Legacy of Sh Abdullah Kamil #03 A Fine Tuned Finale

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy engineering. You know ever since the passing of Sheikh Abdullah cam and may Allah have mercy on his soul,

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I cannot shake off the thought of Allah azza wa jal assuming the responsibility of all those who assumed themselves responsible for advancing his deen and call into his way. And this is something that Allah promised that whoever puts their trust in Allah for life, he'll take care of them in life. But whoever puts their trust in Allah, for Deen for Darla Kunz has concerned for this, then, then I love will be sufficient for them, you know,

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take care of all their concerns in this life and in the Hereafter. And the reason why this is such a deep seated thought for me, is because when the sheriff was at my house for Iftar that day,

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and we spoke a little bit about the restrictions he's been facing for a very long time, in his home country of Egypt, not having the freedom he wished he could have to really work in that hour propagate the call the prophetic call. And I said to him shave, listen, like,

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just come to America, you know, there's so many massages that would love to have you and there are so many expert artists without taking anything away from you in the Muslim majority world. And, you know, there's so much you can do here, you'll be more needed here. And in sha Allah, the salary will not be an issue. I mean, with converting the currency, you'll be taking care of your family, you know, even better this way. So, he felt very optimistic about that he could do more Dawa and also, you know, the livelihood of his family, which is personal responsibility will be taken care of. And so we exchanged phone numbers, and we said that after Ramadan, immediately we're going to touch

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base, and work this out.

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And that was going to network in between the massages and so on and so forth. And I don't share this part of the story next, without the permission of those who shared it with me, those who drove from another state

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to where the sheriff was staying in New Jersey, those who kept knocking on his door and then a few hours later or for were finally lets in by someone with the master key to find him smiling on his bed having passed away, were a people that had driven over to beat me to

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to offer him

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a an incredibly handsome salary, a salary that I personally know, statistically speaking, 95% of the imams in America don't make.

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And they were offering him that already. Because he had made that intention, you know, to serve Allah as dean. And you can say that, you know, he didn't get the salary and oh, he just made it but then he didn't because that interrupted it. It doesn't work like this Allah.

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Allah has taken care of him in an even more superior way. Because if you think about it, Allah just had him tour the United States, a relatively affluent country, the Western world has been hearing about him fresh. Just last week, he led Ramadan for everybody let the eighth prayer in a huge park. A week later in that same park. He is prayed over Friday, he'll he led in Liberty State Park read the next Friday in that park Janessa is being led over him. Everyone's talking about him in a relatively affluent country, hundreds of 1000s of dollars now are being collected for him, for his family to be taken care of in child law. And so not only has Allah sufficed him with his personal

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obligation, even after his departure, not just an annual salary that could be consumed, much more being set aside for his family right now. And in sha Allah, Allah has taken him to a place that is even better and more or less thing. So it just blows my mind how amazing Allah is. And how a relationship with Him is built through prioritizing him and what he loves and what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam lived for. May we be of those who always assume the best of him and properly rely on Him and be carefree after that in whatever hiccups may happen in life, and may we be saved from all of the horrors and the concerns of the afterlife. By virtue of that may help use

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us for his cause and not replace us. Make us all people of the Quran that call to it by night and day and live by it through and through and also to the Sunnah, the example of our messenger Salah

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All righty who it was