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The video discusses the struggles of Islam, including the struggles of being associated with a certain culture and the struggles of being associated with a certain message. The success of Islam is highlighted, including the use of La Ilaha and the return of Subhan Allah. The importance of having a strong smile and being pleasant with one's appearance is also discussed, along with the use of "has been handy" to describe actions and emotions. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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in the Mahabharat new Alayhis Salam in Wolfforth called eliminate.

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Yet when a year in near cos en la calle was a year Maruka with nothing, we're an Haruka and if nothing Maruka Billa Ilaha illa Allah for in Samoa to southern will Aldine is sera le will be a T Kifah. But will be at La Ilaha illa Allah He Kifah Raji had been at La ilaha illallah Wello Anisimova to seven well Aldine is seven can move he halacha tinware he de la casa Matana La ilaha illallah wa will seeker be Subhan Allah he will be handy for inner Salah to Cooley Sheikh

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will be her uterus sacral hyung Hulk, we're inhaca and Chinook. Well kibra

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wa salatu salam said when new Haile has Salam was on his deathbed,

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he told his son,

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I want to give you my wasa

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Subhan Allah.

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No, one of the five

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best messengers sent by Allah azza wa jal

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is giving our CEO to his son before he died. So this will see is very hefty, very important. So what is a prophet that lived over 950 years giving his son in a car before he dies?

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He said,

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I'm going to order you I'm going to tell you to do two things and stay away from two things.

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First, I ordered you

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Billa Ilaha illa Allah

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if you bring all seven heavens and seven earth, all of them combined and you put them in one pan of the scale, and you put La Ilaha illa Allah on the other pan, La ilaha illa Allah will overweigh the all the heavens and the earth

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not 700 ton all the Milky Way's and all the planets and all the earth in one pan and La Ilaha illa Allah and the other, let ilaha illallah will be heavier. And if all the seventh heaven and all the seventh Earth are all in one solid piece

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there Ilaha illa Allah breaks them shatters them.

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And I

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the second advice or the second order is Subhan Allah who will be handy

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let's all say Subhan Allah will be handy, Lian house Allah to collision.

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I'm going to explain each one because it is the dua solid here means it is everything will be here your rizek

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l Hulk,

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but the NAS

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and with it all creation is provided for creation

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provided for and I asked you to stay away from two things shirk and kibra Arrogance. Let's go one by one quickly in sha Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah

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how proud are we, that Allah chose me and you to be from the people of La La La La

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La Jolla. When you know when, when, when we are living in our countries.

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We do not appreciate La ilaha illallah as much as we when we see others that are not believing in the same faith. When we see people worshipping a cow and people calling someone the Son of God and and people saying there's no God and people want what we're worshipping monkeys and rats, who say Allahu Akbar, what did I do for Allah to choose me and make me from the people of la ilaha illAllah

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La ilaha illa Allah because of this word, everything was created because of la ilaha illa vision I was created because of la ilaha illa Allah, the messengers were sent because of la ilaha illAllah

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La ilaha IL Allah he's telling them here not just to say La Ilaha illa Allah and this is the problem that the Ummah is facing. We think it is just a few words on the lips that we just uttered. La ilaha illa Allah is a message that Ilaha illa Allah is a way of living. What do you what do you feel when you say that ilaha IL Allah let you know he'll Allah means there is no creator other than Allah, nor one

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can take my provision, no one can stop my provision by provision, risk my risk is from Allah azza wa jal, no one if Allah decreed I will not be harmed, no one on earth, no one on earth can touch me. This is exactly what's happening in Gaza.

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Right? The whole mess of cover, they all gathered to attack the people of what do they have, you know what they have

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and we are seeing Subhanallah we are seeing the miracles, or the superpowers, all the weapons, everything you could think of against few people, but because they have their ilaha illallah because they believe in La ilaha illallah we are seeing these miracles.

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La ilaha illa Allah we teach our children that this is this is the most honorable thing that I can give you. That's why I tell the brothers sometimes brothers come and complain and say oh, my father did this to me. My mother, my mother did this to me.

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No matter how bad and how evil, which is very hard to say your parents are but they gave you La Ilaha illa Allah

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just because they gave you La Ilaha illa Allah you owe them till the Day of Judgment.

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Because from them, all your generation going to be the people of la ilaha illa Allah. So be patient. It's okay. Be patient, they gave you the best gift you ever had. is Leila Illa like a superstar and Sullivan said me and you could have been now worshipping an idol and defending it and proud.

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So the first part is telling us how heavy how powerful is that Allah Allah Allah and the second is telling us that because you have ilaha illallah you should not worry about anything, because you know that everything is running according to the plan of the Hakim.

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Anytime anytime you go through any kind of hardship, ask yourself, Am I a better planner than Allah?

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Who's planning everything? Is Allah azza wa jal? Am I a better planner than Allah? Impossible? Impossible. Impossible.

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a semitone. Yeah, and it shatters them all the heavens and the earth. So when I have this word, it will shatter my debt. It will shatter my sickness, it will shatter my problems at home. But if I have to ask by La ilaha illallah when I treat my spouse, when I treat my wife and the wife treats her husband, by La ilaha illallah I raised my children on their ilaha illallah I do business on La Ilaha illa Allah

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I lower my gaze, I do not cheat. I do not give overweight or less. My Businesses according to La ilaha illa. But this is what Leila Halal Allah means. It's not just La Ilaha illa Allah and we have the brother and the Allah nobody knows anything anymore.

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This is Ilaha illa Allah And subhanAllah look at listen to the second part. And oh she can be Subhan Allah he will be handy. This this three words.

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Subhan Allah will be handy. First of all, before we continue, what does it mean? What the Subhan Allah who will be handing in we always hear Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Subhan Allah we discussed it many times. I I am admitting and confessing that Allah azza wa jal is free from any kind of faults and shortcomings will be handy and I am leaving every blessing I have, it's from him, so I am glorifying Allah while I'm praising him. This is Subhan Allah who would be handy like Tamia Rahim Allah who said Subhan Allah is to negate any shortcomings from Allah and will be handy is to confirm every single perfection

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to Allah azza wa jal, both of them Subhan Allah who would be handy now listen to this. He has Salah to khalifate it is the dua of everything. Allah says in Surah Surah were Imin che in Illa you said be he'll be handy he were lacking a lot of Kahuna to be home in who can Halima for everything this microphone. This scarf, everything is making the spear to Allah has everything the walls the door, the mountains, everything the birds everything is making us be aware in min che and everything is making this big but you do not comprehend the way they make this beer.

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So Allah says, No hurry, he said I'm studying his son Subhan Allah who would be handy is the test be have everything

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Is this a lot of everything? Now? How many of us complain about money?

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How many of us complain about

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the need righteous children? How many complain about their health? How many complain about a good spouse? Or how many complaints about their in laws? How many complaints about many complaints?

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How many can people complain that I cannot come to measure, I cannot come to a show I cannot memorize the Quran I cannot read the Quran. Many people that use all of those I mentioned our risk.

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All of them are risk. This is now ALLAH he this is the best thing that you did today so far, that Allah has blessed you with the risk of attending treasure in JAMA. This is the result right? Right. 1000s of Muslims are deprived of it and you've been chosen to be in the house of Allah, the first thing of your day, this is a blessing. This is a blessing. Would you let someone at your house at 6am You must be loving him so much.

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So for Allah to let you in his house at 6am.

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And many of us every single day, what an honor, what an honor.

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What an honor. So it is

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the risk of every Hulk, every creation Subhanallah who would be handy is the provision for the and send the fish and the animals and the birds and the humans and everything. It is the result of everything.

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Plus Subhanallah who would be handed not so much I sold them was asked or he said Do you know what is the most beloved word to Allah azza wa jal said yes Yara Salah what is it? They said he said that he sotto Sinha Subhan. Allah will be handing the most beloved word to Allah azza wa jal number one, number two, call Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim whomsoever, say, Subhan Allah who will be handy 100 times a day, all his sins are forgiven. All his sins are forgiven. Subhan Allah who will be handed it takes two minutes, two minutes all sins are forgiven. Another Hadith whosoever have a hard time spending a lot of money and hard time to perform jihad. What

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should we do here? So Allah keep saying Subhan Allah who would be handy.

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kalima tan Subhan Allah the wisdom of the Buhari

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he started his book with in the amount of new yet you're all our actions are by intention, and he ended it after all these 1000s of Hadith as if he's telling us you know, what, if you cannot do any of these Hadith do this one, the last one Kalama 1030 For Tanya Allison, tequila 20 Filmmuseum Have you botanical ramen. Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah Allah in two words, light on the tongue have you on the scale, beloved to the old merciful Subhan Allah would be handy Subhan Allah I love him. So it is the most beloved word to Allah.

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It is heavy in the scale. You say it 100 times or your minor sins are forgiven Tavia one, why are you quiet? Your lash above Subhanallah all the time, all the time. This is the most beloved word to Allah when your tongue get and imagine this Subhan Allah who would be handy it's coming from the tongue and combine that with the understanding of the heart. Yeah Allah every Nam I have is from you.

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And everything around me is making this beer to you. Subhan Allah will be handy. And I for I advise you to stay away from Schilke we all know shirk. I don't want to take a lot of time associating partners with Allah and Kibera. Now, there's another continuation the Hadith one of the Sahaba said you had a Salah malkapur Is the kibble having a nice shoes, said Allah is the kibble having a nice job. He said Love is the kibble having good friends around me. He said la smell Kibriya rasool Allah, He said kibble

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Bottrill. Help. Welcome to NAS.

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the truth.

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You know, sometimes unfortunately, it happens to many of us.

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You know that you're wrong. But your ego so high that you cannot refuse or admit, I'm sorry, you cannot admit that you're wrong. You refuse to admit that you are wrong. And you know that you are wrong. This is kibble. This is pure arrogance defined by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam you refuse you know that

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You're wrong. You know what the brother is telling you but you cannot admit and make him feel that he won the debate. The one that argument, my wife, this happens a lot between the spouses. You will want to ruin the household you're ready to make a divorce but you will never admit that you are you did something wrong. Either or both of them.

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This is Kibera. And also Lhasa Salam said whomsoever have a mustard seed of kibra in his heart, he will not enter Jannah Allahu Akbar.

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rejecting the truth, and also was SLM said, looking down on others. Looking down at these kind of people, I don't sit with this people, I don't do this. Any you start

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feeling that you are bigger. You are better than others. Subhan Allah, the people used to come to the sort of last Isilon halacha and they used to look who is the sort of law, which one

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is just a simple man sitting among them. Subhanallah but because he's so humble, it's not like he has his own thing and the Arusha Subhanallah this is this is the beauty of our dunya one. So, the message today is this one word, Subhan Allah who be handy I want to for number one is to please beg Allah beg Allah to make you and your offsprings to live by La Ilaha illa Allah

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ask him, ask him, beg him ya Allah make me live by that ilaha IL Allah Ya Allah produced from me, people,

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generations, offsprings that live and die by La ilaha illallah begge Allah azza wa jal and constantly repeat Subhan Allah will be handy all the time you're you're driving and you're standing, whatever you're doing Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah make our last words Leila Illallah and may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds over this these is

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what goes along our fee a yam

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Daffy Marini fella is gnarly he woman

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is now Li Li Mani dunkel what Delco long LR o neck uncle Eli he