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The importance of knowing the rules of life and death, love, and emotions in relation to life and death is emphasized. The Moore's Law is discussed as a means to shaping culture and avoiding negative behavior. The speaker emphasizes the importance of managing the situation and not requesting too much, giving people the opportunity to express their needs, trusting people, and not overestimating one's potential. The importance of strong, powerful people in the face of fear and misery is emphasized, and the need to be careful of emotions and behavior. The importance of worship and being a good guide is emphasized, and the need for people to be Willful and engaged in worship is emphasized.

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To the unforeseen I will see you

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soon you will Edina la porta potty

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imune yeah you support

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it anymore. I mean has he have

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to marry Jared and Kathy or money

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or w

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do not have enough blah,

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Well, people

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are manipulated.

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We begin the name of football with grace and glory belongs to Allah, we thank Him, we seek his help, and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and his protection, the whispers of our souls and the evil consequences of our actions. For Remember, a lot of guy is going to lead astray remember Allah chooses to leave astray, no one can guide and we testify that not is worthy of our worship,

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our devotion, obedience and love in the absolute sense, but Allah subhana wa tada glorified, Exalted alone, finding partners, and the Prophet Muhammad.

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Truth is Prophet and his servant and his messengers, a lot

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of people have the man of the temple of love, be conscious of a lot to the degree that he deserves, and do not die, get caught off guard by death, except in that state, in that state of consciousness of law and that state of complete and total surrender to a state of Islam.

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To begin with the necessity of

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the narratives, that are normally asked about the

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amount of the famous Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whose father was so blown

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away in the first month of Islam and

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then one day he was leading of people in prayer in sada.

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And he finished the prayer in what they consider to be short time short to them that what they were used to at least it was brief in his prayer. So they said to him, Allah, just this is shorter briefer than normal. They're normal. I'm condoning the rushing of the phrase that occurs nowadays.

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He said, Indeed, it was brief right, but usually take longer. But I said in this slaughter, Dora that made up for it, I said in this slaughter. And this too, is to be said, after the checklist before you make this leap.

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And this Darius supreme supplication that he heard from the lips of the prophets of the love, love is the appointment of this book, but today

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I heard words from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that I said here that are enough.

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I heard him say saw

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a loved

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one with rotten.

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Obama, I ask you because of by virtue of your knowledge of the unseen and your ability over the creation

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and tahini, tahini may

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only grant me life so long as you know that life is good for me. Whatever fairly valuable factor for me and put me to death when you know that that is better for me.

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A lot made me as

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Obama I asked you for the fear of you meaning to grant being put in bed within me this question of unisphere of you in public and in private.

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Was Ed Okay, Kenny mountain? How do you feel about Obi Wan river? And I ask you for a word of truth enabled me to say a word of truth. When I'm angry when I'm pleased

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was no cannabis perfume factory when Alina and I asked you to be balanced to be moderate.

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To act appropriately, whether I'm in a state of riches or a state of poorness

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was elegant or even lilienfeld or portrait I inlet and outlet and I asked you for a bliss and enjoyment that never runs out. And I asked you for the comfort of the eye that never terminates.

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was a local real law abiding law was a No.

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No. And I asked you to be content after the decree has come to pass. And I asked you for the cool life after that it was educated.

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He was shown by either the party fee lady bla bla, bla

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bla, and I asked you for the bliss, the delight of looking at your face, and yearning to meet you, without being turned away by any endangerment that harms me, or any tribulation that misleads me. I love him as a VC that's an EMA, which I've met with him to Dean Obama, decorate us with the decor, the adornment of a man of faith, and make us guides that are guiding ourselves guides for others that are guided, what a beautiful dog, one of the most beautiful neurotic supplications that we should all learn. That was authentically reported above our reference of a love body.

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And when a person considers the words of this drive, it's

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amazing how this incredible heart of his soul above are they

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pull together all these gigantic meanings in such new words.

