Hamza Yusuf – Remembering The Days Of Allah

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The segment discusses recent events in the Middle East, including the tragic volcanic disaster in Iceland and the global phenomenon of "the hour." It also touches on the importance of showing gratitude towards others, reminding people to have patience and show compassion when faced with overwhelming events. The segment also touches on the struggles of Muslims against their beliefs and desire for God, the negative impact of eating fish and other actions on their bodies, and the importance of privacy and laws for individuals, particularly for legal drivers.
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spinarak Nana Rahim Allah Hama suddenly was settled a MOBA Cana season a Mohammed wanted to send them to Sleeman kathira what a hold over a quarter in Bella honey and Ali hamdulillah

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hamdulillah praise will praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, the one the only Supreme Lord of everything that is was and ever will be everything that is not never was and never will be Lord of all goods, and all the blessings that we have in our lives at hamdulillah. The

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The trouble with talking right now for me at this hour is I'm still on Arabian time. I don't know, for people that have spent time over in the Middle East, when you come back here, at about six o'clock in the afternoon, you just drop. So I've been three months in the Middle East. And I and I just flew in from United Kingdom. So my my body clock is very messed up right now. But

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I didn't see any volcanic ash when I was in England, but I did see

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the volcanic ash when I was in the Middle East just on the news and and watching what was happening there. And I was really struck by the fact that there's so many extraordinary things that are happening right now that people don't really give them enough thought and consideration. We've got right now in the in the

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Gulf waters we have a well that is spewing oil into the oceans of the world because it's oil. Now we'll move into the streams and begin to disperse. It's really quite troubling. I was deeply troubling for people that think about these things because Muslims are people that read signs were people that read signs. Our book is a book of signs. It's a book of ayat. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives His prophets

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Allah subhana wa tada when he sent what are called arson, moose, big, big attina. You know we set Moosa with our signs, and Allah subhana wa dyana tells us to read the signs ikara, Bismarck duckula the * up to read. It wasn't simply just the reading of a book. But the book of signs which is in the universe as well and natural disasters have always been a source of trouble in Dr. Omar Abdullah photo was telling me this morning about the volcano in Iceland that happened over 100 years ago that wiped out one fifth of the population of Iceland. And he said at that time, the central question of the Icelanders was what have we done?

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He said that was what they were asking themselves, what have we done that is causing this trouble. And this is something that was true of peoples all over the world. Whenever calamities confronted them, they would always ask themselves, these are people that are in touch with their, with their inherent nature, they would ask themselves, what have we done. And this is something that human beings have now completely forgotten. We have spiritual Alzheimer's disease. That's what the humanity is suffering from a type of spiritual, Alzheimers disease, we've forgotten who we are, who we belong to, where we've come from, where we're going, what we should be doing. In the meantime,

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this is the state of humanity wherever you go, you see corruption in unbelievable unprecedented manners, things that really we haven't seen at this level. And this is a global phenomenon. It's happening all over the globe, and it's something that should cause people of intelligence. It should cause them. consternation it should cause them trouble in their hearts. Because these are people that Allah subhana wa tada Anna says about them, that when Medina armano moosh, Fiona minha we are Anna Mona Anna, Huck. The

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People who believe are concerned about the signs of the hour, the signs of the last days. They're concerned about it and they know that it's true from their Lord, the prophets. Allah is to them in a hadith which is one of the most extraordinary in terms of purely prophetic

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vision is one of the most extraordinary ideas that we have in the literature that even Abby shaver relates in which the prophets of lysozyme said either at Mecca turbojet Kava eema when you see Mecca, when you see holes drilled into the mountains of Mecca, either at Mecca turbojet Kava eema, the Arab se were ejected out of the Bara that holes were dug into the earth. The province of liason predicted that holes would be drilled through the mountains of Mecca and he says, Well, yeah, I know be now how to sell Jeevan

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sattu and you see the buildings of Mecca reaching the level of mountains.

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You see the buildings of Mecca reaching the levels of mountains he said no, that the shade of the hour has encompassed the planet.

