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Majed Mahmoud
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I had a guy complain about a hadith that I shared. So I wasn't sure like, what's the matter here? Exactly. Apparently the guy told me bro stop narrating a hadith and just stick to the Quran. What kind of understanding is that? So this man is saying I only take the Quran but don't take the Hadith. And that is completely doesn't even make sense because taking in the Quran means you take the authentic hadith. So I told this man I, I asked him a question. I told them give me please the details of salah and the steps of it and what to say in each position. And tell me if you don't mind brother, the steps of Hajj and what things need to be done throughout the

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process of Hajj throughout the three, four or five days of Hajj. So this brother did not know what to answer except saying it's in the Quran. It's in the Quran to be heavy. Tell me the exact details that you say it's in the Koran. And this man was completely hopefully, you know, educated at this point or humbled or whatever the case may be. But of course, he had absolutely no answer that is correct and logical. Brothers and sisters, the Hadith of the Prophet Sallam is so critical to understanding the dean. You like a brother jack, allow him for this introduction. But what's the connection between what you're saying with the last group? brothers and sisters? The group that we

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are referring to is where Allah says in the Quran, I will be lemna shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Allah in dome two Hey Boone Allah if you love Allah, you really love Allah Allah. Allah you love a lot I fed Debbie Rooney you booboo como la then Follow me Follow the Prophet of Allah Muhammad Allah Salatu was Salam. Well, ferula calm dono back home, Allah will love you back. If you follow Mohammed Medallia salatu wa sallam Allah will love you back and will forgive you for your shortcomings. One la hora en Rahim and Allah is the most forgiving the Most Merciful. Brothers and sisters, this is the elite group May Allah make us of them, this is a group if you get it right, if you fall in this group, that means you fall into every single other group that Allah loves one more time, if you

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follow this group, which is following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam This means you will fall into every other group that Allah says that he loves Allah says that he loves a submarine. So if you follow her, so Allah and you will be have like him saw that he loves and whatever Killeen so you follow the Prophet that means you'll be working in sha Allah. So you see how great this powerful idea is. And part of following the Prophet means you follow the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and is naziha. We know what also ally sallallahu Sallam the Hadith that he received has to be made very clear to your brothers and sisters or the narrations that he says Allah says 1

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million Coronel however in whoever it was you knew her Prophet Mohammed Salim doesn't just speak out of his whims and desires. No, he speaks based on revelation that he received Yes, Rasul Allah Selim he received the Quran brothers and sisters, and he also received the narrations that he says, where's the Hadith? Allah in the OT tool keytab the Prophet says, I received the Kitab the Quran, with Allah who Ma and I also received along with it something similar which is the narrations of the prophets are seldom the authentic ones that we have received brothers and sisters, if someone has a problem, pay close attention. If someone has a problem in the way the Hadith is transmitted to us,

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then this has to mean that they have a problem in the way the Quran came to us stuck for Allah What are you talking about? No as clearly as you as it sounded to you, if you have a problem with the way Hadeeth came because how did Hadith and Quran come to us? Let's go to the Quran. The Quran, people say the Quran is the word of Allah. But the Hadith is the word of Allah Bukhari and Muslim and aboda would pay attention. I Bukhari Muslim Abu Dawood and these wonderful scholars they are the ones that collect these Hadith these the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Quran when it came to you who said it Muhammad Allah, so Salaam, and he said it too. He said a total Sahaba the Allahu

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Anam. So there's the creation involved. So just like how you trusted the prophet to say it to the Sahaba or Sahaba, to say, to attack the rain, and to go all the way so you can have it today for you to read. Similarly, with the Hadith, the prophet said, I'm said the statement, the Sahaba heard that they voted to the terrain and it came all the way to us rather than sisters. So this is the process and it wouldn't make sense for you to take one and not take the other because they come hand in hand. And the professor said that he predicted now. He predicted that people will come in the future and will speak with nonsense.

