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Sh. Mansoor advises us on how we need to gear up/prepare for the last few days of the month of Ramadan.

2017-06-10 – Ramadan 2017

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The importance of achieving the last lap of Islam is emphasized, along with the need for a vision of the future and fulfillment objectives. The importance of pursuing a mission and creating a vision for achieving permanent transformation in a human being is emphasized, along with the importance of reading the holy grail and not competing with one another. The importance of prioritizing one's energy and pursuing a passionate pursuit is also emphasized, along with the need for regular prayer and avoiding activities in malls and shops until late in the night. Prayer and education are also emphasized as important for achieving success in life.

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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdulillah national minister in one istockphoto when I was with him in Sudan fusina woman Satya Marina manga De La Villa de la la woman you live Allah howdy Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Kala shadow Mohammed Abdullah or Sulu

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Will Ferrell howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a shout out to her Hakuna Matata certain bidda bajo la vida de la la la la la la la la. My respected brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I welcome you all to the session on a London retreat organised by the Islamic online university. At the outset we make the Allah subhanho wa Taala that he accepts our intention that he accepts the fact that we have been keeping all this while and that he gives us beneficial knowledge through all the sessions that you have been attending on Ramadan retreat. We also make the offer the organizers, the Islamic online university who's taking the

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trouble, who's put in all the efforts to organize this retreat for all of you who can listen to it at the convenience of sitting with your family at your home. Now, the topic that has been advertised which I shall be speaking on in this session, inshallah gala, it will be on the subject of Aranda gearing up for the last lap. interesting topic, isn't it? If you see

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a motor race, or a Grand Prix race, or a motorbike race, the racer has to raise this car for several laps, lap one lap to lap three, and so on and so forth. And eventually, to be victorious, he needs to win the last lap, he may be in the lead in the first lap, you may be the leader in the second lap, the third lap, and so on and so forth. But when it matters the most, the winner of the last lap is the one who wins. So somebody may have been winning all the seven laps, but loses the last lap the eighth lap, he loses the race, whereas somebody who may have been coming second third have failed. And in the last lap, he picks up the pace, and he's the winner in the last lap means he is

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the ultimate winner. And therefore, with Ramadan, ticking away every day, every hour, every minute, every second, we are losing the month of Ramadan, which is amidst us at this point of time. It is important therefore that we reflect back at how Ramadan has been for us so far, and how we can make Ramadan better for us going forward. We have very less time, but it's still not too late. So let us therefore go back and analyze what was the objective of the month of Ramadan? What was the mission that we had set out to achieve through the month of Ramadan?

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Now before I understand the mission of the month of Ramadan, I feel it's equally important for us to understand what is mission? What do we understand by that? Do we have any examples in the Sierra of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam? Do we have something in the Quran which shows us or talks to us about mission and objective? And yes, we find several examples. If you actually analyze the incident of hand up. Now conduct is a very important incident because this is the time when the Muslims have been cornered from all sides. The enemies have surrounded the Muslims, there is no way out, no place to run. And amidst all of these problems, trials and tribulation, there is a man

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called Selma on the Persian aisle policy, may Allah be pleased with him, he comes up and gives a suggestion that the hunda or the trench be built in order to ensure that the enemies cannot enter the ranks of the Muslim and hand.

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Now in order to build a trench, they need to bring down a huge drop a boulder which is blocking the way and the companions are failing to bring the drop down.

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And that is also a time when the Muslims have not been able to eat food properly. The Companions had a stone tied to the stomach in order to keep them erect in order to keep them straight. In this situation, they come to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the lift that goes

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and tap into your solo losses and sell them we are hungry we have a stone die to our stomach. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam lifts his garment up and says I have two stones tied to my stomach. So can Allah in this situation of trial, in this situation of tribulation, I am telling you that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is giving a mission and objective to the companions of the Prophet. He says, Take me to the rock which you are not able to break. And when he goes to the rock, he strikes the rock the first time and one third of the rock breaks. And there's a huge part. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, says Allahu Akbar. He strikes at the second time, and again,

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there's a huge Spark. And again, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam says a lot more. And when he strikes the third time, the rock comes down to pieces. Again, there's a huge part the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam says a lot of the companions of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam who are with him at that point of time, they say Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see you do something remarkable. You struck the rock three different occasions, and in all three time there was a huge spark and you said, Allahu Allah, the prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said, when I struck the rock, the first time, Allah showed me that the day will come, when the Muslim shall be the rulers of the

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palaces of the Byzantine Romans, I said, Allah. And when I struck it the second time, Allah showed me, a day shall come when we shall rule the policies of the Yemen, I said, Allahu Akbar again. And lastly, when I struck it the third time, Allah showed me that the day shall come when the Muslim shall be the rulers of the palaces of the super power of the day, the vidiians, I said, a lot more.

