Asking Ar-Rahman for Help in Piety

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slower hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah rather early he was Sufi woman Wada, may Allah Subhana Allah bless you all and accept from you Allahumma Amin I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the people of dua especially during these 10 Nights Alhamdulillah we are live once again with the clean Institute for our last two nights of Ramadan asking Allah subhanaw taala asking a Rama and the Ever Merciful for help. Today our specific theme in terms of the one dua we will learn together in sha Allah Tala is about piety righteousness in general.

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And I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the righteous Allahumma Amin please do remember what we are doing in sha Allah Tala. Every night is a dua in Arabic and then a dua in English and inshallah Tada in between one dua you can find all of the 10 that we will learn together shall Matana one dua every night from the PDF that European Institute has made me a lot of hands on bless them and reward them along my mean. So that really could have meant a lot to all of you from around the world. Let us know where you're tuning in from May Allah Subhana Allah bless you I hope your Ramadan is going well I hope you're taking advantage alongside your family throughout these 10

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nights of Ramadan with all acts of worship the colonial FICO will give one more minute two more minutes inshallah Tada for people to trickle in so they can join us for the live do our inshallah does that McLaren Berta Kalonzo.

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Hamdulillah we had a really good crowd yesterday, and I hope remember once again, I hope that we are learning to be inspired to make more dua on our own and with our families, as well as for the sake of education deserve Mojito,

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Montreal Masha Allah may Allah Subhana Allah bless you prophetic leadership, and may he love you who say you love me forward Zachman Laclede are tuning in from Melbourne Marshall about to break your fast you guys are way ahead of us. May Allah accept from you along mean? Make your offers as you're breaking your fast New York North Carolina Marcela, Memphis, Tennessee Masha Allah, Columbus, Ohio Masha Allah, Portland mean Michelle Well excellent excellent. We have Dc of Kashmir we have Chicago and hamdulillah New York Toronto, UK California May Allah bless you all and except for new law murmee does have more hidden we will be starting inshallah Tada with our dua in Arabic. We will

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pause for an English dua that we are learning and then we go into the full English drought and trauma a lot from Michigan couple from Seattle, Minnesota, Arizona, New York, Ontario, Virginia Kazakhstan, mashallah Indonesia, masha Allah wonderful, I see some familiar names as well. hamdulillah some of our students from different institutes and organizations Alhamdulillah does that mosque in Christchurch New Zealand May Allah subhana bless you and reward you Minnesota excellent excellent Medina, Alberta, Houston does that mean vertical of equal but let's get started shall Tyler with our Arabic door make sure your heart is present, and then we will switch over to an

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educational DUA and we will switch after that into our English do I deserve

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this Milla?

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Along whomever a couple 100 100 shirking 100 Katie in Hamden, Kathy you're on Paiva mobile it can be a long who not I can come to your town wall what I can handle either or lead what I can handle inbound you'll recall on Allah Who Melaka slim na Wahby and where are they in Qatar? What can what bigger halls on? Film furigana Yama, Allah and then we're gonna one slot on our Ma L and one

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girl and we'll bring him in and tell him or call him and tell him a pharaoh La ilaha illa and Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in A wedding What are you feeling or feeling manner in Allah Yahweh Deen Allah Who Medina FIM and Herdade well i fina FEMA North eight what's the one Nana theme and so on light webedi Clan FEMA all plate what Lena shawarma up on late in Naka taco leaving healthy when you go on a hike in a hula Do you know what your resume and don't turn out nocturnal bene Ouattara night like Alhamdulillah although it Wanaka Schuco Allah told me he Allah you know, late nosto funeral Kola whom I mean Jimmy Lee doing Obi Wan hotwire one or two buoy Lake

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Allah who may have followed the alhaja

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Why Mooji Eva da Allah Houma in new caffeine had a shot real mobile rock fi the Lena TMobile aka fi had in his RT mobile raka that's no caveat SMA he can personna or Sefa ting can already

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tell funeral Nana what time of

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law mofetil Nana I want to hon Allah molfino Nana DUNU Ghana Kula kabhi Raha was only Raha Marathi nah I mean, one man and Allah whom Houma Naka foon to cebolla WhatsApp for one. Hola Houma in Naka phone terrific bola for sorrow for Anna Allahumma Naka foon Karim on Holly moon to blog for yourself on among many nearness, humaneness I know caffeine and honey rot. What tongue can move a lot? We're Hogben Messiah keen. What either on TV or a bird you can fit not on Fox bignor illogical. wiremesh Toony warrensville Pune, back we're Huberman your hymnbook. Well, there are many new Connery buena in a phobic miraj magic

