Ramadan Reflections Day 7 – Establishing An Islamic Environment At Home

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spiller for him 100 100 Allahu Akbar Saddam

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al anbiya wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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inshallah, as a part of today's Milan reflection, we will be covering a very interesting topic. And this is something that we rarely hear about. But I thought that as a part of our reflections, maybe we can implement this into our own one as well. And that is establishing an Islamic environment at home.

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Whenever we wish to be influenced in a positive way, in terms of our religion, we run to the massages, and we run to the Islamic Institute, we run to the Islamic libraries, if we have them. We sit there, pray some salon in the masjid sit with the scholars listen to a lecture. And that's how we influence that's how we feel influenced spiritually. But the reality of the matter is that our time in the budget is very limited. As Dr. Saad was saying, before tarawih prayer, tried to make an attempt to come to the budget, how many times a day,

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at least once? What kind of standard is that? I understand that that's how we found unison. That's how long our community is fallen that when I say or Dr. Sub says, Let's try to make it to the budget one city, everyone's like, that was so practical. That was so awesome. But then we ask yourself, what kind of standard is that? Um, you know, what kind of standard? are we holding ourselves to that we're saying, Come to the machine once a day? And then reality, what we're saying is that take benefit from the influence of the machine once a day. What about the remaining 24 and a half hours, right, even more than a day? But about the rest of the time that's happening? Where are we? What

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kind of influence do we have? When we think about it, we spend so much of our money and so much of our life, investing on what we call our own houses Is that true or false? 4050 years we work and work and work and work. And our dream is to establish our houses. And when we put down that downpayment, or after we pay off the entire mortgage or loan, the reality is that we've only bought a house, we haven't bought a home, there's a difference between both the house or your fault, you know, is is a is a combination of your walls, your carpet, your stairs, your door, your fans, your window, this is the house, the physical structure, but the home is what most of our houses lacking

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in the home is the tranquility, the peace, you know, the solace that lies within those four walls. I remember once hearing one of our machines saying that money can buy a house, it can't buy home, money can buy a bed, but it can't be kept by sleep. These things come from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you have to make an effort for these things. When we look at some of the great scholars of the past, we realized that they gained a great portion of their therapy and their upbringing at home. We can't expect our children to go to public school seven days or five days a week and then go to the half an hour, three hours on a Sunday and come back being you know, even a Tamia or coming back and

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come back and being able honeypark come back and being a mom Shafi. It's not gonna work like that. We have to give them an environment from our houses. You know, my mother in law, Holly, when he was a young child, his dream was to be a musician. His mother saw the guitar in his hand and she said, What's this? He said, I'm going to be a musician. His mom said get rid of this. She had them by the year she took them to the machine. She said, you're gonna sit right there. You know, the people from the home were the ones who gave their environment. You know, we've all heard of him to talk me off money, right? He's a living scholar of our time. We read his books in his articles and hear of his

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lectures in whichever country he goes to 1000s of people's have people flocked to his lectures, and people are, you know, find it an honor to say that I've met most of money once in my life. Even he says that what I have become today, it was actually due to the environment that I had at home. And he actually wrote a whole book on this metabolic marisha. He wrote a whole book on this. And you know what that means? Mary wanted me to shift that means my father, he was my teacher. Everything I learned was when my father made a lot admit a shift. You went a whole book on this, and it makes you think, what kind of environment they had at home. It wasn't a watching Cartoon Network for sure. You

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know, we can guarantee that they weren't playing hours and hours and video games and we as parents sometimes use our TV as a free babysitter, because we know that this is the time for us to go to sleep. tell the kids to watch TV for half an hour. I can get a quick half an hour nap. You know, this is the way we think. You know, one of the great scholars of our past show Hadith monozukuri Rahmatullah honey. He's written a very beautiful book called up bt. I encourage everyone to get a hold of the English copy. I think the English copy is also called RBT A p bti. RBT. And I encourage you to read it. It's a very

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Very beautiful book. It's his autobiography, actually, he wrote his own autobiography. And in there, he writes that a lot of what I've become today was actually due to the influence of my home. My father, my father was the one who made me into who I am today. And in two incidents in particular, when we were students who were made to read this book, we used to read this book very regularly just you know, to get ourselves into the mindset of being students and how to have the therapy. And I recall two incidents very clearly that has a shift. Kalani has written in his autobiography. one incident is a very interesting one. He says when I was young, my father after making us all complete

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the memorization of the Quran once I had memorized the entire Quran, every single morning after fighter Salaam My father used to take me to the roof and lock me on the roof.

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After had memorized the entire Quran, as a child, my father after photos that I would take me to the roof and lock me on the roof. And I wasn't allowed to come down until I recited the Quran.

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He said after I've reset the filter, I used to knock very hard and my father would come upstairs, open the door and he would say as a career did you make any mistakes today? And it was about I didn't make any mistakes today, but yesterday I think I made one or two. And everyday the same thing he said I didn't make any mistakes today, but yesterday I think maybe I made a few but today I didn't make any today I didn't make any. And this is how look at these children. You know, today there are many your own Khadija Mashallah he's graduated from an institute called anyone know, what's the name of the Institute, Zakaria, that density was named after.

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That tells you how big of a scholar he was. And from a young age he was trained to recite the full Quran every single day. Yesterday, I was telling you two things you have to have in order to claim piety and closest to Allah. One of the two things was abundance of recitation. The second very interesting story that I remember from the shift from the naughties autobiography is that he wrote that one day I was young, and I was lying down against a pillow. And my father, his father was also a great scholar, Chef, Yahya Kenobi, who was a student of chef machine, I'm not going to lie. Anyway. So his father was sitting there, and she was lying down. He's a very young kid at this

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point. And he says, My father said to me, give me that pillow.

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His father said, Give me the pillow. He was lying down against a pillow. So this young Zakaria said, You want my pillow?

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So his father got up and gave him one.

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So he said to his dad, What's that for? So his dad said to him, nothing belongs to you and they want everything belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, that was a day I learned a very big lesson of my life. And I had him ingrained that in my mind, I became a part of me that nothing belonged to me in this world. My father, that day after he gave me one, I realized that for that day, the meaning of the local reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala, that everything belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. So in order for us to develop solid products from our households, we first have to make our household into an Islamic environment. And once we can do that, then our children that are spending

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hours and hours at home will come up with a better influence, inshallah disease, and we have hope in the future of our youth, now, have a few quick suggestions, and how to make our houses into more Islamic houses, if you wish to say, and I'd like to put one disclaimer first, just because Muslims live in a house, it does not make it an Islamic house. Do you guys agree on that? It's fair, right? So because again, that's quite obvious, right? Just because Muslims live in the house, it does not make it an Islamic house, there are certain things that need to be bought it, the first thing and I have 10 points here, I'll run through them very quickly. inshallah. The first thing is that if you

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wish to establish an Islamic environment in your house, this is the one thing that you must have done some years back, it can't be done today, unfortunately, unless you're, unless you're planning to get married, which is that choose your spouse very carefully. Make sure the person you're marrying, is also of the same mindset, and they understand the importance of establishing an Islamic environment inside the house. Because if you're not on the same page, on that basic principle there, then tomorrow, you will be called an extremist. Okay, and things probably won't settle too well. So let's first of all, follow the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. The out of the four

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characteristics, we should search for a person when deciding to get married, let's stick firmly to religion. And that is the most important thing. The second thing every single house should hold a special place for Salah a Muslim, there should be a place of worship inside the house. It doesn't matter if your house is small or if it's big, it could be your living room that you use for sitting but also in a small little small corner of the living room have your few Muslims as laid out there have you know that area for they could have that area for Salah you know, maybe put a few posters of the walls on the wall like we want to do inside the masjid and make that into a smaller Muslim. So

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people know in the house that there's a place that I need to be quiet that I need to focus I need to go pray. That's a place that I'm going to do it in Sharla and Aziz. Now point number three, and you can also add an addition to this, to also have a small library inside the house. It is very important to have a library inside the house. Now many of us have libraries in the house. How many of us have libraries in house? Can I get a quick raise of hands? Some of us Yes. 100. Now the problem with most of the libraries, not all of them most

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To the libraries in the house, the books are used as wallpaper.

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What are they used as we look for books that have nice calligraphy so looks very nice. What's inside the book, you know, Jimmy Lannister dominoes. Even I don't know yet what's inside the book along those lines inside the book, no one has any idea. Those books are probably passed on from some teacher from great scholars and grandfather, I finally picked them up because they were cheap. Well, we have to buy books and have books in our libraries that are relevant. If you have two year old kids, you need to have books there that are relevant to two year old kids, if you have a wife who doesn't speak out to be, then your books should be relevant to a lady in her mid ages that does not

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speak out to me, you guys following me here, your books should be relevant to the people that are there. As a additional point to that a part of having a physical book library, we should also invest on an audio and visual library as well. What that means is having having recordings of scholars and shoes that are they're having, because that's they're having the CD CDs there, and also having videos there or, you know, DVDs, whatever it is about Islam, different topics there cater to the people that we are targeting, when we were students, mothers, there were two libraries, there was one library for the senior students, which had all these beautiful classical texts. And then there

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was one library for everyone. And in that library that used to be everything there. There were also sports magazines there too. But the mothers are chose which sports magazines we were going to read. They were also you know, puzzle books there. But they are going to choose which book which puzzle books we had, they had audio there, they had books there different literature, different philosophy books, but the mothers are choose what we were going to be. And I thought that was very beautiful, we should also have a library inside our houses. The third thing, that's the fourth thing, sorry, that's very important is that we also established regular hollyhock inside our house, okay, going to

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the measure that having a sitting in a circle of education is important. But now establishing a similar circle in our house is also very important, at least once a week, once every few days. And the best is that every single day for a few moments, we sit down, and we established a gathering of education, every single person in the family as long as they can deliberate has a responsibility to deliver every single day. So now you're establishing a relationship of learning from each other, and it creates drama and mercy inside the house. Now there are many books that can be learned and read during your gatherings. It for those of us who haven't started this something like this, and we're

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thinking of starting something like this, one of the best books that I can encourage you to read, very motivational, inspirational book, and best also for the youth and boys and girls alike, is a book written by monies of conducted by the name of Hayato Sahaba. What's the name of the book? Have you guys ever heard of the book before? Very good book. It's such a good book that check Bonnie detalii on there, you know doing being the center of the Hadith, which is another discussion, we can have another name Sharla. Okay, but very beautiful book hyouta Sahaba, the lives of the companions. The fourth thing, when you're inside the house, be affectionate. You can have all these things that

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I mentioned, all these good things is beautiful environment. But if you as an individual are hostile inside the house, if you don't have good character, that everyone's gonna want to run outside the house, they don't want to stay inside the house. If you are crying, you are comforting, you are nice, you are welcoming, then your kids would love to stay inside of the house. But if we become grumpy sometimes we as parents, get over become obsessed with parenting. And then we end up becoming mean. And we end up becoming harsh. So being affectionate and kind of the Prophet that alone while he was sort of as described by his companions as the most loving to his family, the most careful to

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his family. The fifth, the sixth thing is that we should encourage good and prevent evil. If you see something happening inside the house that is wrong. Say this is wrong. If we see something happening that's good inside the house, go and encourage it, or tell people that this is the time for us to do good have an environment of calling each other towards good and preventing each other from evil, obviously with wisdom.

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Number eight, I'm sorry, number seven, which is also very important is that we regularly invite pious scholars to our house, in fact, pious people to our house, because when they come they bring Buddha with them. And not only do they bring Baraka with them, but when they sit down when they eat when they talk our children get attached to do their figma and observe them. The children get a chance to do their film and observe them and they learn from this. And not only that, but when the shield then speak and they give a little advice we learned so much. The Prophet said a lot of audio said he says in a very beautiful Hadith that I saw him in a minute. Do not choose as a close

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companion but a believer what I call Tomica Illa Tolkien and do not feed your food but to a righteous person. My teacher used to say with difficulty with mommy's favorite Hadith, what I call Tomica laughter and then I feed your food but to a lucky lucky means a pious person with dignity.

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So so we learned from this that we should also invite it to our house regularly inshallah. Special about inshallah, one more thing if you ever give Dawa to your shoe can ask you guys one favor. Don't give them the most unhealthy food because that's a sign that you hate them and you put your book in their place in the graveyard. We have to start feeding our sheep healthy food to inshallah.

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Why not barbecue

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Okay, let's keep going. We're almost done. When you enter and leave the house, be sure to read your doors. There are certain doors when you read them inside the house and outside the house. shaytaan stays outside, which now secures your house with melodica and angels and there's a camera inside your house. For example, when you enter into your house what why should you read to keep shaitan outside Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim not simple. Everyone knows that. Alright. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. The purpose of the long audio system says in another very beautiful Hadith narrated by john that the one who reads sort of Baccarat inside his house shaitaan can come inside. Okay, so reading

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the sutras and securing your house when we leave our house again, reading Bismillah tawakkol. To Allah Allah hold on up with 11 law. Number nine.

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Make sure we have no evil inside the house. If we have any evil things, any bad things and wrong things inside the house. Let's delete them. let's eliminate them. Now. I'm not saying TV is bad or not. I'm not gonna say whether the internet is bad or not. I'll let you guys decide how you use them. And then you can go ahead and make that verdict. Okay. Some people can use TV for something very good. Some people can use it for the wrong usage. It's up to how you use it. However, one thing I will say As parents, we should know what our kids are watching on TV. Just because they're watching a cartoon. It doesn't make it. Okay. I went to a house once and the kids were watching a

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cartoon. I said to the parents, do you know what your kids are watching? They said cartoon. It's a cartoon no problem. I said the name of that cartoon is Family Guy.

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It's everything you're not supposed to be in a family guy. It's the worst cartoon on the face of the earth. It's a horrible cartoon and electric is watching it because it has color in it. What does that mean? You know, Disney is Bollywood in color. Someone dumped a bucket of paint on Disney and and Bollywood turned into Disney. You guys understand? It's the same thing that we need to know what our kids are watching. As immigrant parents, we should be more careful in this. We should be more vigilant in this. There's a very good website as all parents I advise them to keep inside their phones, notre Dom in their, in their in their little diaries. Kids in mind calm. What is it called?

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Kids in mind.com. This website gives you an absolute clear review of every single show that comes on TV, in terms of his profanity, in terms of its violence. And in terms of its

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what's the right word for content, content, this one, the inappropriateness that comes on the screen. I mean, I'm not sure the technical term for that. Okay. And it's actually interesting because we the Muslims should have made this website and the right wing Christian groups are making this website. Where are the Muslims gone talking, calling towards morality in society. The last and also one more thing there. In regards to keeping evil out of the house. If you need a computer, if you need internet in your house, make sure no one none of your kids have computers inside their private rooms, laptops in their private rooms. All computers and laptops should be in local areas of

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the house where it can be observed by every person. And the last thing if you're trying to establish an Islamic environment in your house do not show hypocrisy. Kids smell it like no tomorrow. You can't treat Islam as a punishment. You didn't you broke a glass probably put on except put on as a punishment now, okay, you came late home Corrine Salah, so, you know, you're not listening to your mom, I'm gonna drop you off to the masjid. They're gonna see that you're not calling for something that's good. It's actually something very bad. It's like saying there's a there's a cookie monster underneath your underneath your bed. It's not gonna help. Okay, so we should ensure that we don't

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show hypocrisy. If we tell our kids to pray. We shouldn't have to tell them we should first pray ourselves and then tell them to pray. Not tell them to pray for us and then go and pray ourselves. So let's not show hypocrisy in our houses. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada gives us Sophia to act upon what has been said and that Allah subhanaw taala makes our houses the houses of light and hedaya Subhan Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah and Mr. filler corner to Lake after the ANA de la alameen salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.