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Amazing situation, no food to eat, enemy surrounding you from all sides. And at this situation, you are giving them a vision, you're giving them a mission, that the day will come, when you will be the ruler of the superpower of the days that we die is the bison times the Yemen's.

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within a span of the next 10 years, the companions of the Prophet Alayhi, salaatu, wa Salaam, they did not sit idle, when the mission was given. When the objective was given, they didn't sit idle, they went about fulfilling this mission and objective. And in the span of 10 years in the philosophy of Omar Abdel Fattah, or the Allahu anhu, all of these missions were fulfilled, all of these objectives were accomplished. Why? Because the companions were not one of those who would get a mission or a vision or an objective, and they will sit idle, rather, they would work their way up to fulfill that objective.

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So an objective requires accomplishment and fulfillment, and not merely listening to it academically and thinking, a miracle will happen and everything will be fulfilled. You need to go and do something about it.

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Likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala articulate in the Quran in surah Daria is number 51. He says, well, not a holla to Jin will insert ilaria boo, that we have not created the jinn and mankind except that they worship us. Now again, we are finding in the Quran that allows to find what the Allah is giving a mission and objective to mankind, that the purpose of your creation, the objective of your creation, is to own me worship me.

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What happens when you get such an objective? How many of us have actually thought deeply over this verse of the Quran and what is expected of us, when a vision is given, when an objective is given, when a mission is defined by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah for this oma for this mankind, we are expected to fulfill that and you fulfill by acknowledging the oneness of Allah, by worshiping Him, not merely through your prayers, but through your actions, but through your deeds.

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And by only seeking help from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. You go about fulfilling it. you fulfill the teachings of the Quran, you fulfill the teachings of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. When you do all of this, you are moving towards the fulfillment of your objective of creation, you're moving towards the accomplishment of your objective of creation, the purpose of your creation.

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Now, I'm telling you that even in the month of Ramadan, there has been an objective which has been clearly defined, and it is mentioned in our four iron in Surah Al Baqarah. Number 183. Allah says Yana Xena Amano quotevalet

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CUCM kamakoti parallelism in public law law conducted all you who believe fasting has been prescribed as it was prescribed to those before you so that you become people. taqwa.

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The objectives for the month of Ramadan for your fasting is to become people of taqwa. And not merely abstaining from food, abstaining from water, that's not going to fulfill the objective for the month of Ramadan.

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So many of us are fasting. So many of us are abstaining from food, abstaining from water, abstaining from intimate relationships with a spouse which is halaal normally, when it becomes Haram in the state of fasting.

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But what else is the objective the month of Ramadan? Does that alone help you become a person of taqwa it certainly will aid you in becoming a person of that one, but it requires a lot more. How many of us have actually reflected on this verse of the Quran, we all started fasting. As soon as Shabbat ended and Ramadan, Moon was cited, we were all charged up, we need to fast. And what else? Well, we need to fast we need to go and pray the taraweeh we need to recite the Quran, we've done fulfill our objectives,

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which is not correct, because the fulfillment of an objective will actually lead to a complete transformation in the human being. And how many of us will pass for 30 days in our life, and on the next day of Shahar. You see, we go back to the same old life that we had, we say we have come back to what is called normal life. when in actuality, your normal should have been your Ramadan. Ramadan is training you to live a normal life. But strangely, as soon as Ramadan ends, we think we have gone back to what was normal before Ramadan. That is not normal. You've gone back

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to a system which was not proper, and Ramadan was working on polishing, polishing it up. Ramadan was working on making you a better human being, to somebody to making you a person of taqwa. But as soon as Ramadan ends, strangely enough, we lock up all of the things we get back to all the form of illegal activities, lying, cheating, deceit, and so on and so forth. We lose the purpose of the month of Ramadan, the objective is not accomplished, and objectives accomplishment requires certain permanent complete transformation in a human being.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have not been sent, but to perfect, good character models and so on and so forth. One of the objective of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him staying with us is to protect our characters. And today through his son law, his teachings, we are supposed to perfect our character. But when we fail, in transforming ourselves after Ramadan, we have failed in fulfilling of this objective for which the profits are 7% we have failed to live up to the expectation that was set on us.

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So, the importance of this lecture therefore is that in the remaining days of Ramadan that we have with us, we are able to instill certain systems and practices within ourselves so that it leads to a certain permanent change and transformation in our life.

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Now, let us understand, what are the qualities of a person of taqwa? If the objective is to become a person of taqwa we must know what are the objectives of what rather what are the qualities, characteristics of the person of taqwa and if you analyze the different verses of the Quran, you get a sense of these are some of the exhaustive list

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to believe in the unseen,

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to establish prayer, to spend out of the money, the wealth that Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided you to believe in what was revealed to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, and to all the messengers who came before him and to have certainty in faith on the hereafter. These are some of the aspects which will make you a person of taqwa to believe in the unseen

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I shall be Allah be pleased with that said, none of you can become a true believer, unless you're a man in the unseen is more than what you see in the palm of your hand. You see the dunya in front of you, you see what's in front of your hand, but you're a man in the unseen is more than what is in front of you. Your demand in the Hereafter is more than what you see in front of you in this dunya. So one of the qualities

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Do you have good believer of a move to P is that he believes in the unseen, he does not question.

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Like the people of science, they always want to see things to analyze, to verify to check, and only then they bring the belief in the system. But in Islam, not everything has an answer for some or other science has not and not got an answer to everything. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge is in finite, and with the finite brain that we have, and the finite systems that we have in place, we can never understand the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala creations and so many other creations at this day. How do you understand the concept of your art? How do you understand the concept of the soul? Science is confused, they don't rule it out. But at the same time, they have no

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answers to it. as Muslims, we have an answer. We believe in it. We don't question any of these teachings of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet alayhi salatu was our

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second objective or rather second quality of a person of taqwa is establishes prayer. And you see in the month of Ramadan, everybody is striving to read the Salah on time. I'm in a lecture right now, recording, and within the next one hour even I need to proceed for the Jamaat Salah. So I am also striving to fulfill the obligation of reading the Salah in its prescribed appointed time. And strangely, my spective brothers and sisters, you will see this in our society. And sometimes we are guilty of it. That moment Ramadan gets over the sofa, and the answer is not being read. Why? Because we are at the workplace, especially common in the Indian subcontinent where people do something

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called the law of the prayer, they delay the Salah, they delay what is called the cause of the Salah, and they say we're gonna read it once we go back home. So they combine it all off with Asia. Strange. I mean, what's the need? Was the need to read father, might as well just get up at, you know, come back at work from work in Asia and do a complete reading of your Salah from father to Asia. Is that the objective of prayer? Is that how the prayer was prescribed to us, the prayer was prescribed at its appointed times. We do that in Ramadan. People strive and struggle and they take out time even if they are at the workplace. But once Ramadan gets over, somehow we go back to the

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poor system of delaying the prayer. And remember the some of the scholars say there is no concept called color of prayer if you're delaying it without any reason. And amongst the reasons which acceptable is that either you overslept, or you forgot about it, you know, I was sitting in talking slipped out of my mind. And then I realized that it's time for answer, so I quickly rush to offer, or I went to sleep and zahar and nobody woke me up, my alarm failed me I opened my eyes, it's already close to Muslim. So I rushed over my cousin. This is acceptable, because you have no control over it. But anything else is an excuse which is not tolerated by the scholars. And they say

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therefore you cannot offer a kata you can't make up for what you've lost Allah, you can't make up for the salary that you're losing.

