Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #04 The Story of Luqman

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of educating oneself about the story of Lachman, Lachman, and ALLAH SubhanA wa is discussed, along with the significance of "will" in the story. A man named Lachman had a boxy smile and was scared. Jesus gave Lila a hugely powerful quote, "they are blessed with a lot of prayer" and gave her a blessing. The sh pattern of fear and the sh relevance of the title of Islam are discussed, as well as the sh pattern of educating children on their parents' actions and the potential consequences of not finishing a plate. The concept of fear and the sh pattern of educating others are also discussed.
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salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda Mayan fauna on fine Habima alum Tina, was it not in man your hammer? I mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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Teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he taught us and increase us knowledge. I mean you're behind me

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hamdulillah melamine, Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be in his house at this time learning his book and studying his Deen May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who apply what they're learning in sha Allah to Allah like we always repeat here one the main cause and main goal of this series is besides to know and educate yourself about the stories is in Charlotte Anna to learn a lesson and implemented in in our life. So today today inshallah Tada the story probably will take us maybe a few sessions not only today, because it has too many topics to learn from the story of of Lachman,

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Lachman, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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Let me ask you a question. Is it is it? Is it the right statement to say?

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Somebody honored somebody, Allah honored someone by naming Surah after?

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Because I always hear this. You're saying that? Is that something? Okay. And Allah subhanaw taala honored Lachman by naming a surah after him. Is that something?

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Is that okay to say?

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What about

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what about Ebola?

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No, no, because they really I was here this week saying, Hola, Ana dispersive by naming a surah then I remember there's a surah.

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And I don't think Allah subhanaw taala wants to honor them because they are in the dark as well when they're Subhan Allah. So but it's still of course, any. If we look at

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from 114 sutras, Allah subhanaw taala, named many suitors after the prophets, which is an honor. So we can say just as a rule, you know, it's an honor, but it's something definitely has great importance to know about it is there's a great importance to know about the document no Halley's salaam to know about the Moroccan to know about Abu Lahab there is a great importance to know about these characters. Now, who is who is Lachman? So if you had a theory, we studied him in details, his life, his biography, back in a couple of months ago. I'm Allah He narrated from Alicia after Nkrumah on the authority of an ibis, or the Allahu Anhu Khan. He was an Ethiopian slave who worked as a

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carpenter. So Lachman was an Ethiopian slave who worked as a carpenter. Qatada narrated from Abdullah Isabel that Jared Abdullah when asked about Lachman said he was short, with a flat nose, and he was from nuvia. Anybody knows when Rubia is now

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Sudan between Egypt and Sudan excellent between Egypt and and Sudan, and this is all in even Kathir say he's gonna say the bush we also studied his biography rahamallah He said, he had thick lips and Allah, the Almighty granted him wisdom, but not prophethood a lot of people think that look, man is a prophet. But the majority Jim hood, an older man, and Lachman who Orajel Saudi origin saga with ASA Beanery he's a righteous man and he's not he's not a prophet. What is the delusion that he's a righteous man? That is the real funder.

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Words of Rasulullah sallallahu salah, which is the strongest dream and this is here, there was an idea that was revealed and that in the end so in the end so Eman Humby before Allah subhanaw taala said it is those who believe and mix, not their belief with wrong

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when this idea was revealed, the Sahaba were very, very scared.

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Allah is saying that whomsoever having Eman and he mixes Eman with wrongdoing. He's in big trouble. So the Sahaba Dr. Salah, who does not mix his Eman with some wrongdoings we all have some kind of injustice done. We all have some kind of groom so the Sahaba were very scared. So as soon as I said I'm told them you miss understood this if you misunderstood this idea. It was very hard for the companions of Asuma sai Salam.

