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The conversation covers the myths and legends of the Quran, including the use of shay to move people away from benefiting from the Quran and the challenges of life in the desert. The importance of faith and being mindful of one's health is emphasized. The segment also touches on the challenges of life and the need for people to be aware of their environment and overcome fear. The speakers discuss the importance of belief in Islam and the entitlement of people to be the God they want to be. The segment ends with a mention of a woman named Malka and her actions.

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In Hamdu lillahi tal and we're gonna start innovating you want to stop futile when I leave the villa here I mean surely unforeseen. I'll say it I'm Marina Mia de la Jota Allah Fela medulla woman yodeling further her the Ella or shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola sharika lahu eyeshadow and Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are pseudo. Yeah you're Latina mono taco la haka to cardi wallet mo to Nayla and to Misty moon. Yeah, Johanna so Taco Bell como la vie halacha Kumi. nevsun Wahida wahala coming Huzzah. Jaha robots. I mean, who Maddie Geralyn Kathira one is

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what's up Hola. Hola. De Tessa Luna V will our ham in Hola, hola, Cana La Cumbre Theva Yeah, you're Latina mo taco la Pulu colon sadita Use lacuna ama Hola, como el camino, Beckham, woman Uteri. la hora Sula, who for the first fills in all Lima. All Praise and Glory be to Allah Who we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his flesh and his forgiveness. We testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and our obedience in the absolute sense with Allah and Allah alone, or any partners the true supreme King. At the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant than His messenger. And after reminding myself I knew with the Taqwa

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of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and welcome my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, and

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it is very common, as many scholars point out that shaytaan

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ataques, the Muslim and the audience of the Quran, even if they are not yet Muslim,

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by trying hard to convince them that this Quran does not relate to you. It is about a different age, a different time, a different place, a different group of people.

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And it has proved effective over the ages when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought the people of his time the Quran, what was their response? So hopefully it'll work in these are fairytales. These are myths and legends for the people of old you still believe this stuff.

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And likewise, until today, people some of them brazenly openly say this is just that old stuff. And some people struggle within the faith to say how does this relate to me? Exactly. So there are different levels, but it is the common strategy, the common point of attack for Shaitan to move people away from benefiting from the Quran. by convincing them it doesn't relate to you.

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And so I wanted to reflect on this concept through a very specific example that we frequently find in the Quran. And that is the example of the Bedouin Arabs, the Arab

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they are talked about all over the Quran in a great deal of detail what if the Quran is for all times in all places? Yes, Arabic and its message in its words, but universal and its message then why why so much of this?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, for example, Al Arambula, Shad Dooku. From when he fell on what Ajay Daro Allah Allah Moo hoo do them Anzahl Allah, that the Arab, the Bedouin Arabs, meaning the desert dwellers who move away and choose not to live in the big cities or in the cities and towns, but just with their herds with their animals in the middle of the desert. These people are more intense in their rejection of faith in their culture, and more to faced than others have more hypocrisy and effed up what Ajay Daro and are more likely to not to know to not understand or be aware of the boundaries that Allah has sent down clearly upon His Messenger, God's laws.

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Well, why is that because they are not in the city. They are not with the centers of civilization centers of education. In the context of Medina, they chose not to come live a little closer to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, so that the ayat and a hadith would be a daily conversation would be within earshot, that's part of it. But there is another part of it as well, and that the Aarav are a product of their environment like all of us are. So the difficulty of the life of the desert, the arid, dry, sweltering heat of the desert, has an effect on their psychology has an effect on their personality. And this is a lesson for us that all of us are products of our

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environment, and our different, you know, preferences. Our different cultures are different personalities are not just all fine and dandy. Yes, diversity is beautiful, but there are elements in each of our upbringings that could hinder us from our faith. We need to realize this, the Arab needed to understand that men better Jaffa

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Whoever spends more time in the desert will become more coarse, more harsh, more rebellious, and so that when their religion is centered on submission that makes it a bigger challenge. Likewise for us, we need to realize what are our challenges that affect our mindset so that we don't fall into the modern Bedouins mindset, the Bedouins of today. People that are hindered from their faith and not aware of this.

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And they really were not aware of it. Doesn't the Quran say elsewhere? Allah till arabo men, the Bedouin Arab said we have believed call, say to them on Hamid Lim to me No, you have not really believed you haven't fully believed. Well, I can hold you a Salam now, but instead say we have submitted we've entered the door of faith. That's it. Well, I'm mad Khalid Eman, Ophir Hello become and faith true faith full faith has not yet completely settled in your heart. Tell them that help them realize Oh, Muhammad, that they don't just have it like everybody else. No, you're deluded, if you think so, you've entered the door, a door that you could walk right back out of you could doubt

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your faith, you're like baseline right now. You haven't yet entered the house, and sat at God's table and enjoyed the banquet he has served for us as believers, the sweetness of faith, the fruits of the Quran, you haven't sat there yet. And you don't have a reason to feel as comfortable in your faith as others because of your dynamics because of your lifestyle. And then next, it goes on to spell that out for them completely, and says enamel minnows, the believers are nothing less than those. And then it will be lucky or are solely that believe in Allah and His Messenger, Phil MALAMI are terrible. And then don't doubt about that.

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And many people nowadays may believe in Allah and His messenger and not realize how fragile their faith is because how little exposure they have to Allah and his messenger how far they are from the data and the Hadith, so many parallels to draw what gehad will be I'm watching him one footsy him FISA beat Allah and they don't doubt and they struggle, they strive they sacrifice with their lives and their wealth for the sake of Allah, that's another benchmark for them. If you're not sacrificing for this faith, if you're not taking it seriously, then you should ask yourself, Do I really believe in it, because if you believe there's a fire in the building, you'll get out. If you believe there's

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a treasure to be to be one here, you're going to chase it. So if you're not chasing, if you're not moved by the faith, then maybe your faith is not where you think it is. So that was the conversation that was addressed by the Quran to the Bedouins and to all of us through them, how relevant is it?

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And then because they thought they were fully faithful, they felt like they've done all their responsibilities. They fell into another problem that is endemic in this psychology and this mindset, whoever has it, which is that they shifted from their responsibilities to their rights. They became people of entitlement people that felt like we deserve more Islam and the prophet should be giving us more. And that brings us to the third idea where Allah azza wa jal says, These people, in order to Rado only when they're given, they're given like their share of the spoils. They're given some generous offerings from the profit whenever money goes his way he distributes, when they

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are given they are content. When in LEM, your oppo either home uses cartoon, and when they are not given, they become so resentful so fast, they start objecting to the messenger himself. They object to the dean basically. Why? Because their deluded mind made them feel like they fulfilled their responsibilities. And so they're supposed to now get the other end of the transaction, where are my rights?

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And so let us all be that person. ask myself why do I think I am where I tell myself I am in my faith, you know, even coming out of Ramadan. You tell yourself I've done Ramadan? Well, Hamdulillah I am hamdulillah like renewed 110% I'm good now. Even if we did our best and Ramadan. Why are you assuming that brought you to 100% that you're in full health in terms of your faith? Why couldn't Ramadan represent the ICU that rehabbed you and now you're in another part of the hospital now you need to build on, you're no longer critical, but there's a whole process now to restore your health or bring it where it needs to be. So we should be careful about this and benefit from the Bedouin

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mindset in that we should not be these people.

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And then the sense of entitlement also.

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It is interesting for us from another angle, and that is this assumption that God has to do anything for you in the first place. Right. You know, we rob believed in God this

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same way everyone nowadays believes in God. Even after a century and a half of drilling atheism down people's throats. People still believe in God, God is alive and well in everybody's hearts and mind. But a basic God, there is a God. That's it. But they don't know enough about God nowadays, because they have no access to true revelation, we need to do a better job at sharing it that that God is a blurry concept, not strong enough to be an almighty in their life, that God is irrelevant. And that is exactly how the Bedouins were like, Have you ever thought about why the Quran describes God? It's such detail, because they believed in a god, but that God was irrelevant. Like, yeah, there's a God,

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some sort of God, right, but he's not, you know, worthy of our attention. It's not like it's a God that has certain expectations of us and certain power against us, and will bring us back to ask us on the Day of Judgment. That's why the Quran speaks a lot about the fact that many of the Arabs refuse to believe in a day of judgment. That was part of their blurriness about God, that He is Almighty, He is all just, it's gonna happen. And so when that was their concept of God, it had no effect on their life. It was irrelevant. And likewise, today, people act like they have this entitlement. Yes, there's a God, but we are God's pets. It's all about us. God has to treat us with

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luxury. You know, God is something to make us feel good to write a quote about, and upload it on social media. That's it. But God is not worthy enough relevant enough to instate boundaries in our life, worthy enough to be regarded in public and in private, worthy enough to dictate how we should be living our lives. That is not they're not in the Bedouin mind, nor in the modern Bedouins mind. We cannot disbelieve in God, it's entrenched inside us, it's ingrained in us. But when God is not great enough to be recognized, this is what happens.

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And since he is not great enough, you want to put greatness in something. So what do you do? Look at us nowadays, you know, one of the biggest writers in our age on like secularism, the secular mind, the mind that has had religion sectioned off to a corner somewhere. His name is Charles Taylor, Charles Taylor talks about what he calls

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the anthropocentric term, forget the big word, it basically means that human being became the center of the universe, after we removed God from our understanding of the universe. So it's all about me, me, me, me, me, my quality of life, what I want to do how I choose to see myself how I want to define human beings, right? So we became our own gods. And then we started creating false gods, right? My nation, my race, my ideas on humanity, gender, politics, money, whatever it is. This is exactly what the Bedouins did. When God got removed from their life, and being questioned by God became blurry as well. They doubted the hereafter said, Okay, well, we need something worth fighting

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for something worth living for something bigger than us, but still validates us, selfish, us, self centered us. So what did they do? That is where the tribalism came from. That is where he said my tribe. You see, that is why every tribe had its own idol. Because it wasn't about the idle. It was about my tribes idle is bigger than your tribes idle, it was about the tribe.

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This was their God.

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And this is exactly what happens today. And so we should be very attentive to this.

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You know, I once had a conversation and I'll sit down now with people that the Quran told us also created out of their tribes gods which were bent we saw, right there tribalism, they're also via to their tribes, their bloodlines.

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She was the leader of a very large,

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actually Zionist group on our campus. And so I sat with her once. And I said to her, Listen, this whole politic stuff is not very important to me. Because whatever we decide in this small room is not going to have much of an effect on the world. Right? But let me ask you about Islam. Have you ever looked into Islam? And if Islam were true, would you be willing to accept it? She said, Absolutely not. Because I am a Jew. I was born Jewish to Jewish parents from a Jewish clan, and I would never betray my people. And then she said to me, I'll help you understand. If I had a boyfriend that I wanted to marry. And he was not Jewish, and I was in love with him. I will still

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commit to my tribe and he'll have to take a hike. And I'll have to get over it. Because I cannot betray my

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Parents I cannot betray my tribe. So I said to her, hold on, I'm not talking about the boy here. I'm talking about God who created your parents and made their hugs so warm and gave them a new life.

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She said, Well, God is going to have to understand that was her answer to me that this is number one, and God is number two. That is how it happens.

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And this is what the Quran said. The Quran said that they say Len Thomason and narrow Illa Yama, Mara Duda, the Fire will only touch us if we have to go through it. It's going to be a few days. Where did all that come from that mindset, that superficial course shallow mindset that all it understands is the simple crude nature of this life, which is not very different, all of it to the desert life of the Bedouin. Aquila, we have our stuff for Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva shadow Allah Allah Illallah the hola Shigella who eyeshadow and Muhammad Abdul who whenever you who are pseudo.

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Finally there is a Hadith an authentic hadith narrated by the Muhammad Rahim Allah is very fascinating for us one final parallel between the modern, you know, mindset and the Bedouin, the psychology of the Bedouin. He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam Hala Koo Mati Phil Kitab you 11

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The destruction of my OMA like major damage will happen to parts of my Alma points in my OMA don't know will never die, but major damage will happen. The OMA will become corrupted at the hands of the Scripture and at the hands of milk.

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So just like you're thinking, Now, the Sahaba said the same thing when Al Kitab will live and what is the Scripture in the milk it's going to destroy the OMA. He said people will come you have Corona al Kitab, feta away Luna who Allah lady Manziel Allah, people will come that recite this scripture the Quran and interpreted according to other than what Allah intended, everybody is going to be so self centered, that they're going to go commit to their arbitrary convenient selective understanding of the Quran. They're going to ignore the other eye and ignore the a hadith ignore the OMA the community ignore that the tradition of 1400 All of that is wrong What I know is right.

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He said Well, you should burn a lemon and they will fall in love with milk. Basically what that means is they will become dairy farmers. And you know if you want to be a dairy farmer you can't be inside of Medina because you need space to herd them the animals the cows the mill the camels right and so there's more real estate in the desert basically, he says so they will fall in love with the profit margin basically on milk, fed their own and Gemma it while Jumari wherever doing and so they will forsake the congregational prayers, and the Friday prayers wherever dune and become Bedouins, they will head to the deserts they will gravitate away from the community. And so that Islam, which

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has to be a lived experience, can just be theory in books and in otherwise the theory itself gets so misconstrued. The understanding and greatness of God gets so blurry, once they gravitate away. This is what will cause the destruction of the OMA. He said Allah He salatu salam, whatever definition of the Quran, whatever distraction will chase them away. May Allah azza wa jal did not make us of those people and help us better appreciate the Quran and realize its relevance every verse of it Allah Huma Amin, may Allah azza wa jal Give victory to this ummah against his oppressors. And may Allah bring peace to every corner of the world and cure those that are sick and have mercy on those that

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have died. Teach us that which will benefit us and benefit us with that which He has taught us and increase us in beneficial knowledge. Allahumma fildena Ohana Allahumma fildena Al Hamdulillah is that it's now on solely Muslimeen aluminum and found on Fabian on LinkedIn or was it an aluminium Robina watch outside attend a female aliphatic is female blonde Alma venomously me and Rafi moved Solana or Hamilton yada yada yadi Kron yeah that fourth level in or SallAllahu Sallam Avada Carnaby and Muhammad while early he was so happy he

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should have Allah Ilaha illa Allah or shadow under Muhammad