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hammer awfully mean. Allah whom now who will be coming Are you mean Young? Woman will call you bien la Yaksha women are in today? No, woman I've seen touchdown. I mean, do

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you smell this annual Kola Hoon or even tiara. We're calling Ben Hoshyar. What is CERN and Kieran Shakira? Wa Manam saw Johan motel better, more him up on our Mallanna Amina the one Sina Tana. Kadeem, where are you gonna?

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Walk Kulu bene Amina Shin Kim Amina NIFA Allah whom I am calling lieben Kulu being one also submit Kulu BANA Ana de Nick long Medina de Bina while jogging, suburban Nemani along whom model zonal Houda what to watch for when Lena Allahumma was open a popular Moti Tanga. Were in done mo Tisha wearing done mo Titian. Bowden multiengine Nutzung when I EMA Allahumma jahleel Purana Loggly moto being off on moving one goon swarm you know what jalla afza Nina was a harbor whom you know with whom you know, along whom I mean human who's seen a while you know I mean humor Johanna what was opener Tina water who really were outlawed off and on and watching Hina the link on Biraj matricaria

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or Hamano awfully mean

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Allahu Allah Tada Nana female Paul Amina had them been in

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them been in Lahore Sobotta Walla

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Walla in LA Fogata Walla gone. Data, one arm of loom and in Salta, one arm of loom and in Salta walau. Paul even in Jakarta wanna marry gone in Russia theta one Marine gone in Russia feta. Wallah Musa if you're on in Lhasa Iman Iman Isla he wore that Biraj Matic Mohammed or he mean Allahu Monthsary Islam our eyes and Muslimeen Allah hoomans Salini Muslimeen and most dog off enough he couldn't Lima aka Allah whom Maya we are along the alchemy you Yama teen Yeah, Bella and I mean Allah who modeled bene oz look what Jana Waterford does such a small walk along whom you will not do Amrok while your resume on June duck, super Hanukkah won't be a hammock. Allahu Maneka be mumbling

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mostly mean Allahu maolin can be manufactured and Muslimeen Allah Humala, it can be manufactured and Muslimeen Allah humare can be manufactured and Muslimeen Allahu memosens Ilana Kitab Majid iya Sahab has even after the Zim Watson's, in whom Allah Medina if he Marja, even for the erotic Allah, masha attention at home or February opera general home while jogging today being on whom said to me while home while jogging home, I don't even want to tell you anymore on TBD and you're telling me I'm a teen, young boy.

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a lot I mean a lot my my students often saw you know there have been a Muslim in Allah whom I was up on a feeding it's on telecom land Mohammed bin Rashid matricaria or Hama Rafi mean a lot of methodology to kettlebell and he mostly me you know if he couldn't eat mica and Allah Who methodology cuddled on him musty mean if he including me makan fi calling NEMA con feeding putting NEMA con yeah that Angela Do you want it from Allah MA in Hong Kong further Amin hum gr en felt or RA tunefab Zoom mod pneumonia from solo home Mutlu Munna from solo home Munna Feldman solo home. Junaid aka Chloe ers ease? Allahu Melfi Muslim you know what the Muslim ah well meaning me not a

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mafia in home and word in Nakayama hola Ana semi wrong poly Bucha morjim en da along homophone Lima telling Muslimeen Allah Millfield any mountain and mostly Mina chameleon Alladhina Shahidullah Kobe in the near wedding be Kobe and Risa wema to run along most Funeral Home model home home well I think he my foreign home worker in New Zealand home Well what's your model follow home while sitting home being in what synergy what is going on one a claim you know the newbie will hopefully come out you will not person will be able to Amina does hola como el Sirona e la mouse Sol O

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Allah Maha Nabi power Lila law either Joby Samina Listen, we're about auditing your project man. What hamdulillah Merida kufr Luna while ACTA your Hamid guna well hamdulillah Merida enough to move on what hyung Allah who may a woman wildly fina but you know your day make Allah whom I've been living, you know, turning upon Allah.

