If Allah Is With You, None Will Defeat You

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Whether they're sitting in the masjid in China,

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or in the UK, or in Africa, or in the Middle East, or in the caucuses, the hearts are there. The bodies are there, but the hearts are with our brothers and sisters in Philistine.

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And we are no different.

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And what can I hardly do? Or what can I help him say

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to a congregation who have seen things with their eyes that no voice can manifest the feelings that we've seen? How do you explain the pain in the eye of an 11 year old? Boy awesome. Standing in front of a camera with his arm in a cast from a broken arm. And he's asked, Where are your parents? And he looks down and you literally see the pain in his eyes and he sees that they're no longer here. They're shaheed.

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How do you capture the emotion of a mother running from room to room in the hospital looking for her children? Only to find out that they're all murderers?

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How do you capture the emotion of a son

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driving his vehicle

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with his father in the backseat.

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And he says that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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And when the camera looks to the backseat, you see his father wrapped in a deathshroud

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there's no ambulance or funeral car or anything to take him he's buried his father himself.

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When we consider him lucky that he has his deceased family member there with him, you, you can't capture it. You can't. Nothing can be said to recreate what we've already seen.

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But what can be said is

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things that can perhaps put

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a proper lens on what we're seeing

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a proper perspective on what we're seeing.

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And for that we look, of course, the life of our beloved messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Because the,

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the medium manufactures in our mind, and many of us internalize this,

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this impending doom, hundreds of 1000s of gathered on the border.

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And the world powers have united

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against an oppressed people.

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They've green lighted a massacre and a genocide.

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And so we can begin to feel hopeless.

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We can begin to feel hopeless, and we begin to lose sight of the perspective that the Sahaba had in the believers had.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala put our prophets Allah is setting them through very difficult trials. In Mecca, he faced the siege and a boycott for three years.

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Resources are cut off, no food, no water, no business dealings, no marriage, nothing at all, until the companions were forced to literally eat the leaves from trees to survive.

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They went through that boycott,

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an embargo

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and we see similar happening again and again.

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They went through the Battle of the hijab, in Medina,

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an army the size of which the history of Arabia had never seen had a mass at the doorsteps of Medina 10,000 strong and they they they had arrows raining down upon them and they had

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a betrayal from within Medina the Jews of Medina had betrayed the Muslims and a god against the treaty that they had with a prophet and sided with the Quran. And a lot of fan and the other tribes were besieging from the outside. And Allah subhana wa Tada he captured that moment because it's one thing to read the history books, but it's another to know the feelings of the hearts. And Allah subhanaw taala he says, Elijah

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fell open called Mormon as well. I mean come when they came at you from above you and below you. Anywhere you turn you were in fear.

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What if Zabba

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What do you know? Hannah Jean. And the hearts were overwhelmed with fear. And it's as if they they reached the throat like you could feel every heartbeat the individual, the believer you could feel every heartbeat in your throat and the eyes were searching in fear. What telephone known Abbey

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La, Luna Luna and some had doubts.

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Some began to have doubts.

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Who now it Kevin 20? Me? No, no, it was Z losings

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Shadi here at this moment, the believers were tested and they were shaken such a shaking that literally shook them to their core.

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So the believers went through this, the hypocrites were mocking them saying you can't even go out to the bathroom and pizza and the famous story that we know the Messenger of Allah when he they were digging the ditch and he struck the huge stone and he said, Allahu Akbar, I've been given the keys to Rome and Persia and Yemen

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are saying, you're promising us victory over the world's superpowers. We can't even relieve ourselves and peace. We're scared to leave our home to relieve ourselves.

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So the believer is how did they respond at this situation? Those whose Eman was firming their heart? What was their response? Allah subhanaw taala he says, what I'm me No, no.

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No, what I saw was saw the

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room. When was the home in

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a man what asleep? When the believers saw this, they saw the scenario, the same thing that the whole community saw that the enemy saw that the hypocrites saw that the Jews of Medina saw that the Muslims saw that the Muslims saw everybody saw the same thing, but only one saw it with a proper lens.

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Only one had the proper perspective.

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They said hi there man. Why then Allahu wa rasuluh This is a manifestation of the truth of the Promise of Allah and the Messenger of Allah is setting up when Allah said in the Quran, the tubular wouldn't be MIT come one physical one at this mountain I mean Allah you know don't Kitab among company come in Muhammad Allah the national school as an cafiero You will be certainly tested in your lives and your wealth and you will hear things that will hurt you.

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We can't turn on any any media coverage.

