one particular, I'm saying I put them out there for education purposes.

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That one theory, according to some people, she answered, actually, she Anson and I'll substantiate my claim is that the idea of email actually came from a human being called Abdullayev and Sarah and I hope this year. If you're watching this, you're not going to switch off and get angry because I know you've heard this probably before. Okay, I know you've heard this before. I'm not trying to say that it's true or false. I'm just saying it's an idea. It's in the scholarly works of Shiraz and Sunnah. For example, Abdullah and Saba has been sent by someone called upon me, who is a Shia scholar who wrote a book

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and in episode called Philip a Shia, and this book and page 32 of the book, it says that he Abdullah bin Salman is a woman of her word lol man shahida He's the first person to testify be be found it a Medallia alehissalaam will have the Hara and burrata and he, he says that he is the this is exactly what it says on page 32. He says that he IE Abdullah bin Saba is the first person to say that it's obligatory to believe in the manner and he uses exactly the word email of it. And he says Allah he's because he is a Shia. And Sunni says that the same thing is not necessarily something I'm attacking anyone

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of hora burrata.

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He says that and he is the first person to really show animosity

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against those who people who are who he says are the enemies of Allah, who he's referring to, obviously, Ahmad Abu Bakr, etc. So the there are competing theories of how this idea of a man has actually entered the Islamic framework or has entered the minds of people who promote the idea. And this is one theory, and certainly has been mentioned by Sunnis and Shia.

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But there are other theories. And

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I'm not here to have you know how complete discussion about that. But it's important for us to know, not only the differences, but perhaps where the differences came from, as well.

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One of the issues really what we've talked about one issue, which is that you wouldn't be able to find a verse, which is unequivocal and unambiguous that talks about the memes in a certain way. And the other, so that's one issue. But another issue is really a critical issue. If we say that, as many have said, I'll put some references in the description box. For those who really wanted to research that the amount for example knows everything.

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If we say that the Imams know everything they know everything is well. Khomeini says this is what many of the scholars classical and contemporary have said about the maps, they know everything. If this is the case, and some Sudanese have argued, if this is the case that you're saying that the Imams know everything,

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then would that suggest that they are more knowledge than the Prophet Mohammed said? I'll say No, in fact, the prophet Mohammed knows everything as well. So okay, fine.

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Let's take this and let's put it to the standard of the Quran. You see the Quran in chapter number 46, verse number eight, it says to the Prophet Mohammed, last pantalla he says, cool American.

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Cool not going to be Domino's Lee, welcome to Atlanta, you find me whenever

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he says to the Prophet Mohammed, say I'm not an innovation of the Prophet so I'm not something new not coming with a new message. And I don't know what's going to happen to me and don't know what's gonna happen to you.

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So he says, I don't know something. He so the Prophet Mohammed has been told, I don't know something. In other words, if you're saying they know everything, how comes and that the Prophet Mohammed is not exempt from this knowledge of everything. That How comes in the Quran, it says that he doesn't know certain things. Yes, alumina can Is it a anamosa haffi Mathematica, for example, Chapter 17 antiquorum, the last couple of verses the last panel dialysis, they asked you about the hour, when will it be pegged to say, Who are you? Who are you or amateur cinema

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to know this kind of information? And this thing is mentioned as lots of things. Well, Matt, I love Neville shadow whenever.

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It says that we haven't taught him shadow which means poetry. So there's lots of things that Prophet doesn't

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Yeah, we're not saying the Prophet Mohammed says, Hello, that's the normative position knows everything. And if we did would be, we'd have real trouble justifying that position

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in the light of the verses of the Quran, but the question would then remain. Another question would remain, if we're saying that the Imams know everything, and a lot knows everything,

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then does that mean that the Imams have the same knowledge as?

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Well? No, this is another argument that that Cindy's put forward, if you say that Allah knows everything, because there's nothing more than everything to know. And that the Imams know everything that would suggest that the memes and Allah had the same knowledge. Now, the Shia does have a counter to this, just to be clear. And remember, this is an educational video, and also very biased one, but obviously, I'm Sunni. So I'm going to be very biased. The truth is, guys, I'll be honest with you, bias is always going to be a part of discussion. Now, I'm not going to lie to you here and say that I'm not biased. I'm biased, right? But bias doesn't mean that it's not going to be true, I

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say, because you can have a bias, which is true. The point is,

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if we say that Allah knows everything, and that the members know everything, that would suggest that they have the same knowledge, okay, now the shear would come about and say, Look, actually, that's not true.

