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The importance of burial expenses and debt in Islam is discussed, along with the success of Islam and its impact on people's finances. The speakers emphasize the need for legal distribution and avoiding giving too much money to one's close family members. The speakers also emphasize the importance of choosing good trustees and executives to ensure proper distribution of wealth and avoid giving charity to children. Additionally, the speakers touch on the idea of "has been lost" and the importance of being a trustee.

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Al Hamdulillah he Allah kill me bother me Allah aqui but it was Salatu was salam wa ala Gambia he will move serene wa he was having he in a mobile phone

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on a rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, you see como lo fi Hola, de cada tala kikaku, la,

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la escuela,

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Tatiana, dreamin, tequila and Haro hard enough he said a

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respected elders and brothers. Last week as you would recall, we spoke on the importance of our financial affairs. We had also said at that time that it was national wills week and we took the opportunity of speaking about miraz inheritance and wills. We also set a time when a person is alive, Allah has given him a certain discretion on how to utilize his wealth. So utilize that wealth correctly. You know, give charity, fulfill the rights of your family give gifts, because by giving gifts Allah subhanho wa Taala increases Muhammad and also we made mentioned that Aspire as possible. When you do gifts gifts to your children, then bear in mind equality for tougher law. Why the

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lubaina already Coronavirus, awesome set fee Allah can be just towards your children. There are certain reasons where you can give one child more than the other, if that child is deserving, or you feel that that child has done more for you. And they have to we said after a person passes away, he doesn't have that discretion, then his wealth is no more his there is a procedure that comes into place and part of that procedure Firstly, after he passes away on his wealth, what happens you can take away the burial expenses we had made mentioned in some detail. burial expenses does not include the feeding of the visitors who comes to the house after the passing away of the motorhome that is

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not included, that must be given separate from the inheritance of the man whose wealth unless all the heirs agree upon it, after the burial expenses, then that will be taken up first thing that the first thing we take taken away will be debt if he has any debts that will be given first and will be taken from his wealth and after death. Now this is where we start off from today after his debt. First of all, if all his wealth go in debt, because debt is such a severe thing, let me occur himself Some said a person who is martyred Shaheed everything gets forgiven except debt. First the debt must be given. And therefore, we made mention that Be very careful with regard to incurring

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debts unnecessarily it has tremendous repercussions both in this world and in the hereafter. So, this is the first first burial expenses then debt, if everything goes in depth, then it has nothing to do no one gets anything after it either. So that is the first thing. And then after after death studies some wealth remaining 10 The third thing that happens in a person's estate is was the one that he makes, but there are certain commands with regard to this in our shery point of view, which they have $10 key Taksim, or tougher affair was a metallic battery, or Mira Escobar me but he was he had Cabernet or America Catalina

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adme kokoshnik which has haircare jerky SQL Data fair to hive Sethupathi rokkor or omni channel kusudama bottom up maneka bought subset paletted here's what a theme or a cursor with our naked body. Here's substellar.is the geotag feed or cursor whose combat was seeded Adachi JD, Islam cavas main worry Taksim kya heat Erica writes up name. So firstly, let us go back burial expenses, then debt, then comes was he it? Now this was He it is also very interesting in the initial stages of Islam. This was the only way for the distribution of a person's wealth. So Allah Subhana

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What Allah says la comida para nada como mode interactive,

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it is compulsory upon you to make was here. So it was left upon your discretion in the initial status of Islam for you to decide who must get so much my child must get so much my wife must get so much my father must get so much my mother must get so much initially, like the English law, it was left to the individual. Now it is no more like that. Now remember what I'm saying now it is no more like that. Because your close family members share is not determined by you. It is determined by law, you can say one child must get more than the other. You can't say my wife must get more than my children. No, and not Allah decides. So in this, Allah now his left their share of your close family

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members Allah has decided. So Allah has given you a secret, but there are certain conditions first, as I said, it is also great wisdom, Allah didn't leave it to our discretion. You know, otherwise, you know, then it becomes like a joke. They see this is humorous incident, an old woman, she couldn't hear properly. All woman couldn't hear properly. So the doctor gave her a URI. He started hearing very well.

