Mirza Yawar Baig – Address to Mu’takifeen

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the Ethica program, which is to change one's lives and reflect on past experiences. They stress the importance of being clear about one's behavior and priorities, taking a notepad to reflect on them, and being clear about their wealth and retirement plans. They also emphasize the need to be clear about one's deeds and avoid mistakes and false accusations, and advise against giving one's evil deeds to anyone. The speakers stress the importance of maintaining good deeds and avoiding waste of money, avoiding smoking, and rewarding one's actions for others.
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We live in a shutdown the regime Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala even mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was he will celebrate the sleeve and cathedral cathedral from Abbado

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so happy so I'm very very very happy to see all of you Mashallah. And

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some new faces but of course most of them

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old faces mashallah May Allah bless you may Allah serata preserve you may Allah preserve the budget, may Allah subhanaw taala keep this and make this and continue to keep it as a source of sadaqa jariya for all of us insha Allah, the

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what we'll do is

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Inshallah, what I intend to do is to speak to you for a little while and after that inshallah

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we just sort of chat for a while

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very important to remind ourselves especially since we are coming to a close of the beautiful month of Allah subhanaw taala that Ramadan Kareem and in Ramadan ethic AF comes not for that period not on that does not come for gum for Ramadan. The ethic AF is not for the gaff. This is for the rest of our lives. The purpose of ethnography is to change our lives.

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The bubbles are Ramadan unless you were living in Amano cote Valley who Seattle come up with the violence at Qumran, the whole Allah subhanaw taala said oh you believe we have prescribed fasting has been prescribed on you as it was prescribed on those before you so that you may become Moutoku and therefore, rather than gums and in Ramadan, this epigraph comes in order to make us more Murthy to make us more conscious of the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala to make us more concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and to ensure that we do everything only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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And therefore, it is important for us to take stock of ourselves. So use the purpose of use this period of epigraph to first and foremost,

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to reflect and take stock. What did I gain? What do I still have to gain? And what will I do in order to get it? This is the main purpose of Ethica so I lost rather a scent rather than for me. And I came into Roseanne to become more with Turkey. Did this happen?

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Am I now more obedient to Allah subhanaw taala? Then I was? If the answer is yes, then Hamdulillah we pray and ask Allah subhanaw taala for is the target for steadfastness? If the answer is no, then obviously it means that I have to do something about it.

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One way to look at it is that if you find yourself being obedient in some things, but not in others, then remember that selective obedience is what

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disobedience Exactly. So do you still remember some of the lessons of selective obedience is disobedience. It is easy to be obedient in things that we like to do anyway.

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But difficult to be obedient in things that we

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don't like to do, just ask yourself why is it that massages are filled in rather than in for therapy, which is a novel, but for the rest of the year for first Salah which is empty.

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So if people are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala as hokum for Salah which should come first

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the funds but we don't do the first search for Salah is difficult for us a five times a day I have to go to the masjid difficult. So therefore, the Ravi is more fun hanging out friends.

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Either way always gets very irritated people just ask him after we calculate who will buy them for us.

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After our first party, you will see we will ask you know where I want to pray that I wish I pray where I used to where I pray for where do you prefer? So really, if you think about this, we

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do things which we like to do anyway. And that is why we have to ask ourselves whether we have truly become obedient, or this is also one activity. So be very clear about that. Same thing with a graph. The purpose of it the graph, again is not to be with friends and not to get together and get away from the home for

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while it's on purpose, to grab is individual reflection introspection, with the clear intention of changing our lives going forward out of this place. So I remind myself and you let us be very, very clear about that.

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We must be very clear that

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we have, who is our enemy? And who is offering a last round, that shaitana ADO one foot of you who are the one, Allah said, Verily, shaitan is your enemy, treat him like an enemy?

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But do we treat each other like an enemy? Or do it reach out and like our advisor, our confidant? We ask them for advice. Then we do what John tells us, which Allah subhanaw taala

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told us that who is our wali friend, not as in there is no friendship with Allah because Allah subhanaw taala is the Creator. But Allah subhanaw taala himself said, Allah Who will you will love you the AMA, Allah is the willie of the people who have oh people who are believers. But what are the people who are believers? What do they do? They borrow money on interest? And they therefore declare and they accept a declaration of war from Allah subhana then we wonder what happened? Why is it my dua is not accepted? Why is it that I'm begging Allah subhanaw taala I'm in difficulty, and I'm crying for Allah subhanaw taala nothing happens, how Will anything happen? Who will accept your

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DUA, your volley, or your enemy? So I have taken my name out of the list of the holier of Allah and put it into the list of the the the the other law, the ADO, Allah, the people who are the enemies of Allah, then I'm expecting Allah subhanaw taala to help me there, it means I was being said, because how can that happen? So very important for us to make sure that we take stock of our lives. And taking stock means we make the intention to change and we change. We don't sit and wait and say this will happen that will happen, what will happen? No, I am seeing what I'm doing is what I'm doing. If it is right, and I continue to do that, if I if what I'm doing is wrong, then I will change that

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this is something that I must be absolutely clear about. And I must do.

