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As the happening in the world today

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it's only right

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that we speak about what's happening in Palestine.

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It's only right, that since we're all congregated here together

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in unity as Muslims, for us also to remember, the struggle the true struggle of our brothers in a sham region in Palestine, where many of the Hadith of the N days

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the mullah who Culebra, the signs of the end times are related to that specific job.

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And when I see the images, as I'm sure you do, as well,

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of children,

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young girls in the hands

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of women and men, at the hands

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of the Zionists

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who have tried to

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and continue to oppress our brothers and sisters for 75 years.

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There's no doubt that that fills me with a rage that I haven't felt for a long time.

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Does it fill you with the rage?

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Let me ask that question again. Because I want to understand and gauge the emotional reaction of the people here in Birmingham? Does it feel you with the rage?

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Does it make you angry to see young children crying on the floor

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on the rubble, because of the cowardly Zionists that are afraid of face to face confrontation?

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Does it make you angry to know that in the very country that we're living in the our political leaders have no word of condemnation to say about those children? Does it?

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Are we as the Muslim people going to accept them trying to guide us and to shut us up and to tell us that waving the Palestinian flag is an act of terrorism is that we're going to

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we're not going to accept that here in Birmingham, in London or anybody anywhere else.

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This is an important thing.

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And it's more than just although that is the most important thing that we can do.

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Raising awareness on this issue

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is extremely important.

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But I want to say something to tie it to the themes of today.

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When you see

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the Zionists attacking children at this level, where they become less than human effectively, and some of them are speaking in this way. They're saying we are fighting human animals.

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Walleye if we were over a zoo of animals, if we the people here went together and we went to the National the local zoo, and we sprayed white phosphorus over the zoo, because we claimed there was a few dangerous animals inside of it.

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And with indiscriminately bombarded that zoo, they would call us terrorists because we are attacking the animals.

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But when these people see our own children, little girls

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in the hands of their parents, they don't actually see it.

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As much as their see their dog at home that licks their face because they are people have met Jessa

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the dog and the cat that they have at home the pet in this country, I guarantee you they rate those animals, they respect those animals. They love those animals more than they love us.

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Wala is not just the people of Palestine.

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Those elements, designers and their supporters there are dehumanizing every single one of you. And it's not just the Zionists and their supporters. There are many segments of society. Unfortunately, a growing number that feels that way about us.

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Some of them want to take our bodies and the other ones want to take our soul.

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We need to learn now that when

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not gonna be able to ally with these people at all, whether it's the left wing who are forcing our children, LGBTQ brainwashing in our schools,

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even though it's against their understanding of human rights, because according to the charter, we have a right to educate our own children according to our views, according to the human rights, yet they're forcing our children this trying to take the souls away from them and on the right wing Wallahi they don't care if you're alive or dead.

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This is the environment that we're living in.

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We have no time to pick up

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in the Dawa

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Messiah, the Allah ma the Imams, we have no time to pick up Dewey,

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do we have time?

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Do we have time for this unity?

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These matters are the matters in which we must come together on building your Toccoa

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we as the Muslim ummah must come together as one just had one body. I will Muslim Kelly Muslim culture says

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the Muslims of the other Muslim was like one body. In another Hadith he says, Cal Boone Yan like a building yeah should do Babu Baba.

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It pulls itself together.

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Wallahi those elements in society will never accept you. Well, I'm talking about uncaria Who

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have to tell me on a letter home.

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Those Jews and Christians will never accept you the Quran says until you follow the way.

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So do men and women and our families husbands and wives do we have the luxury of being each other's throats? Or being in a war with each other? At this uniting the family of doing cut out Ryan, which is one of the major sins of Islam, where the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said lie at full Jana Arteon. The one who cuts the ties of kinship will not enter Jannah and we have people withholding the children from their father.

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We have people not speaking to their mother. We have people not discussing. You have relatives that you don't even speak to. How are we meant to face the world?

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When we can't even face our own families.

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We can't even get unity in your own home.

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You're incapable because you hold grudges. We hold grudges and we have guilt and hazard and have envy and anger and resentment

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and I'm yet needed Lavina Avenue and tuck shop the ruble homely they can Allah Allah OS is it not time for the believers for their hearts to be softened? By the remembrance of Allah.