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He says Allah you Chico Rajan Siobhan Allah Riccati the problem says a man would to come and sit on his you know, couch leaning, it was an image of kind of showing off that that's Haram. But the image you know, proceed as a band like someone just ate is filled and just relaxing and kind of half knocked out whatever. Then he says that man, it can be hard on Quran so promises that men will saying, you just stick to the Quran federal budget, don't feed him in highlight, in fact, hello whatever the Quran says it's okay to do you do? Well. Then he says one man wanted to feed him and haraam for how to remove and whatever the Quran says haram then stay then basically stay away from

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it. So then that man is indicating Don't tell me the Prophet said Aliso Salaam, Hadith, this hadith that just stick to the Quran. You know what the President said in the same Hadith? He says, la la la comme la Mahima Li, the domestic donkeys not halaal to eat well. kulu The Naveen mina sebert and beasts with fangs are not allowed to eat and look at the wisdom of a prophet sanlam these things with that detail is not necessarily mentioned in the Quran, brothers and sisters, to show you that many things how do we pray? How do we pray? Rasul Allah Salim says son Luke, Mr. Mooney or suddenly pray the way you saw me praying Allah if it wasn't for the Prophet, none of us would have known how

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to pray. If it was not for the Hadees that came our way we would have not known how to pray the brother one last point about this. What is it? The thing about Sahih authentic? Well, I think there is about weak You know, this is the issue here. So you believe in some authentic hadith? Yes, of course as a hadith clearly authentic insha Allah, we know exactly who said it and who received the and when and how that if they met each other. Exactly. I Buhari was extremely strict with that Hadith brothers and sisters. So if you're able to at least appreciate the fact of the authentic hadith, then you have now agreed we are on the same page, then you are willing to accept that how

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the Hadith were transmitted to us. As for the distinguishing between authentic and weak, then we'll handle that we have our noble scholars who are able to filter through and determine that clearly non negotiable inshallah authentic and from the things that are clearly made up and fake. May Allah grant us wisdom me hon. Allah mean, and Hadith is a science of its own. There's a Quran and tafsir or a science of their own. May Allah allow us to follow the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So let's go back to the iron. If you love Allah, then follow rasulillah so here it comes to show you that the more you follow Rasool Allah the more Allah will love you and

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they want you to please remember that the more you do what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to do, or has done and you imitate the Prophet based on something you're supposed to do, the more Allah will love you back. So May Allah Allah wants to follow the prophets of Allah sanlam Amira, Bella alanine, and look to what he said ready to get ready for this? He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kulu omet he had hormonal janetta 11 other everyone from the oma of Mohammed Hassan goes to Jana, unless they do not want to what everyone watching from Ahmed Mohammed you will go to Jenna unless you don't want to call your rasulillah woman yet about your prophet of Allah Who in the world

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would not want to. So he says men are pa and either Hello Jenna. Whoever obey me will enter Jenna woman assignee other and whoever this obeyed me is the one who does not want to go to Jenna, may Allah allow us to be of those who obey the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said check this out check the level of obedience to Mohammed Allah yesterday was ready for this yoga Bismillah

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and evisa aid in the evening more Allah Allah who is going to also live in the masjid he says as a hobby I was praying in the masjid for the irony. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the Prophet of Allah called the companion to come full emoji Buddha was happy said I did not respond. You know he was in Salah for 40 years so Allah in the Quran to Asante so after Salah, the companion went to the park silenzioso Allah I was praying. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Did you not hear

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or know that Allah said the following iron? Yeah, you

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know, a steady bone in while you're rasuna either come Lima, you're here, come on you who believe respond to Allah and His Prophet, respond to the Prophet when he called you to that which brings your life. So the prophets I said themselves when I call you, you need to basically endure salah and come don't finish the Salah. Because Allah showed us the level of obedience to Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the companion he listened

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He obeyed and basically a promise that this will not happen again. And in the process he taught him a very wonderful surah which was Surah Al Fatiha. Surah Al Fatiha was something that the process shared with that Sahabi brothers and sisters, you see what Allah says either Dr. Karima you hear come when you follow what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me to do, it will bring you a life it will bring you Baraka, it will bring you happiness inshallah, otherwise will lie punishment in this dunya and the asker Nam, those who arrogantly push away the command of the Prophet lamp, destruction dunya and akhira Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Look, there's a lot of

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mentioning of the Prophet so make sure every time sunlen lahardee wa sallam, what happened? And then was eating in front of the prophets Allah.

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And he was eating with his left hand mushy manly. So the plus Sallam told this man could be meaning eat with your right hand on a lot of stuff here, so this man said I cannot. And he said, Man, man, ah, who in lol kibra He says, nothing stopped him except arrogance. He knew the Prophet is speaking. He knew this is the truth. He knew this is the right thing to do to eat with his right hand. But he arrogantly said la Stata. So the Prophet Sal and he says, lust apart, and may you never be able to.

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And this man, Femara lfv this man was never able Ever After that do against him. The roster. lamda shows you if someone is arrogant, to that level of disrespectful to Allah and the Prophet of Allah. He gave a draw against him. And he was never able after that moment to lift his right hand and eat with it. So Panama May Allah protect us and be sure you don't respond to this in this year. 2021 or whenever you watch this, someone tells you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this. No, I cannot. I mean, and the United States Rosado I can't do this. No you have you capable you have the rights you have the capacity to do it. Don't be like that, man. Don't be like him. Someone says

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about the slider to failure due to the fact that I cannot you know work it starts at eight o'clock. I need to get my sleeping. No, no, we don't do stuff like that. Don't stay stuff like that. You can say it's difficult. I'm gonna work hard. I'm gonna try Pray for me, yada help me take the means that's understandable, but to arrogantly say no, not No, not this time. Not in this era. May Allah protect us. We talked about for example, Salah, respecting Paris paying zeca and doing the hijab and the proper clothing. Don't be like this hat because they will come against us really bad. I'm not talking AP euro. I'd even touch on Angela on talking about dunya but you also have the reward

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brothers and sisters, which I just shared with you. If you obey the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you're guaranteed gender in sha Allah. And you see the examples of Sahaba beautiful stuff. And the Sydney medical the Allahu anhu. Check this out on line. He says going to the nurse he says according to Sofitel comb he companion was the one who serves alcohol. Yes, I know it's Haram. But that was before it was known to be Haram. So alcohol was not made haram right away. It was after some time of the prophet of Muhammad Allah His Salatu was Salam. So he was passing alcohol filling up the cups here we go when serving them. Where was this tea Menzel Abu talhah finance Allah He will

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hammer then the revelation came about the prohibition of alcohol for Mr. Moon at the end. So a call there when the revelation came that alcohol became Haram, hombre haram Kala and then start calling out loud in the streets, you know that alcohol is haram, making it clear it has been revealed we can no longer drink alcohol period non negotiable. So I bought all hotels that can match companion overage fund or Madhava. So go and hear what's going on what's going on with this announcement. Kinda harsh to the whole to have a monad in unity. There's a caller that is calling. What in the hombre hurry my alcohol is banned, is no longer halaal it's Haram. When you know what happened, for

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Carly is

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the owner of all the alcohol. He says go and destroy and spill all of that alcohol. He didn't say, You know what? Let me just go ahead and finish up a couple drinks. He didn't say let me wait and praise the horror. He didn't say does this apply to all people of all ages? It's prohibited. It's prohibited. It's clear. Don't play games don't find loopholes. May Allah protect us And forgive us. So the companion says the narrator of a ga t seeker kill Medina, people start breaking the alcohol pouring it and all the way until the streets of Medina was filled with alcohol as if they were an example of them getting rid of it brothers and sisters and let me share with you something

