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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of building a ladder and not letting anyone take advantage of peace culture. They also mention the use of the Bible's guidance and the practical elements of Islam, including the use of a through-the-door. The speaker believes that this is something which everyone
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You build a ladder, climb across the wall, the job is done. Why build the ladder if you never experienced the trampoline?

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So job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products, including premium, it's your black seed products. It's an article one has a lot here, but I can't. So how are you guys doing? You might recall that some time ago, I did a review on some of the conversations that were taking place on Logan, Paul's podcast. And in the podcast, he he was talking about God and purpose of life and the creator and higher power and some really important and powerful points that Logan Paul made. And in that discussion, I kind of extrapolated some of his points and compared them with the Islamic positions. To my surprise, I found that there was lots more similarities than I would have expected.

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What's interesting now is that he has had a person called Sadhguru, who is probably the most famous and popular guru, Hindu guru on the internet. He's had him on the podcast, and there was an interesting discussion that they had.

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Whereby really Sadhguru was talking about some pistol and logical points, talking about what constitutes the self. There were a panel of individuals that were asking him questions.

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And then you know, he would answer in his kind of pseudo philosophical way, and try and, you know, propose something about something which is not too dogmatic. Clearly, he was trying to avoid dogma. And clearly, he was trying to avoid the kind of normal discourses that you would find maybe an Abrahamic tradition. Something was just conspicuously absent from that discussion, though, quite frankly, was anything solid at all. So I'm at the Walmart counter, and they asked me for $60. And I say, but I have found out the fundamental principles of life, and I have a life force that exists between between my hands when I rub them together. What I'm getting at is how do you how do you in

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Thrall and ignite the masses to take part in this conversation about what life means you build a ladder? Climb across the wall? The job is done? Why do you What if I

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made their note be no wall? What if I told you the acid knock that wall down into a pile of rubble that you never had to climb a ladder over ever again? That's not true,

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either. My question is why? Why build the ladder? If you never experienced the trampoline? To the fun? That's what I said. You would make it happen here.

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Oh, yeah, high off life don't look, I understand. I understand. I'm just saying like, I'm also a fellow curious person. And I had the thought process that I cannot die on this planet, not knowing what a psychedelic does to my brain I, I've reviewed, that's something I wanted to try. With all due respect. I mean, you know, this person is my senior in knowledge and agent, experience Sadhguru. But I have to say that having left kind of from that, I don't think anyone would take anything solid away from this discussion. And I think this is the pivotal point of difference between the Abrahamic experience, if you want to call it the Islamic experience, and the rest of these kinds of ideologies

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or religions which don't have, or will have a plethora of ways of being interpreted. The point is,

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you know, Islam has it proposes a way to prove itself to people. Islam has solid arguments, which claims Islam has solid arguments, which show which demonstrably show that it is a religion from God, Islam is about one higher power, the Creator God, creating all the worlds and I want to share with you one or two verses from the Quran, which kind of spring to mind here, which I find really beautiful, but also touched the practical and applicable elements of the religion of Islam. The Quran has a very kind of beautiful way of summarizing something he says in chapter 28, verse 4950, says, will fit to be keytab in me nine delay, who damn in whom at tibia, who incontinence or their

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pain, say bring forth a book, which is a more in guidance than the Quran, and the Torah. I will follow it if you are truthful for any lemmya stage Ebo phylum and Nam, a Tabby owner well, and if they don't reply to this, then realize that they are just following their desires. Omen Otto lumen Manitoba, however, who be hiding who them in Allah, and who is more led astray. Listen to this very carefully. It's very important, who is more led astray than the one who follows his desires.

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In opposition to following the guidance from Allah from God, the Creator God.

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And this, I want you to think about

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the Quran is a book of guidance. It's not just a book of guidance in abstraction, in theory, but it's a practical book of guidance. Islam offers guidance from

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the belief system and also from the applicable equal jurisprudential system as well.

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So you'll find that there is nothing left out in terms of how to live your life God didn't just create us aimless or purposeless.

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If I asked several insano a youth rocker soda, does the human being really think that he'd be left created? aimless? No, the Islamic position is that God created the human being. And when God created the human being, he endowed him with purpose, a T alias. And he gave him guidance through the intermediaries of messengers and prophets, which come and take the form of through the intermediaries of messages which took the form of prophets that came a fourth time. And there was a series of books, a series of religious traditions that were sent down a four time. And these dispensations these previous dispensations were intended to act like a manual of like a guidebook

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for humanity. And the final one is the Quran, which as I've said, In the beginning, is something which claims to be from God. And I believe we have solid evidence today is from God, which is why I believe, a podcast with Logan Paul, which at one point I believe he was interested in having will be the greatest opportunity to really explore why we believe as Muslims that Islam Not only is true, but is totally practical for your life, and gives you all solutions for everything you need in your life. This is something which I believe is exclusive and unique to the Islamic tradition. And this is something I believe, which anybody who embraces and takes on will have a transformative effect on

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their life.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh