Ep 7 Inside the Mind The Input – Output Symphony

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Hi, everybody, welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. Before we get started, please remember to like this video, share this video, and subscribe to our channel. In today's episode of mine mastery series, we are studying a little bit more about how our brain functions. Because remember what we started off with. This series is all about getting better control of your life, better control of your emotions, and having a clarity of your thoughts, putting your brain into exercise so that it remains active for a longer duration in your life. Keeping that in mind, let's start off our discussion today. Did you know that our brain functions 24/7, even when you're

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sleeping, even when you're not engaging in any active thinking process, your brain is still functioning? Isn't this remarkable? The brain performs so many vital functions, including the fact that the brain scans all the information that you feed it from time to time, whenever you face a situation in your life for which you want a solution, you immediately send the message to your brain. And the brain gives you a response, how does the brain give you a response, it gives you a response based on the information you have fed into your brain over a period of time. If you feed in the right information, the true information, the authentic information, the accurate information,

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the output that the brain gives you will be authentic will be closer to accuracy. But if you are going to feed in to your brain information, which is randomly picked up from social media not verified as true or false, it is natural that the output will also lack accuracy. And therefore we need to understand how the brain functions. That is a brilliant network of neurons, which connect with each other like networks. Now, every single.in This neuron denotes some level of knowledge that you are fed into your brain, some level of learning that you're fed into your brain, some level of information that you're fed into your brain, you have to keep doing this over a period of time and

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human beings do it right from the time they are born. Right from the time that we are born, we are feeding information into our brain. Now, it's extremely important that you start feeding in the right input. If you want an accurate and an authentic output, you have to feed in the right input. So for professionals out there who aspire to make good leadership decisions, because what is leadership all about leadership is all about making the right decisions. And in order to make the right decisions, you need to have the right input sent to the brain, the right set of information should be fed into your network of neurons, so that when you face a situation which warrants an

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immediate response, your brain functions in the right manner. And therefore, there is an important stress that I want to lay today on the importance of learning the importance of acquiring skill, the importance of knowledge, the importance of reading, the importance of spending your time on social media, and watching the right set of videos are watching the right set of content. Because all of these things, whether consciously or subconsciously, they are being fed into your brain. So it's important that you control the quality of information that is being fed into your brain. You put in hate into your brain, you're going to spew out hate if you're going to feed into your brain

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authentic, accurate information, information which promotes peace and brotherhood, it is natural that you're going to give an output or release an output which is along the lines of promoting peace and promoting brotherhood. With that video, we'll come to a conclusion today. Thank you so much for taking your time out and watching this video. Remember, the most important thing that we've spoken of today is feeding the right information into our brain so that the output that we get is based on quality. So if you want quality output, feed and quality input. Thank you so much for watching this video. I look forward to you joining me for the future episodes as well.