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It is time

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it is time what can you do for Palestine? What can you do for the oppressed Muslims all over the world? Start with your own homes. Start with your own communities.

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Enough is Enough of this message in attacking this message on this for trivial and peripheral issues. We've got big issues. We have Zionist trying to take over messenger OXA killing our children. We have LGBT we have the feminists, we have this one. This one wants to take your soul and this one wants to take your body and we're fighting each other.

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Is that reasonable?

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Is that reasonable?

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What we will do therefore, I'm not asking you pledge for money or charity or fundraising. But make a pledge within yourself. That when you go back home, to your families that you will and I will and we will

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swallow our pride.

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We will swallow our pride.

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If your wife is upsetting you. You see the bigger picture. I'm doing this for the family. I will discipline her in the right manner.

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If your husband is upsetting you instead of having the hill and this and that no we have children.

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This is we've got a bigger picture because the families make up the communities and the communities make up the OMA.

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It all starts from in here

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from within your

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Tom Hayes cleaning, tongue clear, removing,

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being forgiving, being generous, being good, and then realizing that we have a priority at hand. When that happens, like Wallahi I tell you this. I've been in the public sphere for about nine years now. This is the 10th year. This time round. Haven't you noticed that with this issue of Palestine, there's been more unity than ever. Have you noticed that? Have you noticed that our voices are louder than ever? Have you noticed that we're stronger than ever? Have you noticed that social media has changed the game? Have you noticed that they're acquiescing? Have you noticed that they're on the backfoot?

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Have you noticed that they're weak? Have you noticed them Shiva? Have you noticed them tremble? I have noticed them fumble their rules, their top hats.

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We have something that these people don't have our God is not the God of money is it ties up to denarii with Durham, the Prophet said,

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parish is the one who is the slave of the dinar and then around money is your God because that's a weak God. And so you have weak resolve weak motivation to days you can't handle on Twitter, imagine the battlefield. But then you have children that throw rock can go in and say, Look, I'm ready to die child, a child in Palestine, the gift of Eman that gives us the courageous the Ganas, the bravery, the will to live the purpose all the things these people even if they bought the whole world they would not be able to achieve it is a gift no other people can have. We have that.

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They would wish to have that. If they knew how it felt. If they knew what it meant they would you judge Sue as the seller used to say they would fight us with it with swords. That's what they would do.

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Actually, nowadays, they probably do it on a plane or something where they're far away on a drone to engage with the swords themselves because they are cowards.

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So I'm gonna give you some points of action. Because I feel your anger. I feel your rage.

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I want you

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to go home if you have anybody in your family, a friend that you

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have a home with you have a dispute a discord with resolve it today with the Muslim people, can we get a pledge for that? Yes or No?

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If you know anybody

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who is disputing with each other, you're going to step in and try and resolve it yes or no? Why? Because if we do that we're bringing the OMA together. And if we bring the OMA together we protect the Ummah from the sahaya and and Zinus. And these elements that want to destroy us, it's a matter of survival.

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It is a matter of survival.

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The second thing I want you to do is make prolonged and proper diet and you're scheduled to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives Palestine and his people complete victory.

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complete victory helped her bustle. nabina Illa Delphos nine is victory anyway, because of the Marta dies, he goes to Jana, he goes to Jana, or she goes to Jana. Otherwise it's victory. It's win win for us and it's lose lose for them. Bear that in mind this conception of Jana. It is something we can delight, enjoy. It's one of the beautiful gifts we can think oh, we're gonna be in a place where there's no bad feeling. Those babies that are killed are in a place in sha Allah where there's no bad feeling. And there are ones in sha Allah in the Hellfire where they would wish to be hit by missiles burning they're in eternally the cowards that they are.

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point of action number one, fix your relationships point of action number two, make doc

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and point of action number three, use your voice wherever you can, on social media, on normal media, in your schools anywhere. Don't let them intimidate you. Yes, of course. We're not gonna say anything illegal. But we need to be able to use this platform. You and I on the United Kingdom, the so called first world we have advantages 95% of the world doesn't have. We have a responsibility therefore, that 95% of the world doesn't have especially if the Muslim people what ever you can do.

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Do It and with that I conclude