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And sometimes a person is wondering what's more impressive, his total complete surrender to Allah or do whatever you want with me. You're going to make me or break fashion as you will, or his confidence Allah Allah, that Allah is only going to make of him and only going to decree for him that which is best for you.

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Whatever we have time to discuss, let us discuss the limited partners. He begins.

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Very big.

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Love, I'm asking you, by your knowledge of the unseen and your ability of the creation over the creation. I mean, all I'm asking you, I'm turning to you. Why? Because you're the one who knows what's gonna happen five minutes from now, I don't that no one else can tell you. Only you know what's gonna happen. So since you're the one that knows, and you're the one, the only one that can do anything about it, you're the only one in control of your creation. So in that case, give me life. So long as life is good for me. So long as you know that life is good for me, and put me to death. When you know that that is better. For me. That's the first statement.

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First of all, it teaches you that when you make drive to a love when you speak to a loved use to begin by praising him is part of the etiquette of how we talk to a lot. And the condition of this home is not surprising, when you consider that fact that in reality, this woman has gotten to a degree and we no longer even know how to speak to a surgeon anymore. Can you imagine what they really preach? So there's no surprises or anything to happen after that is, you know, last Friday,

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slightly this point with considered was the day of the day when the the Dean was completed and yoga committed to the convener. And there's so much to be said about this day, but of the reactions of Ababa lavonne. Many have been reported regarding this idea coming down, he began to cry. He said this deed has been perfected and completed. Therefore, there's nowhere else to go down there. Right. That means this deed is subject to dwindling, though don't hold on too tight enough. Those that are allowed to unravel only about knows how far it will go. And indeed, we've unraveled to an extent where we don't know how to even speak to a law surgeon anymore. Who makes the right anymore, the who

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makes the route of certainty anymore who makes the rock without trying or masajid anymore who makes the rock with an attentive partner who makes the rod with the proper etiquettes. With all those factors, you may hardly find the person on the face of the earth.

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Except those who

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will use to re infuse the owner with the new spirit from him. subhana wa tada Oh of love because you are known

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for every derive almost begins with what? Ben? Oh our Lord, we're admitting to our masters. We begin by that admittance. That phrasing of a muscle kind of

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in the body, not as worthy of worship with you. You are glorified. It was my fault. Horrible luck.

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phrasing of Allah subhana wa tada is of the doors to derive. That's what makes it such an integral part of your deen. Allah knows, you think

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you're disrespected and

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you know that he knows that you respect him and you exalt Him and you think highly of him, and he knows what you're going to ask for. But he wants you to express that, to admitted to speaking, that is an act of worship. And that's why the editing machine

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narrated by actor than others. Is it a door on

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your door, it is your worship, that is the greatest way to show that you truly are in a sleeve of a love, you admitted it into it. That's the embodiment of what God presents. That's why the Darius is really bad. You're not too arrogant to admit it and see and beg and cry

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or love because you are, you know, as a matter of fact, you praising our love interact as the beginning and the start opening statements of your door may even be more important than the request part of the door itself.

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Why How do we know that that our profits love or a total of certain directs and a number and shows the other prophets made certain derive that include no request at all?

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know, is worthy of worship with you in front of request that says the declaration super hand and glorified, you are above the perfection? That's a declaration in the mean, I was a wrongdoer. That's when they request our

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case, they wouldn't ask me they didn't know how to manage it. If you don't turn the clock of the women away from me, I'm going to fall. If you don't, you're the one in charge. And I'm going to fall because I can't do it. And I'm going to be one of the foolish.

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Where's the request? So we saved him some time.

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And I can come when you're in distress, he will pass he said that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us

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to say,

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let it

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glorified, who are all these are statements of declaration not as worthy of worship with you, you are the most high you are the very throne, you are the master of all the bearer of the noble throne. Where's the request? If whoever says that is distresses room? they asked you to get the love. They said, How is this? This is not a request you're asking for? Do you just think it's so he responded to them with verses of poetry that were known to the arm?