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alcohol prohibition came in an area in the Quran Yes or no? And you see how these people are so how about the Allahu anhu they received it. It was a man it wasn't the Prophet speaking. Right? It was the Prophet said the companions heard the idea, they forward it to others you see that process? That's like how the Hadeeth comes to us many cases brothers and sisters of the special specifically authentic narrations May Allah grant us wisdom amenable Allah mean? You so you see this fast pace response to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. One more one more. One time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was about to deliver a Friday, October October Juma so the Prophet says a jelly shoe he

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announced while he was about to get ready to deliver our Kobe said sit down Everyone sit down is this shoe for semi either Annika ignoramus rode a Maserati along I know he heard that sit down. When did he hear it as he was walking into the masjid? So think of the door. He's right at the door. The Prophet is all the way at one place, saying this announcement. Please sit down. Even Mr. Wood from his obedience to the prophets, Allah He said exactly where he heard. He sat exactly where he heard the Prophet say, sit down. So he sat down in front of the door in front of the door. The Prophet said sit down, I'm sitting down, but it might hurt. He said sit down. Allahu Akbar. So the prophets

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of Allah who I knew he was lm hora hora. So Allah He saw him, he says to Allah, Abdullah honey mustard. The progress has been missed over the Abdullah bin, Mr. I would come here, come come forward, come forward, showing don't block the door. Come here and sit here basically right scums to show the Sahaba the greatest people ever brothers and sisters May Allah make us respond to the prophet in such a fast pace yada yada all brothers and sisters watching us May Allah allow us to hear a hadith and hear an idea and we say we heard and we obey it and then upon and we do it right away. Yeah, Allah Don't make us take too long. Yeah, well, I'm not even an hour or two, let alone a

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year or two. There are a lot of people say after marriage and after Hajj and after I retire are all to be loved. May Allah grant a strength me hon alanine. And one of our machines says something beautiful. He says it on Yom Okayama there's a bridge that goes over * a Syrah to drop Allah jahannam. Right, FOCA Johanna, and that Surat, we know sharp that Surat has hooks and thorns, and the speed at which people cross the Sirat varies, some go as a speed of light, * is under you, you want to go as fast as possible. Some people go as fast as the wind or a bird or as a, as a horse as fast as one horse, and others are walking, and others are crawling. So the success of panel the

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correlation and check this out your speed on the CLR to malkia ama

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will be equivalent or related or correlated with your speed in how fast you apply the commands of Allah and the Prophet alayhi salam, how fast you respond to the command of the Prophet. You heard this hadith the Prophet seldom said, Don't do this. And he's like, I'm not doing it. Also, Allah says do this and you do it how fast it is, is a reflection of how fast you will cross the salaat because the Salah is Islam and Islam is basically taking part in to what the what the Prophet told us to do. May Allah allow us to follow the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam Mirabile alameen say I mean brothers and sisters, we hear the problem also, there's a lot of stories wonderful stuff, but

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let me share with you one here. One time, there was a companion in which his sister was married to a man, okay. And then that sister got divorced by that man after the death or that period has done, which he could have returned back the wife, he postponed so that is completed. So therefore if that man wants to marry that lady again, it's a whole new contract. So when this man came to propose again to the sister who he earlier divorced, the brother to that sister says No way. No way I will never ever allow you. He says, Yeah, Luca, you silly dude. a cramp to cabbie ha I honored you and respected you and allowed you to marry my sister I approved of that rbds sister was also approving

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of it. come to Korea was a watch Touka was a watch took a while for the luck to her. And now you divorce her and now you want her back? Well, I lethargy like a Buddha, he will you will never ever have my sister back again. Then, when this statement came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an iron. The understanding of this area is chapter two verse 232. The meaning of the eye is that you should not wait either to look domani Safa. Bella, Nigella Hoon, if someone divorces his wife, and the time has come so basically the meaning is if the husband

