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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Lumbee women Salim Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even Catherine cathedra my motto, my brothers and sisters

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Angela we

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are starting today the

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story of Tao village Salaam. Now the other day Salam salam ala ceramah, the to Gambia the only two Ambia of Allah subhanaw taala.

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To the best of my knowledge who Welty who workings

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between the two of them that's called the golden period of the Venice right where

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Allah Tala gave them

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home and gave them kingdom and, and sovereignty.

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And these two

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great prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. They were it was during their reign and their period.

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They are known for many things. But if you ask me, What's the chief

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thing and the chief factor that we know thou that Islam and cinema Islam for I would say, it is justice, wisdom and justice two things, which they were very famous for both of them in their own way. Now, the other is among the many things that he's known for.

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Now, before I go there, the again, reminder to myself, I knew that the purpose of all of these stories is for us to learn from them is to learn lessons from them, and to practice those lessons in our life. So that's something to always keep in mind. The stories are entertaining, they're very interesting, they're beautiful, and the best thing about them is they are true, because this is Allah subhanho data telling us about

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these people, and therefore obviously these stories are,

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are completely and totally true. This is our demand. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to be like these people, no doubt that Islam was known. Among other things for his very beautiful voice he used to recite Allah subhanaw taala gave him the war. The one of the four

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reveal books that we know about.

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was this was revealed to him so thorough, the more in jail, and Quran the other four books that we know about and of course of softserve Ibrahim, the, the, the,

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the book so Ramadan, Salaam and many others, Allah Allah but we know these four, that Allah subhanaw taala told us about.

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So when he was we used to recite the bow, Allah says the mountain is to listen to him and the birds would listen to him and repeat after him and they would come and settle, you know, maybe around him or something. And so that is how beautiful is restoration was a jeep. You think about this. Now Abu Musa Rajouri Rahmatullah lon who? One of the great Sahaba was also Selim had a very beautiful voice among the sahaba. And he used to recite Quran very, very beautifully. And one day and we saw some very beautiful hobbies where a sorcerer salaam came into the masjid. And our Musashi was praying Knuffle salah, and he was reciting aloud in it.

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And he felt

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as if somebody is standing behind him. Anyway, he completed his recitation and completed his salah, and he saw some behind him. Now, he said, I said, I'm said to him, subhanAllah, he praised his voice.

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And in another place, he said, You have been given a flute, like the flute of the family of doubt, and that is the flute meaning his, his voice. And

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almost all I say other other unnecessary also life, I knew that you were listening, I would have beautified my recitation even more. Now, having said that, doing that for the Rasul Ali Salaam is one thing doing that to show people it's something else, please don't do that. If the thought comes in the mind that I want to beautify my recitation, because of the people who are praying behind me I'm the Imam, then immediately in immediately absolutely makes the foreign Dawa and ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you because this would amount to * so please,

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but the sort of sentiments are different matter.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned though there is Salam in so the Saba Allah azza wa jal will be live in a shaytani R rajim.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Welaka da da da da mean for life? Yeah. jiba Who are we? Mara who will play for Allen, Rahul Hadid, Annie Emmylou. ner mal saba.

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During a Delphi settlement, while I'm Alou Solly hand in navy Madame Aluna Basia, Allah said, and indeed, We bestowed grace on the old alayhi salam from us, saying all mountains glorify Allah with him. And you birds also. And we made iron soft for him, saying make you perfect courts of male balancing Well, the rings of chain armor, and work you men righteousness thoroughly, I am all seer of what you do.

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Now a couple of things here one is,

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and headed iron.

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There are two

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things, two elemental things that we use on a daily basis without even thinking about it. But we need to think about them, these two are quite literally unearthly meaning they are not from the earth, the

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word science tells us is that two things came to the earth, from somewhere else, and Allah Allah knows best where one is water, water is a an element, which is not from this earth,

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when the earth was forming, there was this huge deluge that happened.

