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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the old practice of wedding rings being put in the left hand and the history of the idea of wedding rings being put in the right hand. They also mention that wedding rings are not historically associated with anything related to religion, but have become a common culture among Muslims. The speaker suggests that the current practice is a common culture across the board.
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What's the ruling and regard wedding ring?

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wedding ring, in general for men and woman is permissible for a man to have a ring and woman to have a ring as long as the man doesn't want a gold ring. And it is permissible for you to put it in any finger. Yes and Nabi sallallahu Sallam had his ring in his Pinky, subtle audio audio center, but he can put the ring in any way you want in your hand. Some people said, Oh, you can put on the middle finger, because that's basically a Christian believe, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. And that's where it goes. You know what, nobody really does that anymore. Even if it is historically Elon knows of this even true or not. But let's say somewhere in the past that happen, but that's not

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the case today. And this is a very old practice, the wedding ring is even ancient Egyptian used to do that. And giving a woman ring and never told the man give her a ring. Even if it's made of iron, I don't mean that it is a culture and the time of the present to give a wedding ring. No, but ring is just any other jewelry. Today, it became a common culture between Muslims, there's not any more of the practice of the non Muslim, there is millions and millions and millions of Muslims, they put their wedding ring in the left hand. So it is fine to put it in the left hand. Whatever you put it in the right hand, it's up to you. We should not be very strict about that. And I don't believe that

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there is any more imitation for the far for the imitation will be when you imitate them in something part of that religion or something. They are the only one who are doing it. That's the only people who do this but today it's a common culture between across the board between older legends May Allah subhana wa tada give us happiness in this life are some of the law Allah in Vienna.

In a marriage, is it permissible for the husband and wife to each have a wedding ring? Is there any specific guidelines regarding wedding rings?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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