Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – June 18, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of learning about Islam for protecting one's life is emphasized, along with the use of the name Islam for working and finding a job. The need for protection and guidance is emphasized, along with a national call for action against systemic ph relations. There is a call for action to prevent loss and action to avoid loss, and actions need to be taken to prevent further negative consequences.
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in the candelilla Monastery

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whenever we'll be learning in jewelry and fusina wanted to say Dr. Dr. Medina my young

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woman you

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to know more shall you kind of want

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the one who see from what I've seen

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on our team

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yeah yohannes in Davao

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each other and

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whatever one that he does,

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he will come

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in no more How are they?

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My brothers and sisters today in sha Allah with that we will learn about the name of a wall wiki, the treasurer. What does that mean? On wiki? If we are consistently translated into one word, it wouldn't really make much sense to us. And in fact, if we tried to understand the name of Allah subhana wa jal,

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we realized an important name that applies to so many aspects of our life, both generally as well as specifically, generally Allah subhanho wa Taala, as the treasurer

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is the one who provides their everything regardless of whether we ask or not. But specifically, when we do ask kind of what data is looking after us and even when we don't

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To pass under working looks after his righteous pious servants those who submit to Him, the believers in a Muslim.

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He will provide for us look after us, give us what is best for us, whether we asked him for it or not. And so let me go through a few things that link to the name of Allah and Joaquin to allow us to better understand who and what he really and truly is. First of all, Joaquin is the one who disposes of the affairs, all his free preachers, as he looks at everything, and provide everything and make sure everything is set. And in order for us, in order to survive, we need oxygen, we don't wake up every single day and asked her Well, can you give me this amount of oxygen because I plan on staying awake for X amount of hours.

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For example, you might want to think, or you might be thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle. And you know, the difference between an electric vehicle and a new, sorry, and an internal combustion engine ice, right? You put gasoline in your car, you drive until your tank is empty. But when you have an electric vehicle, you think to yourself, I need this amount of charge in order to go that distance throughout the day today, because I have these items to fulfill. We don't wake up and ask Allah for things he gives it to us already. We wake up we can see we

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can come here we wake up, woke up, all of that is a provision from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And working

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on Moreover, either

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of us can avoid Allah is our king, he's the one who will we trust and turn to her knees luckiness provides for his creatures, and then decrease

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their needs. So now, we

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ask the first example, what was not even an

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example of waking up. And

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now I'm working is the one who provides for us specifically, you're looking at getting married, and working from stream

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you have

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in your marriage, and what makes things better, you are looking for all provides a job you that you couldn't even get, you are not happy with the profession or the earnings.

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You provide something better.

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And at times, my brothers and sisters we think things are not as good as they used to be.

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Things could be

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realized that that is the plan.

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As we learned last week, and working, assists protects those who seek is huge. So when we seek the help of Allah

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grants, the things that we need the protection that we need. And this is important for us to understand the context of broke that we're living in today. Of course, all of it is important. But nowadays, we find that Muslims, as we learned last week are starting to look bit scary. There's no need to feel scared, because looking for protection for us

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is though our returning to unreal key and when he requests us to my brain

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Am I

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am I recite things?

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what is it I need to recite one page

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he will provide will continue to protect the name and rent us better and more, so long as we continue to submit and we'll keep

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of his righteous servants appears by finding a way that is truthful. So now also can with

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us giving us what we need to survive. He's not giving us the things that we also asked him. Joaquin is going to guide us to show us what is best for us. You

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have the option to find a car

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another car that has four wheel steering wheel getting from point A to

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as many features but I can't afford it. And there's no interest and so

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to auctions

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but also makes it easy for us in our hearts and our minds.

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got to do

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with what might be simpler. But rent,

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we may lose the path that we feed our minds, I want more luxury, I want to move this I want more to do. And it's going to the cost is the displeasure of a loss of cannaboids.

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But what kills

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your hearts will be guided towards rights and good for you. Despite wanting this thing out.

