Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #26 The Fasting of Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of praying at home during the Islam holiday is discussed, along with the potential consequences of not being able to do so. The speakers emphasize the need for practice and practice every day to avoid losing momentum. Fastering during the colder weather is recommended, and the importance of fasting during busy times is emphasized. The transcript describes a fasting study and a video about a man named Callum advising others to do so.
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So from now on, there's no more waiting for the Sunnah.

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We're gonna go straight to the class.

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I was waiting for this chapter to announce that

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because this is official, by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we're going to narrate the Hadith. It is more rewarding to pray the optional salad at home then in the masjid, even if it was one of the free massages

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even if it was one of the free massages, can you imagine? This is one of one of the opinions

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Let's read the

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the Senate first had definitely Ambassador Landry called a hadith and Abdul Rahman bin Maddy and wired in Saudi handla Then Harish and haram bin Wailea, and I'm an AMI here Abdullah bin Salman Khan, Sal to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Salafi Beatty was solid Phil Masjid con cada Terra

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ma acaba de team in Al Masjid Fela on Oh suddenly feed at a hub in a year mean and suddenly Phil msgid Illa and cocoon Salaat Mac tuba

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Abdullah Mossad though the hola Juan related, I asked Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is more rewarding praying at home or praying in the masjid. Rasulillah Salam said listen to the answer.

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He said you can see how close my house is to the masjid.

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The wall of this house is the wall of the masjid right. We saw that when we go to Medina. He said you can see how close is my house to the masjid.

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the five daily prayers, I prefer to pray

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the optional prayer in my home

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I repeat, Abdullah said I asked for some asylum which is more rewarding praying at home or praying at the masjid. Of course, if you notice he did not ask him for or seminar because the Sahaba knew that for the message 27 times more. They knew that hadith about the reward of walking to the masjid Mikado and go to the masjid I should have hydrogen ombre. We all know that. That's why they never mentioned the word forum or nothing because they know.

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He replied You can see that my house is very close to the masjid. Yet besides the five obligatory prayers, I prefer to pray in my house rather than in my Masjid. This is the soul of allah sallallahu wasallam. Why?

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international treaty Rahim Allah He said the scholars differed on whether it is better to pray the optional prayer at home or at the masjid of Rasulullah Salem, they did not differ on is it better in the masjid, any masjid or at home? They differ whether it's better than the mountain at home or the message of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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that they are different. But here they did not differ about Plano about epic. Okay, so he said

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each group understood the overall text differently. Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah said that praying optional prayer at home is better

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and there will be no difference in reward.

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If they were prayed at the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, this is about Hanifa ahem Allah and we know how strict he is on the Sunnah. So he said that praying at home the natural prayer is better than praying in in the masjid

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the Maliki scholars hold the view that praying optional prayer at the mercy of the for profit sighs Salam specifically is better than playing at home

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now again, I want to bring it up again in case someone misunderstood this is only about the optional what does that mean? As you see most of you are most of us

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when you pray your sunnah official

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at home right and then you come to the masjid they why you differentiate between the Sunnah official and the Sunnah of Aisha.

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This is a sunnah and this is a sunnah

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it's a good steal.

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Now I'm not saying it's

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haram. No, no, you could pray I thought I always pray here after the Sunnah after the fall, but if you're asking which one is better,

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which one is better? Then the Sunnah is to be prayed at home is better. Why? Because

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the Sheikh said

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it encourages the children to pray. Most of a lot of the children when they're very young, five, six, they don't come to the masjid. So if all your Salawat in the masjid let's assume, because this is the case, usually overseas, right? If all you saw out in the masjid, then there's nothing going on. The kids are not seeing someone praying at home. They're not seeing you praying at home, especially they probably see the mother but they don't see you pray at home. So it's good for the children to watch you pray, expels the shayateen from the house. Plus, it brings tranquility and peace to the house.