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And the believers that when they see these things, it concerns them. The province Alecia kamisato, Hatsune and jivaro and Mr. Keeney her, the end of time will come into you see mountains removed from their places when I was in Mecca. There is moms have been removed from Mecca for a foreign one of the moms that's known as the chabane. When the angels came to the Prophet size, and they asked him if he wanted to see the mountains that they would use, for whom Allah Quraysh One of them was a beautiful vase and the other was put a plan in Quran has been removed, it's gone. It's no longer there. The mountain has gone a mountain that the province of the light is in and walked in its

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shade, a mountain that the province of liason probably climbed as a boy, this mountain is now removed either than the province or I set himself up on Masato Hatta, fazool and LG Barrow and America, these are Signs for people to reflect the province of I was on the Arabian Peninsula with my family walking on the beach and I came upon people in a public beach, having sexual * in a public beach on the Arabian Peninsula with I'm not making this up. This is the level of facade that is happening on our planet, the province of Mycenae himself, Masato had a horrible, nasty, horrible hmil that the end of time won't come into people are like animals open me.

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He said some of them that one of the signs of the end of time is civilized people would walk with their thighs exposed in the marketplaces.

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barrier to barrier to have harmful.

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People pens he said would be everywhere.

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He said that people out of their love of the world you would get two income families.

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that people would be two income families that he said a woman will out Harrison out of dunya Torino Xhosa hottie Jara out of love for this world, she'll work like her husband, to earn livelihood neglecting the children. Some people are forced to do that.

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And there is no blame on that. But there's people that just out of love of dunya they will abandon their children and go out these are these are the things that are happening around us. And these are things people have to wake up because this is a religion that calls people to wake up

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to wake up to the opportunity of life where they kill one big army now, when the prophets Elijah was commanded to do this, if you look in Surat Ibrahim, all of the verses after that talk about the great things of the past, and surah Ibrahim is it's really the essence of this sutra is about reminding people to have patience, to have gratitude, when to do not to live

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in an insane illumine kuffar that if you enumerate the blessings of Allah, you will never come to the end of them, you will never come to the end of the blessings. But man, the human being I didn't send this medal Decker what the human being is Vodoun

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oppressing themselves and this is the humble battle. That's a hyper hyperbole form in rhetoric, excessively oppressive, and kuffar, excessively ungrateful, showing in gratitude towards the

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blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets come to remind people to be in a state of gratitude in Sora to Brahim Moosa says to his people to book him land. She kept him lazy then Nicole, there are a lot of promises he has announced declare to humanity if you show great gratitude, I will give you more. I will show I will give you more to be grateful for what I uncovered in

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it, but if you're ungrateful because the movies you don't say the cover here is Ghufron and it's being ungrateful for the blessings This is also for believers and disbelievers.

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Even Altai Allah says, men Yes, Quran

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My name is Cora Nam Takata.

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Woman Shakira, ha, Tejada hubby Akali ha, that the one who does not show gratitude for the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given them is exposing those blessings to be removed to be taken away. And people don't know blessings you don't know what you've lost until it's gone like the country western song says you don't know what's what what you've lost until it's gone. This is the state of human beings. You don't know. One of the great statements of the mom shazzy he said health is a crown that the healthy were on their heads only the sick people can see the crown.

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Only the sick people can see the crown health, the gift of apphia the gift of well being you know, I had a beautiful experience in Medina because I've been going for a while and I got very exhausted and I was rundown and I had I had a

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I had a chest infection that just would not go away. It was three months going I was exhausted. I was getting shortness of breath. I had every test under the sun.

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I went to this doctor in Medina because I was I was completely at a point where literally this sense of analog yo

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I know I don't have anywhere to turn but to you. I've been to the doctors.

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They haven't helped me. In fact, I found a beautiful dude in above and Farage and it said

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Jambi adages of puppy Bopha Tao Winnie behati Latika was Fini, Shafi

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animonda yuvika hado. Two were in

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annum in the yuvika hado to what inner men Carmen motoreasy looked for a bit of the RV that I'm

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the doctors are incapable of helping me so you need to heal me heal me, oh, healer.