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So one thing that she came back to the doctor, she asked the doctor, the doctor said everything went very well. Doctor, I can hear so well. Did you tell your family members you can hear well, happening

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on Saturday? No, I didn't tell them doctor why you tell them. Oh, Doctor, I'm enjoying it. Why everyone is now saying things behind my back thinking I can't hear and I can hear everything. They say I hope the study can go.

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Now because of this. I have changed my world three times. Now I know who is speaking bad about me. So a last person and grace that Allah hasn't kept it to us. And we will also be everyday changing our world. One day one child makes us happy we give him more than he makes us angry. We take him out of the world. And I didn't leave it to you.

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Honey matter. So but the world is very important now via Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith that it is not proper for a Muslim who has something that he has to make a will about that he allows two or three nights to go by without having a world ready.

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Was he at Kibera? Maybe Sasaki had a door wrapped as a nail gun he just made up the pass was here now. You must ever see an ability.

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After this Hadith, there is not a night in which I don't have my associate with me. There is not a night that I don't have mercy on me. It's not permissible that you allow two or three nights to go by where you have something that you have to declare you have to proclaim you have to make ours here, you are now two or three nights to go by without having our seat made. When I sit in a

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Hammerhead, we do not know when we are going to die. So we do not know when you're going to die do it immediately. Do it as soon as possible. And in this particular regard, we are sometimes very very neglectful

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Nivea cream sauce from Hades, intermediate, Mamata Allah, Masha Allah Sana, he who dies with us yet he dies upon sooner, he who dies with us he dies upon semana Amata Allah Taka, he might he dies, what what what?

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And yet despite this, we find such great negligence with regard to it as if we are never going to die. In this particular regard. You know, there are a few things that we have to keep in mind, we'll see it and bequest is only with regard to one third of your wealth. Only one third. Generally there are a few exceptions that are come to those exceptions. One third and only you cannot give to your close family members who will automatically inherit

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Joker Kirby reached up from Kenya was here naked on the high seas Jada opposite naked. What a great lesson My dear respected brothers. Oh life no life You and I we worrying about our wealth, man or daughter KPJ. And this is a reality of your wealth that after you die, you don't even have the discretion to give more than one third according to your wishes. You don't even have the luxury to give more than one third according to your wishes. If the highest is Yaga Atlantic up near monkey metabo kisi ko kaneda Seto at IKEA burqa you can even give more than one third. So this is one thing with regard to it. One is one not more than one.

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And it cannot be given to those who are your close family members have been cursed with your local news, very famous incident champion. Casa de la luna became sick in MCI mahkamah and he was very worried, sad been abused because he didn't want to die in makaha mahkamah Myrna nature now you say yeah, who doesn't want to die in Macau. Macau is one of the greatest cities but sad whenever you have a fear and that fear was I left matar for the sake of Allah Minato Mikasa hatred

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just committed charata Allah tala Kalia I don't want to die in a place which I left one that Allah so nemea Karim sauce Lim came to see him saw that Casa de la was very sick so Nevis he said you have a soul I want to give my wife in charity all my wealth I want to giving charity that we saw some said no side you can give all your wealth in charity.

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three quarter no your side you can give three quarter half you know you can give one half

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you can give one half solos. I want to give one third let me sell some set one third you can give what Sulu kathira and one third is also much that may be occurring saw some sad sad to leave your children independent financially independent is better than to leave them in a way that they are poverty in poverty up neighbor choco Krishna

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Cooper, Coca Cola plasma commerce company.

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Here is a battery

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class, Meraki is better to leave them independent than to leave them we know in a way that they are dependent upon something give them something they didn't die He became the conqueror of Persia, but this is one thing one third more than one third you can give it to us and you can give to your close family members. Now there are certain types of words here that are compulsory certain types of words that are compulsory.

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JOHN, was he a chemical if this man head to watch Jesse Hutch zakaat to apnea Danica, or Jenna Torres, who's Kawasaki at carniceria now many times in fact yesterday the radio program someone came and asked me monona We are on the South Dakota list according to the last three four years our time will not come for us to perform what must we do I say Mick was here to make was here that if something happens my heart must be performed from my wealth

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so if your heart is not performed you make was here because you haven't given second make was here you haven't given for we haven't kept your Rosa Nick was here so even if a woman for example has not kept her for as

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far as Ramadan Rosa she must make a note of it.

