Qur’an: A Living Miracle

Hamza Yusuf


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Date: May 29, 2015
Hamza Yusuf explains the great miracle of the Qur’an for all of humanity and how it serves as a timeless and endless invitation to God’s religion.


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The importance of learning the Arabic language is discussed, as it is the language of the beast and the vacuum of Islam. The use of "has" in Arabic is emphasized, as it is the language of theko and is the language of the beast. The book of Allah is recited in films and is discussed in a different way, involving being silent while others are listening. The importance of knowing the meaning of words in one's language is also emphasized, along with the need for a focus on the bulk of one's time.

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of the preservation of our scholars and and by the trophy because when I was in England

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the preservation of the Arabic language because it's an essential aspect, the Arabic language has been preserved. And it's there for whoever wants it if you want to learn English, but if you want us to learn Arabic, because it is the language that literally opens up a whole world of meaning that is inaccessible in the English language. And I'm saying that as somebody who is bilingual, who raised the bar in Arabic and read the English, the Arabic the Quran is not the foreign English, it cannot be called upon in English. And this is not kind of, you know, a boasting of of the scholars of the past. No part of the edges of the Quran is the Arabic language itself. And it is the language of

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Revelation. So we must learn the language of the book itself. And this includes Arabs, who go through year 12 years of high school and they can't they can't, you know, one of the Mohammed represents at this hospital

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this oma has been given three special things, knowledge of the unsolved genealogy, the knowledge of the

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if it wasn't for the Senate of this month, that he would have said whatever he wanted to say whoever wanted to say. So we have the senate which is the unbroken chain of transmission with the foreign exist to these days in an unbroken chain of transmission to the Messenger of Allah

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala, there are Muslims who memorize the Quran with a standard unbroken chain to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and this exists to our day, it's a miracle of the Quran that we have an absolute standard of unbroken chain of transmitters of the Quran, both Messiah

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by articulation, and by writing, it's unbroken. All of this has been preserved. So learning the Arabic language. Now, the next aspect is, and this does not mean if you don't know Arabic, you can't read the meanings of upon. I'm not suggesting that but I'm saying it's a crutch and letting people use crutches. But the beauty of it is you can throw away your crutches because the Arabic language is learnable I mean, Maurice battalion was 50 years old when he learned the Arabic language, a French scientist who just wanted to read the foreign in its original language. 52 years old. We have Muslim that speaking that's better than the queen.

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They speak English better than the queen. Why?

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Why is that people grow up in the Swat Valley and as the Queen's English, we want to speak the king's language. Not the Queen's English want to speak the king's Arabic which is the language of

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the King of Kings Allah subhana wa Tada. So,

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Allah says, In the Quran

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if we want Rama from Allah subhana wa Taala. This is Allah has given us the formula when the Quran is recited, listen to it. Now the word in Arabic here is seminal is from an eighth form verb is the seminar, which is what it's called Babin morphology, which means it's a reflexive, it goes back into the self. In other words, it's not simply a hearing, it is an internalization of the hearing, is a Harkening, which we say in the first forum send me out, it means we, we hear like stomach to more Italian, smack, smack, smack.

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Here they used to say, I heard that

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now, but that's not what it means. That is what

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it means to internalize it. So you, you not only hear the word, you internalize it, you take it into the self, you allow it to go through the ear and into the heart where it's understood and comprehend it.

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And then once it enters into the heart, there has to be silence and stillness, there has to be silence and stillness. If you do not still the heart from the chatter of the world, then you cannot understand and penetrate the meanings of the book of Allah law, you must

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only touching the purified ones, the purified ones, which is a passive form, they're purified by their class to Allah subhana wa, allow purifies them, they only have access, intimate access to those who are purified. And so this one has to be internalized, there has to be this this is for semi oola who want to learn more, in order that you are shown Rockman now we one of the things that I think is a sign of the sickness of our oma is that we no longer listen to the arm. In other words, in our souks, the forum now is played like background music, you will hear it

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you will hear crying out in the soup of all the Muslim countries, you will hear the foreign even in the soup and if you hear it here, then tell the people to stop playing. Because the soup is not the place for power. In fact, it's my crew to recite the Quran in the soup, except for barley.

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And you can look at the books that are not making that up. And I was once trying to do a transaction and somebody had a CD and he was trying to sell and I asked him please turn it off. And he said Why? And I said because Allah says it.

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If you hear the Quran, listen to it and be silent. And I can't make a business transaction if you've got foreign friends and he says, This is logic.

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See, this is me, this is a sickness. This is a sickness, it means there's a deep loss of identity. And this is what's happened in our own world. We have lost adapt to the book of Allah, I'm gonna close it up now. We've lost to the book of Allah subhana wa Adana, now from the idea of the book of Allah is that you listen to it when it's recited,

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and your silence. Now in the

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movie, Don't raise your voices over the voice of the Prophet. The other must many of them have said it includes one heartbeat is being recited. Now there's a principle of cinema, which is even more fun. Like when Allah says don't take your parents both. That's the least thing you can do. It obviously means not hitting them or going God. If we're commanded to be silent when the province of bison is speaking, then what is the commandment when Allah Subhana Allah Allah Himself is speaking, which is the column of Allah which is the book of Allah, to Allah. If we hear the book of Allah, which he goes silent, if you don't understand it can be silent anyway.

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In order that you will be shown urashima from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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is the unending miracle of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is the book that enriches those who have no wealth, it dignifies those who are based and subjugate it, it gives nourishment to those who are spiritually malnourished. It is a book that brings light and light to the dead and the blind, someone Bookman.

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They Allah says about them, they are blind up and down and they do not see their their depth they can't hear and theirs can't speak. They can't articulate and they can't see. And the Muslim is somebody who is listening attentively to the size of a lot.

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Seeing the signs of a loss of data because the signs are both things that we see with the eyes of some outward boss, or what we see with the eyes, we hear with the ears, and we understand in our hearts, the Muslims or people of intellect, they're not people of stupidity, and it is the Muslims or people of intellect. And the Quran is a book that demands

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it is not a book for simplistic

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for just just a book that no, it absolutely demands from us that we think a lot of analysts and ourselves very lucky for hockey and a bottle for your mobile, but you know, who was weak for us, this

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against false, and all forms of truth against falses and is overcome now there's a modern translation that says, and it smashes out their brains, which that's a gross mistranslation of part because Damara, although it is one of the meanings is the father to demand to strike the brain, that striking does not mean smashing it physically out, which is a lot of a way that a lot of Muslim modern Muslims would like to finish arguments by smashing out their opponents brains. No, we are people are born and the proof is if you read the eyes that follow that verse, you will see that they all asking about, do you think there's more than one god increasing? Have you looked at the heavens

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and the earth is using intellectual proofs to show these people in other words, you have the mobile mobile means that it overwhelms their intellect until they have to admit that it is the truth from Allah subhanho data. Muslims have never been afraid of open debate and open discourse. The Muslims have never been afraid of open debate and open discourse.

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He debated the atheists in the message he debated people that didn't believe in the bat. This is what the Muslim because they were not afraid of any forms of falsity because they had the truth. But because we're so distant from the book of Allah, we actually fear now, all of this false that that is out there while lying.

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in Alberta, Canada, hookah if the truth columns, false vanishes, false it is vanishing, the prophet when stating it, he said

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there are afflictions like a dark black night, and then I come along with who said, masala

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what is the way out on that day he said he have a lot, the Book of Allah

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Maha Brahma

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it has the information of those who went before news about those who will come after. And it is a judgment between you the purpose of lifetime segment

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if I understood it, right was as from Arabic speaking people, because an Arab by definition is somebody who speaks Arabic. And the word in fact, comes from a word, which means to articulate, clearly.

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articulate clearly. And some call an Arab is like other things like that.

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And some sort of comes from Yeah. Which is one of the fathers of Arabic, but it's those who articulate clearly, which means the vast majority of people now claiming to be Arab or not really Arab. In fact, if the Sahaba heard them, I think they would just shake their heads and say, what what kind of language is this? And

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then we just say, Well, what was that? x to the LMA? That means in Arabic, I write with pain.

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So that, you know, they really wouldn't understand I don't think I mean, they heard or only once said, say yes, yes. And amarapura.

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Unite DNS was also he's calling the people and he said no, he has a boyfriend. Yes. But so he had the arrangement in his town, so he didn't pronounce the heart very strongly.

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I would say that the, the way that we go back to the Koran is taking the method of the set of people, the men had the setup was to read the Koran in 30 days. This was a minute of the Salah. The Quran was divided into 36 6030 Jews, that his was 60 to be recited by john and Margaret. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read. And most people spend more time in the bathroom

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during their toiletries, then then that takes really, I mean, just to put our priorities straight

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out of the line of who is often

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times the most generous in terms of his leniency

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said that the least amount that we can recycle for honest twice a year that it must be recited at least twice a year, the province a license

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that has weakness that a Razzie mentioned, that says mentality.

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Agenda, the one that has gone past 40 days and hasn't completed the foreign has been rude to the Koran.

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The Quran must be read, but it has to be read with deliberation. We know that the Sahaba did not memorize the Koran until they were acting according to it. And this will increase us in our knowledge when the man or a woman or

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whoever acts according to what he knows a lower increase in his knowledge. So there's increased by acting according to what we know. The Arabic language the Quranic Arabic, although there are deep intricacies and subtleties in a phonic Arabic, by and large, the Quranic Arabic is not a complicated Arabic it is moving in the head, these are actually more difficult to read than much of the Koran, but the Quran must be read with commentary. And the commentary is, is something that this is one of the problems of the modern age is that people are literally reading the Quran misunderstanding, there's people reading English translations and misunderstanding because the translator

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misunderstood it. And there's misunderstandings in the translations and also translations only one aspect. The Quran oftentimes have many different aspects. So the the Quranic Arabic, there's a beautiful vocabulary that is not extensive that can be learned very quickly, I have a class that has been working

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with me two hours a week for about three and a half, almost four years. And they are there all of them are as young when they came in. And now they're reading the Quran with a considerable amount of understanding, they can understand it with a dictionary using relying on a dictionary for some words. And this shows you just that a small amount of time, a massive amount of beginning now Arabs already have a considerable

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jump on everybody else, because there's a great deal of the Quranic Arabic that they still can understand even for a person on the street, my friend of the Lama told me he was in Egypt once and he he speaks Arabic and he got in attacks. And he said, read on him and publica attached.

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And the man said.

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So, now, existing taxi drivers are notorious for being what they call Sophie's a dumb. So I don't know, he was just not understanding it was caught on or he was making fun of my friend.

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But we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But is

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that not when people mock and other people perhaps are better than them. So

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the most beautiful test year that we have

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is the geralyn for a quick understanding of the product. It's been a remarkable work with. And I also recommend to Celia aroma Tenzin might use a khalaby, which is also concise and just brilliant in what it contains. And then you move on to the bigger Test series. But we should identify resources. And the other thing. I want to talk about this, but again, I'm just not I need to be more structured. But I want to talk about our children, and giving our children the book about loss of Hannah without realizing them said on the piano that the parents who give the Quran to their children will be given crowns that radiate like sons, you totally do DJ on Christian Bahama.

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I don't understand how we can give our children chemistry and biology and physics. And I mean, it's just that they're not going to be tested about that stuff on the on the camera, which is not to understand, you know, to diminish the importance of those sciences, I'm not, but we need to get our priorities right. And our priority above and beyond everything should be the bulk of our last panel of data. And while logic, and I'm saying this and making an oath by law, are Obama, who were the most brilliant scientists and scholars that the world has ever known. I mean, way beyond the people now who don't even know how to

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take care of themselves. I mean, scientists are uninspiring individuals. By and large, it's not all of them, but a lot of them they look at these Western scientists, I don't even know how to send it to me an email. They don't even want to talk to people anymore. Send it to me on email.

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But these are

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all of them what they share in common

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Is that they memorize the Book of our last panel, and they learn the language of Arabs. And I believe personally the fact I am the Quran is absolutely literal in its meaning.

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In order that you use your intellect that you learn to use your intellect, when Allah tells us the reason why we're all scattered and separated, he says that he can

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then go home for Monday afternoon because there are people that don't use the internet Festival on demand

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that he can be in Hong Kong Monday afternoon. You think that they're united, their hearts are separate because they don't use the intellect, we need to begin using our intellects raise up to the level of this demon. And Arabic is a means it's a tool. That's all it is. It's a tool that it's a powerful tool that empowers the intellect, certain types of understanding that are not available to people through other linguistic mediums.