The Resilience of Aisha (RA)

Fatima Barkatulla


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Brothers and sisters, what you will notice and discover over the series as we look at the life of our mother Aisha or the Lana is that our mother, Aisha was a woman of substance. We live in a time when women are either commoditized or pursued as consumers, the various pressures and industries that are constantly calling to us to be enslaved to them are insidious. The fashion industry, the music industry, the beauty industry, social media, all seek to influence us as women. And that is why it's so important for us to know our own principles, to know Allah's commands and prohibitions and to have a strong relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Because there's nothing that Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us with, except that it's good for us. And there's nothing that he has prohibited us from except that it is evil and bad for us. And when we study the lives of people like Aisha Dianna, it reminds us of having that right attitude. You know, this is why it's so important for us to know about the great women of our past women like our mother Aisha and the Elana because if the Muslim ummah, is to be revived, we need women who can resist the temptation to be materialistic, the temptation to being fickle, and blowing hot and cold. We need women of substance, who think, who have a deep understanding and motivation for the next

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life, not for the fleeting pleasures of this life. So when we study the life of our mother, Ayesha, or the law and how it reminds us of what our mindset should be like,

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because this life is not forever, it's short. And our job is to navigate it carefully as believers, we will make mistakes, tragedies will happen, and harm may befall us, may Allah protect all of us, as if we felt those before us.

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When we look at the life of Aisha there and how we see a life with great happiness, but we also see that she experienced great pain. And we will go into that in Sharla. In future episodes, we see that people slandered her, we see that the Prophet salallahu alayhi, wasallam passed away her husband passed away when she was only 18. And she lived the rest of her life on married.

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She never had children of her own, she experienced emotions that we all experience, things like jealousy, and you know, a sense of competition, and you know, all kinds of feelings that all human beings feel.

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But what we find is that even though she made mistakes, things that she considered to be mistakes, and at times she was regretful, what we learn is that, you know, how should we respond when those difficult feelings and those difficult times come into our lives?