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So stablishing a prayer is an important aspect of the person of taqwa, which we do it in Ramadan, but it should bring about a certain permanent change in our practices. We should do that regularly after the month of Ramadan, even in the month of shabwa. And we'll call that the hedger wherever the month is, if it was time for you leave your work. And you go and answer the prayer. It is a little fella come towards success. You have a business deal taking place 1 million $1,000 you leave that you go and pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala you need to thank him before you thank anyone else. And therefore we say establishing prayer is one of the qualities of a person of taqwa. Then it is about

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spending out of the wealth that Allah has provided you. And again, we see beautifully in the month of Ramadan, Muslims from all corners of the globe, they are giving charity, there is no one who can show a candlelight to the Muslims. No one needs to remind the Muslims to pay every Muslim have a self conscience, which allows them to take out the money, they do the calculation of the soccer and they pay to those who are needy to those who need that money to improve their life.

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This happens in beautiful in the month of Ramadan. But most of the time, the people who are paying are only paying this account and after Ramadan comes to an end, they waited entire 11 months to do the next charity Subhana Allah How would you be how would we be that if Allah subhanho wa Taala would only answer your prayers in the month of Ramadan and not answer your prayers in the rest 11 months? How would it be?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us more than what we asked for us.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala for a risk, Allah Subhana Allah Allah blesses you with double risk. You ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to look after your family, he not only looks after your family, he arranges the best provision for your family, something that you never even asked for you pray to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to give shelter to your family. Allah does not only provide shelter in clothes, your family in the best of uniform best of clothes, best of outfit gives the most comfortable shelter. Today people have got air conditioned the home all forms of luxury and comfort. Many of us didn't even make the app for it. But Allah gave it to us. Many of us did work hard for it, but Allah

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gave it to us. The convenience of having an automobile, the convenience, convenience of having a full Wheeler which can drive you to different places, many of us didn't even pray for it. But Allah gave us the money to buy it Subhana Allah, Allah gives us more than what we are asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for and therefore my question to you, my respective brothers and sisters is is it that we should only give to the poor what Allah has asked himself, shall we not give more than what is expected of us?

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The concept of sadaqa is something which has prevailed in all months of the calendar year throughout in the month of Ramadan outside the month of Ramadan. While you pay Osaka You can also add on to it by being Celica addition, charity, and that allows to kind of keep account of it. And we have several incidents from the lives of the companions, right the incident of that book, where the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam wanted the companions to contribute, bring in the money, they needed to send a group on an expedition and ambassadors alone who got his entire world

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worth half as well. And the half Well, the top was much more than the entire world. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam says that the contribution of Abu Bakar is heavier than the contribution of oma. So in the sight of Allah, it is not the quantity that you spend. It's not the quantity that you're spending which is important. It is the sincerity with which you are spending the intentions that you have with which you're spending that can earn you more or less rewards. So my respected brothers and sisters, if you are working on doing charity in the middle of Ramadan, try to set aside the fun outside the month of Ramadan, outside your soccer, which we can continue for the remaining

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months of the calendar year in the form of sadaqa in the form of charity, if you are training yourself to become 30 in the month of Ramadan, Let it not just be a one month

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you know, one month system where you are a month away for a month, and then for the rest of 11 months, you get back to your normal life within inverted commas and calling it normal because in the normal parlance of dunya, we think the normal is to leave the good x and get back to our old ways. But that is not the case. Ramadan is fleeting, teaching us how we should live our normal life. Let us make this new normal, the actual normal in our life nanomesh to confuse you further with a lot of normal, okay, otherwise it's gonna become a little confusing. Okay, the next aspect we said for a person to become a mentor is that he believes in what was revealed to the Prophet that is hard to

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believe in the Scripture. We all believe in the scripture of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Word of God. And therefore I have told you in the beginning the Word of God is asking us to seek the month of Ramadan to fast in the month of Ramadan to become a person of taqwa we are all reciting the Koran. Everyone is competing with one another. We have an buddy we check with each other. How much have you completed, some have completed 15 Joe's son I've already completed one entire recitation of the Quran are already into the second recitation, some even in the third, some even in the fourth while we are only midway in the month of Ramadan, and there are some who are even struggling with

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the first Jews right now. There is nothing to lose hope my respective brothers and sisters we still have Ramadan amidst us make a sincere intention today to start reciting the Quran. If Arabic is not your native language is Arabic is not your mother language is Arabic is not a language which you have learned and you're fluent in even then there is greater rewards for you as I show may Allah be pleased with the wife of the Prophet.

