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Isam Rajab
AI: Summary © The importance of praise and criticism in the Muslim culture is discussed, emphasizing the benefits of being criticized and the importance of proper training and guidance for character. The speaker also highlights the potential negative impact of criticism on one's reputation and reputation on the world, citing the importance of being aware of one's own actions and not just acknowledging criticized behavior.
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kondalilla salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. All praise is due to Allah alone and may his peace and blessings be upon the final and last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, dear viewers, welcome to your program, the perfect character. Today inshallah, the talk will be about praise and criticism. The People's nature is that they like to be praised. And this is a human nature. We like to be given the credit of our deeds, not that we work waiting for that, but it is a human nature, that we are happy when people praise our work. And as long as that is not our intention, then this would be the glad tidings for the believer. That's what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, because

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he was asked, or messenger of Allah. Do you see if a man did a good deed, and he was fat for that? Is that a good sign or a bad sign? And the prophet SAW Selim said, this is the glad tidings for the Muslim before he gets the award from Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, many people, they don't like to be criticized, and they feel that this is wrong, that nobody can criticize them. And this is not the case with the true believer, the true believer who is looking to achieve the perfect manners, and the perfect character, he is actually more happy with criticism than praise. That's what have been hasm Rahim Allah said, I've been hasn't been Allah says, He who thinks about the reality of

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matters and reflects on the things deeply. Even though they might be difficult. At first glance, he would be happier with people's criticism than their praise. That's what he says, Why this is against the nature. But why would you be more happy with people's criticism, then their praise? He says, because the people praised you. And that was true, you did something good. And you were thanked for what you did. This might cause you to become arrogant. So now you will not look to do the good deed, you will look for people's praise. And that might lead to hypocrisy. So that is one disadvantage for praise. He says, and if they praise you unjustly, they say Mashallah, look at you. You are a

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righteous person, you pray a lot, and you know, you don't, but you say, yeah, and you're happy with it. You will be happy with falsehood. And that is a grave error. That is a grave shortcoming. And the last panel that I mentioned, is sort of Alan Brown, that think not of those who are praised and pleased with what they did not do. Think not of them that they are good. Rather, they will be punished. Last Airbender. Lavina you're gonna be my motto while you're born. And you're meant to be Malamute pinata seven number 30 min alaba. Wala Hamada. So these are two disadvantages for being praised.

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Either they praise you justly, it is true, you did something good, Mashallah, that was really good. But that will lead you to become arrogant, or they praise you unjustly. And you know that this is not true, but you are happy with it, then you are happy with falsehood. And that is a grave shortcoming. On the other hand, if you were criticized, if people criticized you,

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and the criticism was right.

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It is indeed, that you didn't do it right. It is indeed that it was your fault. It was your mistake, then in this case, you will avoid that in the future. So they gave you a positive feedback. So they improve your actions. Why wouldn't you be happy with that? Why wouldn't you take that people sometimes pay money, big corporations.

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They are actually paying money for surveys. Why? Because they know that when they pay money and survey the people and ask them, and they get the feedback that will improve, improve their work, and they will get more money. So now you are getting this for free. So you should be happy with people's criticism. If it was just and if it was true, someone would say I agree. But what people are saying is not true. And I cannot take it. They are fabricating lies, it's me lie.

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Even if that was the case, even if what they are saying is not true. Even if all what they're saying is baseless, still you will be rewarded, how because you are getting the reward. People are backbiting you, people are accusing you of things that are not true. So you are getting their good deeds without you doing anything. So why would you not be happy with getting people's good deeds while you don't have to strive? You don't have to work hard. So this is another advantage for being criticized. So these are two advantages of being criticized, in contrast to two disadvantages for being praised. So which one would you prefer? being praised or being criticized? They've been hasma

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handler says, The true believer, the one who reflects deeply and ponders and thinks of the reality of the matters, he would be happier with people's criticism more than people's praise.

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On the other hand, it has mahama law says, He who thinks that he will be protected and he will be safe of people's criticism. He is mad, he is mad, he's insane. The one who thinks that he will be protected of people's criticism, he is insane. And this is so true. why some people feel bad, why? They have a stringent chest they are feeling very bad, very difficult time they are having very difficult time when someone accuses them of something bad. Why? Who do you think you are? Who do you think yourself You are? Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the perfect human being? Wasn't he criticized? Wasn't he accused of being a magician, of being soothsayer of being a liar? Yet he is

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the Messenger of Allah. And all these things were untrue. did that affect him? It did not. And he kept on going giving the dour he did not fight back. He did not attack the people who accused him. This is a reminder that no matter how perfect you are trying to be, you will be criticized. So what do you do? You try to please Allah subhana wa tada and rely on Allah subhanaw taala and that's it. Even the kuffaar they even attack Allah subhana wa Tada. Eliza just says in the Quran. Indeed, Allah has heard those who said that Allah is poor and we are rich panela they are accusing Allah azza wa jal of being stingy,

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of being poor.

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And in another area.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, the Jews have said that the hand of Allah is tight, the hand of Allah is withheld. Indeed, we will write down what their said what they said. We will write down their saying. So if our Creator Allah azza wa jal, who is able to do everything and anything in a split second, in a blink of an eye, he was criticized by the creation, why would you think that you will be safe and you will be protected from criticism? On the other hand, do you think that you are perfect? Do you think that you never have any shortcomings, the prophets on the line so the mission that all sons of Adam, all the children of Adam, they all air, they all make mistakes? So if you

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make a mistake, then why would you feel bad if someone criticized you?

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The true believer, the good Muslim who has a good character, he knows that he will never be protected, no matter how much he tries, no much. No matter how hard he tries to defend himself, he will be always criticized. So do not look and do not pay attention to people's criticism. Do not say I don't like the destructive criticism. I welcome constructive

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criticism, you should welcome any kind of criticism, because it will be always good for you. Ben hasn't Rahim Allah says he praised you deeply The one who criticized you unjustly, he praised you deeply, the one who criticized you unjustly, how that is possible, how the one who criticized you unjustly, has indeed praise you deeply. He says, because he was unable to find any shortcoming that you have, and therefore he had to fabricate a lie. And because of that, you are praised.

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At the first reaction, people might think that this is criticism, but then when they realize that this is wrong, this is not true. They will praise you. Because what was said is not true. On the other hand, has Mohammed law says, the one who praised you unjustly, has indeed criticized deeply, you are deeply criticized, by the one who praises you unjustly, the one who says that you are the most generous man, and you're happy and Hamdulillah, I have a lot of money, and I am generous. But you're not people hear that, and they say you are generous, then they check on the facts, they see that you are making millions, but you never gave in charity, that will fire back that will backfire

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against you. And therefore, the one who praises you unjustly has indeed criticized you deeply. And therefore, at any rate, you should be happy with people's criticism, whether it reached you whether he knew about it or not. Because sometimes people might criticize you, behind your back, you never knew about it. So on the Day of Judgment, you will come and you will see that there are lots of good deeds in your record, you don't know where they came from? Well, they came from the people who criticize the Boo back with you. On the other hand, if people praised you, and that reached you, it might harm you, it might lead to arrogance, and you don't want that. So at any rate,

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you should train yourself, to be open minded, to be happy with people's criticism, because by all means, it's going to add to your virtuous character, it's going to improve your good deeds, that should be the struggle of the Muslim, it might be against your nature, but at the same time, you are looking at the bigger picture. You are saying eventually I am becoming a better Muslim, and you get used to it. Maybe the first time it will be hard. Second time it will be hard also but then it will become easier. May Allah Subhana Allah give us the ability to perfect our character. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who listen to the guidance and follow the rest of it. Hello

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Salalah Solomon anabaena Muhammad Allah to savage mine. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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