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Or the ex husband wants to come back to the wife to the to the lady. And they're both okay with it then don't stop it from happening then what don't stop it from happening. Why am I sharing this with you? Because that's the hubby how you see the comments you mentioned you loser yeah look at you silly guy. I honored you respected you I gave you my one line no way I will accept that from you. You see that level? No way will lie. But when he heard the idea that was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that don't stop them. Then this man said what? Some manly Robbie Wha? I will obey Allah and of course his obedience to rasulillah salam from Madame hufa Carla was a widow

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crummock Yes, I will approve of this marriage. And they basically both sisters were okay to get married. So this point tears to show you the level of obedience emotions on the side when it comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emotions and desires and whims and all these things. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says something It's over. It's not negotiable. Look what Allah says womac Anneli mo Meenu Mina, it's not to be fitting is not an option. Any clear, black and white is not an option for a movement or a movement a male or female believing men or woman either on La solo who run a cornella hormone era to mean Emory him that when Allah and the Prophet of

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Allah, they mentioned a command, it's not an option for you to say I don't think it's good for me. I'm not gonna do it. Well, I have a difference of opinion. Let my theme no one will hear it because my str is not an option. You follow the said La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, it's a contract that you sign it's over. And this comes brothers and sister with the commands of the prophet SAW asylum. And what Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, and there's Barak ly there is Baraka when you hear and you obey Allah and His Prophet. Check this out. One time, there was a man his name is July beep, very famous companion, but his fame is for many reasons of them. of them.

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He's a great companion is that he wasn't perhaps the most handsome, the richest, any he wasn't he wouldn't be a man that you know the families would love for this man to come propose to their daughter. But one time brothers and sisters Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went to a family. Okay, mille Ansari, from the people who are residents in Medina. Then what happened? Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the widney epigenetic, allow your daughter

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allow your daughter to get into marriage. So that man the father of that lady thought that the one who's asking for the hand of the daughter is the prophesied seller. So the man the father said, Now I'm lucky Rama yada, so of course you want to you want the hand of my daughter for sure. No, no doubt in that. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, In needless to redo her enough, see, I'm not asking for her hand for me. Then the father said fairly Manero. So then for who? He says called a new July beep it is I'm asking her hand for July beep.

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So the father says Jaso Allah or shall we rule Omaha, let me consult with her mom Subhan Allah, that's how difficult it was for him to accept July beep. And also Latham is the one asking on the behalf of vigil as you can imagine the honor, so called ej JV. So then the husband goes to the wife. Now, they didn't speak to the daughter yet. So the daughter is not in the picture. So the father is speaking to the mother. So when the father went to the mother, he says Mohammed Allah is Southern same as asking for the hand of our daughter. So the mother says I kurama when it me What a beautiful Of course and why you're asking me this is not negotiable. Of course. Adam was silent. So the father

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says no, no, not is not asking for her hand for himself. In mid July beam. He's asking your hand for July beam. Do you know what the mother said? And I'm going to say exactly as the head it says.

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A July beep in me can you in me three times actually beat in me in nearly any Yeah, no way. You will naturally beep la la. I'm wrong. Land was a widow. No way we're lucky. No, no matter what happens? No way our hand our wife. Our daughter gets married to July beep. Now who heard this?

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That girl, the daughter, the one who the problem is asking your hand for July beep. Then she says a Taro Duna Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Umbra? The lady the young lady. She says are you

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turning down the Command and the request of the prophets of the law as a lump. It's ferroni no no no no you guys know step aside for in the whole land new the year and he will unmute a Yanni Rasul Allah will never, ever tell me to do something that will ruin me. Allahu Akbar, he will never tell me to do something that will go against me. He will never tell me to do something that will harm me. Even though it may not logically be clear. July be there's a lot of other great men. But July be the Prophet advise that I marry him Well, I will marry him. It ferrone No, don't stop between me and the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from tabula rasa Lila is asylums her father went