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About very generous men and how he wouldn't wait for the person to make their requests out of his generosity. He tells them they need to hear the words of so and so. Ethical hydrojetting MBA fee, the higher inertia method can hire either

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to outgrow the illegal model Yeoman Kapha.

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That, should I mentioned what I need to you this generous man? Or is it enough how modest you are? How shameful you are you you come in become embarrassed from from me that I would become embarrassed in front of you. Meaning Should I mentioned the details of my needs my actual requests? Or is your shyness enough? When a person stands in front of you one day, him praising you is enough that doesn't require from you to actually list your needs. He's saying if this was a human being a generous man among them. So what about the creator of the human beings and the most generous of all the one who taught us and commanded us that love someone wants to be generous, once you praise Him,

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that is enough,

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sometimes is more important than the request itself. Or a lot of your knowledge of the unseen and your ability over the creation. Lets me live so long as you know that life is good. And put me to death when you know that that is better for you know what else is needed teaches us.

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The status statement teaches that a person must be comfortable with the reality with the understanding that Allah knows what's best, when their life is good, or death is good.

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Our perceptions are very limited. And that's why you should ask a lot always for the good.

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And don't stipulate that I'll give you a particular thing.

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So there is nothing wrong with asking for a long bike even from the start.

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Right, so long as life is good, the Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if

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you have

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to think that the son of Adam hates

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and moans when Mel to claim a minute fitna, he hates to die. But dying sometimes is better than going through a tribulation,

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man or pill

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and getting smuggled a little bit of money. But there's some good in that too, sometimes, right? That little bit of money set some A lot of it is less for you to be judged about. This is not to endorse poverty at all.

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But at the same time, there is good sometimes whatever condition also kind of puts you in, so trust Him and ask Him for good. Don't say, Oh, I have to marry this woman, I need this job. Or grant this to me if you know that there is good in this for me.

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Granted in life certain Life is good for me and put me to death, you know that death is better for me. And this also shows you that it's permissible to wish for death, only if you fear that your religious commitment could be jeopardized.

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When you fear the pfitzner only, because the province of the love audio is gonna

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lay a tremendous melter for him.

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He is the one

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who started, but no one of you wish for that. Normally, you don't wish for that. He said, because you're either a good person, perhaps you can add more to that goodness of yours, your good deeds. And perhaps you're an evil person, you may be given an extension of opportunities to repentance. But when you fear that this is not going to be repented, it's going to be a reversal, you're going to fall apart, money and money and setups and get a tiny bit too popular. She knows the tribulations will pile down on her she wasn't able to handle them from her humility. I wish I died before this thing will go into an SEM and SEO something long forgotten. And ultimately, when you don't know. And

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most of the time, we don't know we say Allah grant this life so long as you know that life is better for us. And be confident that if he decides for you to wake up tomorrow, it's for the greater good. And if he dies, decides not to get through today, it's for the greater good. And then he continues on the love on iOS 11. He said a lot.

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A lot I asked you for the fear of you, in public and in private

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law, it's not just like a fear the raw fear. You can fear a surprise or fears of worry. But kushtia is fear that comes with knowledge that comes with knowing who is becoming acquainted with him.

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As he said to

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the first year of law is only carried by those of us slaves that have knowledge. So is a very special kind of fear. And this fear means you know who or what is and so you don't transgress his boundaries. It does not just mean that there is fear involved. So you to definitely not you fear him so you don't cross the limits. And those that don't cross the limits, in public and private are very few, very few are those that you are very careful about the limits of Allah and they fear trespassing.

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And among those few, even fewer of them do it in private. Some people even in public, when he's angered or his fighting or in his best interest or his business or any factor pushes him there isn't enough fear about to keep him afraid to keep him observant of the commands of Allah in public. But in private, it's even greater.