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So I pray my Aisha in the masjid

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I pray my Muslim in the masjid. And then I go home. And I pray my two sunnah. I pray my Doha. At home. Anything optional

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is preferable to be prayed at home. If I pray in the masjid. There's nothing wrong with it at all. But it's preferable if you were from the people,

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which is I'm sure that most of us are. When you go home you're gonna forget.

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There. This is the trick. I used to happen with me. I said to myself, listen, if I go home, I'm gonna forget, let me play it here. I know for sure. I'm gonna pray. Everybody shaking their head. So this is the only trick but we have to remind ourselves about the Azure and the funnel. So we remember it at first because there's nobody sleeping nobody's gonna. Nobody's gonna annoy you right? I treasure you're alone. Allahu Akbar. You pray, but now when you go home, the wife is waiting and Habibi, Allah, she has a list. Sit down with me you leave me all day. You're gonna go pray again.

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So, it depends. If you really feel like you're gonna forget Carla's no way you're gonna pray it, then pray it here. If you feel that you know what inshallah to Allah, you're gonna get that habit of praying at home, Allahu Akbar, this is this is better. So the chef mentioned this chapter, only one Hadith in that chapter. And then he jumped to the next chapter, will we be discussing sha Allah to Allah, and it's extremely important. The reports pertaining to the fasting of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of course, he's talking here about the fasting, the option of fasting also, because, you know,

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the CME is known to everybody, that it's in the month of Ramadan. So, the Sheikh said the chapter is dedicated to clarifying the recommended and the obligatory fasting of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that which he that which he repeated every week, such as the first of Monday and Thursday, or every month, such as the three wide days or once a year, the fasting of Ramadan, or once a year, like the fasting of Ashura and alpha. Okay, there is fasting weekly, there is fasting monthly, and there is fasting once a year.

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Fasting is

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there optional first of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The first Hadith the sheikh narrated a definite kotoba Binsar. He called her death in 100 of news aid, and a Yobe and Abdullah Masha que con Sal to Isha and cm Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call that can I assume had an Akula concern, where if you still had an Akula after call it women, Sama rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was Sanlam Sharon Cameleon mu Kadima Medina in Ramadan.

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Abdullah Masha when shocking your mind narrated that I inquired. I asked Aisha Radi Allahu Allah about the way that our solar system used to fast the option and fast she said

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at times he would fast continuous days to the point that we thought he would not stop fasting

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and he used to break his fast to the level that we thought that he does not fast.

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She continued did not last the whole month from the time he came to Medina except the month of Ramadan.

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first of all, the reason that she mentioned that the medina issue is that because Ramadan was not prescribed till he came to Medina, right. Madonna was prescribed after

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when he was in Medina

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This study shows that for every one of us, it is recommended

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to fast at least one or more days of the month. Now

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the shape narrated remember Timothy Ron Allah mentioned many Hadith about the first thing of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for example, cara tarisha Can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yetta Hara Solis Nene will Hermes. Raposa Salam was keen to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. He used to fast him all the time. And when he was asked, he said these are days where the Ironman are presented to Allah subhana wa Tada and I would like when my honor are presented to be fasting. Okay. And

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I always

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repeat many times, especially in the winter, that between

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federal and Maghreb is 12 hours 12 hours and you have your breakfast in the morning 545 Now, it before for 615 626 30 Even Can you imagine?

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And then you go, you come back at work from work five, something, you wait half an hour, 45 minutes, and you break your fast and reward. Yeah, one, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Dynamat said that hadith of the reward of fasting are so many. But they said that the best of them is the Hadith in Bukhari, which says,

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Can you hang on Adam law Illa cm for inner holy SEC Bay. All the actions of son of Adams for him except fasting is for me and I, Allah reward for it. Allah reward for the CME. What does that mean? That means only Allah knows the reward of CME, only Allah knows the reward of anything, but when he specifically speak about the CEM about fasting, that means there's something very special about about the fasting. So we are one. We are all desperate, desperate, about going to Jannah and the salah Salam said one day of fasting will keep your face away from *. 70 years 70 years

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70 years what a beautiful What a beautiful a bad.

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Another Hadith in sha Allah Tala that will encourage us to fast.

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The meaning of the hadith is Subhan Allah whomsoever was his last Amel was fasting the halal Jana

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I was fasting and I died

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as soon as I said the few that was your last time then you will enter Jana lava lockbar

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This is one of the signs of personal hajima

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it is you know one of the signs of personal Katima a good and is for the person

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his life to end during a bad

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during a bad

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and they always beg Allah Ya Allah take my soul when I'm giving a lecture. Shama Allah will fulfill this desire for me, or when I'm praying or when I'm scheduled or unscheduled at facial prayer of Jumeirah in the Haram

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everyone was

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dying during a bad I'm going to the message of the day by the coming back from the message hey, by the now here this is a bad but the longest reply that ever is. is cm fasting. It's 12 hour a bad Allahu Akbar. And it's about five minutes sadhaka maybe two minutes halacha half an hour, you know, but CM is 12 hours

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or hash for five six days. That's why the high Xenon people they get upset the relative died in harsh you should say Takbeer Allahu Akbar

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he will be resurrected saying like bacon

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date love bacon. Sherry Can I kind of bait Moloch but he wouldn't be restricted making it'll be

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at the end of the day we're gonna die. So let's ask Allah to give us a good way of death and make our last deeds our best deeds.

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I mean Ramadan me.

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Another Hadith, which will include inshallah Tada, this topic and the topic we spoke the announcement we spoke about after Asia.

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No, that is I gave a cuppa. As a matter of fact, it was my first thought by an epic if you go to the YouTube and

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Check the first couple of other baijal you will see the Hotbox code a lot of a lot of the any translated in English dimensions even though Wohlfahrt is room in Arabic but in the Quran when you say there's no runes and Jana everything is mentioned so Allah suicide sudden said there are in Jana horror of

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this world of are so special that you look from the outside you see the inside

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and the people of Jana are looking at them. And they are wandering the people of Ghana. They look at them and they see them just like we now in dunya look up and see the stars. You know when you go outside, you look up and you see the stars.

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The people of Ghana look up and see the horror of

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something very high. You had a suit Allah and Allah be said you had a soul Allah lemon here who had his word for

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what should we do? Is it for profits for shahada for Who are these gonna fall?

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He said, listen, they're going for things very easy, very easy. Anybody remember we mentioned the many times in the past.

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Quickly, Lehman or Tarbell, Callum

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we're atomic time. We're Adana CM was sala de Lisle. We're nashoni I'm

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the one who does those four things. He will get the rough. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us all from the people of all of say, I mean from your heart.

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I travel Callum. His speech is very kind and gentle. He's always kind. He's always saying

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beautiful things. He's always smiling.

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A Tarbell clown column. The wife is always welcoming her husband with kind words the husband you just had to go home he actually now and tell your wife better calla Vicki. The second like Hey, thank you. Thank you for your cooking for your being good wife, the sister thanks for husband talk to each other in this kind of manner. Jaquan you don't know how much your wives complained to me. And the classes. They said he doesn't say anything.

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Say something nice. It's free. I'll kill him. I'll pay you a sadhaka a good word is a form of charity. Second, at a double column, we're upon a time. That's the thing we've just announced and he fed others. Allah Jaquan what's $50 to feed the family in Ramadan, and I will get the same you watch for everybody who ate Wow, what an investment. Allah what an investment. We should compete take 510 15 families what's the big deal? What's $500 Subhan Allah make sure before you leave really go outside and apply this you just heard it. Allah said in the Quran, Allah Dena SME Oh, no Cola, Toby ona escena. When

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he can

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he come on, and

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these are the ones who are guided the one who when they hear something, they don't only do it they do the best of it. They are the ones who are guided and they are the ones who have looked their brain their understanding. So I thought well Callum we're upon a time when a dam dama cm.

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He does not wait from Ramadan Ramadan to fast this is this is the fourth we all know that there's no you have no option not to fasten on Madonna unless you are excused by the excuses. But in general, there are many days in between that you could fast and these are for these people who are then constantly fast, constantly fast. Monday, Thursday, three wide days or the minimum, the minimum three days of every month.

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Your choice. Just stay away from Saturday. Okay, stay away from Saturday because the Hadith about Saturday is very strict. That's what I said and said, If you fast on Saturday, and you will walk in and you see a branch of a tree bite on a tree codebreaker fast not to imitate the hood. So Adama see him three days of every month.

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The best are 1314 15 of the Hijri month, which what we call a yam will be in the white days 1314 15 of the Islamic month.

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How's the calculation, Azusa Salam said if everybody if everyone or have someone fast three days of every month as if he fasted all his life, all his life can you imagine you go and to be recorded? He fasted 30 years 40 years how three days of every month and has the ashram say failure. The hassle has multiplied by 10 You first three days times 10 is steady. You do that all the time on your life. You will be a fasting person all your life recorded fast

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Think about yeah when Allahu Akbar look at these offers, you know and they have an offer in the in the mall and Apple store and you run. This is an offer from Allah for the mansion in Jana, a mansion in Jana. I thought well Calum, what time of time dama CM was Salah lane when Nasaan em and he pray at night while everybody is sleeping, and we spoke so much about Korean few days ago.

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So one, Monday and Thursday, if you do them to be eight days, it's too much.

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Maybe one day in sha Allah Tada. We will get to that level. But start with three days. Your choice, sometimes you working very hard. Sometimes you have people over sometimes it's a weekend. Just pick three days if you want if you don't want faster three wide days, just pick any three days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

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Because we first Friday, you have the first day before it all day after. Okay, so any three days of the month and the days now are so easy and Ramadan is coming. And this I don't want to scare you. This is officially

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the longest Ramadan ever.

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For you the longest time about ever shouldn't I start practicing or you want to wait. You want to wait till the Ramadan and you fast from five till 830 swanned, but if my stomach and my buddy got used to it from now, I have three months at nine days according to the countdown. So by that time in sha Allah Tada, my body is ready. And I will come to Ramadan and comfortable and Cha Metallica fasting would not bother me.

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So yeah, when please try to

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practice this habit. And tell your families about it in sha Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah He, you know, what's the most beautiful thing about fasting.

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And I will finish with this in sha Allah. The most beautiful thing about fasting is that nobody knows that you're doing it.

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Let's assume that this lecture was not at Asia, because now I know that nobody is fasting.

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Let's assume that this this lecture was after fajr How do I know that you're fasting?

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I don't know. But I can see you pray. I can see you just came back from Hajj. Maybe your bowl just came back from umbra. Maybe I see you helping out donations and stuff like that. But fasting How would I know?

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strictly between you and Allah? And the more the more hidden is the bad? The more rewarding?

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Because the more hidden is the bad the higher the possibility it's free from react.

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So when you are fasting Monday and Thursday, or any day the day that you're fasting and somebody comes to you and a brother said brother here we go he has a box of dates or some bugs chips. Candy at door time. Try this brother it's amazing. So beautiful. Oh

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don't turn and rush I'm fasting habibi. I heard the lecture the other day and I'm fasting No, don't don't tell him I'm fasting

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Hi did take the candy put in your pocket. If he keep pushing, pushing, pushing, and if he pushes a lot then you say you're fasting take him on the side. Don't go to the mic and announce some fasting today. Let it keep it between you and Allah subhanaw taala the morning you feel you feel every time your stomach

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makes that noise? You remember your alarm doing it for you? Yeah, Allah nobody knows that I'm starving right now. I'm so thirsty. But yeah Allah this thirst is a bad and I asked Allah to reward me for it. The highest place in Jannah ya Allah with this CRM ya Allah make me enter from the Dora yen Allahu Akbar. So yeah, one in sha Allah Tala let's practice this beautiful Eva Zachman Lockyer welcome Alfie Kohn Salaam Alaikum

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