Mohamad Baajour – Shield #10 He taught Fatimah RA this Duaa

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history and character of the title "the Greatest Name of Allah" is discussed, including the various versions and importance of the "has been" meaning "has nothing" meaning "has nothing." The success of Islam in addressing problems with spouses and their families is also highlighted. The conversation on medical issues and the potential solution to the pandemic is also discussed. The success of Islam in addressing problems with spouses and their families is also highlighted.
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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullahi Allah to get the respected beloved brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal that you're all doing great and you're going through a very high level of email in sha Allah Allah amiable Alameen Allah bless you and protect you all and may Allah unite us again in his message, please if you've not subscribed, subscribe and as usual, I always ask could support our Masjid better coffee.

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Tonight, we have an amazing day that taught to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he did not only teach it to us, but he taught it to his most beloved daughter, not the Allahu anha Fatima Allahu Akbar. So far Timo is not feeling good one time, and also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he saw her and he told her Yeah, Fatima Maryam now okey, yeah, Fatima. What prevents you from saying and he mentioned the DUA in the morning and in the evening. What is that da? The DA is? Yeah. Hey, you yaka young Bira Motyka isteri with a slightly shut Nicola. You're gonna see it on the screen right now. Yeah, hey, yaka young Brahma Tikka Estelle wreath asleep Alicia Nicola color while

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at the kidney era and FC part of the time. Amazing, beautiful great that so in sha Allah Tala Lend me your ears, lend me your heart. Let's explain this door in sha Allah that taught by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to his beloved daughter. Ready Allah Azza wa Taala

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Yeah, how are you? And by the way, it is another generation. It says that Rasul Allah Islam either caribou or suasana if he felt distressed he used to say yeah, hey, you yaka you barometric Astrid so when we're going through distress, any kind of grief any kind of hardship, yeah, how you up a human medical history and the other one with the extension letter kidney it NFC turffontein that is taught to Fatima and that is from the car that is from the sayings of the morning and the sayings of the evening. What does that mean? Yeah, hey yaka you two names of Allah azza wa jal Alhaj. He is Allah subhanho wa taala. He is the Ever Living. He is a hey, I am Hey, I am alive. You are high, you're

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alive. But we are every hate is going to die. Every hate is going to die except Allah azza wa jal. He is an hate Allah the lair mood. So why should I ask people who are or anyone that is going to die? Let me ask Allah, Allah delay I'm with you. Yahi Allah subhanaw taala is the height and he's the one who gives the highest he is the one who gives life he is the world. There is no one before Him and He is the actor. There is no one after him. Allah subhanaw taala he is the height the Ever Living?

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America you yeah how you yaka you, Allah subhanaw taala he is also a young self self subsisting he does not need Alka young he's the one who is in no need of anyone. Allah subhanaw taala not only he is not a does not need anyone, but also Allah Allah azza wa jal, he is does not get tired does not get sleep, he does not get hungry or thirsty. He does not get any of those deficiencies that we as humans go through Allah subhanaw taala is Alhaj and Alka you and I'm asking him by those two blessed beautiful Greek names. As a matter of fact, some of the automat said that and the hadith is narrated by the OMA they said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned that it's Mala *

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out of them. The Name of Allah, The Greatest Name of Allah, Islam Allah Allah them The Greatest Name of Allah is mentioned in three sutras in the Quran in Al Baqarah. In early Emraan and in Taha okay and if you look under street sewers, you will find and Hale Canyon is an old three soldiers in Bukhara in AFL kursi in in LA Emraan Hola Hola. Hola. Hello and Heyoka you in the beginning of the surah and in surah, one at Louisville in high yield. So this this name and hey Alka you those two names are in Baqara L M Ron and TA and the Hadith said that it's Mala L of them is Mala Hill Ivan fee sought a meal Quran Salah Al Baqarah

