Ibn Taymiyah on Passion Fatigue

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I want to come people are going to lie over ghetto Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was a visionary and I pray your Well, you and your loved ones, and that we are all finding ways to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. With every brand new day,

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I just wanted to share a reflection that I revisited today in my translations for Shaffer Islam, it saved me a lot, that I pray will be beneficial. It's definitely beneficial for me,

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at least because recording this video is easier than me writing it out.

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But really, there's something very deep and very profound about this worth considering.

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Especially because some of us might have pause now with the holiday season, the days off, maybe some people are involved in celebration, but

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he speaks about basically passion fatigue, and like cycles, psycho spiritual crowding. And he says that when a person tries to tend to certain needs they have

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for knowledge for fulfillment otherwise, in a way that is non Islamic, when there is an Islamic counterpart, meaning not an Islamic not something Haram, but he's doing something that Islam has its own version of that is obviously superior, because of Islam taught it Islam brought it, it's better than anything else. in that genre, anything else that serves that end, he goes when you settle for the inferior option, the analysis, the non Islamic option, that actually limits your ability to be passionate about. And as an extension of that to benefit from the Islamic practice that is its counterpart. And so just reminding us that we have a threshold we have like a capacity for our

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passion. So we have to really decide on what we want to be passionate about. And then the whole idea of you actually do have a say in what you're passionate about, because what you invest in, your passion will automatically eventually become amplified for you develop and cultivate your passions. And if you do that towards the wrong things, then non Islamic versions of such practices, he goes that crowns on your ability to be passionate about and benefit from the Islamic

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version. Okay, that was enough of an intro, he gives four really good examples and you can extend it to so many others on your own inshallah, beyond this short video reminder, he says, you know, people that try to seek spiritual fulfillment, spiritual refinements, you know, at spiritual equilibrium, through songs and poetry, such people hardly benefit from the words of Allah subhanho, wa, taala, the whole and, and may even at times find it difficult, almost like a disinterest in them to pick pick up the hole. And, and it just so profound, because

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it really is true, to not allow yourself to get absorbed into, you know, the extreme examples, always the easiest to understand, which is the haraam example of, you know, auditory entertainment, musical instruments and their sounds, that causes the euphoria inside of us, that crowds on that spiritual sector. And perhaps some of the greatest wisdoms of why musical instruments were made impermissible by our Dean, because that euphoria has such an impact on us, that Allah does not want you to be influenced and impacted by anything in that way. But him and his words are kinda hautala. So there's a crowd push, pull, you know, make dynamic going on there. And to the degree that you are

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into, as he says, songs and poems, for spirituality, you take away from your own potential to benefit from the horahan and what it has to offer you. The second example he gives that people that are really into sightseeing. In other words, they're traveling the world to see this place and that place, not going to take a lesson from previous nations as a lot told us to do in the Koran, but just interested in vacationing right interested in sightsee, he said to the degree that you go down that rabbit hole basically, that will detract from he says, and this is observable, that you such people are not as resolute as interested as passionate about making Hajin ombra clearing out their

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schedule and mobilizing their assets and making this journey to the most sacred sites

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that are symbols of Allah subhanho wa Taala his greatness and our devotion to the most great. The third example he gives, he says and whomever becomes you

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attached to, you know the words of wisdom of the Romans and Persians, he says, right, like the major civilizations that were known for, you know their philosophies. And otherwise, if you get too caught up in this, you will not be able to be impacted in a beneficial way by the guidance of Islam and the Sunnah. And that is also really interesting because so many times we're looking these days for the wisdom of the day, the Monday morning wisdom that could be maybe packaged into a meme to get us through our day, get us through our week, and not realizing that this is not just a harmless exploration, looking for it in the wrong places, reinforces this notion that it exists in those

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places, and not in them worthiest places to look, the fountains of guidance to hold on and the sooner.

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And the fourth example he gives are tales and stories, he says, and whomever is so involved in the stories of the kings, and the public figures and the personalities, I guess nowadays, we can say novels, right, the story of this person, and that person or news feeds, whoever is so busy in personality, chasing and personality collecting, and just stories and myths and fables and narratives. He says that is a huge hurdle in a person being able to come after that to the stories of the prophets, and realize what's so special about them and what they have to offer of just humongous life

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lessons and catalysts for guidance, and so on and so forth. And so these are the examples, he gives that, that grant us a moment of pause.

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You know, one more example that comes to mind now is the example of holidays.

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You know, many of us may think it is harmless to participate in, in holidays other than our own. And, of course, it is definitely harmful. If we're talking about religious holidays, those are definitely impermissible. But today's reflection, they say me I'm a local called our attention to is about holidays that may not even be hard on. So some scholars, for example, say that social holidays that don't have, you know, a religious underpinning or religious underpinning that is currently existent. They have, you know, some would say that's not necessarily what the province also look for a bit. But me and you know, likely have seen people maybe ourselves that when we give attention to

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all these other holidays, it really detracts from our excitement and our glorification of the most meaningful days, like the days of ADAL for like the days of April.

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that is unfortunate. And we need to be careful. We need to do some deep cleaning and think about where do we cultivate our passions, channel them to what and what we are passionate about currently. Why is that and what is it costing us? So I pray this was of benefit somehow and that allows us and allows us the ability to understand ourselves better and deep clean further, so that we are most correctly positioned to accelerate towards Him and His pleasure and our meeting with him in good standing and being with our prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the abode of bliss in the abode of unending pleasures and delights where our passions will be. Without fatigue and our our

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pleasures will never fade and our sadness will never return. May Allah grant us and you there increases in guidance particle lofi con, a lot of data items a lot, a lot of water kind of the $100 early he was like the attorney said Monica