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You're conceptualizing it incorrectly. So why is the reason why is because if actually, there's something that the law has, that the Imams don't have,

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which is what you call some of the, you know, COVID law, I had a level below summit. A summit means that everything relies upon Allah, and Allah doesn't rely upon anyone, whereas the Imams all rely upon Allah. And Allah does not rely upon the Imams. That's why they say this is a key difference. This is what differentiates the Imams from the Prophet Muhammad from the Prophet Mohammed from the maps so fine. But that does not negate the shower, then argue, or suddenly would then argue the fact that you are saying that they have the same knowledge.

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Just Just because one is more enlightened than the other, or one is reliant on the other and the other is not relying on one does it mean that they don't have the same knowledge if you subscribe to this belief. So this is the kind of discussion you'll find between Sunni and Shia. This is the traditional discussion that's been going on for many, many hundreds of 1000 years now. 1500 years or 1300, whatever it is, years. And, and it's important for us as consumers of the truth, to have an understanding of that. And because it is the occasion of Ashura today is basically the 10th day of Muharram unless this video has been recorded, or you're watching it some other time, which is very,

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very possible. But it's the 10th day of Maharashtra. And so on this occasion, I thought I would make it elucidate on the differences between so people do not understand like, you know, understand what is exactly the main what, what is differentiating, is it really the fact that it was only the successor of the province is not bad. It isn't that these are the main differences between Sunni and Shia. And I want to add just one more thing before I end it since it is the since it is basically an SRE and stuff like that. Someone might ask what is an SRE as a suddenly what you're meant to do is fast, fast in natural light, it cleanses your sins for the previous year, etc, does lots of good

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things for you, for the sky is clear that I think there is evidence historical evidence that basically saying he died Natura on this day. And so they this they what they're doing when they're cutting themselves, just to be clear to the people is that she has in particular are mourning the death of her saying, or they believe that this is a martyrdom that deserves to be a moment but the question would then remain who is the ones who are the ones who killed

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Al Hussein and I want to just read a couple of things here because I think it is interesting thing. I'm not saying this again, once again to be polemical. I'm just saying this because it's something I've come across.

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Alamosa is one of the share scholars and he says we're heading associate he mentioned a couple of verses, some verses and some sorry, some I thought I had he then says we're heading the source to be in them and home katella told her saying Happy fionn in the home Shiatsu who ah Dona felly mother, Mohammed Abdullah, Sunnah and masala. He says that certainly these evidences are these things show to us that who are the true colors of saying and he says it was our grandfather, or it goes our grandfathers were our forefathers. Yeah. So there's no reason to,

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to to basically blame and so no, the Sunni people for that. And he said and someone else is saying that I mean, he says they are saying, line rock I Sharona elfen Avada Ruby wahana la hora de la you buy it he Fianna

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And this is in a book called a shear.

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hour, the first

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just and the page number is 32. So the point is,

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there's a question of who killed him. This is one ongoing debate, I'm just giving you two sources just to give you a taste of

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some competing opinions within our school of thought, as to who killed saying the point is he used, he was martyred, we believe. And the thing is, I don't want anyone to think in their mind that Sudanese don't love him. But as soon as I think as we have a positive, we have a beautiful love, for family hasn't seen and all of and we have tremendous respect for them, even that they refer to because they were historic, some of the historical character except for obviously, some of that I've just mentioned are not some of them are not historical characters, but some of them are historical characters like Jaffa cibic we believe that we are attitude towards the Imams is that ever positive.

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We think that these were knowledgeable human beings, but we don't believe that those humans ever claimed infallibility or divine or supernatural metaphysical kind of thing.

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Danny traits, or attributes

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with that you conclude and I hope that you're going to subscribe and I hope that you're going to and listen if any she wants to get in contact with me to ask me questions. You can Facebook me because I don't mind answering messages

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from anyone. And this is not just shows Christian Jewish, any human being wants to get in contact with us. You can message us on Facebook, my thing is on top of the on my channel self education, you can come and message me channel I'll be very happy to answer any of your questions. And I hope you haven't offended anybody. I just genuinely did this because I felt there was a need to

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to educate people. I wanted to bring maybe a more specialist person enthusiasm to talk about this.

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But then I got in contact with a few of them and then some of them they declined but a lot, a lot of alum. He maybe this is going to be beneficial to you guys. And hopefully I'll see you soon.

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