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Hello, I'm Ron Wolf. Ah, this is one of the opinions that the Greatest Name of Allah is an Heyoka you some of them have said it is the name Allah subhanho wa Taala handle a lot of the enemy. So now I'm asking Allah, yeah, how are you? Yeah, are you and remember

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when we were talking about the etiquettes of we said we praise we praise we praise Allah azza wa jal and then we ask so now I'm praising. Yeah, hey, yeah Allah you are the old living. Yeah Can you? Yeah Allah you are the Self existing. Yeah How are you? Yeah, can you? What do you want? I'm still praising it Bureau medica ista wreath. Ya Allah I am in desperate, dire need for your Rama for your mercy Allahu Akbar Bureau medica as the wreath. We all know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said none will enter the Jana with his family with his action with his deeds. They said the Sahaba not even you yeah rasool Allah Allahu Akbar. He said not even myself.

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Only, I would enter the Jana with the Rama of Allah azza wa jal, so Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will only enter the Jannah with the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala and who is the sole Messiah certain

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anytime, any Muslim Say Subhan Allah rasool Allah SallAllahu Sallam will get a Hasson anytime a Muslim saying hamdulillah from the day of the message till the Day of Judgment Rasul Allah says Allah will get a Hassan anytime somebody prays somebody fast, somebody gives him charity, somebody goes to hajj, somebody goes to umbra. All these are accumulated in a sort of loss Isilon scale. So you can imagine the countless amount of has an ad the person was SLM will get and he still said, I will not enter the agenda with my Amyl I will only enter the agenda with the Wrath of Allah with the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar. So somebody might say so why am I doing all these

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righteous deeds then, the more righteous deeds we do, the higher the possibility of getting the Wrath of Allah azza wa jal, the more righteous deeds we do, the higher the possibility of gaining the Rama of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah says Allah said in the Quran, well, Rama T was at coalition that my Rama has encompassed everything may Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on me on you, and on everybody that that is watching us and on all our parents and our families and all the Muslims all over the world in sha Allah Tala yeah how you yaka you. Brahma tikka, Esther Heath, the word Esther Heath is more than really ask for help. It is like a pleading. It's like begging, but medical

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history, like someone who's drowning and extending his hand to be saved. It's complete, complete.

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Feeling of need to Allah azza wa jal medica ista Heath. Now Allah I am in dire desperate need of your right now we ask what do you want? A slip? Holy shit knee Kula Allahu Akbar. Wow this is so beautiful. A slightly shut Nicola yeah Allah

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rectify fix all my affairs Kula Oh my affairs yeah Allah what's included in all my affairs

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yourself your health your your education your wife your husband your children your your business your your your heart your

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your friends your your neighbor a slightly shut Nicola your parents every all my affairs ya Allah my relationship with my in those y'all lost let me shut any color my relationship with my with my children are slowly shifting the color yeah Allah if I'm having any health issues it's included everything yeah Allah Stephanie shitting me color all my affairs y'all Oh my affairs any any

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wrong thoughts that I might think that might come to my mind your Allah really helped me get rid of them a slightly shaped me color. Everything is included in this world. Color My home my job my business? A slightly my income. A slightly shiny cooler. Allahu Akbar. Yeah. How are you? Are you Bureau medical history, a slave

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Felicia Nicola your ALLAH asking Allah azza wa jal to mend all my affairs, all my affairs because I know for a fact without a speck of doubt that he is capable of doing that. You see, you're going through problems with your spouse, my sister, you are now many of our brothers and sisters because they are staying at home together a lot of conflicts a lot of problems are happening between the between the spouses. Remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala is another cliche in Korea. You know, some people are complaining about their children. Remember? Allah subhanaw taala Allah cliche and Kadir ask him a slightly SHINee could Allah Ya Allah, that child is included in color. He might have

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become a teenager and he is maybe neglecting some of his Eva that Allah us literally shut Nicola or you could make a diet for your son US law who shut no Kula mafex All his affairs on her affairs. Yeah Allah Subhan Allah beautiful, amazing. Yeah how you yaka you there are medical history, a slightly shaped me cola. Okay, I'm gonna put the English English version so you could see it. And this is this hadith is in an essay and this is of course saya as soon as I Salam used to tell 14 Out of the Allah Anna what prevents you your Fatima from seeing every morning and evening? Yeah you're quite young. There are medical history are slowly shutting the cooler. Whether the kidney in infc

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Perfect. Now we come to the last part.