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The mother of the believers said that someone who recited the Quran gets reward, but someone who struggled and I'm paraphrasing her words, and someone who struggles to recite the Koran because he hasn't got no knowledge of the language, or no fluency in the language he has doubled the reward more rewards for him or her. So my respective brothers and sisters who are worse, respected brothers and sisters who have entered into this club recently and are still learning the language and therefore are struggling to recite the Quran. Don't lose hope. There is double the reward. Don't say that. I'm not going to recite the Quran because I can't read it fluently. Like my friend does it or

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like the certain brother does it? No, don't lose hope.

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Use double the reward for you is greater reward with the struggle that you're putting in, there is greater reward. It may be that by the end of Ramadan, you could have only finished eight Jews of the Quran. Whereas there is a person who may have completed four times over, but you may have ended up learning more about them Allah Allah knows best because of your effort and sincerity in the recitation and reading of the Quran. So my respective brothers and sisters, do not let your difficulty in the language stop you deter you from reading the Quran, even if it means that you are only able to read half a page every day with lots of difficulties read with sincerity with pure

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intention and in class. And even if you struggle, I would assume if you take our time every day to recite the fine, you shouldn't be able to read at least a page or two with all your struggles. So please be respectful brothers and sisters, make sure that you recite the Quran in the month of Ramadan, the Quran is the month of Ramadan, and we will revisit that verse of the Quran in a short while from now. Also, Quran is not merely for the month of Ramadan. You know, we used to hear when we were small that there is a group of people who only take out the Koran and the 15th of shaba. And they read it and then they put it back and for the rest of the year, it's there. And I tell you that

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there is another additional group of people who only take out the Quran in the month of Ramadan. So how different Are you from the ones who take it out on the 15th of Shabbat? I mean, they take it out just one day in the year you just take it out one month in a year. Whereas the Quran is supposed to be a book which is to guide us on a day to day basis. A lot of these are as a guidance for mankind. As for us to use it as a criteria to judge between right and wrong. The society is confused today. The Muslim world is confused today between what is right and wrong. Because we we have deviated from the ways of the Quran. We have moved away from the teachings of the Koran, we have distanced

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ourselves from the Quran, whereas the Quran was the criteria to judge between right and wrong. So my respected brothers and sisters, let not your recitation and reading of the Quran be just a one month, one month, activity or exercise. Let it be something which you establish for the rest of your life, you have to make a strong resolve is not going to be easy. The rebellious devils will come out as soon as Chahal moon will be cited. So there will be a strong attack from the Shaitaan to stop you from the recitation of the Quran. But if you are a firm believer, if you have worked on becoming a Buddha, in the month of Ramadan, in Sharla, with all that strength and energy, you will be able to

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find the shader and will be able to bring about certain permanent and positive changes in your life.

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And lastly, of course, we said to have certainty in the faith and the hereafter. We already mentioned that when we were speaking about the belief unseen. Now these are the people that are unseres are the people who will attain success in their life. So the person wanting success are the people of taqwa and the Quran is giving the other Allah subhanho wa Taala is blessing us with the month of Ramadan to train us to become a person of success.

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So that is as far as the month of Ramadan is concerned. Now what we are going to do is we are going to quickly look into some of the characteristics of the month of Ramadan. Once we know what are the characteristics of Ramadan, we can therefore plan ourselves better for the remainder of this month, whatever is left of it, it's never too late. You may have finished off 10 days of Ramadan in some places 12 maybe 14 or 15 by the time you watch this lecture, but you still have not lost off time. Ramadan is still amidst you, all hopes are not yet lost. So what are the characteristics of the month of Ramadan quickly to run through the characteristics of the month of Ramadan? The first of

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the characteristic is it is the fulfillment of the third pillar of Islam as we know from Hades of India Roma, may Allah be pleased with him the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said that Islam is found on five pillars. The first is to recite and acknowledge and accept the kalama that is to testify there is no JT worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last and final messenger of Allah. That's the first of the pillar. The second pillar is to read your Salah the prayers, the third is to pay charity zaca compulsory, the fork is the fasting in the month of Ramadan. And the last is for those who have the means to go and perform the

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Hajj, the obligatory Hydra once in the lifetime, but only for those who have the means to perform it. Now we all believe in the caliber, we all acknowledge a lot in our life. We all acknowledge the prophet SAW Selim in our life and that is why we are Muslims.