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I'm your guest. And it's known that the guest is always generous. The host is always generous to his guests. So I said that to add in some lines of poetry. And somebody called me and said, You know, I found a doctor in Medina that might help you. And I went to this doctor, he's an amazing physician, but he really created a paradigm shift in my mind about medicine. He's been practicing in Medina for 31 years. He does a JAMA, he bleeds people. I got bled, I almost passed out he brought so much blood out of me. But I'm a believer now I don't care any doctor in here. They told you that stuff was just superstition. It works.

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He JAMA, the prophet SAW I said that each heaven was told to tell his oma to not forget he Jama and the Prophet said that blood explodes. He literally said blood explodes and kills the province. I was talking about blood pressure, the hidden killer

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and they use a Jama in Finland in their allopathic hospitals to treat blood pressure.

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So I went and you know, this doctor was amazing because he just looked at me he said, You know what? He said you're getting older and the body gets it needs

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rest and you get exhausted you don't have the energy that you had when you were younger. And but then he said something amazing. He took my polls he listened to my vital signs. He did my blood pressure and he just kept saying, Mashallah, Mashallah, excellent. Mashallah. And moltmann montage of them a la la la. Mashallah. He said, system good. kidneys, good heart, good liver, good. intestines, good brain, good. Eyes, good. Ears good. And he just kept saying everything about he said it's all good. He said you're good.

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I felt so much better.

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Because I think going to all these doctors, they say you're really rundown, you're in bad shape, you're really in need, you're, you're really a bad disaster, oh boy. And you go out there feeling worse than when you came in, I went in with him and I felt great. I was like, it's all good. My heart's beating. It's all working. And that is reminding you of all the blessings. That's what he did, he reminded me of the blessings that I had.

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And it put me in a state of gratitude.

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That's what people have to realize. There are so many blessings when terror to nematode like,

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if you start counting them, you won't come to an end. And as you count them, they increase. Allah gives you more and more and more and more and more.

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Most of you right now, if you took your thermometer, you'd be at about 98.6, Ally's doing that

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most of you ate today and your you digested your food and the energy started going to your body and you had caloric intake, and the calories were broken down and you had energy Allah is doing that.

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You've been blinking all day long, clearing your eyes. Alize doing that.

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You have nasal hairs that protect things from going into your lungs. And then you have cilia on your lungs that's removing things that are harmful to your lungs allows doing that you've been exposed to

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bacteria and viruses and you've got white blood cells in your body that have elevated to protect your body. Today, you're not even aware of it our laws doing that. There are so many things that Allah subhana wa tada is doing, we can enumerate them, but getting into a state of gratitude, of being thankful. This is what that versus saying that these are Signs for people have suffered and sugar, who have patience and who have gratitude. This is what humanity needs right now. We need patience, gratitude and humility.

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We need patience, gratitude, and humility, because we're in trouble as a species. Things are not functioning. There are signs out there that are telling us they're warning signs. It's like the red light in your car, when it starts going off. If you continue to ignore it, the car shuts down. But if you recognize something needs to be done,

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and you go to the one who knows what to do, and they do a diagnostic, and they tell you this, that or the other you need to do these things. And if you don't, your engine is gonna seize up. This is true for everything in life. You have warning signs in your body, you start getting chest pains, you go to the doctor, the doctor said you've got plaque.

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your arteries are clogged up, you haven't been eating right you need to change your diet, you need to do this, or we need to go in you need to take this medicine. This is what happens if you ignore those it shuts down. There are signs out there also that are happening that are reminding us we're being reminded by a generous Lord. Yeah, you went in sanral. Mahara Kabira beacon, Kareem what oh, human being what has diluted you what has deluded you concerning the generosity of your Lord, Your generous Lord? Mm hmm. So he says he put his response in the question. It's the generosity of Allah. There's so much generosity that people forget. Because we take these things for granted. We take our

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blessings for granted. We take our religion for granted. We take our incomes for granted. We take our houses for granted. We take our spouses for granted we take our children for granted. We take our health for granted. All of these things. This is what human beings do, because the human being is Kufa.

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The human being is ungrateful. This is part of the human condition, but our religion is a religion about

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reminding people that are in heedlessness, this is what our prophets Allah ladies in him did. He came in, he reminded people he reminded them they had a Lord He reminded them that his Lord was worthy of worship. This is what Islam is about. It's about recognizing that you have a lord and all that Lord asks Is that you sincerely turn to that Lord and recognize that he is the giver of all of your blessings, all of your blessings come from Allah subhana wa Tada. He created us to know God. This is the greatest gift that Allah subhana wa tada has given us and this was something that Muslims are

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All over the world knew there have a poem that almost every child in North Africa memorized for centuries. It's a it's a didactic poem to teach them the three basic foundations of their religion creed, the belief system Arpita what Muslims believe, basic fifth, the five pillars of Islam, and then

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the basic foundations of drawing near to Allah. And in that he says you j don't necessarily mean when you're the hen love him upon the tibia pain. This was for children. This was literally for little children.

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That he struggles against his soul or she struggles against her soul for the sake of God. A struggle against your soul and ornaments, the self with the stations of certainty, Miuccia Prada. This was an oma of moja hada, an oma of moja Hagia Evelyn Moncada, the great teacher of Mr. Maddock, or the lion who said jack to nuptse, or ballerina center Hatters Katana to me. I fought myself for 40 years until it was finally in a state of submission. I struggled against myself for 40 years until it was finally in a state of submission. This is not an easy journey. There's Muslims that they say, oh, I've been trying, I've been doing this I can't get control myself. This is a man who's one of the

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greatest mohabbatein, one of the greatest scholars, one of the greatest saints of Islam. And he's telling us that he struggled with his self for 40 years, he mathematics said about him. We used to go visit even in Qatar and couldn't inaccurate Susana Yama, we would feel humiliated and humbled for days after that. We looked at ourselves in a contemptible manner. We saw ourselves as lonely after visiting this man for 40 years he struggled against himself. This is not easy. And there are people out there struggling. Muslims have no idea. Many of us have no idea the difficulties of people just for their livelihoods, just to earn their livelihood in this city has one of the biggest homeless

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populations in the United States of America. It's a disgrace for our country, a country a cornucopia of plenitude, a country that spends billions upon billions of dollars to create massive armaments that are such an overkill, we have a Navy, that is, is the amount that is spent on that Navy is 11 times greater than all the other navies put together, though, the 14 major navies, nine of which are NATO allies, nine of which are naila allies, America spends more on weapons today than it does on anything else. This is the majority the bulk of the budget, all this deficit financing, going to weapons. And we have homeless people in this city that don't have a place to live, meals to eat.

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Many of them have mental problems, but not all of them. Many of them are people that got sick and lost their jobs and found themselves without support systems out on the street. My mother was on the homeless committee in Marin County for many years. And as we were young, young, when I was young, she used to tell us these stories about how people ended up on the street,

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reminding us that this is something that could happen to anybody. This is a city, the City of Angels. This is a city that has one of the highest

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rates of suicide in this country, look what's happening. We have depression, Prozac, all of these things, these are all indicative of an overall state because people have great difficulties in life. And this is the beauty of our religion is to give us an ability to struggle in the world and keep our sanity to maintain our sanity. Muslims are having a difficult time. Many Muslims are economic migrants, they move because they're forced to I was on a plane and don't anybody laugh about this story because you have to understand how powerful and meaningful This is. I was on a plane going to Kuwait and I sat next to a very famous Kuwaiti Mohammed that I love.

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And very brilliant man. A the stewardess came and she was a I knew she was from West Africa, because I spent time in West having people from West Africa always surprised when I because I say you, are you. You're Europa. They say how do you know because people don't know that in this country. I was in a taxi and I, I heard a man start talking and I said, Oh, you're from West Africa. He was really surprised. He said, You're the first white American that ever knew where I was from. But I said to her, where are you from? She said Senegal

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and her name was Ayesha. She's a stewardess on an airline

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serve alcohol. Mohammed hour we asked her a question. He said, How do you feel about serving wine? She said it troubles me. She didn't have a hijab. So there was no outward display of

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her religion. She said, it really troubles me and he said,

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but she said, but I always serve it with my left hand.

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See, people laugh. They think that was funny, I actually cried.

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Because what, what she was telling me then was she was connected to her religion.

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Because Muslims do foul things with that they clean, they clean, filled with their left hand. And that's what she was articulating. by that. She said, I always serve it with my left hand. That's our level of consciousness. That's a conscious connection with your Lord, despite the fact that she knew that it was prohibited. And then she said, and I always asked the non Muslim stewardesses in Ramadan to serve it for me.

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This is what people are going through out there. And there's people that can look at her and look down on her. I, that woman, I just, I wanted to ask her to make dog for me.

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That's what people are out there struggling with holding their religion together. That is the meaning of the Hadith. Towards the end of time to hang on to this religion is like hanging on to a hot coal.

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Like a hot coal in your hand. That's what that woman was articulating.

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Our prophets of light Islam saw that coming but she was connected to her Lord, she hadn't severed that tie with her Lord, and as long as that time however flimsy if it shout out to more Alia, the hair of more Alia, however flimsy that tie is if that tie is there with your Lord, that door is always open. I have a better way one of the great saints of Islam, said that the door that he came to his Lord through was talim And mahalo

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exalting the creation of Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. He said, I never saw anybody from the family of the Prophet except on them to hulin t sahbihi, inara su de la, I saw him as something great because they were related to the Prophet Mara I to add him and in

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middle. I never saw a scholar except I exalted him because of the knowledge that he was carrying, he said, but it got to a point Mara, a two minute Muslim man, Nana Cana Hannah, who not no matter what his state was, in the whole empty savvy Helio Buddha Tila, but I saw because he was a servant of God. admittingly open that he was attempting to submit to a law that I gave him Tallinn and then he said, but then I didn't see anybody. Even the non Muslim in now lympho the unknown. You're auditing lives of Hannah Donna Hazel Oh gender who Allah subhana wa Adana via phone he conveyed on except that I saw that in that was the will the Divine Will manifesting before my eyes. And he said I never

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saw a rock or a tree or anything except that I saw it as a manifestation of the Divine Will. It was God that put that thing there. That's what he was acknowledging. And then he said woman you out of them hold on it now he for who will hate or know who and gotta be that the one who exalts the heromart of Allah, the sanctified things of God and what is more sanctified than the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. This thing that Allah has created as a totality of all of his divine attributes, and then called us to marvel at it. If you look at people when they see people who can do something amazing. You see, you had a beautiful singer who sings his song, and people in the non

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Muslim society, you know what they do? If people clap, they do these things ovation. They do an ovation. Right, which is to, to praise.

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There is because of what's happening in their hearts, they see something extraordinary, and they want to praise that thing. Because they're seeing something that has affected their souls. So when they see somebody who's mastered the piano, and he gets up and plays some extraordinary piece by Rachmaninoff or Beethoven, they all stand up and they clap and clap to say what an extraordinary thing you've just done before our

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eyes how extraordinary. That's what they feel like doing because it's so amazing.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:36

And yet, we're in this incredible existence. This amazing creation isn't stars in the heavens, galaxies, we've got Hubble telescopes that look at the four corners of the universe, the massive expansiveness, we have flowers that bloom before our eyes. We can watch flowers that move across as the sun moves across the sky. The flowers follow the sun, the Arabs call them obey the shrimps.

00:30:37 --> 00:30:43

We have animals that can do the most extraordinary things, elephants

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that can carry extraordinary weight on their backs, but ants even even more extraordinary that can carry many times their own weight. All of these things happening before us. We have women right now in this room, there's a fetus, a baby developing in their rooms, my tadek, cell division at rapid rates, all of these things are happening everywhere.

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And we don't feel compelled to give God a standing ovation.

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To stand up before Allah subhana wa Tada. And say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, really just stand, you know, nation before our Lord. Like people stand before some poor souls perfected some little trick

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on a musical instrument, who can pipe a tune out? And we're compelled to jump up and clap and say Bravo, bravo. And we can't get up for the Lord of the worlds. And say Allahu Akbar, Mahara. Kabira Beco Kareem, what has diluted you, what has diluted you what has taken you away from the praise of your Lord? This is what Muslims are meant to remind people to do, wherever they go to tell people to tell people you have a lord.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:18

Our Prophet went into such out of gratitude

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are provoked when he saw an eclipse. He went and and gave God an ovation, he prayed. He stood up and prayed and went into such depth as a testimony to what he was witnessing a reminder, but those reminders are in every instance. These are just the great ones to pull even the most heedless of people back to attentiveness to their Lord. Things like eclipses like volcanoes, like oil spewing out into the ocean should tell us Yarrow. If Allah wanted, he could destroy all of the oceans. The whole facade of albery wildberry Bhima, cassava, Ada NAS, this foulness has revealed itself in the oceans and on the land because of what your own hands have been doing, because of what you have been

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doing. Look at what's happening around us

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have compassion for people out there. And Accra even had this A timimi is a gruff veteran man he was sitting with the province of the light is to them and Hassan and Hussein were there and the Prophet kissed his two grandchildren. And after I said to the Prophet,

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you kissed children. And the Prophet said, he said, initially I shot an

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MA belt.

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I've got 10 children, I never kissed one of them.

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And the Prophet said in one reply, he said, Man, lay your hand. If you don't show mercy, mercy won't be shown to you. In another way. He said, America Shanthi de la hora. De Do I have anything in my religion for somebody that God has removed mercy from their hearts. This religion. There has to be something already there. If you don't have basic humanity, this religion doesn't work.

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You have to have basic humanity in them or at least me Mama karma club. I was sent to perfect noble character to teach people how to treat one another marathoner towards

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Allah. Allah. Allah had I was commanded to be humble until nobody could show arrogance over another. What does Allah say about people once knowledge is have been given to them will not have a ruffle in them in baggy Madhya

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Gambino they didn't start splitting up into * and groups until knowledge came bogbean beno home and then they get Eric

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Get with their knowledge. And each one says I know and he doesn't know, ya know, bla bla bla bla, this is what Dean says that people say,

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you don't have anything and I have the truth, knowledge can lead people astray, because of not the knowledge itself, but the arrogance that comes with the attribute that Allah has described himself with. Knowledge is an attribute of God. Wealth is an attribute of God. It's the attributes of God. When we take on some manifestation of those attributes in the world, we become arrogant if we're not careful. And this is why the closest way to Allah is through Buddha, it's through those qualities that God does not have poverty, for people are always closer to God throughout the world, wherever you go, the most religious continent on the planet is Africa.

00:35:50 --> 00:36:10

99% of Africans believe in God, really, you go to Africa, I lived in West Africa, they're humble people. You know, they had a National Geographic, and there was a group of Mauritanian fishermen. And they went out to fish. And they didn't catch any fish. And so you know what they said, it's our sins.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:19

And they went to the morava, to the teacher, and they told him, we went out, we used to go out and cast the net. Now the fish are all gone.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:37

If you want the sub of the material reason is because the Japanese, the Russians, the Americans, they're fishing those waters like crazy. But still they understood. How does this relate to her, you can blame the other, but it's still it's happening to you.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:56

And he told them to make tau but this is on the the documentary itself. He told them to make Toba to ask Allah and they did that. And then they went out cast their nets and fish came into the nets. That's fitrah people, those are people of sutra, the United Nations announced last week

00:36:58 --> 00:37:15

that the fish are going from from and this is in our best in the Tafseer of the verse that the huddle facade when serata wrong, that the corruption has revealed itself in the land and on the sea. He said in the sea, the diminishment of fish, because of the sins of people.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:45

Tuna is going to be extinct in 25 years, I would argue that we should have a moratorium on eating fish until the oceans can replenish themselves, that it's now become unethical to eat fish, because I want my children's children and everybody else's children's children, to also be able to not only eat vision and sustain their bodies with the protein of the sea, but also to be able to marvel at what's in the scene.

00:37:46 --> 00:37:59

Because we know that the fish actually asked forgiveness for those believing people, they asked forgiveness. And maybe the sins are getting so bad those fish that we're asking forgiveness are being removed from the planet.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:18

There's a lot to do. This community is an important community, you're in the United States of America, this country is going through immense problems right now we have two wars that were they're worse than mistakes. A mistake is something that

00:38:19 --> 00:38:22

there's there's some redemption and mistakes.

00:38:23 --> 00:38:37

But when you have gross injustice, when the pope tells you the Pope, one out of every 25, one out of every four Americans, 25% of Americans are Catholic, when the pope tells you

00:38:38 --> 00:38:52

that this is an unjust war, and you claim to be a Christian, and here's somebody who's working with traditional Christian ethics. And he says the war in Iraq does not fit, just war criterion in the Christian religion.

00:38:55 --> 00:38:56

That's a bad sign.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:36

Because if you go against your own teaching, and many of these people are claimed to be Christians, if you go against your own teaching, you have no aid from God. And we believe see people get upset or get uneasy when you say these things. Even though if you read the second inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln, he argued that much of the tribulation that was happening during the Civil War was a direct result of the sins of the American people that were perpetrated against African Americans, the sin of slavery, the sin of the injustices towards a minority population that we're treating, being treated as less than human.

00:39:37 --> 00:39:55

If you said that now you're laughed out you're you're made fun of on television, but we have a religion liahona Loma tele and we're told not to fear the the the blame is heaped upon you by people that throw blame at you. We believe

00:39:56 --> 00:39:58

that when you do injustice,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

God does things to you. It's cause and effect. You can't change that. And Americans, we have to ask ourselves all of these tribulations that have afflicted us, where are they coming from? Maybe we need to reassess, make, make return to God, ask forgiveness, admit that we were wrong, admit that 1 million Iraqis did nothing to deserve death, as a result of the American invasion of Iraq, just admit that it was wrong. people were killed that should have never been killed. And it was wrong and unjustice admit that admit that going in to Afghanistan, to to attack a whole nation because of the actions of a criminal gang inside that nation? No, no criminal justice system could do that. Now.

00:40:51 --> 00:41:13

They're finally beginning to discuss this problem in foreign affairs, foreign policy. They have an article about dealing with this as a criminal justice problem, it should have always been dealt with as a criminal justice problem, you can't have a war with the biggest army in the world against a gang that is smaller and far less effective than the mafia.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:19

Far less effective than the mafia, the Qaeda has nothing on the mafia.

00:41:20 --> 00:42:06

And yet, an entire nation has been moved towards these people. There have been last year 33 Americans died in terrorist attacks last year. 33 15,000 died from low tire pressure in their cars. But we don't have a war on low tire pressure. Seriously, far more people die, you're more likely to get struck by lightning than killed in a terrorist attack. And yet, this is the type of fear we need to reassess. We need to remind people and I'm telling you, we've got nutcases, unfortunately, in our religion, but we're a large religion. And it's just a statistical fact that when you have large numbers of people, you will have people that aren't well, you'll have people that are not well. And

00:42:06 --> 00:42:52

then if you compound that with bombing those people with aggressing against those people, then unfortunately, people are going to get upset. And we need to remind people, we do not justify terrorism. None of I don't think anybody in here believes in terrorism. And if you do, I hope that you stopped believing in it, because it's simply wrong. Whether it's a state terrorizing people, or small groups of vigilantes terrorizing peoples within a state, either way, terror is wrong, it's wrong to terrorize people, we have people that believe in rules of engagement, were people that believe in international law, we have law, international law was invented by the Muslims camassia,

00:42:52 --> 00:43:17

there was no international law before the Hanafi madhhab. It didn't exist. Muslims invented international law, but when you say international community, the international community, and you don't include one fourth of the population, which is Muslim, you exclude that part of the international community, and then the international community becomes the g7. And then you say, why can't these people just get on the program?

00:43:19 --> 00:43:26

Why can't we get on the program? Because we're not on the program. Len terbang? Can you who do alumnus or

00:43:27 --> 00:43:39

to whom they won't be pleased with you until you do exactly what they say? Well, unfortunately, that's not the way the world work. You might want to conquer the world, but the world might not want to be conquered by you.

00:43:40 --> 00:44:23

We have to recognize, and we're here in the United States of America, you know, this is Memorial Day. This is Memorial weekend, Memorial weekend to remember that, you know, really to remember, there are many people that sacrifice many of you are, we're living the fruits of sacrifice that's real, and that my father is a world war two veteran. My father got a special dispensation in his senior year of high school to get an early graduation at the age of 17, to join the United States Air Force. Because that's what young people were doing, to go and fight Hitler or to fight the Japanese in the South Pacific. My one of my grandfather's was an officer in the Revolutionary War.

00:44:23 --> 00:44:42

My family goes all the way back. I have a grandfather, a direct grandfather on my mother's side that was an officer in the Revolutionary War. And we have a newspaper clipping of him marching on Independence Day in in, in Georgia. He was given land in Georgia, probably Cherokee land.

00:44:46 --> 00:44:58

So I'm part of this country mom's aid. Amen. So hey, man, we are I'm sorry, you can't tell us to go back where we came from. We've been here a while. We've been here a while seriously

00:45:00 --> 00:45:31

So we're part of this country and and anybody that migrated legally to this country, you're part of this country because that's what this country is about. It's always had immigrants come to these shores and that's what the Statue of Liberty, the famous poem by Emma Lazarus calling send all your refuse to me, right? We're the garbage of the world according to that poem. You know, send all your refuge right to my shores and all embrace them, you know, come on, welcome. I don't have an assignment. That's America.

00:45:32 --> 00:45:36

And then, boom, as you get off the boat,

00:45:38 --> 00:46:24

my great grandfather 1838 got off the boat. And he was Irish Catholic. And he he's he fell smack into the Irish Catholic riots where the Protestants went out and bass the Irish and burnt all their churches down in Philly because he lived in Philadelphia. Welcome to America for my great grandfather. So don't don't if you come here and they actually did say welcome to America to you, guy. You're lucky. Seriously you have to consider yourselves lucky. But your your legal. Immigrants here, people with green cards. Your children are born in the United States of America, like Bruce Springsteen said, born in the USA. That's what they are. Right now. It will be hard at about at once

00:46:24 --> 00:46:25

a headline, you had better.

00:46:26 --> 00:46:39

God swears by this land and you are a legal citizen of this city. The Prophet is hidden in the city of Mecca, they had no right to chase him out. Everybody's here for right. We have to obey the laws,

00:46:40 --> 00:46:48

law abiding citizens, we have to be productive citizens. Many of the Muslims are providing great services to this country.

00:46:49 --> 00:47:33

And we have to let people that are afraid there's people that have fears. You need to let them be aware that we're here for good we have every once in a while somebody that is related to our religion is misguided, thinks they're doing a good deed. There's Christians that go and shoot abortion doctors thinking they're doing a good deed, or blow up abortion clinics thinking they're doing a good deed. People in all religions go wrong. We had a Rabbinical student we as a species, not me, but we as a species had a Rabbinical student in the state in Israel who killed Rabin shot him believing he was doing something that was good based on his religious training. Religion goes

00:47:33 --> 00:48:10

wrong, secularism goes wrong, people go wrong, but the only way that you can ensure that you're going to have the best conditions is by one inculcating mercy in people's hearts, but also inculcating a sense of justice and honesty in people's hearts. If you don't have justice, you're going to have troubles. You can't have peace without justice. But you also despite the in Justices of the world, you need to have mercy because this is the essence of our prophets teaching sallallahu wasallam Omar sanaka in metal elements or Amara

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