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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Let me start by sharing with you a beautiful dog which you and I should say when we are about to leave the house. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says either ha Raja Raja lumen Beatty, when a man or woman may leave their house, they should say Bismillah In the name of Allah, to kill to Allah, Allah. I trust Allah I depend on Allah I rely on Allah. Allah, Allah quwata illa Billah there's no change that will ever take place. And there's no power except that Allah is the source Allah subhanho wa Taala is one who provides that power and that change Bismillah devacurl to Allah Allah wa ala Hola, wala quwata illa Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, if someone does say that, it will be said to them like okay, what's the what if I say that what happens? Okay, I said, This Mila to acculturate Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, what happens? It will be said Who did you will be guided. So whatever you're going to fulfill some duties and tasks, you're going to a job you're going to do something who did Allah will guide you, worker fita Allah will suffice. You will cater Allah will protect you. Allahu Akbar, for the tena hallamshire in the Prophet as Adam said, when you say that there are the shaytaan kind of like, you know, he, he raises that white flag, he's like, I'm done. I'm done. I'm out. I'm out. But the tender

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Hello shouting, they are called alpha another devil tells that devil that was assigned to you a devil that was trying to ruin you. One devil tells the other devil Okay, if I look at the Rajat, how can you ever approach How can you ever influence or affect negatively a man or a woman who is guided? Who is sufficed and who is protected? So this is what I want to start with this beautiful job. Bismillah to acculturate Allah, Allah Hola, La quwata illa Billah and I think you're able to pick up which of the eight which of the 10 groups I'm talking about today. Your love Bismillah now, this is being live, so it's cool. People may not know what topic it is 10 groups Allah says he loves

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in the Koran. Okay, I want to test your knowledge of the Quran. We spoke about an mK 13 the Justin fear, then Al mazzini, the excellent people, I looked up in the religious people, the righteous people. Then we spoke about the well being those who are repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then we spoke about el mutata. Hearing the ones who purify themselves and Al Motta hearing, that's six, I forgot what was the seventh one we spoke about. But if we go to the eighth, which is tonight in sha Allah, what is that topic? Let me see if I can read some of your comments. Now. Marsha, a lot of article. Excellent, I believe one shot I got it. Al mutawa killing the ones who Allah Subhana says

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he loves are the ones who place their trust on Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, well, I would like to talk about a submarine does that Mullah? Yes, we spoke about a submarine that were the seventh group. And then the eighth one today is Alberto Killeen. If you're able to know nine and 10, Allahu Akbar, nine and 10 if you can know what's nine and 10, maybe the first one that gets it, but don't be busy now searching for it. Don't just focus with me in sha Allah, if you get nine and 10 maybe I should provide the $50 gift card in Sha one, nine and 10 All right, okay with smilla So, we want to talk about trusting Allah subhanaw taala we want to talk about how Allah says, Allah you hibou al

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mutawa kinin but before I brothers and sisters, I jump right at it. I want to make something very clear to you. I don't want to talk about trusting Allah subhanho wa Taala until I talk about a step you have to take first, one more time. I don't want to talk about trusting Allah subhanho wa Taala until I talk about a step first, what is that step which will learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is taking the means you have to put the effort you have to take the means and work so hard and as they say, hustle and grind and all these things. It's a prerequisite it's a requirement to be able to properly and accurately rely on Allah depend on Allah subhanho wa Taala

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let me give you a very simple example Okay, may Allah cure all those who are sick Sammy May Allah cure all those who are sick, but you don't just randomly if you have a sick child, okay? Or no? Forget the children. You okay? You're sick. You don't just randomly just go to Henry Ford hospital and then say you know what, I need this doctor right there because he's wearing that you know, white coat. And he looks like he knows he's wearing glasses. So most likely smart. Okay, stereotypes. I'm giving an example relax, right? And he has this thing Okay, you're gonna cure me Okay, gonna help me relieve the pain in my body. That doesn't make any sense. How can you depend on him? You don't

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depend on just like that. You have to take the measurements such as you search online duct doctors near

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mean that know about any throat pain, for example, or stomach pain? And then you study then you go online, you read the reviews, you take all these means yes or no, you ask your friends, you ask your family. This is what I'm going through. What do you suggest witch doctor, one, two and three, then after you take all these means, then you go to the doctor need rely on the doctor, then you depend on the doctor, he tells you take this pill, which is half yellow, half red, every eight hours and you have no clue why eight hours? Why not? Seven? Why not six and a half? But what's in that pill? Like, where is that color? Is the color going to be dissolved in my stomach? Yes, rely on the

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doctor. But that happens usually after you take all the measurements. And that's what I want to focus on. We want to do the measurements we take the means brothers and sisters, in this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. First of all, this hadith was classified a survey by Eman I'm a checker, but classified as the A from by reading my email, Bernie venturella will share the Hadith with you. And he is on Allahu alayhi wa sallam called avena Julian. So the price alone he judged in the case between two men. Some said it has to do with money. So one guy for example, he paid off a debt. But then the the people the guy who supposedly received the money, he said, I got

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no proof that he paid me the money. So he went to the product seller and he made this whole, you know, requesting judgment. Then when the price silent, he judged that because you have no receipt, you got no proof that you've done such and such, you paid back the right? You have no proof for that. So I'll have to give him the ruling as in you know what, you still owe him the money. So that man said the one who the judgment was against him, because he had no receipt, he said has to be a law. Whenever Milwaukee, Allah is sufficient for me, Allah will take care of me and he's so great at it. Okay, whenever I'm in work, he does a great trustee. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam says road do Allah urogen bring me back this guy, the one who said has to be Allah when I'm and Joaquin, Allah is it enough for me? I placed my trust in Allah. Bring me back this guy. So the process says mark, what did you just say? So the man said call to has to be Allah whenever they walk in, I said, also Allah, Allah, Allah is sufficient for me and he's a great one to trust. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in Allah Lumo Allah Allah jz Lakin la kabil case in the La Romana and as a last pan doesn't like those people that say has been alone and looking and they don't do anything, okay, you're supposed to like keep the documents you're supposed to take the

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means do your research, do whatever is necessary, then you say has to be Allah when I'm in working? Well, I like in any given case, you gotta be intelligent the past time said, you got to put the effort. You gotta think you know, put some energy there for either Rebecca. Um, then when you tried everything, hello, you're done. You're exhausted all your resources for coal has to be alone and working. Then you say, I trust Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah is enough for me. That's how it's supposed to be brothers and sisters. And we appreciate that and to share with you a hadith which is authentic of the prophets I send them that will very well explain that to you. He says hello and welcome that

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our Karuna Allah Allah Hakata akula if you guys really, really, really rely on Allah, and I trust Allah and you have this full understanding of it. La Raza comb camera Yasuko Allah will provide for you, Allah will take care of you. Just like how he takes care of the birds. What What does the process I mean, he explains, he says Tesla do humans are the birds they leave with empty stomachs. And the bird never just settles in the nest and just waits. You know who's gonna, who's gonna bring the food to me know what, no, the birds don't do that. You see them all over, though the electric wire that pull that city that that you see them in the highway all over the place, looking for food

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looking to live. So the professor says if you truly rely on Allah, He will provide for you Just like how he provides for the birds. So let's be like the birds and work hard and fly from one place to the other place and work as hard as possible. Then the Prophet says what will be your partner, the end of the day, the birds come back with full stomachs. So Allah will take care of you, but you need to really put the action and one very beautiful statement. Okay, let me ask you this quick question. Some people actually don't know though we have no adults and so on. It's fine. But the Gregorian calendar is based on what

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what do you mean the gurgling that Gregorian calendar is based on what this we are in the year 2021. Okay, what was the year one like? Well, what is that resembling? Right? They connect it whether it's true or not, but pretty much it connected with the birth of Isa, and he said, I'm correct. So the point being here, okay, Islamic calendar. What is it based on? Hmm, what is it based on their stomach?

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Calendar was, is it based on the birth of the province or seller? What do you guys think the hijiri calendar, we say today is Ramadan, the 21st Okay, well, based on what the year 1442 What do you come with that from? What was your one? It was not the birth of Rasul Allah. It wasn't. It was based on the integration, we say, hey, God, hey, JIRA integration of the process. That calendar was established when the prospect lamp was 50 years old. 53 years old. Right. And who established that calendar was Pablo de la know, when he wants to do an Islamic calendar Sonic based for the Muslims to follow? It was based on that. What is it come to tell you? I'm going to talk about the law. I

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know and when the scholars they looked at it, they said, this comes to show you that we are an oma based on action based on effort. The calendar is based on the day the president emigrated from Mecca and went to Medina it's not based on his birthday, right? Because the birth of an individual in general does not signify their greatest Oh, they're born Allah woke up he didn't do anything yet. It's all about the endings all about the hard work that we put so I'm going to talk about the law and who he didn't use that route of other religions. He used that route as in the first year in the Muslim calendar is that year the province awesome integrated allow me please brothers and sisters to

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talk a little bit about this because in from my understanding and learning about the SLM This is one of the greatest most best best examples okay can say most best, but one of the best examples of what does it mean to take the means Okay, you got an exam coming up? You got to lay that you want to do all these things. Look what he did LS No, sir. So also SLM is in Mecca. Okay. Then he got the revelation that now he needs to emigrate from Mecca and go all the way to Medina. Yeah. lebensmittel has to be alone. Mmm, okay. No, no, no, no, no, not just like that. You will even hear the process. I'm saying things and with him and Allah, that and that connection of relying and don't worry at the

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end at the complete and then you will see rasulillah as I said and he got the revelation you need to leave the house you need to go to where to Medina. So Mecca Mecca as a South Medina as North Alright, Rasul Allah, what does he do? Step one $200 steps he tells me I live in a toilet to sleep on the bed of the process. So if the enemies they look through like a keyhole or something and they see someone sleeping, thinking it's the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but in reality, it was who I live in Thailand. Okay, what else? Then he would go to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu where Abu Bakar has already prepared a vereins Rasul Allah as I said, when he left he covered his face every step of

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ibaka radi Allahu anhu he hired someone to clear the traces because now the prophet and abubaker they're not going to go north to Medina. They're going to go south to confuse the enemy. So they went south then abacha so this made sure that all the traces are cleared no footsteps apparent to the enemy. Okay, what happens? He woke us up. And also like I said, they plan things in a way that they don't go get the food they have someone specific to provide the food church such as a snack Binti, Rebecca rhodiola, Anna, then Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam along with abubaker. When they go south, they reach a mountain. Do they just hide behind the mountain? No, they climb the mountain,

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okay, to what extent all the way until they see a cave, and it's a very tiny cave, and he's still alive. He sort of Salah went inside their cave, the very likely that people at the bottom, when they look up, they will not find the profit advocate, even if they were not in the cave. So they could have just said, You know what, duck down? No, the prophet said, let's take that one step and go inside the cave. We're gonna sell different one narration, he told the Prophet I said, Look, don't go in. Let me check the cave first to make sure it's free from any harmful animals and so on. Then the plumber Selim walked in into that cave, then the son of a burqa Sadiq was the one who gives the

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news and the updates to the Prophet Abu Bakar. in that cave, he used to come at nighttime, Abdullah Abu Bakar. And he's telling them what's going on. Quraysh is searching for you guys. They went east, they went west, they went north and so on. He keeps giving them the update. did everything possible. Alright, fantastic and much more. By the way. After all that effort, the enemies of Islam, the haters of the prophets, Allah they did almost every single step, the Prophet sallallahu Assalam did. So if the Prophet did 10 Look how far they went. They searched everywhere. They went all the way down south, they reach the mountain, the the climate, yes, they climbed the mountain in one

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narration that says even the enemies of Allah Subhana Allah, they saw the waste the extra month of the animals, okay, the waste of an animal and they open up that waste May Allah protect us any an honor all of all of you. They went to see if what it ate and there's a seed of it.

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date which indicates someone passed by here like that's how far they were taking the means to capture the privacy Excellent. So now they did that they went south they climbed all the way to the mountain. Okay then they were right in front of the cave you see that the rats that have entered the cave have worked with so decree says Yasser Allah you ever saw Allah if one of these people just looks down just just looks down just like that. That's it. Nothing. No much energy. Not much effort. No necessary climbing just looks down. Laura. Anna? No, oh, sorry. Laura and I are also Allah. Here. Now, after all of that work. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told aboubaker Sadiq Yeah,

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Baba Luca his name Allah who studied Homer. Yeah, boubakeur. What do you think? What do you expect with two people whom Allah is the third? Hello is Allah is with us. That's it. We did everything we can. Every thing a human possible. You can be done. We've done it. Halas. Allah says, Allah will Allah say in lattanzio roho. Allah, Allah says to the believers, if you don't want to defend your Prophet, if you want to protect and honor Mohammed Salim for goodness Allahu Allah, Allah already took care of that you guys. Allah says wickedness Allah Allah is Raja Medina cafaro when the disbelievers they pushed Rasul out of Mecca, then yes name illuma field. Allah says when the two

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people were in the cave, okay in the early sahibi, in latter has an in Allah Manor, Allah so Allah was telling them a book of Sadiq, Lata hasn't Don't be sad, don't be worried, Allah is with us. Can you imagine this conversation taking place in the cave? But how was a possible Mohammed asylum? Was this calm or relaxed? Why did he say that? Because he did everything. And look at the next is the ends of the lowest key netta who I Li Allah says, We brought down what Sakina peace, comfort relaxation, even though the enemies around circulating the cave Sakina totally what I hear there will be genuine love. And Allah brought soldiers to Mohammed and ibaka subject in a way that you

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don't see it. And guess what? The disbelievers when this much. So can Allah Allah blinded them from entering the cave and seeing them so asylum and ibaka Sadiq and they went down as losers May Allah protect us I mean hon Allah mean so here I really want to focus on though I want to talk about our killing the ones who rely on Allah, but a big part of that meaning is us putting that means put taking these actions may Allah protect you all and grant us all gender amenable alanine. So now with that being said brothers and sisters, let me now talk about the area where Allah says he loves and without killing. Yes, yes, taqwa is mentioned across the Quran nom, but only one time. Allah says he

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loves Muto killing and it's such an honor such an honor that Allah loves them. Okay, what's the if anybody knows that if

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you guys know which is is it? You want me to help you? Okay, I'll tell you what Surah Surah le Emraan yalova is

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help us out okay. I in regards to something after or around the battle have offered you let me tell you that I Allah in the Quran fathima met him in Allah healing tell him Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling Mohammed Salah, you see this leniency that you have this gentleness this kindness, the character the process? You see how is it like that? This is from the Rockman of Allah fathima matin Mina, Lionel intellia home okay, now, let me give you some context here. The Sahaba Allah Allah May Allah be pleased by them after the Battle of our heart, it was clear that the group have disobeyed Allah and His Prophet SAW Salem and that was the cause of a severe defeat to the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam so here the problem is still showing good character Okay, so Allah says Willow Quinta fervent believer. Oh Mohammed. If you were cruel, if you are hard hearted, okay, you had no mercy you know Rama l'enfant Doom in Holic, the companions, they would go away from you, they would run away from you. Can you imagine this is very important point I don't want to you want to skip it. Just say that I and move on. Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying to Mohammed sallallahu sallam, the one who says nothing but the truth, nothing but what but the truth. He says if you say the truth is in a very, like, mean way, very harsh way that people are Sahaba the greatest generation the

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greatest people will run away from you. Then what about you and I? When we speak harshly with not full truth to someone who's not even close to the Sahaba? How will people be right? So when we try to address people, right the man in general sense and Allah

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Allah knows well, when someone may be angry and so on, like Ebola whose job is so called 11 or volume right? But in this situation here then for them and how they would go out run away from you. So I know many times you tried to tell your friend Your brother, son, daughter, colleague, a this is right or this is wrong and you are right. What you're saying is great, but the way you're saying it is wrong. So because the way you're saying it is wrong, and makes the one listening to you just want to run away from you. I don't want to hear you. Yeah, this is the heart. This is the truth, and you smell this is the truth. Waldo is also a must set it in that way. Allah said if he said it with

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cruelty and harshness like that lung fog, no matter how many they would go away from the Mohammed Salah Salem, the prophet of Allah, then what about us being gentle being understanding? So then Allah subhanaw taala says three things for Kenya, Mohammed Salah Salem, forgive them, let's have number two was still feel alone and ask Allah to forgive them. Okay, see that two things so you forgive them, then you ask Allah to forgive them? Once all that is cleared up? What shall we do home filum. Allah is emphasizing the step three is consult with the Sahaba and you have to realize something about consultation. Do you guys know that's what I heard. What made the process leave

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Medina like one of the reasons because processes when the prefer Christ, they want to attack the Muslims. The plan for asylum was to fight Christ in Medina, like in the streets, like local, like a local battle, okay. But the young men who did not participate in better the previous battle, they said, they said no, we want to go, we wanna we want to go all out, we want to go all out. So then was actually when he consulted with the youngsters and so on, and they pushed for it. And also, as I'm shared with him a dream and his dream. And his idea is that you know that it seems best to stay in Medina and going outside, maybe a little bit difficult difficulty will take place. So the

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process, I took their advice. Now I'm Ross Ross and took them naziha. Then he wore his body armor, and then the elders in the community. They went to the youngsters, they said, You clearly did not see the progress. Assalam did not want to leave Medina to fight in the open field. He wanted to fight them locally in the streets, but you guys kind of pressured him. So then when the prosthetic came back, they said, Oh, Allah, you know, it was very sorry about that. We'll take it back. Hello, we will fight in Medina. We will not need to leave and fight in the open doors and sort of Sam says no, no, no, no. He says Matt Kennedy nibi. When the Prophet he sets up that you know what the body

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armor and so on, that's it. We're all in for either as MTA or shall consult, then Allah says for either as emptor when you made the decision, you consulted, you took the advice, you did all of that. But what can Allah then place your trust in Allah you see that? You might think oh, oh, that's a very difficult thing to happen. It was bad. Yeah, he trust Allah that because greatness came after it. A lot of high end came after it. Either as empty fatawa Allah Allah in Allah you hibou Tolkien, there was the only iron the Quran. Allah says I love those who trust Allah. Allah says he loves those who trust him. So here brothers and sisters, wish I would have advice, advise one another

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because it shows what there's a very famous statement. Some people by the way, they say it's a hadith. I really tried to research it today. And I did not find it to be a Hadith of the Prophet lamp, though the meaning is right. He says man marhaba minister Shah, like the one who consults with others. You will never be disappointed because you trust you as people of knowledge people who love you, people who want the best for you, and you will not be let down even if the consequences were a bit harsh and difficult, but you took the means it doesn't matter what can Allah place your trust in Allah? Allah says in Allah Hebrew motto killing Allah loves those who trust Him. May Allah make you

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and I have him in Robben Island in all of our I said right now or the majority of this session is about taking the means now and politicking the means is to Shara consulting with people right? Oh, it's only no heavy. It's not you just in this earth. Okay, many decisions you make in life affects your wife. If you're the wife, it affects your husband affects your kids. Oh, it's between me and no no heavy. Please don't give this attitude of sometimes a little bit. Coming as arrogant and so on. Or maybe ignorant you did not know I'm just sharing this with you. Many decisions in life that we do affects those around us. So it's very important to consult and even even if it only affects you,

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only you still Allah says Watch out and get out. Okay, just take advice from people. You're going to med school. Okay. Ask the doctors that went through that process that went to the Caribbean right to go overseas for medical school, for whatever reason, type What did you do just shower, take some nausea, some advice, so you can minimize the number of mistakes that you and I may commit. Alright, so once we take them

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And part of it is consulting with people. Now we rely on Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now here he did your Google Search right Allah semestre examples as you can cliche, he did the research and then you find that Allah is the Greatest entity to trust, right more than the doctor more than anything. By now you go to Allah granted nothing not to go to the doctor but here I'm coming in sha Allah. Let me tell you a lot qualifications Allah capabilities to see now after your research, reading, understanding you put the effort you put the energy, and now you want to depend on someone who will execute that plan for you, as mTOR fed our Corolla by Allah Subhana. Allah says, Allah,

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Allah showing you how powerful he is, okay, tell me sounds like a deal to depend on him to rely on him. Yeah, let's see. Allah says, I know the unseen in the summer What? Well, out of everything that happens on Earth, what happens right now in the Amazon River, okay in Brazil, and what's happening right now next to the Nile River. And what's happening right now next to the Dead Sea. And that leaf that fell in Scotland and that and that is walking in South Africa. Allah knows that all okay? We're in a euro jell o Morocco and everything returns back to me Allah for Abu so Allah says so worship Allah what tell what kill Allah trust him. trust him. What's the matter? The one who knows

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everything like that he is he not worthy to be trusted? Look what Allah says now showing you the power of Allah. tala Rob Robin Masha, Allah said, I'm the Lord of the East. When MOTHER OF THE LORD OF THE WEST, where's your problem? What city what country? What location is Allah is the Lord of the east west. Allah is the Lord of the West, La Ilaha Illa, who there's no deity worthy of worship, but Allah, The Hebrew word keila Allah is telling you after showing you His power, look to it saying Trust me, I will take care of you I got you. But you need to take the means. You need to consult you need to study need to take the ASVAB Look at this. Look at this beautiful and this is actually one

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of my favorite person and they're all beautiful. Allah says what what kill Allah Hi, Lady Leia mode. Allah says trust the one who is all living and will never die. You know why? It is so so powerful? Because many times you Subhana Allah and human being you Wait, you're worried about your kids? Right? Are you worried about the future? Especially after you die? Like what will happen? The fitness continued to get worse technology social media, what will happen? Your law my kids Yup. And you cry and some people do not want to have kids because what happens in the future and if I leave this dunya but how will they end up being Allah says whatever call lol ha you will die but Allah

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will not die. Allah says trust the one that will always be alive. So if Allah would you tell you and tell me magic Matata use of sada Khadija you know what you will never die okay you will be alive till Yama piano Do you now feel confident and you will rely on yourself that your kids will be great. Now that you will live forever now. So Pamela so what what can I learn hi Ella Delia mood and Allah will take care. He has a low take care of you your children inshallah, would you get that from? Do you remember a little calf sort of gap? Yes. So the gap, the two orphans, two orphans when their dad passed away. And then there were there was a treasure hidden under the wall of that belong

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to the two orphans. But Allah did not expose the treasure to the two orphans until they became a lot older. Because the city they lived in a group of stingy people. If they saw the treasure of the two orphans, they would have taken over. Right, they would have taken over that treasure and they will never give it to the orphans. So Allah delayed the risk delay the risk until the two orphans what happened to them brothers and sisters. Yeah, blue Whoa, I should DOMA until they became strong. Well, yes, definitely Jacques Anza, Houma and then they find the treasure rahmatan. Moravec the Why did Allah preserve that? Why did Allah protect the two orphans all these decades? Why do you

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remember? What can abou Masada? What can abou masala their father was a righteous man. And because of the Baraka of the righteousness of the the how much of a soil he was a lot protected him and his children with the word collateral Hey, a lady lion with this man, trusted Allah with his children, after he passed away that Allah will take care of them. Brothers and sisters, the last one to display a less power. Look what Allah says. Allah who highly cuckoo Alicia, beautiful Allah Akbar. Allah created everything. You know why it's so nice. Allah says, whoa, whoa, whoa, Allah coolessay in Joaquin, you can trust me with everything. When Allah tells you I created everything. This means

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you can trust me with anything. You don't go. I mentioned this before you don't go to a mechanic until May

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Sir, I have a quick question. And the mechanic guy comes in his old grease is like, My stomach hurts. The mechanic will tell you crazy or go to the doctor or the hospital. Right? If you go to the doctor in the hospital, it will. Oh, Doctor, I have a quick question. You know, I'm driving this truck here and there's some noise coming from the engine. The dash will tell you, okay, you go to the mechanic. But what's amazing about Allah Jalla Jalla No, he says Aloha. kukuli Shea, Allah created everything. So whatever your problem is, your body, your car, your emotions, your family, school, anything. Estella Yama, Yama dunya Allah, Who allocation will kill trust me with everything.

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This is what Allah subhanaw taala his brothers and sisters and that's how we rely on Allah. And that's when you when you're hulless your back is against the wall. You know, I did everything I can. And when you say has Viola who didn't work here, well law he, Allah will never disappoint you. And I challenge anyone watching. I challenge anyone listening to tell me that I did everything rather I did everything. And then I relied on Allah and Allah disappointed me. I challenge you. This confidence. Yes, this confident because Allah Subhana Allah is showing us extreme examples of people that he saved them. Like Ibrahim Ali Salaam, blame Ali Salaam. He gave the dour. He advised the

00:31:25--> 00:32:11

people he did everything he can. Then they tied him. He tied his hands, they tied his legs. Then they tried to throw him Ibrahim and insulin into the fire. And we know from an authentic hadith as Ibrahim alayhis salam was being headed towards the fire. What did he say? He said has to be Allahu enamelware key because there's nothing he can do. I'm I'm flying into that fire. I'm all tied up has to be alone. Mmm. Okay, and what did Allah do as a result? Allah subhanho wa Taala says kwinana Allah told the fire by Allah could have made that rain, but it would have not been as miraculous as the following. You can Dianna Cooney Borden fire be cool and not hot. Was allameh but peaceful

00:32:11--> 00:32:35

because I don't want it to be too cold that is freezing. No burden whatsoever. Okay, if we stopped here, then every fire in the world will be cool and peaceful. No, I like Ibrahim just on Ibrahim. And that fire brothers and sisters did not burn it. But I'm not saying as you know clearly, but this is an example of has to be alone and working. And I want to I want to remind you of something. Do not say oh he's a prophet now with the last.

00:32:36--> 00:33:17

What can I No, no, no, don't say that. Well, he's a prophet. No. And Allah gave us the story. And also Allah gave us this hadith about the drought. He said, and there's no benefit for us. No, it's not about who was it done for? It's about who did it. Allah Jalla Jalla Allah He did it to Abraham, he can do it to you he can do it to me, Allah he can. Allah and Hayley de la moda are living. So you have this attitude brothers and sisters, let me end in sha Allah with a couple points in the last panel to Allah. Part of the the thing that can combine that consulting with the people is now the consulting with Allah subhanaw taala consulting with Allah. Yes. When you say the word istikhara. I

00:33:17--> 00:33:58

just want to mention I think it's a very important part to share with you the understanding of SDR, SDR brothers and sisters, how is it utilized and how is it applied? And how do we understand the actual results? Well, so let's say lambda Sahaba said canon maybe you Salalah said and you alumina is the holotype, ohmori kuliah kasatkina Quran, he Allah usato Salah, you should teach us the companions, the importance of the Hara, very important as if like he was so is showing importance of the DA, just like how he shows the importance of learning the Quran. Okay, and this draw, I strongly encourage you to make sure you memorize it. alumnus Tinkerbell myka was karateka till the end of the

00:33:58--> 00:34:37

day. So how do you approach is the harder usually it's the harder comes when you have a choice, a decision you have to make. So let me give a quick example. All right. What's the decision? Let's say buying a car. Alright, what's the what's what's, what's your problem here? Or what's your confusion? I really really like the Honda Civic and I really like that you're a Corolla by Machado. varkala but I'm not sure which one to get by. Hmm, okay, what's the matter here? I need a lot help. Okay, first of all, did you do St. Shara? Did you consult with the people? Did you read the review? Did you do this? Yeah, brother. I did that. I handled that I'm all set. Okay, now um, I know narrowed it down

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

to these two vehicles. That's it. Right? Which one? Are you slightly leaning more towards? Oh, well, it's almost the same 0.001 and if you had just a little bit tiny bit, and if it's just the hairline, maybe slightly, maybe the Corolla, for example, Toyota Corolla as an example. Alright, there's no advertisement. I'm not being paid for this. Okay. So

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Then this man who is slightly leaning just a little bit but not comfortable yet I'm still confused towards the Corolla for example, he goes praises the harder to look at at the end of the Salah. Okay and one understanding right before a semi Allah assert a lot before that. He says that the alumnus the helical barrel maker was chaotic. Then there's two parts to it. Aloma and Quinta Talon Oh Allah if you know if you know in me buying What do you say the car that you're slightly leaning more towards? on life you see that me buying if you know that me purchasing that vehicle that you're a coral or someone is good for me in my Deen and my dunya they make it possible and if you see and you

00:35:44--> 00:36:26

know your Allah that buying that vehicle is bad for me in my dandona then move it away from me and give me something better and maybe the Honda Civic right that something better as an example though keyboard I said that do i do i wait for a dream luck. There's nothing that we are aware of that the dreams are the responses of this. Alright, so Okay, what do I do I met a DA I said Sarah dolla dolla. Then what? Then you proceed with the purchasing of that hairline? leaning more towards that you're a Corolla, for example. You go to that dealership, and you go purchase that car. If everything goes smooth and you got that car then that is what's best for you. If you go there, and

00:36:26--> 00:37:03

he tells you oh the car you were looking yesterday into we actually just sold it right then you're like Alhamdulillah Dini head head towards the other dealership. You see I'm saying? So you proceed towards that thing that you're slightly leaning more towards? You're confused between to go towards one and then see how Allah Subhana Allah guides you from there. This is an example of the understanding of the istikhara May Allah allow you to be Remember to remember to use St. Shara consulting with the people and istikhara consulting with Allah subhanho wa Taala Lastly, brothers and sisters, one of the greatest things about relying on Allah is not just dunya I said car I said

00:37:03--> 00:37:45

doctor, I said mechanic, I said school I said medical school in the Caribbean. I said all that stuff, but there is reliance on Allah. To take us to Jenna to take us where to Jenna and that's the ultimate reliance as well. So Assam says Allah Allah to kill need NFC therfor time Allah never make me dependent not even for a blink of an eye. I need you a lot like every split of a second I want Allah that's Rasul Allah I'm saying that. And here brothers and sisters, I'll end with this. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Haha, this is the end the last Hadith and story. He went to the Sahaba when he said to them, only that Allah yellowman the nations we're all presented to me

00:37:45--> 00:38:35

for jala Maroon Navy uma Rajan. Then on Yom Okayama a man will come or the prophet will come along with one men so some time I'm not a prophet was sent to a city or a country. Only one man believed in him. When Nabi Omar Rajan and another prophet comes with two people, okay, and another prophet comes with more people. Then he says I saw a large group, okay along with a prophet said that offer amazing cover the horizon. Then he said, I hope that was me. I really wish that's my oma. So then it was said to the President, no, this is how the Moosa wha como This is Moosa and his nation, then it was told to the price and lamp on the look at that direction. Look at the other side for it. So why

00:38:35--> 00:39:20

didn't come here on I saw even more number, even a bigger crowd than the one I just saw right now. He says, it was set to him how ole mattock, this is your own mother huge gathering is your oma amongst that big gathering ready? amongst the huge gathering. Now home set buena alfen a total agenda today 70,000 of that huge gathering goes to Jana, without any questioning without any judgment in the sense of, you know, back and forth, taking the time distress, nothing. And that's By the way, brothers sisters. That's the highest level of reward level tm, this is the highest it ever reaches, is you go to general the radio is up. So then the people after the president, he said this

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

story, he finished, people left had went home did their work and so on. Then the Sahaba gathered without the processor. And they were talking about who are these 70 people? So the problem is that Lem says, What are you guys talking about? What's what he has there was a discussion for C says he had also a lot we were talking about the 70,000 people who are the so Rosalyn wants to hear from them. Okay, who do you think they are? Amanda? No, no, if he shook the Sahaba said, we were born disbelievers. Like we were raised teenager I reached puberty and I was a machinic Catholic and so on. And then I became a Muslim

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

So I don't think it's us probably 70,000 are people who were born Muslim they have always been Muslim. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters. He tells them No, that's not it. There's four qualities about these people, human levena, Lionel to your own. These people are the ones that never seek bad omens. Okay, they don't believe in bad omens while I start going, and they do not what they do not ask people to do Rukia over them. They don't ask people to do Rokia over them. And then number three, while I act alone, they don't do something called a colorization and number four, why are Benito cologne they place their trust in Allah subhanho wa

00:40:39--> 00:41:19

Taala that's the four qualities that they had. May Allah subhanaw taala allow you an eye to be of those who fulfill these four brothers and sisters really is not haram but asking people to do it okay for you is also not haram but to be in that group. You don't ask them for it, but you do it for on your own. And if they offer you Yeah, you can accept it. Rasul Allah saw Selim, he says first visit Toby is Allah for more, I want more than 70,000 for that any Morocco. Kula hadn't said any alpha he gave me for everyone. 70,000 so the total that a lot of spots is 4.9 billion spots that can be going to Jenna without questioning or punishment. May Allah Allah unite to be of them. I mean,

00:41:19--> 00:41:24

there'll be alameen bozak we're looking for your patients was Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh