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Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able mousseline. Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi right it was to send them to sleep in Cathedral cathedral from above.

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call Allahu Allah Allah to Akasha Rama and I will

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over share who we met Vera to ajilon Karim

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ult of Ki he had the idea to carry

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the mother says yes all right man in the mail yahoo Allahu wa Rahim of dunya well after

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your team that Gemma too harsh Yet Allah be Hoefler

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unhealthful Hora

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RT fi to sell be it

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nano Naka who man Ahafo

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well I can hola Carla in me Nina you have bone a whole axle mean you Asia in

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Allahu Zacchara see Fidel, me need work all while Latina Amano Asha to humbly Allah

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gave an afro mo Isla caught by in the hush Harsha while

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later hopeful La Belle who are hopeful are there be men? No Hambo AXA.

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Pakula Have you ever Nala zada hopefully mean? of other be was the cashier Tina

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Allahu Rahmani Raheem Rama to La Yun Katya, Alberta?

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Who will accelero tesab Mohan Babu Frano who la Yun caso

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que far as you have been Allah Who buena de la

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with with the fork query fee in Yama he

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the first call fee in the army minyama de la Allah for coffee Yama de la the owner now follow that Vera Lika

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Luca Phil, be some tin fee philosoph knee I mean Mineola HIDTA Allah wonersh kuru who la

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atellica To hear of key ru mi fi Cooley namah did what the f key who fee l k fi T allottee set of cool no ie either forgotten till can Yama

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que ver

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que Shia Tina cave HYAH Tina

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cave a year Morales

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que ver ha Hala Tina

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we don't have the Pina

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and validate

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Houma nehama Minella heeta

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I will add a Sally Hain Hua namah Minella heeta

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A Zoda was od min. Now my name is Norma

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minyama delay that

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Alba Sierra

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was somewhere while Kalam was Seha was solid work Dida aku Asha minyama de la vida

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what have kyrou

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fie nehama de

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Namur Wahida mean how the neon

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WHAT THE * yellow

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Hey Adina. We don't have enough

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call Allahu Taala what is the azana or Bukom Lane Shachar tulasi then the comb while in kufr tomb in other Villa Shetty,

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the owner notch who has He added that whenever I know Zelicah Kula Yomi for cue be Salah see Naomi Mina neon min min now any I mean he died I Elena what a higher low al HYAH be Dooney him

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the what the yellow and higher we do the higher the Hinduja why medulla he died that I luckily mean whom bill isn't

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for them for them

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in the follow has a strategy do an Carl Baca young 30 who will in Tina was sad De Lima AtHoc Allah

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was a das solo Isla Azami sahuagin We're here kinda

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Heather who still Russa

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Asada to laser here has at the hub of the hobby 1/5 Daddy, oh, jewelry denarii Oh sejati CRRT our Almaraz D O L Metallica, t o ha

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and na S O n Lavina Allah de hem Colusa lick well Mazza Lou, young, the hero

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while I can

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Sahaabah also relies on Allah Allah you only he was, he was a lamb. Lamb Yeppoon leather he mean hadda wala King car gardener Allah d mu l Karna.

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God who sada was

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an IV Hadees the most of that.

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Imam I haven't been humbled.

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And Abby, I'll hug Rami Radi Allahu Anhu call Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Lucha yerba tele. In the Lucha you have utterly arbiter who be ma who, for me Radhiya Viva Kazama Allahu lo Baraka Hola Hola houfy What was what was sallahu wa salam Jada Lam Mubarak lo

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Yanni co lo MA You will Tina love Darla who are your Stiva on we're in the handle Yeji will narrow the alley this summer. Oh, a short

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but he had a time.

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Not long ago we cover

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the Anna hada who the liloan Allah Anna who? Tara Lerner Zadek

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mother in Kelowna and Akula in the Maya Toro Aurora man she and

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Chris season Lennar

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ha salon

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Illa Alhamdulillah here as

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well again, but I Lemna Mintaka poverty alone. Unnecessary

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duck mono fee

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in Tila kill a sheer

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luck in Asada fee errata Illa Shia while ASA fee in de la Kia

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ashadha to fee Musa Adaptil KD Affarin

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wifey anough kuti fee Sevilla

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A sada.

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Fee, never fee in fact, fees are very low.

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fee as fee

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hierarchy or fee

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to Verona Sahaba to a che Danielle yo, Anna is

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Dana for in nasil

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wala Kyndall Allah, you have buna Anana in RT nah ha yo duha Elayna what your Athena agilon

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a swallow be Nisbet Ilana.

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Who woman Musa

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gala wala Oh

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ma alumna

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has the US

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and what's the half of the shader

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in the NADA goo and Nash Cora who

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were known physical feasibility

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for in Allaha

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Yamaha o colo VENA Bill cada

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you Zillow

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call al how we may not dunya Well, mahalo karate no lie he

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uni Rue Kelowna

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well yeah Duffy co Lo, Zola me and Hosni walham

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call Allah will dialer and how will it Lavina you had bone Allah while your school Runa Who were you three what you to know who in the

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multi him

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in the Latina called Robin Allah who must cover that Amazon why they Himmel Mala Iike Allah Taha what are the Hassan well I will share will Jannetty let the condom to I don't know Hannah Alia Phil hair to dunya Orfila Hera while a comfy have dash D and also come well a comfy their own nose Oh lemon law for him.

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The higher low they call yo mama alizee.

