Mohammed Hijab – Exposing Ultra Intolerant Muslim ‘cleric’

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of acceptance of Islam's values and the need for consistency in the culture. The guest talks about the "monster muscle" in Islam, the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the "monster" in Islam, who claims to be the only person who can recite the Bible and write a song. The segment also touches on the "monster" in Islam, who claims to be the only person who can recite the Bible and write a song, and the "monster" in Islam, who claims to be the only person who can recite the Bible and write a song. The "monster" in Islam is a man who claims to be the only person who can recite the Bible and write a song. The "monster" in Islam is a man who claims to be the only person who can recite the Bible and write a song. The "monster" in Islam is a man who claims to be the only person who
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I'm Ali camara, hello, but I can't so how are you guys doing? I hope you're gonna hope you're doing alright hope your Ramadan went really well hope your your brother was good and and I hope there was a lot of fear that came from that. Now the reason why we're doing this video is because there's something that happened quite recently in the Arab world and Saudi Arabia in particular actually funny enough, and

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which didn't get as much press here in the English speaking world. So what happened recently about 1200 Islamic personalities, Mufti, his big scholars, etc, came from all different parts of the Islamic world. And when they came, they came to this conference, right, this conference was to uphold certain values that have been, frankly Lost in Translation sometimes, that we've been accused of as Muslims, but they uphold the values of, for example, at Thai or, which is a coexistence you know, mutual coexistence living together at tolerating differences, those kinds of values, which have been lost in translation. And also the fact that Islam is a is a race inclusive religion, that

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Islam is a tolerant religion to other religions, and so on and so forth. Now, that's important. Now, why is it important? Because obviously, from a Western perspective, a lot of people will have issue with those, these are some of the key points Oh, well, why your scholars not speaking about these? Well, actually, they are, they have all those things, people from all different kinds of the Islamic world are doing that. But there's something interesting about this. Now, in some Salafi corners, frankly, says, Sophie,

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you know, practicing people, there is this idea that, you know, they say that if you sit with the innovator, if you sit with the innovator, then you become really an innovator. If you sit with the innovator, you're an innovator, if you sit with someone from a different grouping, or let's say for example, classification, or if you say what the AI and there's no for example, you're not doing damage to them or something like that, or for whatever reason, then you become like them. So you can't, you can't sit with them for common good. And they will consider this as any when in principle, a principle of the Muslim Brotherhood he would say, even though the Quran says without,

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or without any liability whatsoever, and come together in mutual good and, and and piety. So the thing is, what's really interesting is that in this meeting, you have people who are shy, you have people who are Sufi, but you also had the shear, the Mufti LCF, the main Mufti of Saudi Arabia himself. Now we'll get straight to the point, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, this was something which is worthwhile was a big thing in the Arab speak in the in the Muslim world.

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You have people that came literally, and they would write in there. And there was was written down that this was for the Muslim house, the greater the greater muscle, which means the greater good the common interest of the Muslim people. It was for the common interest of the Muslim people. And people from all sides, Salafi, Sufi, and she and they will come together for those reasons. Not to say okay, we're going to all believe in the same thing. Now, there's going to be uniformity and belief. They came together for that muscle. And the question is, do you consider that a good thing or a bad thing? If you subscribe to a certain kind of understanding of self, your other strands of

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Islam, not just Salafism, but other strands of Islamic understanding? Then you would have thought that this is a very negative thing, because if you are an innovator, if you're seeing within them, you become one, you become an innovator. But look, look what the king said, the king said, We are sovereign, and it makes us happy, we are sovereign, and not Allah. Ahmed Islamia, Allah has a town. Oh, my God, what did he say? Can you repeat that in English, he said, that it makes us happy to see, it makes us happy to see the all the scholars of the Islamic world coming together in this Taiwan on this town, as the cross accountability for Taiwan means coming together in mutual good

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intelligibility. good fit. So the king is saying is good.

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Now, we're not here to defend Saudi women politics, that's a different discussion. Obviously, I'm just saying here, for those selfies who do take Saudi Arabian scholarship, very, very important. And I'm not saying we shouldn't take Saudi Arabian scholarship, very important. What do we say about this? What do we say about the king saying this? Is he adopting is a Muslim brother is, according to you is the most is the king adopting a Muslim Brotherhood?

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methodology? How about we say, Al chef himself who was sitting the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, is he to be close and innovative now, actually, since he's doing this tower navigability we're stuck with people who are Shia and Sufi and so on. And if not really, why not? You've already taken out already a lot of the people, you've already taken out a lot of the people of the Muslim world, do I

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do it all and because of this, you've taken them out. You've said they're no longer Sydney. Yeah. You've said they're no longer Sydney, as you've said that you said that these these people are no longer Sydney because they sat with the innovator. Why don't you apply the same logic on this

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Share, the L share the Mufti Elisha, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, come on, be consistent. Come on, be consistent. Why don't you come out and say that the king is an equality? In your opinion? Do you think that the king is a Muslim Brotherhood? I would think from the politics that I'm observing that actually, he's quite adverse to the Muslim Brotherhood. So I think that you're gonna, you're forced now to make a decision. Either you consider you do exam, you say that those individuals are innovators. Those selfies that were present in that meeting, be my fee him. Yeah, with what is in them, of the king and the and the shear and the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, or you say, you know, what,

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they have other smsl of Omnia is something which is speculative rather than something which is coffee and so on. And, and this is the thing that is gentlemen. And, obviously, my photography, my words, my discourse is targeted specifically to

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selfies, intolerant selfies, I'm just going to be straightforward, iguacu, intolerant, intolerant, to what intolerant to

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intolerance, other opinions, and intolerance to other groups. Now, obviously, there's tolerance everywhere. There's intolerance everywhere as well. So it's not just within Salafism, that we find this intolerance, we find a tolerance within every subgroup, frankly, right. But my hip hop in this video is about that. And on that note, I want to bring to your attention, I would say one of the most despicable intolerant individuals, I've honestly ever come across in this in this in this country, as someone who has been

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who has been speaking about Allah and diet and all of these individuals for a long time. This is an imposter. I'm seeing it very clearly this individuals in the pasta this individual is a charlatan, this individual is a fake is a phony. I'm gonna prove it to you ladies and gents, today, I'm going to prove to you that this individual is fake. Yeah, that any knowledge acquired from that individual is going to be a superficial fake knowledge, which is not even transmitted correctly, because the individual himself is fake. Now, who is this individus name is? Absolutely, I'd like to see the camera you can see the video you can see the picture on the screen right now.

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Yes, you see the individual that he lives in Birmingham, he's a he claims to be a student of knowledge. In fact, let's hear exactly what kind of let's see exactly what kind of

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studies training he's done.

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So this is just a bit of what he said.

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As for where I studied, then when he laid his hand

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and All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala. I have been upon Sophia, for what we understood to be Sofia, since the late 1980s. Since the late 1980s, I was introduced to salvia in a roundabout 1988

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my first in those days, of course, this was you know, pre computer, pre mobile phones, pre all of that type of era. So in that era, our contact with the machines and it was, you know, scattered, to say the least, we have some brothers who studied at the Islamic University of Medina. And they had some contact with some of the great scholars near like Shia Abdulaziz bin bash, do they mean who of course alive at that time, and likewise, the likes of Giovanni and we would receive a lot of that information by way of those brothers who were studying. Then by about the mid 90s. Or even before that, then we are direct ourselves myself. I had some direct contact with some of the machines and

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some of the students of knowledge, who were who had studied themselves and are considered to be from lll. from them were the likes of Sheikh Mohammed Abu Ahmed, Mohammed Al and Jerry, under whom I studied, and completed Osasuna of Mr. Mohammed Mohammed.

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And the likes of from the other Messiah of Kuwait, under whom I studied the Akita of Abu Bakr Al esmaeili.

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Of course, the Israeli

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likewise, in that same era, meaning in the early 90s, or mid 90s, I had studied Bloomerang with those same machines.

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And at the same time, we had started now visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Now, we can't watch the whole video long video, but let me just summarize it for you in a nutshell, this individual has training according to his own testimonial, right, according to his own testimony, his testimony is number one he studied

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ever, you know, three or four major, you know,

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the the book of I met

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Susana, and the book of two people called Rosie, Rosie and basically, Rosie, and also, he he said, he said, beloved Mara, Mara was the only significant book now this is not significant training, but

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This is not even any training, actually, to be honest with you this is basic training. In fact, this is so basic that this individual cannot be seen to be an authority by anybody. Despite this, this individual who is has such basic training, he is coming out and making tough, dry individuals. He's taking it upon himself to do the work of a scholar and much to hit someone who has the ability to make rulings and do topic do Tenzin take down and to implement rulings in a visual? The point is this individuals been doing it with everyone.

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Let's see. So we've talked about the level of qualification according to himself. He's not had any formal qualifications. He has no formal qualifications that we know that we know unless he comes out and says otherwise. But let's see his command of the Arabic language in particular how he recites the Koran let's take a look at that.