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What are the kidney Ilana see? Perfect I yeah Allah do not leave me to my self. Yeah Allah do not let me decide anything for myself not for a minute or for a second or for an hour or for a day that even Ya Allah. Do not leave me to myself to decide for myself. Not even for blink of an eye, blink of an eye. I cannot. I cannot function I do not know how to decide properly. If I am on my own ya Allah you are the best. Ya Allah you are the one who is

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running all my affairs to the most perfection. You are the old wise you are the one who know the unseen. Allah you do not know anything I am PORIA Allah, you are the rich I am weak here Allah you are the strong Subhan Allah I'm putting complete trust in Allah a slowly shut Nicola whenever the kidney Do not leave me to myself. Not even for a blink of an eye allah how beautiful it is Allahu Akbar, begging Allah azza wa jal not to leave us make our own decisions we do not know. I my knowledge is limited, yours is limited, all mankind's knowledge is limited. And we have we are this has been proven Subhanallah with this pandemic all mankind Allah told us in the Quran will not we T

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to mean Allah in me in kalila all the knowledge that you have combined all mankind combined is Khalida it's, it's so little, it's nothing compared to the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal one time when when Alevel came and with Musa alayhis salam to the to the boat. And when they first got in the huddle saw a bird and he took the bird took just a small sip from the ocean Subhanallah could have told Musa alayhis salam, my knowledge and your knowledge compared to the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal is like this drop of water in the whole ocean Allahu Akbar. And I'm asking Allah azza wa jal Ya Allah, you are the own knowledgeable you are Allah you are the ol Hi yah yah Allah you are the young

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Allah do not leave me decide any kind of my affairs without your Allah guiding me to the right decision. Yeah Allah do not make me do not make me in charge of my son, not even for a blink of an eye. Allow it. So this is a dua that

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we can say once in the morning and once in the evening. This is from the car Sabha, but the same time I can when I'm raising my hand in in winter now Ramadan is coming soon May Allah keep us alive to witness this month and May Allah bring us back to the massage and in the Ramadan yah yah yah yah yah, your medical history you're bringing us back to your massage and your herbal Alameen before the month of Ramadan yah yah yah yah yah, I can see it in my router. After I finished my Allah Medina humanidades we all know that after that, yeah how you yaka Yun grammatica story a slightly

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chutney cooler. But adequately Ilana see thought of a time I can make this at any time I can make it in my suit. And like I always remind you, you could also make it before you make your sleep from the salon. Yeah. How are you? There are you let me put it one more time on the screen. And

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we can say together in sha Allah. Yeah. How are you? Yeah Can you be Rama Tikka? A serif? A slightly shed any Kula

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who Allah tech takhini il NFC perfetta. If

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I ask Allah azza wa jal the Hey Dhaka young to protect us all I ask Allah azza wa jal the Kawaii disease to unite our hearts I ask Allah subhana wa Tada Olivia who are the coolie che and Kadir to bring us back to our massage. May Allah subhanaw taala cure all the sick and may Allah azza wa jal have mercy on everybody that passed away. May Allah subhanaw taala inspire all the scientists and the doctors to come up with a cure for this pandemic in sha Allah Allah, may Allah reward our brothers and sisters in the in the front line and may Allah subhanaw taala

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reward them immensely and protect them from any from any disease in sha Allah then and their families deserve from Allah here about a coffee come so Hannah llama should Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at on a toolbar like

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it that he was loading up in our slot in Poland he was saw the arena was foggy or audio want to for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one Hatfield lot the one that getting along I guess.

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What's going on? I don't know hula hoop

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