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Allah you know, turning upon Allah whom I believe the you know, turn off Wi Fi Minalima carboline What John fi Minalima carboline Wi Fi Minalima Eboli Yeah, Mohammed Rafi mean, Allah Houma internal Vani one afternoon for caught or what untangle going on know boss, Allah in the Ruka dua Misaki in one hour Raju Raja, for in Fein Allah mana todo Dona for even wala wash Motyka Mapa Rudy, ya yada yada you rush magic and Esteli bureau of magic and Esteli ostendorf Nana, Nana Aquila wanna attack in Isla fusina upon affetto in Allah ma sniff Nana de na na na the who is smarter Marina, WA snuff Nana dunya and Latifi tuna, WA slough Lana Turner naughty Eli, Juna what jolly HYAH that few equally

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Holly what John is in my hotel la hacia Luna Amin Kenisha Allah models open Afro Snell ha tema once you're on hyaluron I mean a young woman and awk Allah Houma in a Luca Mooji but you wash Matic whereas emammal physiologic was much I mean,

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one one image I mean equilibrium while phones are being naughty when Naja terminan Allah whom

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Allah magic I mean Allah, Allah to Korea call but what do you call the you know what Maha Tina I mean, a lot of magical healing and Jana turned on a bottle. Yeah, Aziz and we all have this and you can if you know demos and be aware in your face.

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Man, Naveen also do clean. I will show her the evil Sonia Fein or Hassan Ola eco raffia Paul a log Mufti Mallanna Ramadan i'll be able ionic one Naja to win rates coming near chronic Allah Houma Baddeck Lana FEMA, Belkin Yamuna one Melbourne, Allah my god I you know, I'm all gone acini you know, Dida was Mina Tim Medina what John Allah whom a few he made on McCullough Boolean law, my taco bell so that was the Yamana walk Liam and Allah who my taco bell and

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in tests me on Ali, what will go out in tattoo, go Wafi Robina have learned I mean as well you know what Julia? Tina parota Are you on? What Jana

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Are you a motel cleaner?

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Well, Benalla Tuesday followed by now the other in her day eterna will have Lana

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Karasuma. in

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Urbana, Tina dunya Hassan was in Notting Hill has Watling Lena dub and well if you know the r1 and you Hamdulillah he will be lon I mean, masala Humala Nabina Muhammad in water, Lee he was Safi he was Salim

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May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you along with me Allahumma I mean

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our due out for the night

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again you can follow along with the PDF here with the clean Institute we have one dua we want to emphasize for educational purposes to be taught every night inshallah Tada. So, look to the reference that you have of the link and inshallah to Allah we will cover the DUA very briefly and then we will move on with the Lightoller yesterday's dua was about what topic was about the topic of sincerity, the topic of sincerity, and being protected from the being protected from minor shift being protected from showing off. And today we ask Allah for sincerely, today we want to focus on the dua for help in piety and of course, some of these there are many of you who have been learning

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them over the years, perhaps you know them in Charlotte, I want to remind so that we are practicing them regularly and we want to educate for those who do not know these dua. So what is the drop for today? It was reported from more admin journal of the law one, that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave him some advice in one report. Look at this strategy and this approach, the mercy of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam he'd say I love you Omar and I love you buy a lot. I love you buy a lot in one report. He said I love you to y'all soon along. Profits the license said I love you more and then he gave him advice. Never leave the following dua after every salah, do not abandon this

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duat after every salon what is the dua it's a very famous one, but let us reinforce it, remember it and practice it in sha Allah, what is the dua Allahumma inni Allah Vic Rica was shook rica or host theory balletic, oh, Allah helped me to remember you, too, thank you, and to worship you in the best manner possible. Of course, as we stated yesterday, if you cannot make dua in Arabic, you don't have to make dua in the language, you are able to express at the end of the day, the objective is to make that DUA and to connect your heart to the One who created your heart, the one who responds to your DUA. So again, Allahumma, irony, addict Rica, worship Rica, or host scenario by the tech, oh, Allah

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helped me to remember you, too. Thank you, and to worship you in the best manner possible. Think about this. What does this dua encompass and entail? If you think about it, you're asking Allah to help you to remember him often. So if you're always remembering Allah, Allah is always mentioning you. Your name is being mentioned in the heavens. And of course, there's the immense benefit of being protected as well, by always making dua and remembering Allah subhanaw taala dicket. Throughout the day and night, you're always referencing Allah, Allah helped me to remember you, often, to thank you, after meaning consistently as a way of life, you're thanking Allah, you'll be

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the happiest of people, gratitude will make you the happiest of people to thank Allah is to use the blessings that He gave you to worship Him in the best manner possible. Which brings us to the last part of the DUA are hosting a magnetic to worship you as best as possible.