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And that water is here. So whatever we think about this, and when you when you drink water, when you see the ocean and sea rivers and so on, remember, they are looking at something which is the probably the most ancient thing that you will ever see. Because the water is, water is even older than certainly older than anything living but also older than most rocks and mountains and so on and so forth. So, think about that, and see, you know, the glory of others. The second one is heavy, it is iron, because the the people who know this, the astronomers, geologists and so on, they tell us that there was a,

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an enormous collision RADWIN, at the time of the earth being formed, there was an enormous collision with a with another planet about the same size as the Earth called Thea. And

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Thea, the collector equation was so enormous that ti literally entered the earth, and the mantle of thea, accreted with the mantle of the Earth. So therefore, and one of the things that Thea came with was iron. So this iron came to us and also Hunter sent iron. And this became part of yours, of course, now we, we dig it out, and so on and so forth, and you make this, so this is something which Allah subhanaw taala telling us,

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that, and in another place, also Allah has mentioned iron, and sort of that hadith. So the,

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one of the two of the most commonly used two of the most useful things that we have one without simply literally currently, which is what came to us from outside and this is Minilite, Allah, among the many things that we need to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for

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and the second one is iron. Now here in this idleness Matera saying that Allah did two things. One is that when thou that Islam would recite the column of Allah, men, he would make the call of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala told the mountains of the birds to listen to him and to repeat after him and to and to, you know, accompany him. And this was done in the manner which Allah knows best. So that's among the

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honors that were given to Tao the listener. The second thing is, Allah subhanaw taala said that he made I am soft in his hand, so he could literally, he didn't need to melt and do various things, he could sort of bend it and do things with his hands. And among the things that Allah taught him was how to make chainmail armor. Now in the time of Tao that extra

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armor was used, but it was made with iron plates. And, of course, it was very heavy and inflexible. If you

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if you go to any of the at least I know in Leeds, there is a

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there's a museum called the leaves are very, very, very interesting place to go and see all the different kinds of weapons and armor and so on so forth, that were used in Britain and around Britain and in the colonies. And they also usually they have shows where somebody will demonstrate the use of one weapon or the other like the like the Broadsword or the long bow or something very interesting to also watch the shows. Now there if you look at some of the plate our that knights used to wear,

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it just complete steal from the head. We just have a slit here too for the eyes. So even the vision is restricted to just directly in the front. And then the rest of it the whole body is completely encased in steel.

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The problem is those things will be so heavy that

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They had a special breed of horse which is now extinct. Very sad to see his visit to the beautiful breed. Because the Destinia and these desk chairs were chargers, they were they were the horses that the Knights used.

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And they were the captains breed the

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the combined, the cross bred the huge

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Shire farm horses

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with you know, like

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the the Irish jumpers or something. I don't know exactly how the destitute I think I should look it up. But anyway, then we've got destiny as the breed is unfortunately extinct. But they were very, very strong horses, very strong, very big. And these nights, they actually actually winched on top of the horse. So they would, they would put the horse under a pole like this. And then they would be a winch on top and that Google has taught us to stand under it and they would hook him and they would lift him up and put him on to the horse. Now, Knights had squires they had, like servers, they would have night would have at least one sometimes two, sometimes more depending on hours, Bunny

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here. And these squires would help them dismount and rebound on these horses, they could not even do it on their own. And if a knight fell on the ground, then he was completely helpless. He was like, if you take a beetle and turn it upside down, then you just have the beetle, you know, waving his legs in the air can move. That's how knights work. And when a knight was down, the way the foot soldiers killed the night was they will just take a dagger, and through this isolate, they will just insert the dagger into the eye and into the bread. That's that's how they killed it. Because even even if he was on the ground, too, there was no part of him visible for them to can they couldn't

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they couldn't stand him or something because of all the steam, the same kind of armor the Spanish conquistadores we used to wear when they went and when they conquered the whole of southern South America, and completely wiped out the Aztecs and the Incas, and so on the native Native Indian, or the what Columbus called Indians, but they were actually Americans, Native Americans, all those tribes.

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And the reason they were able to do that was literally a an armored knight on his charger on his mount. And the mount also would have, you know, blades of iron around it was literally like a small tank. And there was nothing there was no arrow, there was no spear there were no sword, which could penetrate which could kill them. So they were practically invincible. The interesting thing is what happened with the same kind of armor and so on in Russia,

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when the Russians were attacked by the armies of objects, Khan and

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his general SuperDrive.

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There, they discovered that the Mongol bow, which was a double curved bow, especially made later on the same boat was used by the Arabs in the during the Crusades. And they did the same thing to the Western, to the to the European knights who were fighting and that is that that bow, the arrow had such enormous power that it penetrated the iron plates. So the Knights suddenly found they were there they were completely helpless because they could not do anything

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to the to the to the boatman to the to the enemy, who was mounted on a very on a small fast horse. The night was mounted on an enormous destroyer stallion, which was obviously not very mobile not very fast, because that was not the primary purpose the primary purpose of heavy what they call the heavy armor

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was to just with a shocking power of the when they charged with that they would break the infantry which was standing before the but in the case of thing is kind and also in the case of the

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Muslims fighting the Crusaders. They were not on the ground. They were not infantry on the ground, they were also cavalry, but they were light cavalry firing and shooting front with these double curveballs and so the charge of heavy heavy armor didn't do anything to them because they were there was no one that for the for the heavy hammer to hit against the light cavalry literally ran circles around them and shot them and they died because of the other part of the book. Anyway this is

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just giving you some overall pictures are now what Allah subhanaw taala did and in this is we know from so so Allah said, Make pay make perfect courts of male balancing well the rings of Chima chain our so we can say that perhaps

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The first person on the earth on earth to make chainmail armor was the holder. And this was armor made with little rings of iron all hooked together.

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So it did two things. One is that it gave the night protection, the person wearing it, they came in different types, it came with a helmet. It came with a, just like a vest. It also came long all the way down practically to the middle of the calves. So depending on again, depending on how much weight you wanted to carry, depending on how wealthy wealthy you are, these were expensive things. Now you would bet that the man protection that chainmail armor gave was from the sword from a from a blow from a cutting edge, the cutting edge wouldn't go through the same. But General still didn't give protection from a penetration from so arrows and

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spears and the points of swords. Or the gentlemen our usually did not give you protection from that. But most of the fighting was done with swords and with cutting stroke. So therefore it was very good. And what it compensated was that it was obviously far far lighter than wearing plate armor. So the night was much more maneuverable.

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They didn't need me enormous charges to ride on. And so it made life much simpler. And to carry that armor the whole day

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in battle was very difficult. But with the chainmail it was much easier and genuine obviously, because of it because it was it was all you know, links. So it breathes. So you know, the night for example, in the plate our the night was like encased in iron. And imagine if the sun was high, which it was for a long time in the in the especially the Middle East, I mean, in Palestine and those places, how enormously uncomfortable must have been, they would be dripping in sweat completely nothing they can do about it because they can't take the hour off. And if they're in the armor, they are completely soaked in sweat.

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interestingly or not, they could not take the armor off even to urinate or defecate. So if they had to go, they went in the hour. So imagine these people, they would be riding their horses, with having done what they had to do in the hour. And this would be the state till the end of the day, or whatever it was before they would take the hour off and clean themselves.

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It was not funny, I mean, seeing these movies of the nights on, you know, shining,

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shining, shining knights on white horses, it looks romantic. It wasn't it was it was very, very bad, horrible, dirty fighting, and also tells you the level of physical fitness and toughness that must have been there for someone to be able to do that day in and day out for many, many years of their lives with some of these professional soldiers. That's all they did. And they made a lot of money. But that's all they did. They literally played with their life. They imagine the level of fitness of that person, how enormously strong and how

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resilient and how

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literally, they were like, I mean they look they were they were Iron Men, outside and inside.

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So Allah subhanaw taala taught him to make chainmail and he used to make it literally with his hands. He didn't have to worry about it. And then Allah Subhana Allah Azza wa alumna who son, Sonata Lebu, silicone litter cinecon membagikan for hell and tomb Shakira and throw the labia Allah said and we taught him the making of metal courts of male for battles to protect you and your fighting. Are you then not grateful to places where Allah subhanaw taala has

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mentioned the

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mentioned the mention that he taught Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanho wa salam how to make chain mail.

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The other Islam used to live by what he earned with his hands. So even though he was a king, he never took anything from the treasury, very different from today's kings and kings generally, were not yesterday's kings from times immemorial, where the monarch treats the country as his personal property. And he treats the Treasury as his as his back pocket. This is not from Islam, right? The the qualified Russia for example, they did not behave like this, and neither did the pious kings who have been there. Sadly, very few a number but at least they prove the rule. And they prove the fact that Islam does not allow you to that thou there was an army of Allah and therefore he did not take

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anything from the Treasury.

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He used to make chainmail armor and sell that and that's that's how we live now these are solos are seldom said the most Hallel income of all was that of the out Ali salaam who worked with his hands and live by what he earned.

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And this was the This was despite the fact as I mentioned to you that he was the king of Bani Israel at the time of the Golden Age and he was responsible for the to get them into the golden age for leading them into that period.

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So this was his thing, also thou wilt Salam was a

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very pious man, but he was unhappy but you know, in apart from being an A B was also very great Zahid so he used to fast one day and he would eat the next day. This was his, his exam of fasting one so so half of the year he would be fasting. So have one day fasting and one day he would eat that was his thing. Now personal piety.

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Lessons from this, for example, his personal piety, what do we do? How much of Zohar do we have? How many novels do we pray, how much RAM do we read? How many? How much? How much of voluntary fasting do we do? How much voluntary charity do we do? How particular are we about earning and eating halaal This is one of the most significant lessons from the story of our restaurant which I hope we learn the importance of earning and eating halal.

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So even though

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remember that what it is all of these are requirements for

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status with Allah for closeness to Allah subhanaw taala personal piety his or her halal food Halal earning, staying awake in the night and bring praying to Allah subhanaw taala worshiping Allah subhanaw taala eating less fasting, voluntary charity, all of these things take you close to Allah Subhan Allah may Allah grant us the toffee to do this inshallah. Even though though there is that I was unaware, he did not leave any of these things that he was maybe he was I will get up still he did not leave any of these things. Also as well as a seller, even after the birth of his sins being forgiven, he would continue and he would pray all the or most of the night and he will stand in

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salon till his feed God's fallen with standing for a long time for several hours, and says I just thought of Belladonna used to ask him say also like, why are you doing this? Allah has forgiven your sins. Allah has revealed Quran to say that all your sins, anything before and after, in any case, he was sinless. Still, whatever. You know, they know that we have as Messiah he said didn't go to Tibet and Siva Onko Shiva Masekela Shiva means

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this except that right so exception, so didn't care, Ruth, we have Siva, people who have exceptional status on cassava skill for them to get exemption is more difficult because the the closest Alassane Ouattara, everything has to be absolutely perfect. So in that context, and that says Ross Ross Ross used to make as far sometimes 70 times some cyber said we heard him used to be counted up to 100 times a day, where he would make us different. Remember, he's not a philosopher, as we know. And this is why even ours should not be like that when I'm saying stuff for Allah. I must think about a particular sin that I do, and I must make Toba and I must say I will not do this inshallah Allah

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please forgive me. So this is something to be done very consciously, very seriously. So when I say Tara, used to ask him and say Ursula, why are you?

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You know, doing, putting yourself to so much of trouble and she would feel bad because his feet are getting swollen with this used to say, Should I not be and she used to say, Allah has already forgiven you. He used to say, Well, should I not show my gratitude? Should I not be grateful today?

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Unless rather than mentioned, we will sub before Rado be handy while malah equal to men safety, he will use zero Sava Erica for usable we have miasha for whom Yuja de Luna Fila, he will who was Shadi will be hard and arrived glorifies that thunder glorifies and praises Allah praises him so to the angels because of his all and he sends thunderbolts and there with his trikes, whom He wills.

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Here they dispute about Allah that is believers, and he's mighty in strength and severe and punishments.

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Allah Rantala creation

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praises him and each has its own words and language. And when Allah said use of the word Illa he maphis samadhi by for every single thing in the heavens and the earth, glorifies and praises Allah subhanho wa taala. Now obviously, each

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each thing has its own language, the way the birds do it the way the trees do it the way the stones and rocks do it the way the water does, it is different from the way we do it.

