Karim Abuzaid – Hajj: A Legacy of A Man

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and implementation of the new law in South Africa, including the use of the "one act" concept, the implementation of the Hichto course, and the use of "one act" concept. The speakers emphasize the importance of being truthful and being a successful man, as well as educating children on Islam. The conversation also touches on the difficulties of dealing with schools and the importance of being truthful. The segment ends with a discussion of a woman who spoke about her desire for children and her desire to have children, as well as her desire to have children and her desire to have children. The speakers also mention upcoming events and a new brand for Muslims.
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wanna start so

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when we let him in Cerulean fusina wanting to Marina

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Maja de la la la

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la man yo lil fella ha de la

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y shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa who la sharika

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wash Mohammedan Abu rasuluh

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Latina, Taka Maha tokachi wala camuto

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on to Muslim Moon.

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Yeah Johan Taku Taku lady holla akumina

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wahala coming

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humare Jalan Cassie

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Taku la levitas una de la

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in LA haka. Nani Kumar Atiba. Yeah. Johan Latina, de la Haku Colin de de

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la cama con, while lukou bircham

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illa Huwa Rasulullah hufa de

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la Vina

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for Ignace de calama barrhaven Huggy Huggy Mohamed Salah mavala you and He will send them

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to her wakulla defecting bidda wakulla dokkan Walla Walla Walla, Anakin thing now,

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brothers and sisters in Islam as we approach, the season of Hug

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And A reminder that the whole package of had

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the whole set of rituals, which almost four to 5 million Muslims go to perform. Every is walk in the footsteps of one man, so cannot be one man.

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The legacy of one man, Ibrahim alayhis salam,

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but allow me to get into the subject from a little intro here which is in a way educational to all of us, but I will go back

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back to that subject insha Allah

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you know the the for you to understand the Quran

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for you to understand the Quran properly

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and for you not to take a verse out of context

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the scholars developed certain sciences or loom

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sunnova luperon, the sciences of the haoran

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so for you to explain the Quran or understand the Quran, you have at least to touch some of the sciences Take for example, knowing the Sierra

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because the Quran was revealed in 23 years.

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And there are circumstances surrounding the verses when they come down, knowing the Hadees which sometimes explained the Quran,

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knowing Nassif Wolman soon, the abrogated versus the abrogating versus knowing and McKee will madonie. So all of these are sciences, which a student of knowledge Runa, explained the foreign must touch and must become acquainted with one of these neglected sciences,

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a science called a moon assabet. And quite frankly, I try to look for some Google translation for the words. But basically what it says is Manasa that is, what is the relationship why this verse came after this verse? Why the surah came after the fool

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is the connection between the source the connection between the IRS

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and one of the people who excelled in this field. Ignore Larrabee not Arabi. There is a big difference between ignore Robbie, that's another one ignore, ignore Maliki blobby, Elina, Mazziotti and so forth. But the knowledge of this is is confused. Why? I'll mention one reason but I want to give you an example.

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For example, in Surah Fatiha when you say, Idina Scirocco mustafi

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you're asking Allah subhana wa tada to guide you

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comes in Baccarat le flair mean their lyrical key tabula rasa fi right here

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that shows you the the connection and that relevance it shows you that data canavalia This is the speech of Allah, every word there must be a wisdom behind it. The ending of the surah Look, look for example, look

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at the law

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of non Houma, Lu America, say US law now.

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One more to Hamilton tub, Fiji, the hot blue method imagine

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an enemy of Islam.

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He is alive

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and he is fighting Islam with all what he can.

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And allottee reveals a whole chapter

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saying that you will die as a calf and you will go to * fight.

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Think about it. Would it have been a successful strategy out of her book courtesy to say okay, you said that I'm gonna die as a gaffer, you know, up out of shadow Laila. Your Quran is no good.

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Look the surah that comes after it. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah controls his heart. He can he will not do this. I know that he will not do this.

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When you read that science brothers and sisters, it's out of this world it and sometimes one of the most amazing is the connection between the chapters.

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But here is what

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got the schoolers

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hesitant to address the subject

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is the question

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is the order of the most half hour TV?

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What do you mean the order of the most?

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The way that we have the most hot right now begins with the fact that they will darker than Li Milan denisa they will

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they will

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they will unfair the law is is that something that the Prophet was instructed to boarded in this way? Or was it something that

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people came up with?

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For you to understand the answer to this question. The Quran has two orders

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one order pertaining to their descendants

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for example, isn't that the first chapter in the Quran where it is in the Muslim

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will go from right to left not from left to right right what is it

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but it was was

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not best when he played behind the prophets Allah subhanaw taala Muslim he sets alight to * for rasulillah bla bla bla bla So tip number one of the two one of the belief he said that there have been Bukhara historical Baccarat

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then I said he's gonna

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if data had been nice

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then fast data heavy earlier and moron but if you look at the order, it isn't

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so why in the Quran was coming down the order was not done yet. When the Quran was completed

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jebra de la de Salam came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the last year he reviewed with him the Koran twice and he instructed him to place the Quran in that order.

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So towards the end because we know the Quran was revealed in 23 years there is no way you can arrange it while it is being revealed

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because it was revealed in portions now

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this is where the so called orientalist there is a something that they confuse the Muslims with. Oh, look at us man. Man burn the Masai if you told me the Quran escaped didn't have men burn the Masai it's true of men burn the massage but which massage if you see the Sahaba the companions had each one of them had his own personal edition

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not in the order not in the final order so he decided that I'm gonna burn every must have that does not have the final

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you're getting there. So that's that's this but they come to a Muslim who doesn't know that history and he doesn't know why of mandate this. And they're the karate man burn the Quran. Of course we have the Hsiao. So they use this, as you know, they use it as actually one of them. It was triggered by them, triggered by them just to

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shed the older stokey because how are you gonna talk about the relationship between Al Baqarah and Allah and Ron, if they are not good together, there is no instruction. If it is something is too hard, then there is and that's what boosts a lot of this color is back not to address the subject in abundance. Let me go back here. Let's take for example, something that is related to a subject I'm about to talk about today.

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Look at the very ending authorities gaff.

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the very end the last thing that you say in South Africa What do you say

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femen Can

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your will Julia Cora be

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funny fully Amen.

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Amen. Amen Psalm

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one you should be a bad at your A B

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if you're concerned about the meeting

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you see every human being brothers and sisters instantly. Say hi. Carlos de la hora de la Santa min comin.

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Versa you can leave.

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There is none of you but Allah who speak to Yes. Do you allow me to speak to you? Look, look at this lady survey, you know, who are they in a hijab without any veil.

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We know that when I last spoke to moosari salatu salam from behind a wheel. Back in the day of judgment. Our bodies are different.

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We'll be able to handle this. You're going to meet Allah. If you're hoping that Allah subhana wa tada will show you mercy on this day, then pier couple that hope with action. Linda Raja American hope is the act of the heart. The act of the heart, the action of the heart that you hope you wish. It has to be paired or coupled with action that men can do.

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If it is the truth

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act, look.

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Just one. Just one. Just one because technically you don't know which one

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you're gonna have to keep acting but there is one act which will see you one act

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alkaff Oh, over what comes after this calf?

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What? Maria?

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Yeah, you saw

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that fabulous story?

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of Zachary. Prophet Zechariah

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imagine this one thing who want to go one to one What? One thing

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as if a lie stealing you this is the best act you should think of.

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That's one of the beautiful things Lamia shooting is is this is one of the best acts look nowhere else but your own children.

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Your own family

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especially if we're at a time

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when forces of evil are

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in Barcelona.

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Jolla Evil has around

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all the land has around. They have their own that's the route their stuff. Then focus we're

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like why is the Korea at this time? Look at the situation Professor Korea Look at his daughter and zecharia by the way.

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That's why you wonder why he made that Dwyer in secret. Imagine he didn't say Oh Allah give me righteous offspring or he didn't do this. And Bob is Ned Bonita and

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huffy Why?

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He was 99 years old.

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He described himself in the

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movie. My bones are

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foggy, I think it was

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but I'm concerned that why do I need a son? Why would he need to remember it and he looked around him and he found corrupt,

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corrupt schools.

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Three types of schools we have in this world.

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A school of that validate what the rule of ones

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a score out of the tills that people want they want to hear

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fans Facebook

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music is haraam. No here we go you're

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gonna lose some fans. It's not gonna work.

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He doesn't shoot

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the third one last on Alibaba Danny

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Corrado soon. He acts as a salon owner when we ask a lot that we belong to a friend. They act upon it they call people to it and they are patient. They don't care what people say what people accused them with. For at the time he was a carrier. He saw that all these rabbis are compromising the religion and this is obvious when even when you read the story properties are because between Asia and Jesus and and and and john there was something like six seven months that Jesus came and he was doing I'm not even gonna breach in your machine. I'm gonna go out there in the open and and and breach because they weren't caught up. So zecharia said we're in the fifth

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and the last man standing here.

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Everybody is is cylinder, the compromising. Now, the best thing that I can do give me a child. Give me a son.

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Allah give him the Sun yahia alayhi salatu wa sallam a prophet as well. Likewise, our man,

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likewise Ibrahim alayhis salam. Imagine Ibrahim was in Iraq.

00:20:15 --> 00:20:36

And Ibrahim By the way, his situation was a little bit different. Ibrahim was the only one out there who believed. Imagine everyone around him is a Catholic. Now, everyone said no to him. To the extent imagine, imagine stripping him naked

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and throwing him into

00:20:41 --> 00:20:43

a fire they took days to prepare

00:20:44 --> 00:20:46

for him to compromise.

00:20:49 --> 00:20:50

What do they

00:20:52 --> 00:21:01

do Mohan go back to Nashville, Montana to fatten rock Ratan hula. The people will be raised up in the Day of Judgment naked. One

00:21:03 --> 00:21:05

minute holla Ibrahim.

00:21:06 --> 00:21:36

And the first one who will be given will be given a government to wait on the day of judgment will be Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam because of what he went through in this world. For his own family, his own father, his own family, his home. It didn't work. What did he do at the end? He said he did. He did two things. In the Mojave Mahajan, lrB, you're up I want to migrate. I want to leave this place.

00:21:37 --> 00:21:52

Well, how do you that way? That way, when it doesn't work for you in a Masjid in a community, move on? Don't get stuck. Listen, you know, don't get stuck. The mindset is not working here is not working. You move on.

00:21:53 --> 00:22:02

What is your agenda? You're trying to convey a message you're trying to know. In the Mahajan in Arabi. I'm leaving

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I'm migrating

00:22:07 --> 00:22:09

and in his way he made this

00:22:10 --> 00:22:13

my executory or be hublin in

00:22:15 --> 00:22:17

Europe I can't have

00:22:18 --> 00:22:22

I can fix the world around me. I want to do something for Islam.

00:22:25 --> 00:22:27

Soon Sonata here is a

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term. Listen, Allah can break any sooner is a system like, you know, like, quote, like you write code, input output. That's what you consume data for you to get that output. You have to input something that's the way way law changing things but Allah we know he's the creator of the code. He is the creator of everything he can break into the code and change things for you. There is no problem. But Allah said that system, system Sonata

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Sonata la he's in LA Vina Holloman

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This is my way the philosophy of the world.

00:23:06 --> 00:23:15

For you to make a change, it has to go through generations, generations generations. You focus on the children

00:23:17 --> 00:23:37

and the best you can focus on as you your own dedicated while law, that great service you can offer to Islam right now. That greatness and take it from me that great is not to go out there and follow revolution. Let's come. Listen, it's all wonderful.

00:23:38 --> 00:23:41

But you're gonna go back to the same circle.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:55

It's a circle, you're gonna go back there, the greatest service is to leave a son behind you is to leave a daughter and I'm sorry I said a son first. But actually the whole thing will begin with a total

00:23:56 --> 00:24:02

shock when Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to restore money in Surah Eden VLAN one redo and

00:24:04 --> 00:24:06

fulfill only one ajala whom?

00:24:07 --> 00:24:23

Allah who will Where is he? One who makina who fill out we want to give back the Muslims that deserved position in earth. Like us why the Quran was about to be

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00:24:28 --> 00:24:33

loser. Why? Because it was exactly the same thing a ma Now one

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who's gonna do it? Who's gonna do it?

00:24:42 --> 00:24:42

No, no.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:51

So the first

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

the mother first

00:24:55 --> 00:24:55

the Mother

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What are they capable?

00:25:01 --> 00:25:04

I did something very interesting today

00:25:06 --> 00:25:08

it was in social media

00:25:10 --> 00:25:13

and it was interesting because a lady who wrote this

00:25:14 --> 00:25:15

and I

00:25:16 --> 00:25:17

I shared this with my wife

00:25:19 --> 00:25:21

she showed something she said

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00:25:24 --> 00:25:26

if you send your baby

00:25:28 --> 00:25:29

to a date here

00:25:31 --> 00:25:33

for another Muslim for another women

00:25:34 --> 00:25:36

to raise your child up for you

00:25:38 --> 00:25:41

so that you can go you can go out to the workforce and

00:25:42 --> 00:25:43

that you can be like

00:25:46 --> 00:25:48

that you can do the job

00:25:49 --> 00:25:50

Don't be

00:25:52 --> 00:25:58

Don't be surprised when you grow old if the same child sends you to Sydney your home

00:25:59 --> 00:26:10

senior assistant assistant What do you call the senior something homes, senior homes because he wants all sorts of love that he is successful? He has no time for you.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:12

He has no time for you

00:26:14 --> 00:26:14

one lot

00:26:16 --> 00:26:21

of sisters who send their kids children

00:26:22 --> 00:26:25

to a non Muslim baby city

00:26:27 --> 00:26:33

and they go to work and they make a minimum wage not even enough to pay the babysitter

00:26:35 --> 00:26:40

so what are you technically doing you're paying someone else someone else

00:26:43 --> 00:26:43


00:26:46 --> 00:27:03

mixing politics this guy when he said that the closest to us now are Mohammed bin Salman has its advantages. I'm going to show the un 10 days ago because you can let me into inshallah it he said that I used to have a Jewish babysit that

00:27:04 --> 00:27:06

I was raised by a Jewish babysitter.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:20

The whole thing begin. The investment begins with a mother. That's that's fair, Ibrahim Ali Salam said

00:27:22 --> 00:27:22


00:27:24 --> 00:27:26

look at the truthfulness of a man.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:41

It's all about being truthful. When it comes to dealing with a law is about being truthful that you really need it. You're not plastic you're not faking it. He said he was he ends up with a barren wife

00:27:43 --> 00:27:43

like Zachary

00:27:46 --> 00:27:47

how are we gonna bring that could

00:27:49 --> 00:27:49


00:27:51 --> 00:27:52

So he went to philosophy

00:27:55 --> 00:27:55


00:27:56 --> 00:27:57

no food.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:00

What is the food

00:28:01 --> 00:28:08

in Egypt where Egypt has an eye because there is no rain? no water, no water, no vegetation. So he took his wife Sarah.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:14

Yeah, I need to be straightforward. The Hadith doesn't say Egypt quite frankly and

00:28:16 --> 00:28:17


00:28:19 --> 00:28:22

But we know the only land there is a bar or Bresser is

00:28:24 --> 00:28:28

the only place where a jail is mentioned in the Quran is in Egypt.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:31

And guess who gets jailed?

00:28:37 --> 00:28:42

For this aggressor has a very interesting law.

00:28:43 --> 00:28:50

That whenever his border guards, the border control sparked a beautiful woman.

00:28:51 --> 00:28:53

They have to bring her to him

00:28:54 --> 00:28:55

to sleep with her

00:28:56 --> 00:28:58

to commit fornication, adultery.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:01

And Subhan Allah Ibrahim,

00:29:02 --> 00:29:03

Allah has given him

00:29:08 --> 00:29:12

yet another Salalah sobre la ooh Tia.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:20

You sufu while Omu shocked Raja malema, Luca

00:29:23 --> 00:29:34

Yusuf and his mother were given half of the beauty of the creation. They say his mother here does not mean his immediate mother, his grandmother.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:38

So she was extremely beautiful.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:42

extremely beautiful. immediately she was

00:29:44 --> 00:29:45

she was brought

00:29:47 --> 00:29:48

the man tries to

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

* her. She lives karma, karma and karma Allah Subhana measure. He gets vandalized three times and at the end, okay.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

out of here and take that.

00:30:02 --> 00:30:02

Take that.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:04

Take that

00:30:06 --> 00:30:27

so that you don't even hurt me. So this is how harder harder whatever we even call her hard job harder. That's the garden to the house of Ibrahim Ali Salah. And all of this minor was analyzed, identical in the book of Genesis. See for the query identical voila what I'm doing in the Corrado

00:30:29 --> 00:30:32

look they went back to follow seen so far. He may

00:30:33 --> 00:30:42

imagine this a lot just to show you where you are truthful. Imagine, imagine your own wife is telling you this.

00:30:44 --> 00:30:48

I cannot have children and I hope your wives are going to still send you two daughters.

00:30:49 --> 00:30:52

But you're you I cannot have children.

00:30:53 --> 00:31:02

Embedded. Why? And I know you want children. Why don't you go ahead and marry me. This is this is in the book of Genesis.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:08

Go and marry her so that you have the children no By the way, no woman will do this.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:20

See? A man has a big heart he can tell multiple women I love you but a women only if she tells two men I love you. She's like Allah giving him that small heart.

00:31:22 --> 00:31:27

Imagine she's Cheetos this because she sees her husband is what is

00:31:29 --> 00:31:39

he's really serious. He's not it's not about the last. It's not about the desire. Look at some of the brothers they go on break their marriages because of a loss as Oh, I want to pray.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:42


00:31:46 --> 00:31:48

There are 5000 from there and

00:31:49 --> 00:31:51

this one has implement

00:31:53 --> 00:31:55

why you shouldn't be breaking Brahim Juan is

00:31:56 --> 00:31:57

one of the

00:31:58 --> 00:32:06

one of the offspring where he can invest in Allah subhanho wa Taala giving him a smile. He already has Salaam

00:32:07 --> 00:32:08

Alaikum holy

00:32:21 --> 00:32:22

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

00:32:24 --> 00:32:31

wa Sena shadow illallah wa sharika yaku

00:32:34 --> 00:32:42

Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was hardy who as well as many, many,

00:32:43 --> 00:32:47

many languages within imagine how many * are going to head to my castle.

00:32:49 --> 00:32:55

And they take these rituals empty, empty, but every ritual

00:32:57 --> 00:33:01

Phil had has to do with Ibrahim later on his family.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:07

The beginning who calls for Hajj, who calls mankind to perform Hajj.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:34

What else is in sinner, Sybil hiji. Yeah, to Khadija Ibrahim. We also have Jamil Raja tirmidhi Abuja, Siri bears. when Abraham and insulin finished raising the foundation of the Kaaba. Allah said to him, or Ibrahim call upon mankind to come and perform Hi.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:37

Oh Allah who's gonna hear me

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40

when he's in the desert,

00:33:41 --> 00:33:42

his entire business.

00:33:43 --> 00:33:45

It's not your business.

00:33:46 --> 00:33:47

You just make the call

00:33:49 --> 00:33:54

is sometimes worry about who's gonna get it. Say

00:33:55 --> 00:33:58

that that's not your business. Then

00:34:01 --> 00:34:02

you convey

00:34:04 --> 00:34:14

you know, it's not your business who gets what you're saying. Just make sure that what you're saying is correct and right. And that's it. Don't worry about it. Or Ibrahima, can

00:34:17 --> 00:34:19

you make the call and we'll bring

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

imagine Here we are in America.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:28

How many 1000 miles and people are responding to this.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:33

About the stuff

00:34:35 --> 00:34:44

What is your father in law he will cover a middle aged man he after he finished raising the house of law.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:51

Brothers and sisters in Islam you really have to be very, very conscious here.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:55

That Allah subhana wa Taala cold

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

lmsc that haraam Maya

00:35:02 --> 00:35:05

You see this is the house of Allah Oh by the way, mosquito

00:35:07 --> 00:35:31

bites Allah, but who give it to Allah we did. We as a community decided to designate this place to be for Allah. But the only house Allah subhanho wa Taala called it Beatty. What a hyena Illa Ibrahima is mera Isla de la Beatty. Beatty have a Burmese

00:35:33 --> 00:35:34

father Hades

00:35:35 --> 00:35:36

in Napa.

00:35:38 --> 00:35:39

A slave of mine

00:35:40 --> 00:35:42

satola who this man

00:35:43 --> 00:35:45

i given him good health is healthy.

00:35:46 --> 00:35:49

Well I will say to Allah He is key

00:35:50 --> 00:35:55

to Allah He is key. And I've given him money. He has some leftover

00:35:56 --> 00:35:57

to move

00:35:58 --> 00:35:59

home for

00:36:00 --> 00:36:12

five years he looked five years go by. Well, yeah, t Lee Beatty and he does not come to me in my house. llama who is the price?

00:36:14 --> 00:36:14

Is the price.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:31

too low. So when he finished smile and Ibrahim alayhis salam, when they finished raising the foundation, they made this tawaf. robina Taco Bell Minh inaka antas when you make the off you make

00:36:32 --> 00:36:43

that cutoff is like the Salah, like the da robina Taka Ballymena in the semi Oh la de la burn our john Muslim

00:36:44 --> 00:36:50

woman do renea Tina Amata Muslim metallic, why do you know hamanasi can What

00:36:52 --> 00:36:54

about fee masuleh Minwoo Mia

00:36:56 --> 00:36:56


00:36:58 --> 00:37:00

off nicht auf die

00:37:02 --> 00:37:03

zum zum zum zum

00:37:04 --> 00:37:11

zum zum is a story of a mother was left in the desert with her baby

00:37:12 --> 00:37:18

measureless she ran out of water out of food. Her babies out there crying.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:21

She makes it

00:37:23 --> 00:37:34

round seven rounds between two mountains. A life where we go and walk in ceramic tile, ceramic tile fans a seat and we still get tired.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:44

Imagine when harder was making that running between the mountains. People go and walk the software not one day don't reflect on this

00:37:46 --> 00:37:48

hedge is a spiritual

00:37:49 --> 00:37:49


00:37:51 --> 00:37:54

for all the Ebrahim when he wanted to

00:37:55 --> 00:38:08

execute the commands of Allah subhanaw taala don't do it. It was just a dream. Don't do it. The pebbles, Jumblatt everything brothers and sisters in Islam, for Hajj is a spiritual,

00:38:09 --> 00:38:11

heart filled journey

00:38:12 --> 00:38:14

of one man.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:18

One man he was truthful with Allah.

00:38:19 --> 00:38:34

Allah subhanho wa Taala giving him offspring imagine every single prophet and messenger who came into this world comes from the line of Ibrahim with all his heart with a smile

00:38:36 --> 00:38:36


00:38:37 --> 00:38:42

some of the people come and I say is Buddhism something No, it's not. who's who's Buddha?

00:38:43 --> 00:38:57

No, we don't do this is a heresy. This is a man meeting. Only religions recognized by a lot of China what are all the messengers and the prophets who came was a fee to reality him Nobu water

00:38:58 --> 00:39:32

we placed in his offspring in Nova Prophethood and the village and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the last of them. Venice, Allah subhana wa tada and eurocon floss was soo Mala. We really need desperate desperate brothers and sisters in Islam. For fathers like Ibrahim, who want to have children, raise them up and put the time and put the effort both the time and the effort to raise them up as Muslims so we can make a difference. Listen,

00:39:33 --> 00:39:38

Rasul Allah wa sallam tells you that if the world is collapsing,

00:39:40 --> 00:39:47

and you have a facility, you don't have a seal is a baby balm tree planted?

00:39:48 --> 00:39:49


00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

He lives Oh, no, no, no. inshallah we're starting illumine * Academy utilizada. Hopefully we can have some facade.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

Insha Allah small baby balm trees in sha Allah in the light IRA, we need to do our inshallah, tomorrow we're having the workshop for the teachers in sha Allah, Allah. We're gonna explain to them that concept of Islamization hydrolase ation of education in sha Allah we're offering a new brand brothers and sisters in Islam and Colorado inshallah something very interesting in short lobbying the night data we want to small size when I because the program you know you have to create the people who believe in it, you know, it's a new concept is not something that is common, something that has been worked on for the last six, seven years, the delay that we just want you to drop in

00:40:41 --> 00:41:05

Sharla we actually close the registration already and we we said enough, we don't want a lot of kids because we want to simply focus on a small number. So we can, you know, hopefully have a good job in short lobby the night that a lot of mother fiddle in her way so often Effie emelina was a bit of drama now and soon Alico McCaffrey, Allahu Marina takamasa

00:41:07 --> 00:41:14

Machina, Allah ma steffanina Metro Hebrew Torah wa has been a while Sina taqwa, Allah, Masha Allah,

00:41:15 --> 00:41:17

Allahu Medina, Medina.

00:41:20 --> 00:41:36

inshallah, tomorrow from seven to 10, myself and Sandy are going to offer the community had workshop. So please, if you know somebody was going to invite them in sha Allah, but from seven to 10 and there will be Dinner. Dinner will be served shortly. You're going to come right

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