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He can have the fear of a mother appear to do so. But behind closed doors when it's just him and his family or him in the street or just him and his immediate relatives or his immediate circle that he cannot hide on forever is a different person. And the person that is like this will subject himself to losing out on the good that he does in other times the hidden filbert narrative. Imagine he says a lot of I know people from micron that will come on the Day of Judgment. We are mad with actions with the Japanese have at a bar like the mountain to hammer, white or White Mountain of deeds.

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Level take those mountains and turn them into dust they will be blown away. God is an instance. So when I married him

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Lenin, Lenin, Lenin could have been who was

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overthrown, describe who these people were not realizing it.

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He said,

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Well, who

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they are of your brothers. These are Muslims. They pray as you pray. And they have a portion of the night to a prayer that way, you have a portion of the night, like Kingdom either Hello, elevens and akula. But they are people that when they're all alone, in seclusion in private, with the sanctities, of our lovely violet,

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but the one who observes the fear of Allah, in public and in private, not only does he get to keep his good deeds, when he's forgiven for the times, and we all have these times when we slip,

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look at the look at the opposites. One person doesn't even get to enjoy his good deeds, the other only fears of like public and private, that this is a person that enjoys his good deeds and enjoys being relieved of his bad deeds. The proof is the answer the moon of Mars, in London as shown

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in the those that have the hashish of a lot, this knowledge of Allah that leads to fearing him, for them as a forgiveness and the greater reward, forgiveness for the sins and reward for the good deeds over love. And I asked you for your question, to get to know you to a degree where I fear you in public and private. Was that okay? Can you imagine happening.

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And I asked you to say a word of truth, when I'm angry, and when I please,

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this is not these

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very few are those who can control themselves to not be pushed by the weight of the circumstances, as opposed

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to the men and emotion and all that.

00:21:59--> 00:22:38

And do not be driven by your hatred, emotions of other people, to not be just drive you into oppressing others, justifying on his behalf or winning the argument against this person, whatever the case may be, he says be just, this is true strength, strength of the heart strength of piety, strength of consciousness of all love, where you can hold yourself to that. Many times, if you don't like a person, you'll accept the rumor and considered surgeon effect just because you don't like even without proof, and you'll spread it too. And other times just because you like the person, you will defend them, even if they're true facts prove otherwise.

00:22:40--> 00:23:13

So your bias cannot align with the truth is a lot of credit, we alliance with the truth to say that word of truth, whether I'm angry with our pleas with our light, or whether I don't whether I'm enraged or not. That is strength, lazy, shady, dussehra. He said, the truth, strong, powerful person and I'm the one that I've wrestled others. When I came in a shady, my MD could have severing the model of the true strong person is the one my self control can control himself at the moment when he's angry. And this, by the way,

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reminds us to be careful of the times when emotions whatever kind of emotions can drive us into our own destruction.

00:23:24--> 00:23:27

So for example, the woman or the elevens Allah

00:23:28--> 00:23:46

married the boss how as soon as he said, so about Bollywood cinema, this one is very innovative, he was on the agenda, Lehman's our captain america all over Canada, I guarantee a house in the center of paradise for a person that gives up joking,

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even if he's true.

00:23:51--> 00:23:58

In Canada, as if I switch the honey Forgive me as a person that gives up live even as a joke.

00:23:59--> 00:24:08

Even as a joke, at times, this is just a push insight into making an extra laugh to be one that is accepted in the gathering being accepted in the sight of Allah Subhana.

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He said to us of above on the forum, you have the greatest of the disruptive citizens, and they said yes, almost nobody can listening since until he said somebody who said look what he assumed he was credited soon and Beware of false testimony, right defending those who like or slander those that you don't be careful system, repeating and repeating and repeating it the so Harvey says until we said we wished he would be silent, meaning out of fear of him how worked up he was

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that he was leaning in that he set up and get to repeating this because of how dangerous it was that a person can not say a word of truth because of these emotions around. Anger. Please turn the lights on.

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

was a local postdoc in Hungary where Lena and I asked you to be well balance, whether I'm poor, or whether I'm rich, to be fabulous,

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00:25:14--> 00:25:43

Well, me, too, what can I be the daddy can power a lot so that is suited for fun. And those cherished slaves or rock man, that those that when they spend, they're not extravagant, they're not wasteful, nor are they stingy when they choose a middle path between them, it's balanced in all of their affairs, living a life in principle, to give priority to the Hereafter, but at the same time, do not consider how long

00:25:45--> 00:25:47

that is the straight path are profits of a loved one.

00:25:48--> 00:26:00

So that which is for the hereafter takes precedence in our lives. And that which is in this dunya when it doesn't violate the Hereafter, it can be an aid for us. That's what made it so it made the doors of

00:26:01--> 00:26:04

Iran and aid for us to continue on our way to the hereafter

00:26:06--> 00:26:46

zealots Allah tell them, who is the one that would make unlawful prohibit the decor of a love the enjoyment that was prepared in this world, for the believer, it's for you, to help you on your way and believe on your way the man, he placed those bikes inside of you and made them for you. So take the middle path, don't be distracted by them, nor deprive yourself of them because you will not be able to continue and look at the people that go to extremes. Look at the priests that are not allowed to get married. Or those that have relationship with everyone without marriage, both of them fail as human beings it can't continue in life like this one is impeded by disease such as aids, or

00:26:46--> 00:26:56

HIV or depression or the likes, and the other cannot continue and he gives up on his religious Miss because he thinks his religion is demanding of him something that's not human.

00:27:30--> 00:27:37

Just to mention in brief, the remainder of the time allowed for us to give each is new, right? He said somebody

00:27:38--> 00:27:40

was looking at him and lionfish.

00:27:41--> 00:27:56

And I ask you for enjoyment that doesn't ever run out, unless the enjoyment of the hereafter of marrying the man in the mageba right because that will just put you runs out. And that was with a lot of roommates.

00:27:57--> 00:28:00

And he said about gentlemen Heather is put on my lap.

00:28:01--> 00:28:11

This is what we provide the true provision of the hereafter it has no end it never completes, never runs out, was adequate.

00:28:13--> 00:28:30

Public, and I asked you for the comfort of my eyes, at will never cut off, never be cut off. The comfort of the eye means for my eyes to land on something to pick something right and put my hopes in it. And I become comforted by that I don't get disappointed and go looking elsewhere.

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

And that only exists in email. So the comfort of the eyes is the man as the province of a loved

00:28:37--> 00:28:58

one. It for Sala and the joy of my eyes the comfort of my I was pleased to be in Sala only there in those likes, the likes of those acts will not be disappointed everything else, you can have it and you can enjoy what it's like well of the children and duty. But if you Your happiness is dependent on it, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

00:29:00--> 00:29:08

It can make you happy, but your happiness cannot be dependent on it. And that's what he said and grant me the joy of the island is not disappointed. There is never got off.

00:29:10--> 00:29:11

was no get

00:29:12--> 00:29:36

rid of Alibaba asked you to be content with what you choose after you've chosen it. You don't say I don't do anything in my life. Right? You try your best. But once the decision is finalized, once fate destiny comes to pass, then you surrender. There's no way around it but to surrender. At that point, the only act of worship to be done is to submit the interest of us.

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

And notice that he saw above it and I asked you to be contented with the destiny after it comes. Because before destiny comes everybody can make a claim. I wouldn't be patient I wouldn't be this I wouldn't be grateful. But once it actually comes to pass, that's when the test arrives. As they say everybody on the shore is a swimmer Yeah, I can swim.

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Once they get thrown in the ocean, and we find out who's bluffing and who wasn't. That's the true trial.

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And then he said was, he rather, I asked you for the coolness of life after death. Because it doesn't exist in this fight, no matter how enjoyable it gets the simple fact remembering in the back of your head, and it's going to end with that that is evidence that's poisonous. And even if it wasn't for death, before death, there are separations of family members and you bury your relatives, and there's depression and there is disease and there's argumentation and there are wars and their disputes and there's poverty there.