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There's no outlet we can turn on except that our hearts are literally being struck with the arrows from the words that are coming out of the mouths of so called impartial journalists. Allah said that in the Quran what does that smell and I mean under the No 20 There'll be no political will Amin Allah the national who then Kathira

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what was the promise that they said that increase the money man when Allah says the passive income and total Jana Do you think you will enter paradise? What am I actually call methadone Medina Hello Milka berekum. But you haven't yet tasted what those before you have tasted have gone through Mercer tumble saw what Barbara was on zero. They were facing difficulty and tribulation and they were shaken to their core until the messenger himself said Mata Anna salah. One is the help of Allah coming one is the victory of Allah coming. So what then is this perspective? What was the perspective of the sahaba? The verse ends by telling you what to perspective what was

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in Allah He buddy, indeed most definitely the help of Allah, the victory of Allah, the opening from Allah is very close.

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That was the Promise of Allah. So what does Allah say in the Quran? What is the believers perspective? What is it believers understanding of when we see tribulations and trials like this? Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, Ben in Houma, hola como Hua

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sleeting rather know that Allah is your protector, and He is the Best of those who give victory. Allah says de sola Goma long vana lon Eban burner como II don't come feminine than the Soto commune baddie. Allah says indeed, if Allah were to help you, the nun can overcome you, Nan Qin, Nan can harm you. But if Allah abandons you, if Allah leaves you then who will help you in his place? Why not along he finally at our gaining meaning, so that those the believers put their trust upon Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, Allah is Allah Who will be Gaffey neither is Allah not sufficient for his slave

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what they put the prophesy Salim through, he says to Fila, who am I you have

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to feel like

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I have been I've been tested and tried in the path of Allah like none before me ever has

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at least a lobby caffeine, but as Allah not sufficient for his sleeve, what does Allah say? Allah says, Go Nila Malik

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And monk, Allah indeed is the King of all kings to Dini Manu. Gama.

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What is your morning coming?

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Indeed will give the kingdom to whom he wills and he will take it away from who he wills

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What do is Zuma Tushar? What do they normally touch?

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And he will give honor and strength to whom he wills and he will humiliate whom He wills be a deacon Holly, you in akala, Konishi you body, but we say what the ethical higher Oh ALLAH who we know. We have firm belief that in your hands is all that is good.

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And you see that's amazing affair of the believer whether you see like we see victory from Virginia we lens that yes, victory means that political victory means military victory means economic victory means social victory. But no, it doesn't.

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And those have been borrowed the famous story of the boy in the king that our kids have learned from a young age when 20,000 were burned alive for only one man.

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You know, we learn as these homies they only believed in Allah, the Almighty and the Praiseworthy, they were killed for that 20,000.

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When Allah described that massacre, in the believers who were killed,

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he says that he can frozen cubbies, that indeed was a great success.

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The success wasn't that they were given victory over their enemy. The success rather was that until the last moments, they held on to their fate. So even the mother who approached the fire and was holding the young, her young infant, and she hesitated and Allah allow the infant to speak. Yeah, Alma is Vinny Fein Nikki I'll help Oh, my mother be patient for you are upon the truth. She will be raised in paradise with her child.

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Because the success for them wasn't defined by this world, this world is very limited, rather a success for them

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was defined by Will they hold on to what makes them who they are, until the last moment whether they face difficulty or trial.

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So what do we do? That's the perspective or what do we do Allah also gives us that in the Quran, Allah sunnah he says on the tongue of Musa alayhis salam to His people. Gollum Musa Nico me he's staring will be like he was bureau in Oregon in

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Bonn in, you read to me, I

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mean, are you buddy 113. Musa told his people and enslaved people and oppressed people. He says, Seek help with Allah and be patient, for indeed Allah

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owns all of this earth. In Allah dilla. It all belongs to Allah, you refer to him as shaman, and he will allow people temporarily control over parts of it from time to time. But at the end, the final results the final affair, whether it be in our lifetime or our children's lifetime, our grandchildren's lifetime will give it to the motor team. No doubt in the end the victory will be for those who have Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah wants for us to seek help from Allah to see patients through Allah, what's our canon and hayleigh The lion moods was a bit behind Monday and put your trust in Allah subhana wa Taala the one who was living in never dies and declare His

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praises, Don't falter or give up. Don't weaken in the face of the enemy. One day no one has

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to move alone.

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In too many Don't falter, don't be don't be grieved. Yes, we mourn our losses. But we don't become paralyzed by our sadness. Rather, we rejoice that Paradise has now been given an additional 4000 of our brothers and sisters from Gaza. And how many more 1000s are under the rubble waiting for that moment to join their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers their grandparents and grandchildren. Opening welcoming them with opening arms with open arms in the hearts of in the in the bodies of green birds with nests hung underneath the house of Allah as they fly around Jana enjoy its rivers and fruits and they can't wait for those who they've left behind to join them

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will help keep up to date with Turpin

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and finally, Allah Who wants us to do our part

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in it

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I'm so Rula Yong Soo come when I also run Allah who may sort of Allah says most definitely Allah will help the one who helps him. If you help Allah Allah will help you.

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How do we help Allah by doing our parts?

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You know, yes, we we can politically

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activate ourselves. But we have to understand ultimate help comes from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Nothing has changed in the past 75 years 75 years of oppression under the watchful eye of the world, or the negligent Eye of the World, from time to time.

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Nothing's changed.

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But we still activate ourselves but those who seek cheap political points with the with whoever it may be just to feel a sense of Oh, yeah, look at me, this governor or this person, or whoever does Congresswoman mentioned my name or came to my event. And yet there is no sincere effort and what you're doing, what have we done. And I give you the example of one of our communities here in America, the Islamic Society of Baltimore, may Allah bless their community and give them more tofield. A community that when President Obama, former President Obama approached them, and his staff approached them that we would like the President of the United States to visit your message

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and deliver an address from the member of your message from the front of your Masjid. Imagine how many messages will be falling over there so themselves, the President of the United States coming to us, we know what they said. They said, you're welcome to come so long as you don't bring up the issue of Israel and defend Israel's right to oppression of the Palestinian people.

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They put a condition on the President of the United States and that that message was communicated to his staff and an agreement was made that no mention will come and so he was welcoming in the only address by a sitting president from from the within the walls of admission in 2016 was at the summit Society of Baltimore, but you see the sense of visitor that they had

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Yeah, we'll do our part we'll engage but look on our terms on our terms.

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And so we have to do our part engage. Yes, of course do ah, and you know what Allah says in the Quran? May would evil move borrower either

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way, actually for Sue Oh, oh la hedgehog.

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Allah says Who other than Allah will be the one who will answer the call of the one who was distressed and despair and an urgency. So when we see these videos and these pictures and that move us to tears and shatter our hearts into pieces, it should only push us to our prayer rug to make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala and with a level of desperation that may be lacking before and when that desperation is there that to answer the Allah comes.

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So we make dua, we make it a point in our lives that before we die, we will visit for this theme.

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We will go and we will pray in Misil AXA especially if you have a US passport. You can go right in without any problem. There's no issue. So why is it that we have a culture of going for Amara Thanksgiving winter break spring break we plan on road trips, but why don't we plan pet trips for this theme. When the Messenger of Allah sent him he said in a hadith that praying and praying there is 1000 times the word is anywhere else. When another Hadith of the Prophet sent me said that I hope that do I have the Prophet was answered before me that whoever goes to pray took as a message of saw will return like the day his mother gave birth to him, which is a reward of Hajj.

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Why don't we go to support our brothers and sisters? Why don't we go that people every one of them tell us welcome welcome This land is your land. They've been offered millions of dollars to give up a small piece of land to the occupation but they refuse and they'll live under humiliation because they say what this land doesn't belong to us it belongs to the Muslim ummah. So visits make it a point in your life to visit make dua donate of course in the cause that can help help food and shelter and medicine and the like. That's all needed. But we have to do our part when we do our part in some sort of La Jolla and sort of come with a bit of damage we do our part Allah will give us

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strength and help us and keep us from Laguna colony has ever suffered unable to come for something on the roof All right

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so now Ramona Rahim hamdulillah who have been Alaminos such as Mr. Sood, Allahu Allah, and he was a big bang.

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I thought it would be appropriate to

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to end the hotbar by delivering a message from one of the women of Uzza

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one of the mothers of Uzza.

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It's incredibly powerful. Some of you may have seen it online.

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She received a voice note on WhatsApp.

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encouraging her to be patient

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and checking in on her and the like. And so this was her response and is translated to English of course. She says you sent a message to strengthen us and reassure us and Hamdulillah

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you message me to give me strength, but I want to reassure you and be 100% sure that in reality, we are the ones who need to strengthen those outside of where we are. Because Nana hamdu Lillahi wa Sana because we, our faith has become rock solid unshakable. And Allah showed us matters with our own eyes. And he ain't only attained she's saying I've seen things with my own eyes that will only increase my Eman and make it like rock solid. Nothing can shake it no bomb can shake that what's in my heart nothing can shake that see says overnight my children. We had intense bombing unlike anything I've ever heard or experienced in my life, but I made a dua Allah him LT eminent amino acid

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Allah Allah the O Allah, allow my children to sleep peacefully tonight's and I swear to Allah, despite the bombs, the most intense of which I've ever seen, none of my children woke up. The world around us is falling apart fragments everywhere, shrapnel frightening noises. But when hamdulillah none of my children woke up, Allah has shown us his infinite mercy to our children. Allah has greater than all in everything. So don't worry about us, but pray for us. But we are the ones who want to reassure and strengthen you. We want to strengthen you and pray that you reach a level like ours, may Allah honor you to this station, as he has honored us Inshallah, he will honor you. And

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you will get the level of strength in your belief and the religion and in staying steadfast in this life. Well, Hamdulillah you know, my son, Abdullah, he is three years old, he tells me Mama, I feel like I'm going to die.

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So I told him no, don't say that. So then he tells me I feel like I'm going to die, but not die. But I'm going to be elevated and ascended upwards.

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Keep making me cry so much span Allah. I never heard such a statement from a child. It is as if the angels were enabling him to speak

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to give me comfort that my son will die a murder just like Woody in Chicago as his last moments as he stabbed 26 times. He said mama I'm fine. His last words were a mama I'm fine before he died. It's as if Allah just take the child inspired his mother and his husband BlueJ yeah on mas Vinny fan Nikki Allah help Oh my mother be patient for your upon the truth is as if Allah has inspiring the children of Gaza to give strength to their parents Lucha.

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I looked at my son and it's as if Allah told me even if he died, he is a shaheed.

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And the murders are living being nourished by their Lord, even the children here Allah allows him to speak such words that they don't even understand. And just as she said that literally sounds of bombs went off. So she said, it's tough that Allah Subhan Allah has been Allah when Allah will kill. So do not be worried. Do not be scared. But I leave you with this. Whoever hears this my final advice to everyone, everyone you meet from now until you die, you tell them that in this land. There were people that once said La Ilaha illa Allah.

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No on this land,

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were once the people who held strong to their faith Subhanallah everything around them is shaking, but their faith is unshakable.

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The world is crumbling around them, but their heart doesn't crumble even an ounce because faith has penetrated into their hearts. And you see I work in the hospital. I work in the ER and physicians you know this feeling that one of your biggest fears, especially as an ER physician, is that you will one day take care of your dying family member. Imagine you're working in your shift and your father comes in your mother comes in your child comes in and you have to take care of them. Well, how many physicians and for this theme have taken care of their dead loved ones have been given the news of their children dying and their father dying and their mother dying and they see their body

00:24:06--> 00:24:31

in front of their own eyes, but they don't have time to rest. They have to go back to all the rest who are suffering and all the rest of you are in pain so they don't have a time to rest. Neither do we, neither will we we will continue to raise our hands to Allah and beg Allah we will continue to donate until we have nothing else left to donate, we will continue to raise our voices for those who have who have been loved voiceless who've been betrayed by the world. And if we do that,

00:24:32--> 00:24:39

when we get tequila is the hallmark Raja. Whereas the Quran hatred is only going to work and Allah for whoever has.

00:24:41--> 00:24:59

Whoever has tapped will of Allah. Allah will provide a way out for them. It's the Promise of Allah and it is true and it will be coming. And Allah will provide for the means from which they've never had never known. And whoever puts their trust in Allah that Allah will be sufficient for them. Allow us brothers and sisters put our trust in Allah

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rectify our lives change our lives for the better so that Allah who may bring us may make us worthy of the victory He has promised to this OMA will allow people to deal with tikkun olam with Sanjana Muhammad Ali Muhammad and commercial Anita level Rahim Wanda only below him in the Camino, Mojito Mubarak God and Muhammad you want Ernie Mohammed commoditised Ebrahim Allah al Ibrahim, I mean in the country the majority a lot of people assume you know and mostly mouths when what we need me nuts and I hear in Humala, ma syndicale Robina Samira Ankara Mooji Buddha what yeah hamara he mean ratiometric another Jew? Yeah, hamara Hamid Rama Rama techonology for that second night you know and

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for Xena Tata for tiny wala Kalamunda Allah Allah commanded my one enough he fell asleep. Aloma Kumar who along

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with aka we him Hoefer for minimum grm fell Brimham rhodium fxcm Hillforts and feminine mcglue Mona from Soham, Juna Electra Jacobi Aziz Allahumma, in Anna DeLuca de Ruka come, festive de la cama watsonia or hamara Hamina or rahimian Welcome to sada