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but each has their own way. And this is something that we need to remember. Now, Allah subhanaw taala

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Tao that Islam taught last Rata drawdown that Islam to make jenman Our Allah, and he used to do that and is it still Allah saying, Do you not grateful, it is so important for us to,

00:25:23--> 00:25:43

to, to remind ourselves constantly about the reason to be grateful to Allah subhanho that, because in life, all knowledge and thinking and designing ability, and all kinds of powers and our intelligence and our articulation, everything comes in the light that there is

00:25:45--> 00:25:49

nothing that comes to us on our own.

00:25:50--> 00:26:27

By ourselves, it comes only through and by the Hong Kong of Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore, whatever we get, we need to be grateful for this minister hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has given me this. Now many Minnaar cases, unfortunately, we are mostly overawed by technology. And we become intimidated by the people who have it or imagine. Now we need to remember that the street dog that does not bite the stone, but you know, my chef is to say, think about the street dog. If you throw a stone at it, he will not bite this one, he will come bite you. Because he differentiates between

00:26:28--> 00:26:52

what the material thing and the one who created it. So we get impressed and intimidated by those who invent things, but we forget to think about and remember the maker of the inventor, right? The inventor invented the thing, but the inventor himself has a maker. Now that maker is our maker, He is the Creator, He is Allah subhanaw taala.

00:26:53--> 00:27:16

So we need to thank definitely, we should be grateful to somebody who gives us something, to invent something who you know, provide something, but we also need to thank the maker of the inventor for making the maker like making mega inventor for making the inventor. So we need to thank the maker of the inventor, we should think about it and say that

00:27:18--> 00:27:31

if we, if we might if we attribute technological or technical invention purely only to human beings, then we are like, we are even less than the street dog because it's like biting the stone.

00:27:32--> 00:27:39

Allah subhanaw taala manifested His glory and His magnificence through people

00:27:40--> 00:28:04

through his science, in some cases, people in some cases, other things, the sun in the moon, the mountains, the rivers, the trees, the rocks, the birds, the animals, all of these are signs of the glory and magnificence of ALLAH SubhanA wa individuales Take for example, I always think to myself and I say that one of the signs of Allah subhanaw taala is

00:28:06--> 00:28:13

its share of devices that was solid Rahima would lay data, you know, one of the greatest of the

00:28:14--> 00:28:16

one of the greatest of the

00:28:17--> 00:28:26

quarter of the Quran May Allah subhanaw taala give him the best of rewards in general for those the very stuff

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

if you listen to his craft,

00:28:30--> 00:29:13

my good friend here, brother sent me Azad, by chef of the bustle Summit. And he said that he used to live in Cairo. His father was used to work for the Boston Embassy in Cairo. When he was about eight years old, and he said my father's to take me to the masjid of Al Azhar for Jamaat and chef de la salsa, sometimes kind of would lead the Salah, you know, and he would then also if he was there, he would also call the other, he would call the other and then he would also lead the Salah in alasa in the masjid. And he said I can I can, you know, he's now in the 70s I,

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the memory is like it as if it is life. Imagine here is a man who Allah subhanaw taala I always say sometimes I smile and say to myself that maybe I'll give him for lunch instead of two, because the kind of breath control that he had in terms of the recitation of the Quran, and in terms of the exam and so on, was absolutely incredible amazing to see this kind of breath control in somebody so Allah gave him a gift 100 They used he used that gift to glorify the Name of Allah subhanaw taala and may Allah grant him the best of the West in general for those Inshallah, similarly, if you think about and if you reflect on the memory powers that that many of the sulfasalazine many of our grid all of

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our great scholars had

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Absolutely incredible if you just think about them, there are so many stories. I mean, I don't want to go into the stories now. But if you think about that, so therefore think and look at yourself also and say hamdulillah what gifts ALLAH given me? And am I expressing my gratitude dollars Martha for them, this is very, very important. This is to remind you of myself. Let us take the lessons from these stories of the MBR emsella and apply them in our lives in sha Allah. And the great lesson from Tao the Latham story is sugar

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is sugar. It is so hot it is piety personal piety, it is exerting yourself more than what is required in the fight for in order to get closer to Allah subhanho wa salam ala alihi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa rahmatullahi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.