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So they said which of us has not mixed his belief with wrong Ross was I said and said they are very diverse does not mean this You misunderstood? Don't you hear the righteous man statement? Who is he talking about? Look man, don't you hear and I put it in red so you can the righteous man statement to his son verily, joining others in worship with Allah is a great throng indeed in a ship lagoon Moon oven. So the volume in that area that the Sahaba were scared from and the volume in the area in sheer caravel MonaVie is the same Yanni whoever combined as a mix his Eman was some Schilke he is in trouble. This is what it means. Okay, so as soon as I saw them in identifying the person who said

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this idea, which is very clear, it's one o'clock man, that he's the one who said he used the word or Raju Rosada so this should close all the doubts that we have that he's not a prophet. He is a rational Salah he's a very righteous man. Fine. Now, let's start the story of Allah subhanho wa Taala started in solid flockmen

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Well, according to your local national hikma any school in

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one eye schools or in your school routine FC one Kefar offering no more. 14 Honey on honey the weather Taina what does the start like? The I started last week remember about blam? Allah atta you now who Ilma we gave him the L here similarly, Allah Subhana Allah Allah said that he has given him the the hikma from Allah subhanaw taala when a Yotel hikma,

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Fahad oto which sort of Shell

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we saw is that

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sorry. So, oh, my hotel Hyatt

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Hotel hikma, Fahad OTA, Chiron cathedra, Allah said, Whosoever is blessed with ACHEMA with wisdom, he is blessed with a lot of prayer. Can you give you may Allah subhanaw taala bless us with the ACMA to deal with our children the Hikmah to deal with our wives, right we need a lot of Heckman to deal with the spouse. You need a lot of hikma but the lion's share, you agree with me a lot of HECO who said yeah.

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Okay, so, Allah subhanaw taala started the suit up the story by saying that

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we have granted, Lachman ACHEMA and Yan Yan aqua and we gave you the sigma. So be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and he should call Lila. Be grateful to Allah and when you are grateful for any namah Jaquan when Allah subhanaw taala bless you with any Nam and you're grateful for it, you are doing it for yourself, that gratitude for yourself, because Allah subhanaw taala said whether in Shackleton as he then when you are when you thank me, when you're grateful to me, I will increase you. So when we thank Allah subhanaw taala and this is going to be in sha Allah Tada part of our discussion tomorrow in the in the Hapa that the sugar in our life Subhan Allah is

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any we were discussing me and some brothers

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about how blessed we are brother.

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He just came back from ombre.

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Anyway, he was telling me how you know, when when we traveled to our countries and we come back Subhanallah you notice the huge, huge difference. And he was telling me that there is only two lanes in the street, but there's five, five cars coming from everywhere. That's it.

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Add to them the motorcycles and add to them the donkeys with the you know the stuff selling them Subhanallah and people are, you know, extremely, extremely poor, not any, you know, other kinds of services are very rare Subhanallah so we are extremely extremely blessed Allah we are so blessed. Just this gathering by itself is an extreme blessing from Allah subhanaw taala May Allah make us all from the shocking and inevitable irony when we get to Korea one fandom is Korean FC Allah yes Colin FC, Yanni. Everybody wants more. So yeah, he wants more. Okay, be grateful. The more you're grateful, the more you will get a

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Woman Yes, good friend and is good enough same time. What is the opposite of Shaka

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Cofer. Now we all know that Gopher is opposite of Eman also right. Right. But many times in the Quran Shaka uncover comes right after each other. For example.

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They just decided they were gonna check her tone.

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And then continue with anchor photo. Right after it here. Same Woman Yes score. Thinner. Yes. Karina say woman Cafaro Cafaro. Here. He can cover nema. What does it mean cover NEMA, he did not appreciate the NEMA. He did not appreciate Khafre nema. Sometimes.

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One time there was a brother

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was not a brother, he was a person I asked him, you know, how's everything he said, everything is good, that we actually say say Thank God.

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You know what he said?

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What does God have to do with it?

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Allah, He said, What does God have to do with I'm the one who's working all day long? 17 hours, 18 hours. I just told him. I told him just say thank God and saying Hamdulillah He said, What does God have to do? And if I'm the one who's doing all the work, so yeah, when when you say in Hamdulillah that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Allah we are so grateful that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us by saying these words, so they don't come. You see sometimes how many times we say ask somebody how you doing? What does he say? Fine. Fine. It's okay. But hamdulillah has an ad.

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So you could change the words that coming from your mouth from regular words into Asana, because we need to accumulate as many as we can in this very short period of time.

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I caught it this is the util Hekmatyar Manisha on a util heck, Mata Fahad oto halen. Kathira This is in Surah Al Baqarah. What does hikma mean?

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While he was preaching a man who used to know Him,

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who used to know him, so him and said, one time somebody saw Lachman and told him Aren't you the slave of so and so who used to look at after my sheep not so long ago? Yeah. And he his belittling him. And he saw the people all gathered around him. He was Hakeem of the time and everybody knows Look, man with his Heckman. They asked him they take his opinion. So I don't You're the slave of sawn soil. If he used to work for me. Lachman said yes. What raised you this high in status?

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What made you the same everybody's asking what is the man they want to sit to look man they want to ask man, what brought you from a shepherd to this level? McMahon said, the Divine Decree this is the cover the color of Allah subhanaw taala. He named them what are they the color of Allah number one, then retain the trust of the Amana repaying the trust, telling the truth. For mahiya one there's nothing like telling the truth. The suck are sucked. Canaccord salatu salam you're at the Melbourne welder de la Jana, I will come accord la salatu salam repaying the trust telling the truth discarding and keeping silent regarding what does not concern me.

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This word tres this man. So hi McMahon is one of the characteristics one of his features is he does not discuss things that does not concern him.

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Wallah. If we just take this, this characteristic, only this feature and apply it in our life. Everybody just say just any statement

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you'd like. Almost everybody knows about it. Everybody wants to discuss and becomes an expert in that topic.

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There are some people you talk about the moon, he's an astronaut.

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You talk about the vegetables. He's a

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manager of the produce section and Ken Kroger. You talk about what he's a carpenter, anything your car mechanic, anything he understands. And not only that, not only that, he interferes. And he asked did you hear about this and this did you hear what happened? You

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Luckily well how's that gonna? benefit me? How's that gonna benefit me? Leave what does not concern you? Busy yourself with things that bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala So this answer when he went when he was asked What led you to this position? This answer has hikma staying away from what does not concern me telling the truth and keeping the trust and absolutely this is all because of the cover of Allah subhanho wa Taala so we will take this and we will finish today and we will continue next week in sha Allah.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala is teaching every father

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most of us here are fathers.

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And some of us even our grandfathers, anybody great grandfather. great luck. Allah give you all that you had in some

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this is the formula. How do we start? How do you start talking to your child? We always wonder how do we raise our children? What should we speak to them about what's the priority? This whole surah

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the main theme in it is the discussion between Lachman and his son, right.

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Well, if Connor Lachman Livni

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Well Who are ya evil? Yeah, Bernie. Yeah, Bernie. To share it can be in

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love to Shrek bill

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in Sharika level manavi This is where we start. Is this the way we start? No. Why don't we start with somebody?

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we're gonna see the order serratus coming right. I can see what's coming. Is this the way Look man started.

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Why? Why? Why is Tauheed so important? Why is Sherpa so dangerous? Why? Why is it first thing he's telling his child learn to Shrek biller

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do not associate anyone with ALLAH subhanho wa taala.

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Because yeah, one shirk destroys demolish all the animal demolish it. What did Allah subhanaw taala tell the best man ever created? Lena Schachter

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the bottom Nana look well at Hakuna nominal house even even though Allah subhanaw taala knows that Muhammad sigh Salam is not gonna commit shirk by Allah. But he told him if you commit Schilke all your airmen multiplied by zero God but that's what we say.

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When Allah subhanaw taala said magnanni rassada Hanneman Zachary and the statement to our movement, this is extremely important that word while we're not mean that inserted and he's a believer, because if he's not a believer, all day long donating going to, to the poor people and helping and all that stuff, all the great stuff, beautiful,

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humane work, but at the end of the day

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they give the

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thanks and the gratitude to other than Allah. That is all the time, no matter how much Don't be fooled by the billions, billions of dollars does not mean anything to Allah at the end of the day if you think any anyone other than him or that Anna is multiplied by zero. Now what is of course not none of us tell his child Oh, you know don't make you to an idol because we know that the shortcut we're talking about here one

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is to establish in our kids hearts, number one, because the shirk is not only worshipping idols, Sheikh is could be in fear.

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shirk could be in fear. What does that mean? That means I'm supposed to fear Allah. No, no, no, I fear also somebody else that is Schilke in the eye bad out of fear. Fear is a bad health me Allah is a bad when they feel someone besides Allah that is Schilke in health, when I love someone, other than Allah, or the love of somebody, take me away from the orders of Allah that shipped in love.