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Well, yeah, well I get why Yeah, I love what Well yeah, jazz a lot higher and higher. inkaterra.

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As a legend, Nevada has Jason Whitlock Guzman know what the

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ultimate meaning he loves his biography he will soon mean and foresee him he has to do Allah him if he will use the key he will use a limo Humala kita while he was in Cannes whom in public when Pablo Luffy de la in moving

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Khadija camino la he knew what he thought about moving yesterday the hill be a law home in Minnesota. Read one read one or who? Super lucilla where you read your home Mina Abdullah Murthy Eleanor v evening. de la Sierra

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has to be listed as a lot of Amazon as it as you will know as your food what would in agreement

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a lots of onwards all I mentioned yeah you

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only as

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well by Nautica Juanita Elmo me Nina you the Nina la

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Min jollibee in

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May UT Illa what also La la la la Latina an mo La La

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when allegedly what Allah has stated so much as NACA Allah Sharia criminal Emery first a bit ha, well, Debbie Hawa levena Allah Allah moon, in the homeless,

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in the homeless, you know, and until I mean Allah He shall What?

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You mean about the home? Oh, yeah. Oh, bad.

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And I know, when I was growing up in England,

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I never went to a mosque with a human could even speak English.

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The most I thought of him was his backhand.

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When I didn't recite the verse properly.

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That's the most.

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So the problem isn't that he can't recite the Quran, okay, because the professor told us, you know, over a few Alisha, fellow algebra, whoever struggles in the recitation of the Quran, and it's difficult for him, when he gets to he gets to rewards basically, the problem is that you have someone on that level of on that net, that very

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lay level, Frank, that level of knowledge, issuing Federalists and only issuing Federalists, but high level Federalists that have far reaching effects on people's lives. Like FDR, for example, which is done on me, which is done on I was the CEO here. And he's done on. Actually, the question is, who has he not done it on? And he's done it on everyone

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that I know. So this this individual and goes back to our principle Now if this is the reason why he did it is because we say that you should rely upon those things which we agree on or for the Muslim Muslims, not saying that we change your beliefs, then why don't you make the top down the king are the images of Dr. algea. make excuses for him all day long. People will think who will say this is for political a strategic reason that you're not doing it. You're scared basically. I mean, I wouldn't blame you for being scared. Just like frankly, you've been scared to come out and speak to people that you do have face to face which you haven't done. So you have been you know,

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wrapping you've been putting your head in the sand if you like you've been you've been scared of those things. But I say now the jig is up is over. We know now you level based on your own testimonials based on your own performance. And we know that your your basically your layperson. People in Birmingham when they're walking in the streets and they see

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They should not think this is a show in front of me, you know, because he's been doing that for God knows how many years, they should think, Okay, this is a person who's probably on the same level of knowledge as I am. Because their ability of reading the Quran, Arabic language, the things that Allah, Allah, Allah, the basic, not the only the knowledge of Allah, which is like the instrumental knowledge that you need to have in Islam, he does not have. So he's a white belt, really, he's a white belt, he's your white belt. And unfortunately, he's come out of his lane by issuing these fatawa and these

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and making these verdicts. And this shows you the problem with this understanding of Islam,

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generally speaking, and what we need to do is we need to safeguard our youth from that, frankly, because it's a very problematic mentality where you think that it's not okay to be on good terms and speak

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and unite on that which is good with Muslims, but at the same time, you think it's alright, to receive prevent money?

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And and so on the record, bro, I'm sorry, if it's on the record, why don't we tell the people that you and your other acquaintance,

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Hakeem or Paul Davis, the ex back bank robber, that Forget it, you know, Allah, Allah, Allah, you know, he did that in Islam? Oh, no, I don't know. He robbed the bank. And whether that report is true or not is from

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some normals and sources, but the one who

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robbed the bank, and his past, possibly according to these sources, and you who are receiving prevent money, according to not just the News, the news media, and I'm going to put the

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I'm going to put the the link in the description, all the links in the description, all of these things you can do you can do your own research, someone like that prevent money to do. And in reading, what you promised the people in the masjid, that you were going to do activities for the youth? Ah, what did you do with the money? What did you do with the money. The second issue, which was possibly a first in terms of chronological order of discussion, was the issue of the misappropriation of wealth.

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Our brothers had made or put in an application for some funding some council funding.

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the issue that was the that was what was being mentioned. And so we queried the issue.

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It turned out that one of our brothers

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had put in an application for some funding, under the name of an organization

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that was working in collaboration

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with the name or within with the name that was given to the Marcus makes.

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Some mistakes can be overlooked. Some mistakes cannot. The error of the Reddit assura, or Abu Kim is not a small mistake. These people stole wealth using the Dean of a lot to attain it in the harem, wait, and you call it nitpicking a brother, a new Riva oppressed to the point where he said that this time of his life, where he was boycotted, was very difficult for him. And you call it nitpicking service. You know, we've known them for

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over 20 years.

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And I've known you.

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And I hope that you have not known anything from us. Our relationship goes back a few years, but decades.

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They live in Medina, and he's also known to the likes of shithole be How can this

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be how can we be so how can you not be this much? And how can they not be with us and we are on the same path and we all be the same scholars. So yes, they are rumormongers in ready, who for few years now

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have been rumor mongering and carrying tails and causing a stir up

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and causing enmity between the hearts of the believers. And that's been going on for maybe a few years ago, maybe three years ago.

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And this is something that actually was brought to me right to the very beginning.

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And from the start, I said that

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it is not an issue that necessitates division.

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I wonder if there's any spying activities involved in the remit there? Because that would be problematic. Again, you know,

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Anyway, if you want to receive prevent money to D radicalize, D radicalize the youth, the Muslim youth D radicalize them and bring them into a different kind of radicalism which is the radicalism of believing that

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well wherever it is frankly that you believe in terms of DIY or radical now opinion

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I was speaking to one individual communicating through that individual to this to this Abdullah head Yeah.

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And at one point I said to him, Look, knowledge is not contingent on marriage. So you can believe in all of the right Islamic Sunni things and

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you can still have low knowledge just like you cannot you can be a non Muslim and you can be in Islam, it's very, very possible Yanni. shaitan was probably the most knowledgeable of Allah than all of us, you know, if you think knowledgeable of Allah, but it doesn't mean because he's knowledgeable that he has the right manage a nice, happy face. believe the truth. He doesn't believe in the truth.

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So at one point, I'll tell you what made him really angry. This is what made him really angry. I said to him, because I know he's got this beef with the sahadi Yeah,

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I know he's got this beef with no, it's not gonna be good just to call you won't even acknowledge him. Let's be honest. Yep. There are completely two different levels

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that are causing all of those individuals you consider a deviance

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you know, anyone, a bill Phillips, any of those guys that you measure that you mentioned in your publications? Who else was some of the heavy who's who has demonstrated all of those guys, you have to attend their classes? Brother, you have to attend their classes because you don't even know that you should attend that Arabic basic class. Those guys I've just mentioned by name, you should attend the Arabic basic classes. And if they happy to have you because one of the well Who are you who you got to read the Quran, and you're talking about people on the level of that. And then you're talking about

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Sophia of Salaam Institute, the CEO of Salah you talking about these individuals, bro come up. The guy has memorized not only the Quran, but his members Bukhari and Muslim. He's memorized many books. And he's he's a graduate from Medina University. And he's got the he's got the thing. Don't if he's got he's got the Shahada. What have you got brother.

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that will be that but I'm not going to leave you hanging under our head, I am going to give you an opportunity to because what we're doing is we're doing a program called Santa Claus.

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And we're going to have some things for basic, like fundamentals Islam, we're going to have like, some things like for example, basic Arabic, basic or iron. We want to put that on the effective gamma channel. The Arabic alphabet. No, no, that might sound like you know,

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the meaning. I'm trying I'm not trying to meet you. I'm just saying them. How does your hair off? Like, you know, Jessica used to be a beautiful pug. But how did you la hora de la la la de La Romana estaba you know, 17 articulation points and there's many different Institute's you can learn these things from even bayonet Institute, Bain Institute is doing a great job with Arabic language. I know you don't like Northern Africa, I know that. But the truth is, they're doing a great job with that.

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I'm not sure and matter of doing I know you will endorse them either but in terms of Arabic and things like that, I'm sure you can go and learn from them. Because whoever you've been learning from, frankly, has not has not offered you a good service. So

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that's what happens when you separate yourself from mainstream dour when you sit when you separate yourself from the the the the the proper you know the the most effectual knowledge productions in the Muslim world and the English speaking Muslim only when you separate yourself from that, you end up being an ineffectual individual 50 or I don't know how old you are, but in terms of these things, you need to have them unlock now, bro because frankly, you're meant to be like a big share for those guys in Birmingham. That see you as, like something meme or something.

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