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What Do I Say When I Break My Fast

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Episode Notes

The best time to make dua while of breaking your fast is just before the adhan is called. You don’t delay your fast, you just time your duas so that you’re just wrapping up right when it’s time to break your fast.
What’s the best dua to make though? The commonly taught duas from your culture or your childhood might not be as religiously sound as you thought.
Shaykh Waleed Basyouni gives us some examples of what duas one can use

Episode Transcript

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This question in regard to what to say, upon breaking the fast completing the fastest is highly recommend for the person to make you out.

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And that means right before thought, while you are making a thought he should not delay the start to make

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this will be highly recommended for you to do and to pray to the last panel dad and to thank him for this blessings opportunity to worship Him through one of the great

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one of the greatest act of worship which is fasting and there have been narrated specific, like alemannic cousin to allow this click Allow medical song to artistic after Taco Bell mini in Kansas in your alley, and this honey reported by b that would have made more sense, but

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some scholars don't recognize it as an authentic there is another also narration in a video than others that have a llama little rope whatever the vegetal inshallah but also there is any huge debate between the scholar of Hadith many of them don't recognize this as a hadith Sahih Some said it hasn't like a haven't had on others. But anyway all these ahaadeeth there will not be it will not be free of weakness and that's why I do believe that whatever you say even if you see these say these dots It is okay. Or any other you can do.

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