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This is one of the most comprehensive when do you say it anytime you want Inshallah, to Allah specifically, here, the command and the instruction the Prophet salallahu Salam, don't abandon it, meaning make sure you're consistent with it after every prayer. So when you finish your Salah, it is one of the DUA that you're supposed to make when you finish your prayer. Oh, Allah helped me to remember you to thank you and to worship you in the best manner possible. And as you make dua, make sure your heart is present. And I ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us and all of our family members around the world and to help us to remember him to thank him and to worship Him in the best

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manner possible. Allahumma Amin, so that is our second dua for the 10 dua that we're learning together. And I ask Allah to accept from all of you remember to take these dua practice them, implement them consistently as a habit, teach them to your family members and flood the internet with them in Shelton, let's increase the number of Muslims who are seeing this dua all around the world. And I know and I have no doubt whatsoever, I know that every single one of you who is able to share this, this dua and all the ones that we are learning together on their social media makes a difference. You do your part sincerely, and you leave the results, the ripple effects around the

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world, you leave that Tomas Subhana wa Tada and ask Allah to accept from all of you a lot of them I mean, this concludes the educational part, the one that we are learning every night, let us move forward inshallah Tada. What we want to do now is our supplication or we do in the English language is Mila LET'S GET STARTED inshallah.

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And as stated before, much of the translation here is from our dear brother and friend, Chef Amara Shoukry, in terms of the English translation of the DUA, Joseph Mahira.

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Oh Allah to you belongs all praise your The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in between so to us thanks and praise. You are the light of the heavens and the earth so to us thanks and praise You are the maintainer of the heavens and the earth. So to you is thanks and praise. Oh Allah, you are the truth and your speech is true. Your promise is true and your meeting is true. Paradise is true and the Hellfire is true and the prophets are true. And Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam peace be upon him is true. Oh Allah, we submit to you. We believe in you, we depend on you and repent to you. We refer back to you seek judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you,

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for our past sins and the new, those hidden and evidence from all of them we repent and from the sins we forgotten while you know, Oh Allah, we ask You for Paradise Oh Allah, we beg you for Paradise, and everything that will bring us closer to it of actions and speech. And we seek refuge in You from the fire and anything and everything that will bring us close to of actions and speech. Oh Allah guide us amongst those who have guided and grant us health amongst those who have granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. Oh Allah, protect us from any evil that is decreed for you decree and truth and none can decree

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over you. None can disgrace who you support and none can honor who you oppose you are the blessings and the exalted. Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy, the Most Merciful of those asked the most generous of those who give the sustainer of everything and you alone ever live. Oh Allah, You who hears what we do not hear you who sees what we do not see you who changes the universe by simply saying be, we don't have the ability to praise you. You are as you praised yourself, we thank you, your Allah for our faith, our families, our health, our wealth and everything you have bestowed upon us. We declare you to be our Lord, with no deities other than you,

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You created us, we are your slaves and fulfill our pledge to you, or law we seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings cannot be counted Your favors, we all admit, we also confess our sins and ask for your forgiveness for non forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, you are alive for the forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive us. O Allah, you are the forgiving, you love to forgive. So forgive us, O Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive us. We seek refuge in You from a heart that is not humbled. And an eye that does not tear knowledge that doesn't benefit and a prayer not lifted near. Oh Allah make the Quran, the spring of our hearts, the light

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of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress. Teach us what we don't know and remind us what we forgotten and grant us the ability to recite throughout the day and night. Oh Allah, guide for us, our youth, bring them to the truth, protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled. Forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy on our debt removed from us the overpowering of people and the overburdening of debt. Give us success. Remove our stress, marry our bachelors and bachelorettes grant Muslim students the ability to excel in Dean and dunya. And doubts and desires repel, Oh Allah, free our prisoners and bring them back to their

