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The success of marriage and the life of a couple are highlighted as the three pillars of gratitude. Grants can be difficult to convey intentions, but it is important to show gratitude towards people for their success. Research shows that one of the strongest factors in happiness is the level of gratitude shown to a spouse. The importance of gratitude towards others is also emphasized. Grants can be difficult to convey intentions, but it is important to show gratitude towards action and family members for their good behavior.

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brothers and sisters when it comes to soccer, there are three pillars to it. Number one, you have to internally feel the

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number two you have to verbally stated or say thank you. Number three, you have to put that physical number into action within that mental physical, is that clear? So, sometimes I'm not sure how it is here. But sometimes when you go to the supermarket, or Walmart if you know Walmart,

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so then they give you like a bag, and like thank you.

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And their faces are completely normal. We cannot judge people's intentions. But sometimes Someone may say thank you, but not from the

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heart, right? No, that's not sugar. Allah would not perhaps accept that it has to come from the heart, verbally express it, and if you can put it into action, is that clear? And those are the main pillars. So this being said, brothers and sisters, how is your gratitude to the creator and to the creation? Because a lot Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said every time you say what some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the one who does not thank the people has not thanked Allah. So did you guys think the volunteers? Maybe they relate a little bit? Some of them? Maybe? What do you think? What are the speakers? Overall? Did you ever for example, someone that did any good dude, were you

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thankful towards them? Maybe someone were about to sit by your seat. You had your jacket? So you picked it up? Did you tell them thank you when they did that for you? Or you felt entitled for that seat? How do you feel when someone told you you know what? No, you go You go ahead. No, it's fine. You go first. You tell them thank you or you felt that? Yeah, I'm deserving of this. The one who opened the door for you didn't tell them. Thank you. This is the size of the believer. May Allah make us grateful to the creation to the creation and to the Creator. I mean, no, but I mean, with this being said brothers and sisters, are you grateful towards your spouse? That's, you know, like,

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brother, we're not married, by the way is a quick question. Who here is

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And who here is not married?

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Okay, there's some did not raise their hand. Is it like undercover?

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Like, no one knows about this. Okay.

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Take the advice of marriage. Even if you're not married me. Allah bless you all with righteous spouse say I mean, Brother, you said you said you were married. Didn't you raised your hand? He said, I mean, again, you want one more?

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I'll get you in trouble. May Allah protect the center of it. I mean, so the point being one time I one of my teachers, my brother, Tim Tim, very excited. He said, Shay, I just had a newborn baby this week. And I want to begin from today, I will not procrastinate. I want to educate my son and teach my son ways to for him to be the leader of the oma that she has told him you are late, is actually let me clarify I got the baby this week is like I'm clarifying you're late, is like what do you mean? He's like you begin raising your children before getting married by picking the right spouse along. So it's something to appreciate. So what I'm saying is that there's a research about being

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grateful to your spouse, it's out of the Gottman Institute out of Washington. It says that the number one predictor of success in marriage, number one predictor in success in marriage is the level of gratitude you show to your spouse, Allahu Akbar.

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So they say research have shown and I purposely use secular knowledge to benefit there's no harm and inshallah

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they say that if you're able to be grateful towards five things every time you remember one bad thing of your spouse. If you're able to do that one to five ratio, then that chances of you having a successful marriage is 90%. Lower. But what's even more amazing, all this put together is the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this before that research, he said truck last minute Mina, a believing man should not hate the believing woman that his wife why the Prophet says in Carrie Harmon how Hulu if you dislike something about your spouse, or the I mean ha ha remember another good thing she's done so that profit reduces to one to one ratio a lot.

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You have to appreciate that's how the life you have to be living brothers and sisters. You know, what about your gratitude to your parents? How grateful are you to your mother You might not recognize but the sleepless nights she had when she was pregnant with you.

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In your father, you know, struggling

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and then when even you when you were born, your mother had to breastfeed you need even more of her nutrition from your own energy. are you grateful towards that?

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Allah reminds you will lie with all frankness amongst the most people who are ungrateful towards in our lives, our parents, there's no adult in that. And you have to also all realize that you will never be grateful enough to your parents. The two entities that you might never be grateful towards in your existence is a law and then your parents, you have to appreciate that a lot on what was slain in Santa bhiwadi de Haan Allah to

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Allah Wa, what we saw do houfy

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any school need me when you ollie the Li el masih. Allah says Be grateful to me and your parents that are lemma says, Therefore if you're not grateful to your parents, you're not grateful to Allah done deal. There's no negotiation right there, Allahu Akbar. If the only thing your parents have done to you, the only good thing is the fact that you exist, that's enough of a reason for you to thank them for the rest of your life. I'm not saying raising you. I'm not saying standing on you. I'm talking even at least specifically towards the mother. The moment she delivered you will lie It's enough that the fact She's the reason that you say La la la la today that you know about Allah

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subhanho wa Taala something to truly appreciate. And there's a lot of benefits when you're grateful towards people research have proven that one of the strongest factor that increases your happiness is the amount of gratitude that you show.

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Researchers have shown that when you want to give naziha advice to someone if you begin with appreciating the good qualities they have that chances of your Nazi having accepted increases. Research have shown that when you are showing gratitude to a person for a good they've done towards you, that chances of them doing the good again increases Allahu Akbar, you have to verbalize that brothers and sisters and internalize and put into action. Sometimes literally, you have to sit in the corner in your car in your room and just think the good that people have done towards you. Isn't that right? You have to just ponder and think the good that happens. What they've done to you and

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sometimes you have to overlook the mess ups that they've done in your life be just

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don't just have one thing ruined everything. May Allah forgive us. I mean, nobody I mean, and verbalize it. Yes verbalize it, you might say, but they know I love them.

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They know. I'm appreciative. No, Say it Say thank you just Hello here on Shukria wherever you name it. You have to verbalize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mansoni ie lazy maruf whoever received any good from a person than what the prophet said? The quality fair any jazak Allahu hiera Abdullah Sena if you say jack Hello Kevin you have fulfilled the return of the favor upon you that you received from the one who then good to you like about so have it continuously saying just like hello hi Ron. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with one of the Sahaba the Sahaba said yet also like you see this man I love him. The Prophet said did you tell him he expressed that?

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He said no these are alum who go tell him so the brother went to him and said oh hey Booker fella I love it for Allah sake. Then this man responded have Becca lady Neela

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and with this being said on the tree tell you all that I love you all for Allah sake truly we asked the panelists to make that love as means for all of us to go to Jenna I mean Robin alameen and feel free to love me back it's optional okay

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so with that being said really verbalize it send a text message I allow you to use your phones it's okay no problem. Text Baba I love you he will ask you why

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is like what's going on? And if they asked you that if your friend Your brother your sister you say I love you. Thank you. And the question why this shows that you love gratitude let's be frank most likely because if you're continuously thankful, they will not find it strange when you thank them correct? Correct. So make it as a habit. It will be awkward trust me a few days will be very awkward. But once you get used to it, you will benefit more than the ones who received the thank you May Allah make us grateful let me know but I mean, and the highest levels of gratitude is when you put it into action.

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So for example, my uncle brought me this for my aim when I got married

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and May Allah bless our marriages I got rejected six times my love for forgive us but they all regret now by the way no no no la la la la la no no no not handle me Allah bless them all but their marriages. So one of the best ways to thank my uncle for the watch is when I walked him I'm like, I mean how are you and I wear the watch in front of me is like on the cover you I mean, everything is good. So he sees the watch he gives given me that's the best way to say thank you. So Pamela you have to appreciate that. Remember to make that blessing. What

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a parent correct Nikki a parent to hoorah Nima Tiana, may Allah make make us have that level? Let me know but I mean, but you might say I see

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Many times people have done good to me but it's very difficult on me to return the favor, correct? Correct or not correct. Your prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives you a method to return the favor, even if you physically cannot. He said men utter la Camarota for coffee. Whoever has done good to you then return the favor. Then he says in Ted, you do and if you're unable to return the favor, said rula, who had an katha then continues to make dua for them until you feel you have sufficed the favor they've done to you. Allahu Akbar. So always make dua for those of them with you, this will reward you, Allah will increase you with that Nam and more and more and more and more

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Allahu Akbar. So May Allah make us following that soon as he I mean, question, will you ever reached a level where you make dua to your parents and you say, Okay, that's enough, I believe hamdulillah never correct to continue making drugs for them even after their death. Allahu Akbar, Allah make us righteous to our parents. I mean, nobody I mean,

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