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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for people to be smart and wise, not mix politics. They also talk about the struggles of young men in their community and the need for people to be strong and resilient. The speaker believes that people should not be heard as being crazy or crazy, but rather be strong and resilient.
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Everybody needs to be very smart and wise, how you speak and how you bring this injustice to light. Don't mix politics. It's an act of injustice, it's their land. They are fighting. They want their land back is not a religious, we have nothing against the Jews. We they have nothing against the Muslims. It is learned. It's injustice, children are being killed.

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woman, young and old men, I mean, anybody you're hearing from us, and they say we don't know, and especially those who sends his videos daily. This is what they say. And they're smiling. Literally, there is a younger man, I can't believe it. He said, I don't know this could be the last one. Salam Alikum as a 12 year old boy, I don't know if y'all are following those of you who know how to be you should his name is mood 12 year old. The first day he was carrying a bottle of water empty as a mic.

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Every single day he talks to us as listeners and you see the here and he's smiling.

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Literally you want to be strong listen to these things. He says I don't know I might not see you tomorrow cerametallic continuing Jana

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blah, blah.

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So this is how we need to be. This is something we all will learn from is their resilience. And I've never seen people as resilient as this. It's something your books will be written history will write their resilience, not what they are going through only. But their resilience, their patience, their belief that your thing learn from it. Be strong, resilient, full faith in Allah subhanaw taala do what we need to do what we can do leave Nila

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