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to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and told him the Hydra shanaka behalf for the July beam. So he says to the pastor, let me know what Allah says. We agree and njb brothers and sisters got married to that lady they both got married and hamdulillah and one day a battle came hustla feugiat visa v de la and who participated in this battle. It was July de Baldy Allah who won and then brothers and sisters at the end of the battle. At the end of the battle, the prophet SAW said and asked health care dude I mean what are we missing any of the soldiers because after the battle people look for who of the soldiers are missing and passed away? cannula says no Yasser Allah we're not missing

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anyone. I think we have everybody we counted everyone who passed away who was alive this and that we found everyone out. So a lot. He says on neuro check, check. Are you sure you're not missing anyone? cannula. Then the prophet SAW Sam says like in the FPGA Julia Habiba, but I am missing July be he was with us. Where is he at? on the fourth floor? Whoo hoo. Phil Cutler. Go and look for him. Look, go and look for him. For Tara buffo Jeju Ella Jambi. sarbat in katella home if they found a beat that brought the Allah one around him seven of the kuffaar and the mushrikeen the disbelievers the enemies, he killed seven of them then eventually he got killed on the Allahu and so the prophets

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Allah wa sallam he was notified the Rasul Allah who that Illa Jambi Sebastian katella home, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam carried July beep Nam he carried you laid in the bed of July be where the arms of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, then the price alarm he buried July beep and guess what he said in a beautiful beautiful sentence Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he explains in a beautiful narration where he says had a mini war and I mean, me and JB are like one that's how close he was to the Prophet I sell them. And why am I sharing this with you in its length? Because the ending of it. The Hadith says brothers and sisters, that there was no lady from

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ansara no woman from an unfair unfair Caminha who was more blessed and giving in charity and doing good as much as that lady The one who accepted Jul beep let me reword The one who accepted the command or the request of the Prophet so Salam is either Baraka, though everybody would have been shocked why you got married to JB. But look at the Baraka she got married to a man whom the Prophet loves. She got married to a man who died as a Shaheed she got married to a man who will insha Allah intercede for her to go to Agenda Yes, because the martyr intercedes for 70 of his family members, obviously, the wife being of them all that honor and also Indonesia, she was one of the wealthiest

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of alonside in terms of giving in charity. This is the Baraka of listening to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And there's more than one letter so many stories to share with your brothers and sisters. And she want to share with you the last one here, the last one here, okay, it's a sentence. I will not go through the whole heavy but just a sentence Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a lady in which three men went to propose to her three men, okay. One of them being Osama is a de la de la one. So he explained when she was at, you know, she was wondering that sister the law, who should she get married to so the Prophet said, I encourage you to marry Osama. For Colorado

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asylum, though sama rhodiola was not the best in terms of maybe status, right? He said sallallahu wasallam say Salaam Salaam wa sallam he says ba to law. He worked Arturo Zhu Li hiren lucky. Well lie that Heidi if you just have it here, honey, I always always put in your mind. I'll translate I'll get I got you. recited him says obeying Allah and obeying the Prophet of Allah is higher, is higher for you. It's always good. I don't see it. I can see it but eventually you will see it in sha Allah. But you have to go and you surrender to Allah and the commands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters. I don't wanna take much of your time.

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It's a blessing. It's a blessing to talk about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who follow Him and see him in Yama. kmsc. I mean, and May Allah allow us to be his neighbor in general. I mean, I mean, this was the last group to share with you. And I pray to Allah to allow you of those whom Allah loves because you follow the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. May Allah bless you, may Allah protect you. May Allah make you have an wasini l with the cane. A sabreen al mutawa Killeen at our bien, el mcpa hearin al mutata hearin Alinea kaituna if he said he can no more source and would tell the interviewer rasulillah the followers of the Prophet

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alayhi salaatu wa Salaam desert mulherin It has been an honor to deliver the series I hope it was of benefit to all of you. May Allah bless you May Allah protect you

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