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You will understand understand the difference between wanting and needing something in life.

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overkill keeps us away from all that causes hardship to us, and assists us in every single thing we

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can avoid, those will work and Adam will

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have covered in the last candle

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for a walk sufficient for us will confirm invaluable key.

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I mean, a lot of people have been sending or sending more identity. And

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my brothers and sisters now that we've learned about unlucky and who he is, and what he provides for us, and how he guides us and how he protects us from harm and evil,

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I want us to try to apply it to now. I want us to try to apply this name of Allah to our lives now, today, here, and you'll notice that some kind of law as most things were going through a very challenging time once again, tonight, for example, some of you know that there is a national call to action against systemic phobia, where you know, Muslims will gather in various different cities across Canada, over 100, I heard over 100 different locations, there will be one for hopes and dreams that takes place at the City Hall of Burlington, there will be one in Mississauga, there'll be one in Toronto, there'll be one all over the place and shot along. So this call or national call

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to action against this phobia, which is being organized by many organizations in society is something that voices, the concerns of the Muslims that live here in this country. And for those who are wondering, it will be tonight at seven o'clock, pm shalom.

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But what does that mean for us tying it in working? as Muslims, we have to take action. We have to take action when something needs to get done. If I want to go home after some tomorrow, I can't just sit down on the middle and say, Allah take me and the network starts to float and it takes me home. If Allah wants to make that happen, he can. But as Muslims, we know that we don't just sit down and do nothing. We get up and we do something. So I need to walk towards the door, I need to put my shoes on, I need to get into my car and I need to take that action of driving home in order to get me there. What my brothers and sisters, as Muslims, it doesn't just end there. We don't just take

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action and say

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don't stop.

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Turn to a key change will only come when we take action and have to what point in the losses can

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we trust that Allah will change the situation for us, and He will make it better for every single one of us. In addition to this, my brothers and sisters, don't simply go to demonstrations and rallies and say I've done my parts, especially if while we are there, we are going to miss our prayers. What benefit is it to us as Muslims by standing and yelling, ending and holding signboards and posters and saying we see

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and the time for solex and the time for Salah goes and many of the Muslims don't stop to pray.

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There are certain things that are more beneficial than others. And as much as we need to take action, don't take action in ways that takes us away from the law.

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And lastly, my brothers and sisters, don't trust another human being more than you trust and wiki.

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Don't trust that another human being in a position of authority will take charge and we'll protect the Muslims when we fail.

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To turn into a lot of work, expecting him to bring the change upon us. If we are turning to other human beings more than we are, long, there's a problem with us. And remember, Allah will not change the condition of the people until we change that which is within ourselves. We just happen

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to send peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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somebody was something along

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along the very beginning I

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saw you walking in, we asked you to spread the safety and protection. Ella we asked you to strengthen to strengthen our our following.

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Yellow we ask you to make it easy for us to understand your names and to understand who you are, and to turn to you when we need things. And when we are in a low state of life. Alone, we ask you from your names and your attributes, the most beautiful names and attributes. A lot of things from the safety and protection and ease through our time on Earth. You know Lucky's take all those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world in various different countries were going through such depression, that they don't even have the time and the thoughts of COVID-19 and any other pandemic and any other kind of illness, but there's so much pressure upon them.

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To repeat them and to grant them safety and ease and protection. strengthen their email and allow them to you always mean the album. If our community members are sick and Ill in the hospital, in particular, but they're also support the law please make it easy for him to come off the ventilator and grab some strength COVID-19 Allah we asked him to beg from you and make it easy for us to get through this difficult time so that we can stand shoulder to shoulder side by side once again and gather and send these messages into life.

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All here for

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on the wall.

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Good evening

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of Washington, Washington.

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year on the wall

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center we're having

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a center and we're innovating

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brothers and sisters

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our youth program starts

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on the first weekend

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retails for registration or

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register new jersey

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