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family safe and secure. Heal our sick from all ailments, you alone are the one to cure. Oh Allah we seek Your protection from being tested and protection from for our family in the lands that you have made blessing Oh Allah, for our brothers and sisters in every land in every place around the world. Oh Allah we ask on behalf of every Muslim who is oppressed around the world, yet Allah removed from them their sadness and punish those who oppress them. They have no state to support them no Ummah behind them, no land to accept them and no one to carry them it is them and you we are Allah, you are their supporter and their hope. all avenues are shut for them except your door that doesn't

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close so be their greatest supporter and greatest ally. Oh Allah utilize all of us. Utilize all of us utilize all of us to be a source of justice and relief for others around the world. Oh Allah, make us a cause of goodness in the world. Oh Allah make us a cause of greatness in the world of Allah have mercy on our friends, and our brothers and our sisters and everyone who requested our prayers. Forgive all of this

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sins and correct all of their affairs. Oh Allah, as you've allowed us to experience the month of Ramadan, allow us to be forgiven. Forgive us, your Allah and be with us and don't punish us. The Allah there is nothing that allows us to have the ability to pray to you to stand before you with all of our shortcomings and all of our faults and all of our guilt and all of our shame. You know Allah except what you've taught us of your forgiveness and your vast Mercy of Allah make us and our loved ones amongst the people of paradise and protect us from the fire. We seek refuge in You from being of the people of the fire. Yeah, Allah protect us, our families, our OMA from all evil, and

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heal the hearts of the believing people. Oh Allah, we ask you to guide and to bless every sincere Muslim, every sincere Islamic organization, every sincere Islamic center, every sincere group that is working for your cause with sincerity and correct actions. We ask you Allah to keep them guided to bless them, to grant them beneficial knowledge to protect them from all harm internally and externally, to keep their hearts united. And yet Allah we ask you to reward them, we ask You to bless their efforts. And we ask you to elevate the ranks here Allah, Oh Allah, we ask you, for all that is good, the good that we recognize and the good that we don't recognize, we ask you a lot to

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protect us from all evil, the evil that we recognize and the evil that we don't recognize, Ya Allah as the these nights of Ramadan are ending we ask you to make us amongst the sincere amongst those whose deeds are accepted. We ask you to bless us in our time, in our health, in our wealth in our energy. You know Allah we ask you to bless us in our families, we ask you a lot to guide us and guide others through us. Yet Allah There is none who guides except for you. All are we asked you to make us amongst those whose deeds and dua are accepted on the night of other Oh Allah we ask you to make us wrong. So those who are accepted on later to God, or Allah we ask you to make us from

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amongst those who are guided, and their dua reaches the heavens and is accepted on donate of powder and are forgiven and protected from the fire and are protected from the punishments of this life the punishments of the grave and the punishments of the afterlife. Oh Allah we asked you to make us people of hope, people of optimism, people of resilience, who also share that hope with others as well. And we asked you Allah to grant us the right balance of fear against transgressing your boundaries as well as the right amount of hope in your mercy and we asked you your Allah to make us amongst those who worship you out of love and gratitude. And we ask you Allah to love us we are

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Allah we ask you to mix to make us amongst those who are beloved to you, as well as our family members, as well as our loved ones Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah as these nights of Ramadan are running out we ask you Allah to accept from us Oh Allah accept all law accept all law accept, all accept we know you are the one who says call upon me. I will respond to you yeah, Allah we are calling upon you. We ask you Allah knowing with hope and with optimism and faith, that you are the one who responds to our dua, O Allah, except in our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Oh Allah send your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

00:28:20--> 00:28:25

wa sallam and those who follow Him until the end of times Allahumma Amin olam and he

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does that Muslim brothers and sisters May Allah subhanaw taala accept from you and your loved ones and your families all around the world may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us take advantage take advantage take advantage of every night take advantage make dua for others and know that every dua makes a difference. Every drop makes a difference every dua makes a difference. Let us move forward with optimism with hope with sincerity with Topo and to try to encourage others throughout these nights and may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you and reward you Allahumma Amin Joseph Mohsen share this with others so they will join us in sha Allah Tala to be inspired and motivated

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and to learn when you do our every night and flood the internet for the social media pages flood everything you can shout Allah with everything that is beneficial every content that is useful, share it with other people, we are learning one you do it every night. Let's spread that across the world so that every Muslim is practicing it inshallah Tada does that Mohit and we will see you tomorrow once again at 3:30am Eastern Standard Time In sha Allah here with your clean Institute support the good causes that are out there including the works of your clean and may Allah accept from you deserve more fair and more SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was savage marine

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was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh