Haifaa Younis – Trials and Tribulations – The Dunya is Your Opportunity to Get Jannah

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how he was put in a test and felt a dams signal. He questions why he was asked to test and wonders where he would practice patient and obey God. He also mentions that dams signal is his opportunity to become a doctor and get promoted.
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Former here to duniya Illa Mata

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this life is but a deceiving pleasure

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why it is an obstacle in my path to Allah? If it is an obstacle, why did he put me here? Then Joe say to test? No, you missed it. Because when I say Allah puts me in a place to test me indirectly I'm singing Allah has not right. But when I get that test, I said your mother is a mercy in this test. It's a test. But he didn't put me here to test me he didn't say it. He didn't say it. You know, what's one of the saints I can say said about this dunya he said a dunya Missoura to

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this life is the form for the hereafter.

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You plant

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and then you will get it there.

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How can I go to Jana? There is no dunya Have you ever thought of? How would I go to Jana? Right. Where would I worship Allah? Where will I practice patient? Where will I obey him? Where will I feel and then turn to Him and ask for repentance. So don't look at dunya in this way.

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Look at doing it is my opportunity. It's my training course. It's the certificate. I will get so I get promoted.

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But where is the problem

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is when these course takes me away from the certificate.

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This is when the dunya becomes the issue.

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