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Therefore, after we take stock, then what I suggest that we should all do is to actually take a notepad and write down and say what are the changes that I plan to make in my life?

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Specifically, right, those changes? What are those changes? Right changes in activities? Where will I go? Where will I not go?

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Where would I Which place do I frequent most? Sure. Will I continue to go there? Or will I go somewhere else? They stop doing their activities? Second thing friendships? Who are the who are my friends? Who do I hang out with? Who do I spend time with? Is it something I should continue? Or maybe some friends I must say?

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Because those friends are going to be those about whom Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran surah Allah subhanaw taala said on that day, there will be friends where you will say

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yeah, late Danny lamb.

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He will say that, oh la hora. Why did I have this person as a friend? Why did I have ya later the Oh, I wish I did not have this person as a friend. So the time to change that is now.

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So friendships. Third is priorities. What do I what do I give priority to in my life, which is the most important thing in my life? Where I'm spending maximum time, energy, emotion, whatever money and which is something which is not important? How will that change? Is there some change that needs to be made in Bertie's then my behavior? What changes in behavior? What how do I behave when I'm angry? How do I behave when I am irritated about something? And what must change in that? Right? So that is in terms of behavior? And finally, very importantly, the overall schedule for the day? How will my day change? In what way will my day change?

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Right? How do I spend my time? So these are the changes that I suggest that we all take apart and bear and bear and sit down and write down for each of us it will be different, right? Those changes. This is what I will change my life. Because without these changes the part of our life and it's just intonation will not change. If I'm going on one path. And if I don't take the exit to get out

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onto another highway that this highway will lead where it is supposed to do.

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And if I'm on a highway that is leading to the hellfire, that that is where I will add, right there is a just think about this when you're driving, especially those who have driven in the West, you're on the you're on the highway, you can't just run out anywhere, right, you have to look for exits. And then a point comes when you are near the target, when there are no more exits. Right, they will get assigned, they're saying no more exits, and you have to go through the door again, there is no there is no other way.

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So don't reach that point, don't reach a point where you are now in a spot where there's no more exits, then you have to go to the target. And that is when Malcolm was will stand before us. So before that, we need to take an exit if we decide that we are on the wrong highway. So we need to be very clear in our minds. Am I on the right highway or not? If I'm on the right highway Alhamdulillah no problem. But if I'm not on the right highway, then the time to change is while there are still exits, when there is an exit we take the exit me out otherwise, we will be

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we will end up in the wrong destination. Now,

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final point I want to say to you, which is that what is our wealth? Right define our what do we pay zakat can be based on wealth, right? Not on income, isn't it? So now what is wealth? Is wealth what I earn, supposing I say I earn $1 million a month, is that my wealth? It's not my wealth. My wealth is what I have at the end of the year with me.

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I earn $1 million a month I spent one and a half million dollars a month at the end of the year I'm in debt. Not only do I not have wealth, but I'm in a hole because I'm earning something and I'm spending more than that. I'm earning something I am earning a million dollars I'm spending a billion dollars at the end of the year what is my wealth, it is zero.

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Right? Even though I earned a lot of money. Now the same thing applies to our deeds,

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what we earn and lose

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we will still be destitute

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our deeds which is what will be with us when we start before Allah subhanaw taala what are those deeds, those deeds are those which we are and which we protected and preserved.

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Right the example which we have heard a million times, supposing you have a lot of money you got a big bunch of back roads in your pocket and you have to go through a crowded railway station or through you know, market or somewhere and you know that gangs of pickpockets operate in this place. How will you go you will ensure that that money is in your pocket and your hand is also in your bodies right you will not leave that money in your pocket even for an instance instant without having your hand on the bucket because you know that the thief will take it now our thieves who are out these shaitan number one and our knifes inside us. Number two, these are the these are the tips.

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They will take it no matter what you are they will take what is we take it RIA will take showing off we'll take it I'm doing something so people will know mashallah is also you know, pious person, holy person. God, that deed is wiped wiped out worthless rebirth, we'll take it I do a lot of good deeds, then I my whole social life is I backbiting people and slandering people

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talking about this one talking about that one.

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Deeds gone

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ostentatious ostentation, showing off. So, they be very, very careful to ensure that what we do at least remains with us that it is not wiped out, it is not gone away. And that it is something which is still with us when we meet Allah subhanho That final point I want to

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close with actually two things. One is a very important thing that if the Josie regularly one of the great scholars of the of the debate. He said that when racehorse sees the finish line, right when the race or sees the finish line, he runs faster. He puts his whole heart and soul into the into into the race. He or he exerts even more.

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So he said, You know God said have at least as much sense as a horse don't have less sense than the horse because we are in terms of ethnography or do we

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reaching the end of this month, then it's gone. Just think about the people who are with you in epigraph last year.

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Right? Are they with you this year?

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They're not, some are not because for them last ethical half was the last ethical half of their lives.

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And then the date.