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We may be all reading a salah and

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Doing the charity. Many of us may have already performed the obligatory Hajj because Allah gave us the means to now Ramadan has come amongst us to fulfill the fourth pillar of Islam so hamdulillah one of the characteristics of the month of Ramadan is it helps you complete your five pillars in Islam.

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The second and most important characteristics of the month of Ramadan is that it is the month of Quran. Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah number 185 Sha rondalla lady on Zilla female Quran who deadliness that it is the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed as a guidance into mankind and as a criterion between the right and the wrong. And Allah further says in Surah Al Qaeda is number one in Zelda houfy Laila tilaka, warily it is in the night of Qatar, verily, it is the night of Qatar when the Quran was revealed. So we know that the Ramadan is the month of the Quran when the Quran was revealed. And therefore there is a lot of emphasis on the recitation of the

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Quran. And therefore we see our brothers and our sisters going out and reading Tavi completing the recitation of the Quran and so on and so forth, competing with one another, whereas I am against this kind of a competition. When we start competing with one another, we are probably not doing it for the sake of Allah, but for the sake of being a winner. Rather, it should be faster because Hierarch hastin towards doing good deeds, with the intent and engaging in cooperative competition, a competition which pushes one another towards good deeds, the intention should be positive, the intention should not be one in which we are competing with each other for our selfish motives,

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selfish reasons. So my brother respected brothers and sisters, the month of Ramadan is the month of curar. Please read the Quran actively and I've already spoken about it. Even if you struggle you should make an effort to read because there is great rewards for the

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most important aspect perhaps which is going to come up in our life very soon is the night of Qatar and the Hadees of Abu huraira. May Allah be pleased with him the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the month of Ramadan and said that it has come to you the month of Ramadan, a blessed month in which Allah has enjoined upon you to fast and the gates of Jana has been open. The doors of the Hellfire has been closed. The rebellious generals have been chained and in it, that is the month of Ramadan. There is a night which is a very powerful night a night which is better than 1000 months, one night, which is more powerful than at three years and four months put together. And

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anyone who wakes up on this night seeking the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and seeking the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be blessed with goodness and whosoever is deprived of the goodness of this night. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he is indeed deprived, indeed a loser. Allah. I want to stop here and reflect on this important aspect right now the night of my respective brothers and sisters, the month of Ramadan should actually help us train to seek the last 10 nights the night of Qatar in the last 10 nights. But what happens is that we start over Rodin with very high levels of Viva. We welcome it. We're all excited. And then we join the terace many of

00:33:30--> 00:34:01

us go for the shock turabi the superspeed, tarawih, 10 nights 12 nights 59 that are hidden, what has it done? Two and a half hours, three hours, and the man is residing at superspeed. You can't even make out what he's reciting. You've just exhausted yourself. You won't understand anything. You've not understood a word of what the man said except when he would say Allahu Allah Subhana Allah said, I need to go to former Oklahoma so Dude, that's all you understand. Rest, you can understand the man is going in a supersonic speed.

00:34:05--> 00:34:07

speed and he goes on and then he says at the end

00:34:09--> 00:34:52

Do you not have any sense? And we asked these people who recited the superspeed which no one can understand. Do you have any sense you are playing with the speech of Allah, this is the word of God word of Allah subhanho wa Taala have is the horrid respect for it. So let us come back to it. We saying that soon we are going to embark upon 10 important nights in our life. those nights we'll have one special night in which worship is equivalent to 1000 months. Any one of us who can find the night of other in this Ramadan, we would get the reward of worshiping Allah for 1000 months at three years and four months. What a powerful night and it's about to reach us. But how many of us are

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

preparing ourselves for that night? How many of us are officer conserving our energy and training ourselves for

