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The transcript discusses the importance of staying safe during the pandemic and avoiding stress. The speakers emphasize the need to take time off work and read books to alleviate stress. They also mention the danger of the virus and encourage people to stay at home and engage in productive activities.

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smilla rahmanir rahim so inshallah we will begin very soon. I just want to

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make sure for few things inshallah and then we can begin

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All right, Salam Alaikum so basically we here and inshallah we'll just wait for a few people to join and after that we can commence

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen illa Allah Allah Ameen Bobby Nina's 13 also leonessa lumada Tamil ambia emammal mursaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ijma in a lot of medicine Allah Allah Masha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah has not either she settler obeah sera sera with me will hire ob canister in we thank Allah Buddha is that you will Jelena for having gathered us here once again online. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to surround us with demelza and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us. And to raise us with the MBR Allahu wa Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them. I mean,

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there is a lot of fear, anxiety, depression and stress that he's setting in at the moment. So people are worried, what is going to happen to the payment that I usually make for my car for my home? How am I going to manage my payments this month? What's going to happen with my job? Am I going to be employed at the end of all of this? Am I going to survive through this am I going to live to see then the months that come beyond the virus?

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I have a message for you from Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah horrible is that he says,

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well, another one, be shy.

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Jeroen, and we most definitely will test you with something of fear and hunger, and the lack or the reduction of your wealth and your souls and the fruits. Allah How cool is that? He will general interestingly starts with fear. This is what is sitting in at the moment at the moment. And not only fear, if we take a look at this, at the moment, all of these calamities have been placed in one. We have fear, we have hunger, we have people that are losing their wealth, losing their jobs, losing their businesses, you find people losing other people as well and enforce was a lot and the fruits the general well being of society is being lost at the moment. What happens here? What do we do? How

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do we go about it? It's too much for me to take. But do you know what? It's not too much for you to take when you do it with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well, this year is saw the dream and give glad tidings to those who are patient. When the fear sets in, when the anxiety sets in, then tell that fear and that anxiety that Allah is greater than you. And he is in control right now. We need to understand a few things. This situation is out of our control. So the fear, the anxiety, the depression, the sadness, it won't help us in any way. It won't relieve us of anything, but rather it will cause more chaos within

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we cannot do anything about it except for have supper. Have patience.

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For the decree of Allah subhanahu, WA Tada, you see somebody something very beautiful.

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We have timelines in our lives, we set ourselves goals. So we say that you know, by tomorrow end of tomorrow, I should have done x, y and Zed by the end of the month, such and such should be accomplished by the end of the year, I should be here. By the end of 10 years, I should be in a much higher office than I am right now. I shouldn't be promoted, I should be regional manager, x, y and Zed. We sit and we think of these things. But suburb suburb is working with the timeline of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Is have planned all of us. Yes, I want all of this to happen. But I submit that Allah is the one in control. So when something happens that is out of my control, I've left it

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totally to him, he know that he will look after me and this is why well this year is Sabine and Latina either or Saba. Tomas Eva, when a calamity strikes them all in.

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They say we belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala. What in La Jolla do your own and to Him we will return understand that you and your entire life belong to a bull is that you will learn. You know, we say this so many times, when we find a person has passed on. And we say in the law, he was in La Jolla. But how many of us, when this calamity struck, how many of us said in the LA in la de la June? We are from Allah subhanho wa Taala we belong to him. He is our master, our owner, our protector, our guardian, and we ultimately are returning to him. Whatever happens here is the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar. This is the attitude of a believer, and this is what will

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help you navigate these difficult times these stressful moments, these hardships and problems.

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Remember, when jacoba alayhi salatu salam lost his son Yusuf, he wanted him to return immediately. He wanted to have his son back. I wish I could hug him right now. I wish I could be with him. I wish I could, you know see him but he understood that the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala reign supreme. So he says for

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me, so I will have a beautiful play patience, on love Will you stand?

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tells me foon and Allah is the helper over that which you have described. Oh brothers of Yousuf you think you plot and plan Allah plots and plans so he submitted his will and his life, everything to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is who we need to be dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Remember that this life is a life of test and tribulation? Has he been natural in utako a guru Amanda whom life ternoon did the people think that they will see we have believed and they will not be tested in that belief of this? what are called Phantom melodien I mean, complete him. We have tested those of the past that Allahu La Nina sada poo. So Allah subhanho wa Taala knows those who are truthful when they

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are elemental caddy been and he knows those who are liars, those who are truthful in what when they said their Shahada, and they said we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala then were they truthful, in their submission to our bullies that you were jealous, we will test them. It is not enough for you to say Amanda we have believed we have believed it is a place of test. This dunya is a place of test and trial and the earth here is where the reward will take place. So now is the time for us to their patience and to submit to Allah subhana wa tada and ultimately, the reward will come in the earthier your faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala and your belief in him is what will take you through this

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calamity. And this is the simple message that I have for you today. Look at Allah Subhana who attacked and look what he says and from inshallah Hello also dahulu Islam. How about the one that Allah Subhana Allah has opened up his chest for Islam, who are either new in rugby, so he is upon the light from his club. What does this mean when you submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you are upon the light of your love. And that is what will help you navigate these dots.

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times go through the tunnel that we cannot see the light at the end of you have a light of a man burning within that will take you through right to the end. Why? Because I know that I have faith in a maker who is most merciful, a maker who will give me anything, he will give me much more than I have lost after this has passed. So that is what will take you through. There is no point in becoming depressed and stressed. And don't forget, one of the most powerful weapons that we have is a door.

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A door Dora call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala and I want you to think and ponder over an ayah that we've heard so many times in our lives.

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What do you guys say let go anybody on me.

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And when my servants ask you about me, then tell them that I am near I am Nia, Allah subhana wa tada is close, I have a question for you and I today who is closer the virus or Allah, Who is closer the virus or Allah, it is a love of Buddhism that he will gel and he is the one who will grant you savior from this, understand that no matter how small this virus may be, yes, it is powerful, yet yes, it has caused a lot of chaos. Yes, there have been deaths that have occurred due to it. But Allah is greater, Allah is greater and understand this, he is nearer to you than the virus is. All you need to do is your Raise your hands up to rock bullets that you will gel and let a prayer

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emanate from your heart and seek Him and He will provide for you. Remember that in these trying times, yes, we rely on Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we will take by the means, first of all, make sure that you don't leave your home. If it is an absolute necessity for you to leave your home then do so. But otherwise, don't you see the danger of this virus is we don't see it with the naked eye. If a person were to stand at the door with a gun, we would know immediately that we've got to leave the home from the other side. We've got to run away from this, but we don't see the danger. We only see the effects of the virus. After some time. You see there are more than 10,000 deaths in some

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countries. Now I'm not fear mongering. But I'm trying to tell you that there is a serious cause for concern. Stay at home. Stay at home, listen to your scholars listen to the people in authority. They know what they are talking about. Listen to your governments they are trying to help people wholesale, you are not going to help the situation by going out there and saying there's nothing it's not going to harm you will love it has harmed and it has killed and it has caused so many problems. So listen to what they are saying this is what Allah wants of you. The Hadith makes it very clear that if you are in a place where the plague has broken out, then remain within that

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place. And if you are out of them don't enter into it. What is the smallest place that we can break down society to it is your home, remain within your home and Allah subhanho wa Taala will most definitely protect you he is happy and he is an Haffield remember the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah lot of money into India do one Yemeni one she married? Well, I mean Fawlty what are all the we can in our automatic and tell me takhti I seek refuge from you or Allah. And I seek your protection protects me from in front of me from behind me from my right from my left from above me and I seek refuge with your greatness that I may be snatched from beneath me.

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So seek the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala do what you've got to do to protect yourselves and those around you and the community and society at large. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will most definitely protect you. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept from us all. Lastly, before I leave, I'd like to leave you with a few words or a few tips. So

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something that you can use to navigate these problems that the stress and the anxiety that you are going through at the moment, engage in some productive activity every day. Make sure you have something to wake up to in the morning, pick up a book and read and reading is one of the best ways because you will be developing yourself in this time. 21 days is what it is the time that it takes to break a habit.

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to completely break your habit, perhaps you've been smoking, perhaps you've been drinking, or you've got some bad habits that you want to get rid of, now is the time 21 days of a bad lock down and let go of that habit, let go of that problem, you know, people smoke Why? Because it's stressful for me, it's difficult for me, while the stress is now the stress is there in other ways, but the stress of work etc, has come down. So there is no work to do. engage in some activity, productive activity that will help you get rid of these habits and at the same time, navigate your stress and your anxiety. Exercise is important as well wake up in the morning, even if it means 100 push ups, 10

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push ups, 20 push ups, and you build that for 21 days, it will help you navigate your anxiety and your stress. And the last but not least, is Oh sorry, I've mentioned this which is reading it is one of the activities that you can actually engage in, we ask Allah to kind of work together to benefit us all. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to save us and guide us and protect us through this problem. I mean, what sort of level was lm? Oh Baraka, Elena Vienna, Mohammed Ali. He was happy, as many