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Others may be alive, but they're still not in Africa for various uses. So make the best of this Africa. Because this might be our last, make the best of this other because this might be our last one number than will be our last one epigraph we'll be honest,

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no doubt about this. So exert more, don't waste don't waste a single minute, don't talk to anybody. Don't don't engage in anything, you're you're here in the masjid, to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. To worship Allah subhanho wa Taala do only that. Don't do anything else. Make sure that you do only that you connect to Allah subhanaw taala. And you ensure that you please Allah subhanaw taala, you reflect on your life, and you make the changes going out from here. If you entered Ethica in a particular state in your life, and you and you left in the same state, then that ethic app is a waste of time, then you didn't get anything. Right. So don't do that yourself. Make sure that the

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ethic app is something which is beneficial to you final point is the guy will just have to lay. He's said there are those who do not see the effects of a sin. And they are tricked by this. They are deceived by this. They don't realize that the sin can take effect after a while.

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Right? So for example, if you're doing something which is wrong, whatever that might be, I don't want to go into a list of the wrong things we do. Whatever that is,

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you find that you're doing that and nothing happens. And you think, Oh, no problem is fine.

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It is not fine. It is like somebody who's smoking. If somebody who's smoking, that person is now susceptible to lung cancer, he won't get lung cancer, the minute his cigarette finishes, he will get lung cancer after 20 years. But then he will suffer in the worst form. And he will spend money like a tap

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to die in a painful way.

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That's why I tell people don't smoke don't buy cancer. Cancer is free.

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So seriously, think about this. The same thing happens with sin. We commit sins. We lie we cheat, we deceive. We eat haram, we

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speak haram, we earn haram, we spend haram, we do all of this, may Allah protect us,

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and nothing happens. So we think oh fantastic, no problem.

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That's not true. It will happen. Just like pollution has an effect. Just like other things have an effect. Sinning also has an effect, and a far worse effect. Because the effect of cancer will finish the day you die. On the day the treatment you're taking for cancer treatment works hamdulillah at least that will be arrested. But the effect of sin continues into our cover and continues into the Day of Judgment. And if Allah subhanaw taala wants to hold us accountable that this will take us to the Empire. That is not something we want to do. So don't lose this. That is why the the Hadees also set up where he said he has resigned. I mean he said we will know who are the destitute of the Zuma.

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They said jasola the destitute of the Zuma are those who have no money they have no they have they did not

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know the destitute of this ummah are those who will come to Allah subhanaw taala with a lot of good deeds, good deeds, the size of a mountain.

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So we are talking about people who earn right remember why What did I tell you? What is wealth, what remains not what you earn? What remains. So these people they earn a lot because that's how they came, they came to the company for Allah America with good deeds, the size of a mountain, huge good deeds, but then there is a line of people

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also before Allah subhanho They're waiting there to say this person

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backbiting me, this person Dishonored me, this person killed me this person tortured me this person gave me this trouble that trouble this person took away my this right that right? Whatever you did, right. So you have a whole long list of people and on the Day of Judgment, the currency is what it is not so the reality is not US Dollar Currency is DT

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So from those deeds, those people will be given

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equal to whatever share that this person took from them. And then I'll said, then our time will come when that whole bounder of deeds which they did, which they are, is finished, because it is all gone to different people, but the line of people is still there.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, who knows Allah subhanaw taala has that now what do you want me to do? They will say, give our evil deeds to this man or this woman. And so Rosa Selim said that that person who came with a mountain of good deeds will go into Jahannam carrying the evil lead or somebody else.

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Because that person, those people they have done.

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So let us not be people like that, who do a lot of good, but nothing remains, because we lost it on.

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Let us be those who do good, and our good remains

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by ensuring that we settle accounts. So one of the things to do also ethnographies. Think about those people who you may have offended or who may have run, right?

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Take your egos louder it, go apologize to them.

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Make sure that you are your account is clear with them. Because you don't want that person to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and ask for your account from them.

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Right, who ever you had to give what you have to give, give it

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give more, don't give less.

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Because if you end up taking something from somebody and you have not given given to them in this world, believe me on the day of judgment that will be very, very expensive.

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That we very expensive, but there's no way of running away from that day. You can cry tears of blood, nothing will change.

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That person will stand there and say you are the era you are just you are an adult I walked by

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I want by sharing

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and there is nothing that Allah will not stop law will give that year. So let us not end up with that situation. Ask Allah subhanaw taala della della who would be pleased with all of you to accept the gaff, ask Allah to make it easy for you. Ask Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla Jalla who enable you to worship Him beautifully and away in a way in which he loves and to accept it from you. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward you as only he can reward in keeping with his majesty and grace. I request you to make dua for me and my wife request you will do me to make dua for all the Muslims is the biggest Sunova Salah that used to make dua for Islam, so revive that sunnah by making dua for the

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Ummah, Muhammad salallahu Salam all over the world. So one of Allah knows we are in such need and therefore we ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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take away this need and to fulfill this need. For Salah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was named erotica. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Thank you

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Thank you.

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Thank you, thank you. So nice to see you. Inshallah. Ben does doesn't believe

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Inshallah inshallah inshallah

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cow will rather go on

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first he

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was gonna get there bye. Bye

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it like it, does like it

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insha Allah is Allah

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Allah Allah Allah

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