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

The night prayer. How many of us are starting to get up late at night, the middle of night to read the 100. To read the night prayer in order to train ourselves for the last 10 nights, we should have been training ourselves. And that is why I feel that the first 20 days or 20 nights of Ramadan should be used as a training for the last 10 lines, you should do a bother you should do worship based on your ability and your stamina, but you should try to moderate it in such a manner that the last 10 days and nights you have the maximum energy where you push yourself. You don't push yourself and exhaust yourself in 15 to 20 days. And you will find many of the people getting exhausted now

00:35:42--> 00:36:21

15th of Ramadan, 18th and 20th of Ramadan by the time that alarm is over, we are exhausted. Now we need to rest. We have all the energy to go for shopping now. But we don't have energy for a bother. We don't have energy to wake up. Many people are finishing the Dharavi quickly in 20 days, because now they can go out for shopping with the family or they can hang out with the friends SubhanAllah. As soon as you're 20 days over the most important period of Ramadan has begun the whole objective, the whole purpose was eventually to seek the night of color and the profits also themselves. Anyone who's deprived of this is indeed deprived. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said, Whoever spends

00:36:21--> 00:36:30

the little 100 night in prayer out of faith and in hope that his sins will be forgiven and he shall be rewarded, all his previous sins will be forgiven.

00:36:32--> 00:37:08

So So Canada, we have a chance to purify ourselves to become like an innocent baby was just born, we have an opportunity and that is why you will see many at the end of the month of Ramadan would be like a newborn baby starting the life all over again. While for many, it would just be continuation of where it was left off in the 20th or the 29th of Shama. mela Mika, so among those who is the former category, who are like a newborn baby on the first shot while starting a life all over again, with all our major sins and minor sins forgiven.

00:37:10--> 00:37:30

Under the characteristics of demand of Ramadan is fasting and praying at night as a means of getting sins forgiven. And we know the Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim said, Whosoever fast Ramadan or the faith and in hope of a reward, all his previous sins will be forgiven. And whoever spends the night of Ramadan in worship with sincere hope and intention of getting this

00:37:31--> 00:38:11

intention of getting rewards, all the previous sins will be forgiven. So we've already spoken about the fasting and praying at night of utmost importance, my respective brothers and sisters, without taking too much of your time, I wish to again spend just another advise on this issue. Please work productively for the next seven to eight days as you enter the last 10 lines. As soon as you enter the last 10 nights, everything takes a secondary importance in life. The priority becomes the bother version. If you have any pending tasks completed. If you have to give an appointment to someone try to postpone it to the month of show up. But this still might be selfish. Nothing is important.

00:38:12--> 00:38:55

Shopping is not important. going out with friends is not as important as praying in the 10 nights. So please pray, know your priorities and prioritize the 10 lights in your life. Let me also tell you that Ramadan is a time when people are being redeemed from fire every stroke of dawn dusk when you break your fast, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said Allah deems people from the fire of hell May we be amongst those who are redeemed from the fire of hell in this month of Ramadan before the soul of answers is is extracted, and we run out of chance to do good deeds, may our best of deeds. We are the lucky Vilas deeds, we pray to Allah that we are amongst those who will be redeemed from

00:38:55--> 00:39:00

the fire of hell in this month of Ramadan. That's the ultimate objective to attain

00:39:02--> 00:39:11

to worship Allah to attain jhana. That's the ultimate objective. And for us to do that we need to be redeemed from the fire of hell and Ramadan officers that

00:39:12--> 00:39:52

fasting in Ramadan is also equivalent. Anyone who follows the month of Ramadan and fast the six days of Shabbat also gets the reward of fasting for one entire year. So my respective brothers and sisters in Islam who have a has been fasting in the month of Ramadan. As soon as Ramadan gets over, you can't fasting on the day of eat. But as soon as it concludes, begin to shovel fast and finish off your six days of chawan fast and try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays and MLB that is the 13th 14th and 15th of every month in order to stably revive a Sunday in your life. Every time you do something with the intention of reviving the practice of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam you

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

not only get you not only get the satisfaction in your heart, that you are fulfilling a sinner but you're also

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

being blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala a good deed is being recorded against your name or in your name not against him but rather in your name. And that is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala so we should not let this go make sure that the shovel fast and the other sooner fast which is there, we fulfill that as well.