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For sure, because not only in worshipping idols, no, when I fear that my boss might fire me. That means I have a partner now and the result. Now I'm thinking that the result is not Allah. The result is my boss. I'm very afraid. What are we they do this to me. I'm talking about a person who is doing everything right and following the orders of the company and everything. And he says

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kept all the time from the bus why? You're not doing anything wrong, that Zach was dead. This when he starts feeding somebody else. Oh, you know what, I'm not gonna pray at work, what they're gonna say about me. That is shirk.

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When you say I'm not gonna pray at work, what they're going to say about me What if they fire me? This is shook. Why?

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Why is shook?

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Because I feel somebody else. Allah said pray. And this man said, No, don't pray, so I feel somebody else.

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When I'm sitting in my room

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when I'm sitting in my room, and my family, nobody's in the house, and I'm sitting and I'm watching something haram on YouTube.

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That is a major sin. But

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I heard something at the door, my heart, start shaking.

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That shaking of the heart is worse than what you're watching.

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Because you forgot that Allah is watching you and you get scared from somebody else could be by the door. That is sure.

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This is the shirt we're talking about teaching the kids not the shank of everybody knows who who had what do you see now worshiping God going down to a statue? Even the non Muslim don't do that? Hardly.

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So to be talking about establishing in the children, exactly what LogMeIn did, to shriek biller fear only Allah love Only Allah when we say love Only Allah does not mean don't love your mother, don't love your father, don't no, no, you understand what I'm saying? But the love of Allah first. Allah loves me to come to measure, I'm coming to measure, Allah loves me to be honest. You get another you know, get the children love Allah Subhana Allah that we have to make them love Allah, Allah He it will make 99% of our job very easy. If we can educate our children who is Allah?

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Not only the Jabbar vaca ha the AVI No, no, these are absolutely the names of Allah. But tell them how much how mercy for us Allah, how forgiving is Allah? How loving is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada how he said to wherever he accepted repentance, but just like when they know that everything they have is from Allah, they start by themselves, they want to worship Allah, they want to get up for the salah. But if you keep telling them, if you don't pray, you're going to *. If you do this, Allah is going to do this to you, Allah, Allah, this is the way we grew up. Allah is going to take you to *, if you don't finish your plate, you're going to they used to scare us when we were kids. And

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they used to tell us if you don't finish your plate, you're going to pick the rice with your eyelashes.

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That they tell you that on your kids. You are going to pick the rice. So imagine how can we pick up the rice with my eyelashes? You start getting scared what you know, what is this? This is very scary Dean. Everything is like, like somebody told me if if you move your foot in solid, that foot that moves is going to *. So the person's like, you know, he's gonna die and

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or somebody is for example, you see it happening all the time. And they ask a brother, you know, a brother's phone starts ringing with a regular

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tone. It started drinking with a song and the woman Woman is singing in the solid.

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So after he finished it one brother, once you turn off your phone, so brother, I cannot move in the salad. You cannot move in the salon but you ruin 300 people is okay. I can't move my father told me if you move in the salad, you're going to *.

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So you do not move in this lab, but it's okay to ruin everybody's salad and woman singing also any shaitan during the salad SubhanAllah.

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So, the concept of putting a lot of fear, fear, fear, fear does not really work. It has to be a balance, balance, hope and fear, hope and fear two wings. This is how you fly with one wing of fear you're not going to fly and one wing of hope all the time. You're not going to fly. You need both wings to be able to fly, hope and fear Subhanallah so

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let's jump into Allah get out for today with today's class with something extremely important is

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go home and ask your child

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what is the heat?

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What does Allah is One what does it mean?

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What does shirt mean? Ask them.

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Obviously, this is what the man started with. And we're going to see the order. The parents are going to come the Salah, the order of good forbidding the evil all that in one page the whole school, school

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In the whole school, we always wonder, parenting workshop parenting session parenting, open, open source Look man, you don't need any parenting and understand what love mentor does son because this is obviously if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala told us about this story. That means it's extremely important and parenting in and raising our children on the path that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala so what is the definition of don't have them who are what the shape theory no day these characteristics only belongs to Allah when I associate somebody with Allah Subhana Allah Allah, I am actually committing Vaughn

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let's, let's stop here right here in sha Allah Tada. There is a lot of stories from Lachman and his son and inshallah Tada. You will benefit a lot. Next Thursday.

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I wouldn't be here I would be in New York. So you will continue the week after the light Allah is a common law here. Welcome Murphy come as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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