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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the Red Cross's history and the need for people to consider the impact of Islam on their families and society. The Red Cross has experienced many cases of Muslim men converting to denies their beliefs and causing harm, leading to problems and negative consequences. The transcript emphasizes the importance of finding help for those affected by the conversions and finding ways to leave their homes.
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What the difference would be

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what we could do here

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that this is the regular This is the norm for Salatu Juma

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Masjid is filled

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to the rafters

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salam, ala Asia

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and the Muslim institutions

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that would arise in this community.

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These are the things that we have to consider if we cannot do it. If we find that we have tried, we can't find people who will do it, then we seriously need to think of moving elsewhere.

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There is no other communities in the UK, in Leicester, for example, where Muslims have congregated there, an element of hedgerow has already taken place, the numbers are increasing, you see the Muslim stores etc. In the middle of the Muslim community, Muslim school there they are developing, then we need to seriously consider what is happening.

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We need to seriously consider what is happening to our families, our children, ourselves, if we continue to live, as we live now.

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The Muslim community protects its members. The classical example

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is in the case of Somalia,

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Somalia, where missionaries tried their hardest.

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For years to convert.

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Maybe two families converted and they left and went to Kenya.

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But once Somalis were transported here to the UK,

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to us, to Canada,

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to Europe.

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Now we have

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Hershey alleys and others boldly coming out.

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Rejecting Islam

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calling to the complete opposite. Converting I know in Toronto, how many cases of Somali girls boys converting to Christianity

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happening something which was unheard of in the history.

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Because they came into a society scattered amongst disbelievers not knowing Islam properly and

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became prey to the missionary activities

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is a classical case. I mean, there are many other cases. But this is the most recent and most blatant one that is in front of us. So we can see what happens. And of course before Somalis were Pakistanis,

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who came here from Pakistan, and India,

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first generation

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nominal Muslims that they were in Pakistan, second generation, then you saw the community starting to

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fall apart.

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Third generation now we have all kinds of problems,

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problems about which I spoke. And all of this is a result of not implementing the prophetic blueprint of Hydra

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which remains in front of us as the example.

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And this is something I've spoken about, on numerous occasions here in the UK, at different times. And people, when I speak about this A

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this is true, it's true.

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no movement.

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People are still where they were.

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Because that fear of a law.

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That fear of standing before a law and answering for the consequence of continuing to live as we live is not really there. So we're not motivated to make the kind of sacrifices necessary to create Muslim towns all over Britain.

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We have the numbers. other communities do it. Agha Khan is

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we have in Toronto is a area that is basically Sikh town. They all migrated into that areas. Even the street names are named after their gurus and Guru Nanak Street and so on. So

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why don't we have aboubaker street here in Norman Roseman. And Holly, why don't we have any streets named like? Why not? We've been here long enough. We have enough people here. Why not?

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Because we don't have that principle that drive for community. It is not there.

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We are comfortable living as we do.

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watching our children slowly drift away.

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And when they finally drift away, we cry we say, stop for the law.

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We ask the laws forgiveness, who pray Allah guide them, but they're misguided, misguided, why? Because we put them in that situation.

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We didn't do what was necessary to preserve their Islam. I know some people object and they say, Well, you know, you're talking about making a Muslim ghetto.

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You know, a Muslim ghetto where the Muslims, you know, they're

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all on themselves. They don't let anybody else in. And then the society starts to look at them more suspiciously. No, that's not it doesn't have to be a ghetto, like the Jewish ghettos, etc. Know.

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Our community is still open,

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open for the society to see what is the impact of Islam, on a community when it

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practices Islam together to see a community free of drugs, no prostitutes, no drug dealers,

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no discos, bars, strip joints,

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no magazines being sold, the third page nakedness. None of that

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to see a wholesome, clean community. This is the biggest dour that we can give here

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to show them what Islam can do for you.

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So this is the challenge that we're faced with today. One of Hydra Hydra within the UK itself

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and hedra within our homes were in the province I sell them had said I Muslim men Saleemul Muslim una melissani wayah de but the Muslim is one from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe. While mohajir man * Ramana holla one and the true muhajir the one who truly immigrates makes Hendra for the sake of Allah is the one who abandons leaves, goes away from what Allah has forbidden.

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So the hedgerow begins in the heart. It begins with a desire to want to abandon to leave, to emigrate from what the law has prohibited.

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And that drives the individual to want to do the same for his family or her family.

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And in order to do it, they need to seek the help of other families.

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And ultimately, they need to come together

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in Muslim town, or

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actually leave if it can't happen.

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If the Eman

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of our children is being challenged and threaten, then we have to seriously consider leaving

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