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There is no coolness to life never comes down to fires always on so long as you're here. So I asked you for the coolness of life after that. And I asked you for the bliss, the bliss that is greater than the bliss of Jenin the bliss of looking at your face, and yearning to meet you. So we asked for the best of both worlds, the best of this world is yearning to meet up and the best of the next seeing a loss

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without being turned away by any danger or any tribulation. Sometimes a person's need distracts them from their deep dangerousness. Sometimes when a person is insecure, or hungry or too bored, he cannot think of worshiping a mouth is not justified. But this is true. When they are good or bad and

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let them worship the Lord of this house who secured them is talking about the operation record who secured them from from dangers from fears and he gave them their food so that they wouldn't be hungry, meaning I did all this for you. Now you have no excuse whatsoever. You must worship. So when he says Oh, me from a danger that would distract me send me a straight or tribulation, that temptation of confusion, something that would separate me from you or that is all a lot decorated with the declaration of Eman is belief statement action. So meaning decorate my beliefs, the proper beliefs about you, and my statement of the proper statements that are pleasing to you and my actions

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with whatever will be pleasing to you or love, which I never would add to the need. And the last thing is of the neuron and make us guides that are guiding because there are four types of people. There is someone who is not guided enough himself nor guides others. This is the worst of creation, and the majority of creation, unfortunately. And then there are those that are guided within themselves when they don't guide others, or devout worship in and of himself an obedient slave or love within himself. But he doesn't have much to offer others. His example will be a bit of a guidance to others, but you will not be a full fledged guide. Darien I'd invite you to the way one

00:32:50--> 00:33:10

clear insight with clarity with strength with effectiveness, no knowledge to propagate what he knows and what he feels when he experiences and the man enjoys. So a guide is in Excel who is not a guide for others too much. And then the third group would be a person may Allah protectable guides others but himself he's not guided.

00:33:14--> 00:33:56

And then the truly most elite group in humanity, the prophets and those that are carefully on their path, those that are guided within themselves, and our guides for others. May Allah make us guides that guide others that are guiding ourselves alone. And remember from that last request of how much of a love or love make us guides that are guiding ourselves that you don't even own your own guidance. So how can you own the guidance of others, so be humble. And don't be fooled self conceit, and don't be diluted and say All praise belongs to Allah who guided me. Because if you don't think for the blessing, it's taken away. All praise belongs to a level guidance. When I couldn't

00:33:57--> 00:34:01

have done a lot we would never have been guided guidance.

00:34:03--> 00:34:22

We asked the teachers for these words that would benefit us and make us of those that can bring it to our hearts, this garden of enjoying the magic of a lot more enjoyed and talk to the world. We are most proud of our teachers always only that we can benefit us and benefit us with that which has taught us not only against us in this world or in the next alone I mean,

00:34:23--> 00:35:00

we are most proud of what Allah grant us by His knowledge of the unseen and his ability over the creation life so long as life is good for us and put us to death whenever we know that death is better for us. We asked you a lot to grant us the fear of public and private and we asked you all lots of grandness a word of truth whether anchorage or please, and we ask Allah to grant us balance in moderation, whether we are richer we are poor, and we ask for love for an enjoyment that never ends and we asked for a look for the comfort of the eye that never gets cut off over lovely asking by your beautiful names and your

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

To add attributes to those contents with whatever you decree after the decree has come to pass, and we asked you all about the greatness the coolness of life after death, we asked for love to grant us a stare a glance at your beautiful face.

00:35:13--> 00:35:29

And we asked for love to make us of those that belong in here and are eager to meet you may have lost a request and you with the adornment of Eman and make us guides that our selves are guided and not the terrorists from his path to any danger and through any tribulation a loved one I mean, love enough to let

00:35:31--> 00:35:32

them know

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