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The Methodology of Quranic Interpretation

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The speaker discusses the use of text in Islamic language, including a book written in the 90s for the tafsir course, which was used for the writing of textbooks and for the development of the curriculum. The speaker also mentions a book called tafsir, which is used in universities, and mentions a message from Missoula tafsir about accepting the idea of "the people accept it as it is theirs."

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So now Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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My writings, writings, fundamentally, of the 90s. Among them is a set of books which were written

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for university, with university in mind. During the 90s. From 93 to 2003, I was a professor at the American University in Dubai, teaching Islamic Studies, and at the same time, setting up a department of Islamic studies in Princeton University in Japan.

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Also teaching in the University of Alabama, in the setup of the Department of Islamic Studies, interest in university, there was a clear need for texts.

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So, I began preparing writing texts, which could be used in university covering the areas of Islamic Studies, which were not available already, which had not been already written on, published, etc, that students could just use as the textbook for the course, we could just choose it and use it for the course, among them is also a tafsir.

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This book was written in the 90s for the tafsir course, which I hope to launch and did launch in Preston University. Hmm.

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And, of course, Missoula tafsir deals with the fundamental knowledge areas, which I needed for an accurate and reliable tafsir of the Quran Tafseer being a commentary on the Quran itself. So

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the material was gathered from a variety of different sources, classical sources, which remained in Arabic, I translated sections, etc, from it and included it as well as what had been written in English,

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which is very little in the area of the science of tafsir. And

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I ended up with

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also at tafsir. I wanted the series to have a soul at the beginning, because we're dealing with the fundamentals, like my fundamentals of Tawheed.

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I could have called it also letterhead, but I'd done that way before I

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took this second path, which was preparing textbooks for university sharpham Abadi. Tauheed are

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commentary on the fundamentals of Tauheed became the standard text for the Arcada course, taught in Preston University igmi.

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But this

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was solid tafsir hamdulillah has benefited many, it's used in universities, English medium universities around the world.

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Alhamdulillah we pray that Allah accept it as having been done for his pleasure. And for the benefit of his OMA Barca Luffy calm Sa ra co Morocco to Llahi over a cat