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A lady say yeah Tila Jeremy and in YG ha al Mala

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Mala eager to remote was a colo? Allah the half who Allah that has no I wish you will Jana Atilla T condom Dragoon

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la whova Lil

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Alva Minal Sophie min miroir Jihad de la Hee young yo mafia

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while I can Allah sir you but dee doo has alcove B risultati Mala ICA de wala kin a short and naughty Allah rasool Allah who feel equally jawaani here Dina levy Yaksha Avada our rock man

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Well, why the who? The word be rahmatullahi wa wa Franny okay ocol worker she or Ramona will vie for Bashir, who will make FIRA to aged in curry

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as Allah Allahu Taala and yadgir Island minnows siberie were Shaqiri were carnitine wilmuth, our Killeen?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala della della who said in soil to DRC Rahasya, Rama and I believe, for Bashir, who will be mount Vera team who didn't carry

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what is the meaning of hearing a rock man when He is the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent?

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The issue is with translating Kashmir as fear.

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Fear is a negative emotion. We hate the things we fear we don't like them. But Allah subhanaw taala has said about the believers well Lavina Armano shadow by Allah. Allah said but the true believers the love Allah subhanaw taala more than anyone and anything else.

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More than anything

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anyone or anything, it's

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how do we understand the relationship between

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Russia and love?

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Not fear of Allah, but fear of offending the one we love the most. How do we increase our love for Allah? Every day think of three things that Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with and thank him for them by name.

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The way to do that is to look at each thing and imagine life without it.

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untangles ran over that because he did not deprive you of it, but gave it to you as a gift. do that every day.

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Make this a habit. Start your day with this and see how your heart will fill with gratitude and sugar towards Allah subhanaw taala and your love of Allah subhanho wa Taala will increase and you will be a much happier person than you are now. No matter how happy you are now, you will be much happier.

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The truth is that happiness is not in the possession of things, or possessions or followers, or property or gold and silver All cars are money. People who have who have all of these things still come into sight.

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But the Sahaba of Rasul Allah is Allah is LM do not have any of these things. But they were happy and they helped others. That is because they had contentment Elkanah contentment Elkana is the greatest wealth,

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not anything material of this world. To be content is to be pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala gave us.

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And ABI al Allah and Heather me on the line. caller was revised a lot he said in the law, you have attorney Abdullah who we ma who from Andhra, the Bema Kasana Allahu lo BarakAllahu Lo Fi, what was sai who were malum Yaga Love You by the glow.

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I will Allah and 100 of your land who reported that also lights Allah Salam said Verily Allah will put his slave to try he will test his slave in whatever he gives him.

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Whoever is content with what Allah subhanho wa Taala has given it as a portion for him. Then Allah subhanaw taala will bless him in it and will expand it whoever is not content, he will never be blessed in it. And this is a say Hadees and Muslim Imam Muhammad the thing to understand is that everything is a trial. Everything is a test

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on sir what here if dealer

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dealer what actual if dealer I'll coordinate

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if dealer will also if dealer

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as word for

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at the at the lighter

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colorful mouth of Hoboken hola como tal hetta Li Hua coma yoga has done.

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So well, and health and power and authority and spouse and children and the opposite are all tests.

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There are two words or two attitudes which we need to succeed in the test of life. Summer and sugar, visions and gratitude.

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If you have it, the thank Allah. If you don't have it, you have patience. If you have something Hamdulillah we thank Allah, if you don't have it, and hamdulillah and we are patients, we don't complain. When both cases we are happy with whatever he decreed, because his decree is evidence that he chose this for us. What can we say? When our man chooses something, especially for us, except to say Alhamdulillah he'll be done.

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Believe me when you get when we get used to thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala and spending in the path of Allah in the way of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah subhanaw taala fills our hearts with contentment and removes all fear of the world and its creatures.

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Allah subhana wa delas late enlightens and illuminates our hearts illuminates our hearts

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and all darkness

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of sorrow and worry are dispelled.

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A lot around

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100 said about the end of those who love Allah subhanaw taala and they thank Him and obey Him.

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In Allah the Nakamura guna Allah was on master

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data and I said why lay him will My Allah to Allah Taha Vu Allah has

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what I wish you will Jannetty let equal to I don't know who I really

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feel higher dunya or feel clearer when I come V Testa he also come Wallah, comfy. Their own nosal Amin of food. He lost his edge Surely those who say our rubbish Allah and then remain steadfast on it.

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What does it mean? We say my rubbish Allah. Remaining steadfast means that then I obey Allah.

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So Allah said, Surely those who say, our rubbish Allah, and then remain steadfast, The angels descend upon them, saying, Do not fear nor greed, rather, rejoice in the good news of Jannah which you have been promised. We are your supporters in this worldly life and in the hereafter. There you will have whatever your souls desire. And there you will have whatever you ask for

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a welcome from the all forgiving, most merciful, Lord.

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Imagine that day, which all of us will face when we meet the angels.

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Allah ECO mode remotes and malaco more danger of death and he will say to us, do not fear Do not grieve. Rather rejoice in the good news of Jana, which you have been promised. Allah, the hovel Willa has done. Well I'm sure will be Jannetty litigant on May Allah subhanaw taala decreed this for every one of us.

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My brothers is just remind you that there is no greater fear for the believer, than the fear of facing Allah subhanho wa taala.

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On the day of judgment,

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but for the one who fears the anger of Allah in this life, when he cannot see him, Allah subhanaw taala will dispel this fear with the message of his angels. But the condition is that we obey Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger in all aspects of our lives,

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mean goodly Giovanni, we have

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love for Allah subhanaw taala is expressed only to obedience to Him in the way the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who are patient and thankful and obedient and have trust only in Allah Subhana

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Allah Medina Mr. Siberian wish that Gideon will carnitine while Matoba Killian or SallAllahu ala Karim, Allah Allah He was savage by Emirati girl

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