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From the

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middle when surely unforeseen I was a

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woman, da da

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da da da, da,

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Shadow or shadow under Mohammed uninhabitable whenever you are a solo,

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de la la mattina 11 to Simone. Yeah you can ask for aka como la de la comida fcoi ada Allah farming has an agenda of SME humeri Jarrod and Kathy around when he says wonderful love and lead etc I don't want to be here long enough haha can Ollie Cobra fever? Yeah, you have Latina

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our food Oh foland sadita gooseneck Lacuna Coil Roboto

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our soda suitable for defassa fellows and alima

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we begin the name of above all praise and glory be to a lot Lord of the worlds we thank him and seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we asked a lot to protect us from the evil whispers within us and the consequences the evil consequences of our misdeeds or evil deeds for whomever Allah guides to the straight path. None can derail the monk and remove them from the path of guidance, none can remove from them the light of guidance, and whomever our laws are just leaves, guidance or deems to be misguided none can provide guidance for such a person and we justify that no one is worthy of our worship with our Lord and Master the kingdom kings, the creator

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and maintainer and God of the heavens and the earth and everything in them and everything between them, and everything we can observe and everything we can't. And we've ever witnessed the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his final prophet and messenger until the last day.

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People have imagined Oh, you have believed half the tempo of a love. Keep your duty to Allah, keep your commitment to Allah keep your consciousness about law, some kind of a water either wherever life takes you

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to whatever lands, whatever emotional states hold on to that above everything else, and do not leave this world except while locking yourself into that state.

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And so begin whoever looks through the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala will find nothing more of a motivator and nothing more of a of a healthy reset for the compass the direction of their lives.

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After knowing a lot of zoa Gen, then being acquainted and rehearsing and being reminded about their arrival on the Day of Judgment, there is hardly a page in the Quran that you will visit except that it has a reference a profound reference. So you're almost the end of the day of resurrection the last day the day of reckoning Judgment Day.

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Sometimes it's mentioned in a profound short statement, why not allow we can go into your destination is at your Lord, you're all on route to it.

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And whoever stops at that would be enough. They stopped long enough to understand what is behind that statement. And at times, many times in the most frequent solos we read in our soil that we read explicitly tip about enough zealots in our earth when the earth shakes.

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And if it sends out its burdens, it omits, it removes it evictees burdens, meaning the layers of generations it carries

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and it informs of every deed that happens on it.

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Then when the eyes Dark Skies will crack open when the stars will fall and when the mountains will crumble.

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The most overwhelming event that will ever happen. That's why I called it Atlassian.

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Investment moment in that day, in the middle of that chaos, there are laws that informed us that there will be a very special class of people

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that will be exempted from its horrors exempted from its the rest from its pains from and suffering from the tournament of the day. Aside from what may be experienced after that day in the punishment May Allah forbid

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a very special seven that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke of and you have heard before, but perhaps we have not heard about it recently enough or stood and stared at it at enough depth. And so that will be a subject of our photobook and whatever consequences follow subsequent what was

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law permits for us. This is the heading of Abu hurayrah Johan Bukhari and Muslim when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us set out to the local mammography illegally, that there is a set there are seven people meaning seven types of people a very special seven that a love will shade them in his shade. Yo my lovely, lovely, lovely blue. On a day when there will be no shade, there'll be no shelter, there'll be no cover to be taken.

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Except the cover that he provides except the cover that he has created and ordained. So kind of what

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he says an email when I did the first of them is adjust leader

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wash shampoo mesh as these are very bad at geography. And a young man that grew up that spent his young years his youth his periods of strength in the worship of his lower devotion in servitude to his God.

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Were our children, boo mala can fill massages, and a man whose heart is hangs in the massage in the houses of God in the message.

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He said or jewelry to have burfi language.

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And Zoo men that love each other loved one another for the sake of God. And they got together upon that. And they went their separate ways. Also while upon that for that.

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He said AlLahi salatu salam, WA June there are two more than two months we've been with Gemini for Paula in need of a lot and a man that was invited to morality to indecency by a woman that had great beauty and great wealth. And he said, I fear Allah I fear God, I will not do this. The six he said alehissalaam to sit up. He said the war on the US

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and a man that gives him charity and chooses to hide that activities had

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she managed to move up I mean, to the point that his left hand does not know what his right hand is giving.

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And the seven he said Ali Sato salat wa Joon vacarro ma hollyanne furfural Bettina and a man who remembered Allah in private alone. And so his eyes overflowed with tears. And so these are the special seven

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Are these the only seven that will be in our last sheet on the day of judgment? They're not so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not see there are only seven people that will receive our machine. But he's telling you in this howdy there are listen to the seven Here are seven people that qualify for our machines. Because there are many other ID that mentioned at least another seven people that will have this sheet for example, the profits of the love audio system sit in the heat of Abuja, sir Ramadan is a beautiful long Hadith he says at the end of it and I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say man unwatermarked Ceylon our water our level, our level

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level view Lee Oh my lovely many love to you. Whomever gives an extension on va a it's a lot of who I am

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a person that gives an extension to a person that is insolvent a person that has financial difficulty and can't repay his debts

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or he reduces it he says you don't have to pay me this much. Just pay me three quarters of it pay me half of it. He forgives a portion, our water level or he lowers he reduces it. Allah will grant in his sheet on a day when there will be no shade but his and clearly the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam see seven together in one had eat there must be something about this. If you read throughout the Quran and the Sunnah, there's something behind the number seven, there is something behind the number seven. And the scholars have always noticed this. And they said perhaps this is one of the secrets of Allah in his universe, this pattern.

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Perhaps this is why they did the heavens and the earth were created in seven days Why the skies are seven? Why a woman's monthly cycle where her fertility is prepared happens for seven days. There's a secret behind seven year. There's a pattern here. And so they said,

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We have to dig behind why seven were bundled together in this one. Heidi, maybe there's a wisdom that can be comprehended. And they said perhaps the wisdoms and all of these seven in particular have something in common.

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But before we get to that, let's consider their reward. So there are seven and the seven get a very specific reward. What is that reward? It's a machine. It's not necessarily they may also qualify for this, but it's not necessarily that they don't receive any judgment.

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It's not necessarily that they go to gender without reckoning. It's this that they are exempt from the heat of the day of judgment. Why this reward? in particular? Why is that so precise? Why is that so suitable and appropriate? They said, What do these seven have in common? These are seven people, or seven types of people that resisted the heat of their desires, they refuse to be enslaved to their emotions, to just have their decisions governed by their, their gut instincts, and so it was perfectly suitable that their repayment be that they be protected from the heat of the day of judgments.

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Because they resisted the fire of their lusts, the fire of their anger is the fire of their desires, all of these things and if you tried to reflect on these seven, you will find that this is true. And so Allah shaded them in his throne of love, shaded them in his shade, other narrations mentioned on one level monk shade meaning the shade he created as a result of his throne. So the throne of of love, which is the greatness of his creations will have shade under these seven people will be allowed shelter in that shade.

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And how important is the shade on the Day of Judgement? People will be sweltering people will be scorched for three reasons. The first reason is what was the second j model Halloween Allah says that the fire will be brought close for the deviance to see which person which groups are allowed to devour. That's one. The second reason is tetanus Sham sooner rules as the head it says the sun will be brought extremely close to people's heads. And the third people reason is the countless billions perhaps trillions of people in human history crowded together without closing their bodies touching what the day it will be suffocating these will be taken on the side. They have a different lane.

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They have a different waiting area. They have special treatment on that day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says for everybody else, they will be drowning in their sweat to the contrary are married to the degree of their deeds. So he says some people will have sweat until their knees and some enter halfway until his hips and some of them you will Gemma will araku in JAMA, they will be submerged completely. They will be covered in their own sweat. They will be drowning in it. But these are we're not talking about them. They're a very special seven. They're very important people, they have very special treatment. Even if they didn't enjoy that treatment in this world. they

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qualify for it where it's most important.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about these seven and we want to visit as many of them as we can each Friday child loves on the first of them he said he thought was Salam al Imam, a just leader, a just ruler, a just leadership head. Why did he begin with this one on instalado setup, because if you consider the other six, usually their benefit is restricted to themselves. Someone in the message is not benefiting anybody who's benefiting himself. You should be your own priority, but it's even better for you to benefit yourself and others. Someone who resists fornication that's for your own good.

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But he could stop there someone who spends may spend on a person may spend on an animal may spend on a few people but usually it's a limited sphere of benefit. Whereas a leader a person of leadership, when they are just when they are fair, their benefit spreads far and wide. We usually beyond them and far beyond them, and usually to places they did not expect nor anticipate nor even try to influence and that's why it's centered in Sydney the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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a had been nasty lama grabouw Minh who mentioned he said yo multi enmity. Imagine that the most beloved people to Allah and those that get to sit nearest to him. Other I hadn't mentioned pulpits of light on metabo from nor are people that are fair regarding those under their authority when dealing with those under their authority. So lucky of workers to deal with the

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most beloved people to allow people to get to sit closest to him on the Day of Judgment. Think of Obama think of

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think of as mellanox and think of Adina Vitali.

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Think of Ramadan knock disease. These people stood out by benefiting the creation of a love with

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Their justice with their fairness. You know, they said that he's benefited people, I've never met him to the point that when he died, he died two and a half years into becoming the police and becoming the leader of the Muslims.

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a shepherd came into town and said, You're your leader has died, has indeed, he said, because ever since he became the halifa, the wolves stopped attacking my sheep. And they just attacked

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the affects of His justice, the blessings of His justice were seen were observed, even by people that did not meet him. There were non Muslims, priests and preachers that recorded that documented

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their pain or their misfortune that had died. Because when a person is being just, it means they are just with the Muslim and the non Muslim. That means they're just when they're angry, or they're there, please, it means they're just with the young and the old, it doesn't matter. And so the Baraka of trying to hold yourself to that standard reaches beyond those who you held it with it. And the opposite is also true. The opposite is also true when you don't extend the justice

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to people that you are supposed to extend justice to this is not just about leaders, and that's very important. Everything Oh, that sounds beautiful. And we're reminiscing about history. Now, this applies to us very much as well, because leadership is not something that happens after a balance vote, or happens after one army crushes a certain town and takes control leadership, you are a leader in terms of having advantage over your parents, in that you're not the leader of your parents, in terms of authority, absolutely. But you could be at a stage of your life, where you are more emotionally advantaged than your parents more financially advantaged than your parents more

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physically advantaged than your parents. And so in that sense, you need to be just to them.

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Because they gave up their lives, their well being they use the advantages when you were dependent on them. And so part of justice here is when the tables get turned, and they're dependent on you. And you can do without them, they could have done without you. And you can do without them that you reciprocate, you return the favor.

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And if you don't, the Baraka gets stripped from your life, that the absence of justice will haunt you, not just the person that you're wrong,

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not just the person you could have influenced, it will influence you as well. You know, notice that a lot so gently says what's the agenda to lead meaner, and lower the wings of humility to your parents out of mercy, because you don't need them at that point. But one of the greatest things that breaks your parents is for them to feel from you that you don't need them.

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No more phone calls, no more asking about them, no more visiting them.

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No more listening to their opinions. Even if you don't need it, act like you do not out of dependency out of rock, humble yourself, show yourself that you're a disadvantage to them, put yourself at the apparent immediate disadvantage at their fields. And if you don't, you don't know what that will affect that will take away from your deen and from your union. People at times don't. Because we live in a time when God's interference with our lives is just very far left or right or wherever you want to put it on the spectrum. So we're very insensitive to the consequences of the crime. You don't think it'll come back immediately you don't think my injustice in my positions of

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authority will come back and haunt me.

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You know, I had one brother, I met him in the hospital who I used to go to college with. He's doing ambulatory care now.

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He has completely divorced his parents, and he's speaking to me

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to talk to his parents for that they want to marry a certain person.

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And I'm telling him asking, do you have any idea? He says, Look, I want you have any idea how much you're hurting your parents by doing this? Not the marriage, just the disconnect? He said, Look, I didn't ask them to do this. How blind

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to protect those of you. He says, Look, they knew what they were getting into. And they had kids. How does a person get to that state of thinking? I didn't ask them to have me.

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I appreciate with it doesn't mean my life is gonna stop for them. For sure, there is a degree of maybe injustice that happened, but all he could see because he disconnected from his parents that the only problem in his life is that I need to marry this one person. He does not see that his life is fell apart and so on.

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many ways, many of the confusions in our lives the Baraka in our in our decisions even in our mentalities could be from in justices that we committed positions of authority that we abuse and independence that we felt and took advantage of. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says men are

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fit for

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whomever wishes

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that Allah expands for him his provisions and this is well beyond wealth obviously well beyond the money that Allah provides for you more when you see fit and extends for him his lifespan or his stay on this earth or the effect of his stay on this earth then lets him keep ties with his family. Otherwise your risk gets tight in your existence in this world could be as if you were never born very quickly you become so irrelevant so fast even to yourself. And that's why we shared the heading previously when the profits of above or cannot Junior Bureau, urine hombre fee Safina teen What can I issue will homra female candidate for the keys facade

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for alpha you will see the now on feedback the within our field Safina Allah who misread that a man used to be unjust in his sales, right. And he he had the advantage, he knew the secret that no one else knew it. He took advantage of his wit against those that couldn't catch it didn't have this thing skill set in business. And so he wish to sell wine and that was permissible for the previous nations. And so he used to water it down with water, he would dilute it to make more, sell faster, make more money.

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And so he had on the boat that he would sell from a monkey that took all of his money. And one of the mast of the ship the wooden the wooden pole that holds the sails, and began throwing one dinar one coin in the water and one coin would land in the boat and one coin in the water and one coin in the boat until he split his money and half. Many times we split our opportunities in half or in a third or a fourth, we're in a fifth or in a 10th because of injustice is that we commit whereas the person that is just he will benefit from his life and the life of those around him and of those after him and it will expand wider and wider. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said make sure you don't think this is just for presidents. He said it's like Muslim in the room subpoena in the body, Allah man abirami nor in Yama, Yama, alladhina de Luna.

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Allah Vina de Luna, if you hook me him with him when I wouldn't do, those that are fair, will be unpolished bits of light. On the day of judgment, there'll be honored on the day of judgment on the Amina Rachmat instead on the right hand of the Most Merciful, he says those who are fair in their judgments, whatever, you have the ability to make a judgment about your opinions, even what actually him and in their families, and in their families, when I would do and whatever they were given authority over.

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And so when you give an opinion, make sure this just was a limited help.

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But he said, So last time, I asked you for the ability to say a word of truth, whether I'm angry or whether I'm pleased to be fair to not be bias.

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With your families, when you kiss one child who kiss another child, when you spend on one child, and you give them the gift another unless there's a special need. I mean, if you had to spend on a child in the hospital, you don't have to go buy candy with the same amount of another child. So always spend on them the same for your own sake, and then for their sake for not to hate each other. Even the one

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he used to when his two wives died together in the plague foreigner and was in a sham, he was afraid to bury one before the other because that was unfair. He was afraid to be to make that decision himself. So he said that it will make a photo I basically will flip a coin will cast lots. So it's not my decision, so that I can be as fair as possible. For sure there will always be people that are not fair. That is not your issue right now. There will always be a wife that thinks her husband is not being fair with her.

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There will always be a husband who thinks his wife is not being fair with him. And many times it's true. Where do you stand? Do you take time to check if I'm a guilty culprit with this many times teachers their bias to certain students because they like their parents or don't like their parents, that's another avenue of it.

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And so, those who are fair in their judgments, all of their judgments, and in their families and whatever they were given authority over their spheres of influence aboard have already had those

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salatu salam, ala Milena Viva La

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Wherever you were also asking for help in this

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I will try my best to leave you each week with one action item

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for each of these seven jobs.

00:25:29--> 00:25:59

What do you do after salt arratia. Or once you get into bed, I want to ask you to move it over and spend the money to do the follow what do you do? screen through your phone and mess up? the newsfeed never ends, right? Or you sit there and you joke or you talk about crisis or talk about politics and give your analysis that is irrelevant even if it's right. What do you do after a shot? What do you do right before you get into bed, find for yourself not for me a four or five minutes slog to do the following. For them, it's Abdul Malik.

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If I walked in on my husband,

00:26:05--> 00:26:11

he was sitting in the corner of his house where he used to break his steady home in a solid he was resting a little bit from praying.

00:26:13--> 00:26:28

And then he began to cry for full domain. Meaning what makes you cry, meaning all of them agree to have an arm or three to have an alibi. But seemingly, I was given this position without any desire for myself

00:26:31--> 00:26:56

to feed your team ej one secreted by air when our mela when miskeen call our module in cabbies to Riyadh and Kathy Manning. Funny, I thought about the hungry orphan and like the desperately poor person, the widow, the needy, the old man who has many dependents and very little money wanting to not be asila Genesis.

00:26:57--> 00:27:03

And I realized that a lot would ask me about them what in the house me doing at home

00:27:05--> 00:27:35

and that my opponent in that courtroom? Look how he's imagining the scene. And my opponent in defense of them is the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salatu was set up for her she to Al ghazali, Fujitsu during the Maha sama tea for him to NFC for decades, he said and I feared that no argument I give could hold water when he is my opponent when the dearest one to a lot on the other side of the courtroom against me. And so I felt bad for myself. And so I cropped

00:27:36--> 00:27:57

This is not just your family, your dependents or is whoever is depending on an asset that you have, will make an announcement after Sala about a rally for the immigrants that are being marginalized being discriminated against in our political climate. And it goes beyond that as well. Whatever you can do is something you will be asked about you will be asked about your potential with Allah gave you

00:27:59--> 00:28:12

and this is similar with it I close to the heart of Bob when he was given a great deal of wealth, collecting this other thought he took a man from the unsought from Medina and he appointed him to be in charge of in charge of the money.

00:28:14--> 00:28:21

And so a day A few days later they told him the guy quit coming to work. And so I went to my told him Why are you doing this? And I'm

00:28:22--> 00:28:52

like a middle aged majority Sabine, don't you know that you're getting the reward of someone who puts his life on the line for God like you're doing a huge service you're saving people's lives to make sure this money comes to the Cardinals. I don't want it. He said Why? He said I was told may have been wired in yet even more in Essex eight and 11 cmbo multi amazima baluja to eternity de la fukuhara. In the article, I was told that no one has any authority

00:28:53--> 00:29:04

over any people except that he will come on the Day of Judgment arrest with his hands chained to his neck and nothing will unbind him but His justice his fairness

00:29:06--> 00:29:46

for you or for Allah just to be mean and now for 10 tough we will begin to follow up to Z rucola Road Who am no Larry and then he'll is going to be placed on a bridge on top of the fire and that bridge will will shake and it will cause every bone of his to be dislocated from its place familiar it for you hazard and then he's put back together and he is judged for in Canada mercenary measure the Saudi war in Canada musi and in Colorado and caught up on me he just and then if he is good, then he'll be judged if he was just been fair, he was equitable. He will be saved by his equity.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

And if he was not, that bridge will fall that bridge will rip under him and he will fall into the fire for 70 years as our own pumps and where in the world did you hear this?

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

He said from Abu Dhabi and sell man to different companions.

00:30:04--> 00:30:21

And so I want to hop on one and verify the Hadith. And I said yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this is our own cry, he has the greatest position of leadership and be able to look at his time. And so he cried. He said, Men are on our way, there are not many who

00:30:23--> 00:30:31

who can take this he saying oh poor woman, who can take this and all it contains the viability involved.

00:30:32--> 00:30:52

And so I said to him, man Eslava model and for who else have heard that we will have the one whom Allah lowers his nose, humility, and he sticks his cheek on the ground, to know that he is an instrument of a law so agenda if he chooses to be one, or else he will be a lesson for others.

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May Allah Subhana Allah help us be just unfair in our decisions, in our opinions, in our families, in our children, with our spouses, with our employees, with our bosses, with our rulers, with our leaders, with whatever we face of leadership or interacting with it, I love them. I mean, May Allah forgive us and forgive those that we have wronged and May Allah protect us and protect those that we have neglected in our lives that make us instruments of His justice makers of those that uphold uphold the balance that he revealed for us mean above our Hamlet?

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Hamlet well as a kid

00:31:35--> 00:31:36

you grew

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up with

00:31:41--> 00:31:41

a love

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of love.

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We can even tell how you feel

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when we talk to you or Lena when I say looking at him and I am one

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of the one of

00:32:03--> 00:32:16

the nodes when it's educated enough or enough he will show it you ready la la, la la la vamos a novena tema de mucho de work for

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me enough, everybody