Jamal Zarabozo – Our Character A Witness For Our Faith Part 2

Jamal Zarabozo
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "ma'am" to indicate weakness or weakness in a situation, as it can indicate weakness or weakness in a person. They also emphasize the importance of acceptance of people, avoiding criticism, and not criticizing neighbors. The speakers stress the need for individuals to be noted and not do anything disrespectful or offense to their brother. The speakers also discuss the benefits of learning about Islam and media to teach about one's experiences, and the importance of not apologizing and trying to convince others to stay true to Islam.
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But our first reaction to milk or

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any kind of evil, our first reaction to any kind of evil?

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Should be how can we change it?

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How can we put an end to it? As opposed to this video, if we see any new currency, change it with our hands? And if we are not able to then with our tongues, and if we're not able to then with our heart.

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So you should ask yourself when we see

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how can we change?

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In order to do that,

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especially I'm not sure exactly, you know, what kind of circumstances the brothers referring to in this question.

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But especially when we see it for the first time from someone that we don't know.

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We don't know whether or not in fact, that brother even realizes that what he's doing is something which is a MOOC.

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So, therefore, any for being harsh, from the outset,

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from the beginning with respect to that person, this is not

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the correct way easily. This is not the proper way this was not the way of the problem.

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And you can take the example of the of the better one who was urinating in the mosque, and how the poster Selim behaved and how the rest of the Sahaba behaved and he pointed out and he made it clear it

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they behave behavior was

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somewhat hasty.

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if it is a case where

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you know that the person knows what he's doing is wrong.

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And this will also have examples for this in the lifetime of the promises.

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If you know that what the person knows the width is doing is wrong.

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any harshness or being anger or showing your anger towards What's he doing, maybe the the proper approach or the best approach

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and to show your displeasure

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I suppose you know someone who who drinks alcohol

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and if you never show your displeasure towards that they never show how angry you are with him for that deed.

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Then in essence, you're kind of showing your approval or acceptance of it.

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And you're showing them that you accept it and there's no problem with that and you still your best friend whether you drink when they drink some

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This is wrong.

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And this is not good either.

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Some people think this is a point I forgot to mention in the hot word, I mean, whatever.

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and so people think they're part of being a good person a nice person

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is that you kind of accept everybody know what no matter what they do.

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Like for example, notice you're interrupting me here now.

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So I have

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a Toyota Corolla light blue c one or eight, l h D. is blocking the work for the municipality, municipality polity forever is broken. It's gonna be totally

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White has to be pushed back or something. If you have that car Toyota Corolla light blue, sea water Eight HD on banner road you're blocking council work. And if I may request brothers and sisters not to take pictures in Sharla anymore because that will last

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as I was saying

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and as some people think that good things

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are being nice is that you accept people no matter what they do.

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That kind of person

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a person you know doesn't play doesn't fast. Sometimes even commit ship you know under areas so nice to them pleasant and invite them and become good friends with them and best friends with them

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and never say anything about them that they do.

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And they think that they having good character and being real friends that person

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by this person says in at least in the state

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Friends like that, who needs enemies,

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because this person

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was doing these wrong things is taking himself.

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That person could be taking himself directly to the health buyer.

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And you think your friends are spraying by just sitting there

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and letting him go and think and believe and behave in any way that he wants.

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Without ever showing him any sign that this is wrong, this is not proper, this is unacceptable.

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This is good character, you see someone jumping out fine, you just sit back and watch, oh, this is good kid, let me just push him and help him.

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It was such good.

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This is not good. This is not worthy at all.

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If the believers are from one another,

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and one of the first case

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mentions of those believers of the day order good and eradicate evil.

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Because there is part of what it means to be a true brother, that when your brother or sisters doing something, it's taking him to the fire, you do your best to stop them, even if it risked your friendship and

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friendship if you are helping them or just sitting quietly while they're taking themselves to the alpha.

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So this is not good case at all. So in other words, protector sometimes means

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any standing in front of your brother and tell him politely that's what it demands, or even harshly that what he's doing is wrong, and it is unacceptable.

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And that is

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that is towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and towards those others and towards yourself. Because if you're not for the good and eradicate evil, then you are also setting yourself up for punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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question he says, Can you back by the non Muslims.

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when you say something

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that anonymously made me dislike you seeing behind his back.

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This is not of the same level

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of saying something distasteful or disliking behind your brother's back.

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Stress any in the Quran stresses that it is in relation to your brother

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because and your brother is your brother in Islam. And so therefore he would expect from you he has some rights upon you. And one of those rights upon you is that you will defend him as his honor is being attacked. And you will not say anything that he does not like behind his back. It's part of the rights of brotherhood.

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So the punishment, or the

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any of the harm of doing that with respect to broaden Islam is very great.

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the harm of doing that with respect to non Muslims is not of the same amount of the same degree. But this doesn't mean that we should go around saying things that the bad about non Muslims, unless there is a need to do so.

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That one of the things that holding back the spreading of data in the West

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is our bad behavior towards others.

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Next question.

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think the question is always right. And I think

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that yes. And if this is if we're always fighting, first of all, we're always fighting among ourselves and not behaving properly towards ourselves. We're spending so much time just making up these things that we don't even have time sometimes to make our tools.

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But obviously, you know, as is usually the case, when you think about this, them and you present, you know what this is all about. And then people see what has been put into practice. Many times they have turned off immediately.

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criticize your elders, for what we've seen, is bad discourage behavior.

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We're not supposed to correct them.

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Let me just try to guess what kind of culture this

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person is from us. You know, I'm in England and Leicester

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at it

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English speaking conference

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I can't guess.

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And a quarter never takes precedence over the Sharia. Never.

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So, and in the Sharia request, this tells us

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to respect our elders

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and especially our parents.

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this does not mean that we remain silent when they're doing something haram or something of that nature.

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The question do our best to try to correct them in the best possible manner?

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According to the steps, the proper steps, and we should never

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criticize them if there's no benefits in doing so. Or there's no need to do so. But obviously, whether a person is your elder or not.

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And if there's a need for criticism, if there's a need for criticism, then you have to criticize

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neighbors, who present you with food

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How do you treat neighbors who present you with Hello food, but from haram sources? So we eat such food?

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Or this is a Muslim, or non Muslim neighbor?

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This question

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is making specifically right

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in the class.

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He didn't ask the question with the automatic visit non Muslim,

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Muslim neighbor, and most of his income comes from foreign sources and many of us don't eat the food at all.

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It is from anonymous neighbor.

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And his his life is based on something haram but the

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exemption the prophet SAW Selim ate the food of the Jews, for example.

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And of course, so there was no mention of whether these Jews they get there. And we know what kind of income sometimes especially the Jews and a lot of their incomes and grievances. So respect to non Muslims, it's a different case with respect to Muslims, it is also different case because partially because of the kind of effect that you want to have on the other person. And they may not be willing to eat this food.

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And it just shows you are this is a kind of demonstration to him of how long and how bad it is with his

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So how do I start? What

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do I start by? And so what are the recommended books and audio tapes to learn about

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to teach these things? And the rabbit?

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Again, never know who's asking the question and I want us this brother.

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I mean, enjoy. If I were in this person situation, I would try to find some, some good brothers,

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sister, some good sisters, and in his area that can guide him in this manner. I mean this to just prepare in general, it's kind of difficult

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to say that there is

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knowledge those who have some knowledge should be able to help them so that's, that's what I would do. I'm not going to recommend necessarily any books. But if I better go to the leaders of his community, those people who are known to be good and learned and let them

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as for a book, audio tapes to learn and teach Quranic Arabic, so I'll put a plug in here for brother Bilal Philips book

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and tips on reading Quran in Arabic grammar, and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy for him to finish that series. There are very beneficial

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ways of using your time

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to ally because living in a Muslim country. There are so many distractions leading us away from

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Islam, for example, on the television etc.

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There are many ways of using the time for this, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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You could read Islamic works, you could read the Quran, you can read Hadith. And you can even sit and just make Vicar. And remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And think about what these words of Vicar imply. And all of these are very beneficial. And if you're engaged in these things on a regular basis, shall we have no need for the useless kind of distractions that you have around, whether it's TV or anything of that nature, but the state's efforts, now it's much easier, much

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takes much less energy, you know, just to flip on the TV and symptoms

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and not use your brain so to speak.

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it takes effort on your part, to make yourself

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use that time properly and get accustomed to using that time and the proper way. And if for example, when you first start reading this, suppose you decide that you want to spend some time instead of watching TV, when

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the reading, I assume or it seems to me just from people's behavior, it either takes more energy, or it's not as entertaining one or the other.

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So it's going to take some effort on your part to go from the TV to, to read on a regular basis. But you have to really always have to keep in mind the the overall benefits and inshallah when you do that, you will inshallah start spending your time on on more beneficial things, and remain away from those things that are not beneficial.

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We just have time for one or two more questions, probably one seller, but I'd like to make a comment before we get that far. inshallah. There's a question submitted as

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presented for the shift to answer.

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But I think that most of them will probably report appropriate for the

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the sessions that are coming later, the panel sessions, because there's such a wide range of questions that are not really directly related to the topic of the Muslim character

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discussion with a panel inshallah.

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So, the question was, how should we behave to others who find excuses not to do this,

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not to do this alone.

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There's no excuse for not doing this.

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Unless maybe you're unconscious, as an acceptable excuse, unconsciously.

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But otherwise, there's no excuse. Even if you cannot make

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even if you cannot pay in the proper fashion, there's no excuse, you have to pray in the time in any fashion, whatever fashion, you have the ability to do so that

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you can do it properly, you must do it properly.

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If you cannot do it properly, you must do it as much as properly as you can. So there's no excuse for not praying. And I think

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going back to one aspect that I mentioned earlier,

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and he personally I am convinced, strongly convinced that the one who does not pray,

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does not pray, this person falls outside of the fold of Islam.

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And I think at this point has to be stressed for many people.

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And inshallah realize, even if you don't go to that extent and make it make that conclusion, and work to make people realize how important this is, and how dangerous it is for them to leave the salon.

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And, and actually I think no one would leave the salon unless is almost completely deficient in

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that from my point of view, he has to be completely deficient in

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this the only way that he will leave salon and if he knows the salon was the first thing. First of all, these are going to be judged on the Day of Judgment. The noes are the punishments for living this route and so forth.

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So if you're dealing with something of that nature, you have to realize someone of that nature you have to realize that his problem is not just the sort of as a much bigger problem. And so therefore, I would start by reminding him of Allah subhanho wa Taala and try to strengthen his Eman and inshallah, when that occurs. He will not

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You will no longer live.

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How do we control anger? That is? Can you give me practical steps, especially anger towards our own children? I think it's a very good question.

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Now, one of the parents, I sent him in different Hadoop has given us some points of how to control anger, I don't, I don't remember all of them. They, for example, in 100, the processor has to this when you are angry,

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and you should sit down, and that should control your anger. Because you notice that people, you know, if you're sitting around, when people get real upset when the first thing we do is stand up, because and your energy can come out much more than you're standing. That's why when you get caught, I can't say that's why but any when you get a standing,

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although sometimes it's hard to tell that the person

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standing, but you should give standing for all your energy to come out.

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That's much different from when you're sitting.

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And the process animation is that in depth, and even if you're sitting your desk does not calm you down, then you should lie down.

00:21:22 --> 00:21:36

This is the perfect circumstance. So this is one of the one of the steps. And if you're for example getting angry with the children, most likely it is while you're chasing them around the house and you're standing. So sit down first

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Jelena to come with a little bit, if not then lay down

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questions to sue who say Rashida wants to see what the registration

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was saying. So, the last question is

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again based on the

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of the persons that is Michelin's who kept on breaking the premises and lie regularly

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for sure if someone keeps breaking his promises man is lying regularly and he is having the characteristics and without

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and this is any you know, having a case versus an effect is not something minor.

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And it can and it gets to a point where any because of his action and you will him because of his absence, but I think the better thing especially in our situation here, the better thing is to try to continually advise him and try to show them the wrong what they're doing. If you really feel that this is not having any effect, and by boycotting them or leaving them might have a better effect than you was

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selecting just for this session. I'm sure most of us have learned something personally from

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this a couple of quick announcements Hello.

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inshallah, that was a politely requested to switch mobiles. When you come into any talks to switch the method inshallah it's missing embarrassing

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when the sheriff is trying to say something. There's also

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a brother who's lost his spectacles

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Can you handle the registration point, please?

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