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Until she finishes it after she finishes he can now tell the people I have done it. So generally these things are compulsory debt is compulsory for you to report your debt. It is part of your car too much like what your debt and may I dare say May I dare say if you've got a wife that no one knows about it that's also for us for you to make.

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For us for you to make better of our she's gonna get her shake.

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So there are certain things that are compulsory for you to make mention of this aspect with regard to that. Yeah, you Alina Armando irata. Diane to Medellin, in Isla de la massaman facto, oh, you will believe when you make a work with regard to your debt, write it down, write down your debts, and write down what time period the person must give you back the death. This is something that you and I don't these are core. We are so weak on making among upon the Islamic commands in our financial matters.

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Many times, partnerships, partnerships, what type of partnerships we don't know. You are all in a business. Now if you are all in a business, one of the partners passes away How are you going to distribute his wealth? How are you going to distribute his mirabito How much is this percentage in the business? No one knows sometimes we are all brothers in one business kisi cocoate patani kitna hysa kakariko Is he a partner in a business? Is he getting up? Is he getting a salary? No one knows with regard to these type of methods are not permissible for you to leave behind in a way that it is not known. Nivea creme de la la slums Hadid. Some says I had in some sense a very beautiful Arabic

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saying Tasha Luca Akari, pata hamanaka Gianni deal with deal with strangers socially in your interaction with them like they are your family members, what they

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call a journey and as far as financial methods are concerned, do

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With your family members like they are strangers.

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If your brother has given you 50 grand make this up. Make yourself with regard to a deal with him as he sees a stranger. You don't do this and then you call you know, great amount of difficulty comes. It's not possible it's not right. And in this regard, let me just briefly say in the next four weeks from next week, Friday, next week, Friday, the fourth of October for Friday's, the ambience for Muslim business and Muslim traders set out by the General allama in machete affair and my husband Javelin cross we go and see the poster, right for four weeks there are bionz on different matters to do with business and trade over four weeks in material hurry mas bingeable try and be part of it

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because we are not aware with regard to our financial matters. Now, that is compulsory wasn't I made mention with regard to it, they after comes an aspect of Mr. hub, you know, Mr. hub, like no, you can give like for example, I want to give you know for Newtown budget after I pass away, give so much for Newtown budget because I come here every Friday, I want to give something or give to the gym or whatever, or give to whoever you want. So make whiskey and that is charitable there is no stop. And sometimes, you know, even if someone doesn't this is a very interesting Hadith he says A man came to be salsa jasola My mother died all of a sudden she didn't make it, but if I know my

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mother, she would want to have given something in charity jasola can I give something of hers Can I give charity on her behalf maybe saw some said definitely give on her behalf. But in this particular regard, you can only give from your share you can give from all the heirs unless all the heirs agree let us give on behalf of our parents unless all the interest so this is the type of charity one game received one's world. One Kane receives one's world so one can see all right, you know I made this one and changing it is possible in Islam also to receive your world and to change your world. So it can happen sometimes also many times people make objections against Islam unnecessary. So for

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example, a person's child predisposes him and let Allah protect us from all these things, a child pre diseases one. Now then afterwards someone say after a person passes away, the child doesn't get because he sees the parents. So if you know this is the case, make it for your grandchildren. Don't make it upon Islam afterwards. Make was here for your grandchildren See, my grandchildren must get so much make it within that one third, if a child predisposes the father or prejudices of the parents, it is something that we have to keep in mind. There after afterwards Here comes the distribution to the hairs after we'll see it within one third. The only one it can be more than one

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third if it is debts. If you have written so I'm having so much Obama so many people who made worse here it goes more than one third, then it will pre it will take more than one set you can give more than one set your debts will come first your debts. Now after that comes the aspect of now it will be distributed upon the IRS. The IRS will get

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to know you mcnabola kunafa your parents your children you do not know who is more beneficial to you, man natrona your furry that Aminullah it is determined by law. The wife will get so much the children will get so much the parents will get so much that has been determined by law javelina. belavia law says I had seven siblings I had seven sisters. I had seven sisters maybe occurring saw someone came and I said jasola I was very sick. So then we saw slim blown upon me I regained consciousness, then maybe I don't know what seven sisters I want to leave behind something for them. Maybe I can install some said Charlier. Don't worry and I will keep you alive. He said immediately

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after that Annapurna revealed. Yesterday, una casa Allah, Allah gives you the example with regard to you dying without having children and you only got siblings. So Allah has recorded even that

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if you don't have children, you only got siblings, you only got brothers and sisters, how much must go to the brothers and sisters, clicker hula these are the limits ordained by Allah if you want to give one child more than the other you are going against the limits prescribed by law. That means you are saying I got more wisdom than Allah. This is something that is completely wrong. We are not supposed to do that. We leave it in the hands of our life, we leave it to someone else. Let me just say although time is running, but this is such an important subject, you know, so one, let me give you a point of human a person after they passed away. So you know, nowadays, you know we have a lot

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of long wrongful respect. So he said to me, Well, he said Taksim caraga so the bread by the big brother will will distribute the estate. So the the father in his time had, you know, invested money and he had a big shopping center.

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So now the big brother is given the he's distributing the estate so when everyone came all the brothers nephews, the big brother said this particular shopping center from the ground till the ceiling and tell them tell the roof, his minds

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but if I came to America, what is there for us? You say from the roof tell us what is yours from the roof tell the sky is yours. If we were to leave it to people, this is gonna happen

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, this is how our situations happen. In this regard few few important points, my dear respective brothers, let me just say two important two important points. One is choose good trustees and executives

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from afar for me moose and Jennifer know if Mufasa have been an executor in the Sharia has got the right to change your world and make it Islamic. Although legally someone might challenge him, but islamically the trustee has got the right to change the world to make it Islamic. So keep good trustees, good executives, people who are honest who are people of integrity people who know the Sharia so that they will be able to distribute your wealth correctly. Something said secondly, don't delay in winding up the SP your line find it so difficult to understand how to handle what

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the people who are supposed to benefit have passed on

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a status term not

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who is going to answer for them. I mean, if you have gotten arrested whoever is responsible for it, see that the people who are supposed to get it must get it as soon as possible. Sometimes 20 years, 30 years, 50 years. One generation after the generation no one the would the estate is not one of them, who's going to be responsible for that how much difficulty there is upon them at home because of that

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is Jenna hamidah apne Marathi Tamil delicacy matar Janka Caitlyn Amanda mana, just call them cattle executives are extremely they're nothing. And lastly, let me make mention with regard to this, we have a particular aspect. Maria Orinoco Hoon ki hexapod, aka barakaat, mushroom ricotta to Bill Cooney, Santa Monica. Many times we deprive the women with regard to her rights from the mirror many times in India Pakistani culture we said she got married to to crochet. She's got nothing to do in the mirror of the Father, Bill Poon against Islam. It is absolutely against Islam.

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In a civil matter.

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Mata Meanwhile, a woman must get her share from the state whether it be less or more common Surah Nisa for two part of the Quran. No, and this is a beautiful Hadith Sabine VIERA villatoro passed away in

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southern Riviera.

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Shaheed where

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his brothers came in, took away all his wealth. His wife took the two daughters

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took the wife and two daughters went in to be a consortium jasola they took away all the wealth who's gonna look after these two daughters? Corn excuse me daraga who's gonna look after these two daughters via cream sauce was worried Yaga Jocelyn said wait, wait for last commands. They after she went away you see como la feola. Allah revealed a whole Rocco Let me introduce them called Serbian Robbie's wife and called Serbian babies you know brother, whole give give the daughters two thirds, two thirds daughter.

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Two thirds give them

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another command came upon the aspect when Serbian grab his brothers took away the entire wealth on hold ruku was revealed. So be careful with regard to it. And finally make a hadith that comes in Mischka. Sharif Aslam said a person loves 6070 years according to the Sharia. And in his world he makes something and he deprive someone because of that he becomes worth your

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time to Prakash carta was he at magarpatta

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My dear respected whether these are important matters with regard to Dean and May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a trophy of making another pony