00:40:19--> 00:40:41

Omar in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj and we will find many brothers and sisters now are planning to do the Attica the last 10 nights abandoning themselves retreating themselves to the masjid or current planning to go to ombre staying in the mosquito haram whether it is in Medina or in Makkah and engaging in ibadah and worship and there's great reward for it if you're doing ombre in the month of

00:40:42--> 00:41:06

Ramadan. It's a reward equivalent to Hajj and that is why we see so many brothers and sisters going there. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept your intentions reward you for your actions. And if any one of you listening to this lecture is planning to go for camera. Remember me in yonder remember the entire community the oma in your dorm, we're going through difficult times confusing times you're completely confused, we completely lost we make to Allah subhanho wa Taala guides us.

00:41:07--> 00:41:45

Last point which I wish to make us rather the penultimate point which I wish to make is offering a thought to those who are fasting there is great reward for those who offer a thought to people who are fasting and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said that if you offer a thought to people who are fasting, you will get the reward of the person who's fasting without his deeds being decreased. So there is a great reward for giving food out to people during the month of Ramadan as if tar, but it should not be at the cost of the women focus should not be that you stop giving lavish menu to your wife that she has to cook for the guests who are coming at home. Make it simple, make it

00:41:45--> 00:42:23

something which people can fill their hunger with. And at the same time do the above because when you have lavish gifts, but you're too exhausted after that, to even stand up for two units of prayer. last and most important characteristics of the month of Ramadan, which we have already touched when we spoke about the characteristics of a month. The key is that Ramadan offers us an opportunity to do charity, so many, so many places. So many people are reaching out to us with assistance seeking assistance or help identify the ones who are needy and spend for them. Identify places where people can get educated, there are so many people in our community who are deprived of

00:42:23--> 00:43:00

good education or they cannot afford good education. If there are universities, where you can spend money and sponsor education, do that. Take out your hardware, give it to one of those who fulfill the eight categories listed in the Quran. It's a great opportunity Mashallah to do charity, but remember one thing as I mentioned in the beginning, let this not be a one month exercise, let it be something which brings about a permanent change in your life, and you continue it for the rest of your life. Because remember, as as a human being, we will be prone to committing sins, as the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said every son of an atom has a share of sin. We can't say that we

00:43:00--> 00:43:41

will not be committing a sin the very next moment, I can't take again for that. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam also said that a sin can be washed through charity. So use charity to wash off your sins throughout the year. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept the charity that you're doing. So with that, I wish to conclude my discussion on Ramadan getting up for the last lap. I have told you about the extreme importance of the night of other which is about to draw close to us, which is going to be very amidst us very shortly, maybe in another five to six days time, we have an excellent opportunity to maximize our rewards to maximize our deeds. And we need to therefore work

00:43:41--> 00:44:15

productively start conserving your energy for the last 10 nights. Don't spend too much time in the malls and in the shopping plazas and hanging out with friends till late at night and exhausting yourself. Please understand there's a lot of science involved here. When you're fasting the whole day you're anyways exhausted. And after breaking your fast the little energy that you get you still need to relax you need to get your energy back immediately after eating when you get out on the roads with your friends and so on and so forth. You really exhaust yourself you're really tired yourself. Work prudently. Ramadan is not merely the month of shopping Yes, it is coming you need to

00:44:15--> 00:44:24

shop for it. You need to make a basic arrangement but nowadays, the convenience of shopping is you can just go to the mall, decide what you need to pick up, go and pick it up and come back home.

00:44:25--> 00:45:00

But prioritize your ibadah over everything else. barakallahu li comm for your patients listening, I sincerely hope that this lecture has been of benefit to you. We make the Aaj Allah subhanho wa Taala that he accepts a sincere intention and forgive us for whatever shortcomings that we've had. That may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with the night of others and give us the ability to seek the night of night of credit and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make the best of our deeds, the last deeds and May Allah subhanho wa Taala raised us in the state in which he is pleased with us. We would like to own a tank and make the art for the Islamic world.

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And University for giving us a platform. And I feel very strongly that universities like Islamic online university who comes up with this platform, you should also take up money and contribute for the different charity causes that Islamic online university has. So you can visit the website and check that out for yourself in sha Allah, and make your donations to Islamic online university as well. barakallahu li comm for your time we conclude with the de subcritical of Nova becoming a shadow and highlight the stuff that or to relay was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh