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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the different views on when it will be the beginning and end of the year. They also talk about the solution for Muslims living in European countries, and the importance of sharing experiences and learning from the general public. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being sincere and not blaming authorities and religious bodies for their actions.

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Amati kumara medulla Hua kettle my brothers and sisters, I want to address the confusion about the different views about when it will be this year. And this will benefit Muslims in Australia and also Muslims around the world, especially those who live in in European countries and almost in countries where there is no unified religious body where everybody can rely on and depend on and, and take the information from. And in my more than 40 years living in Australia, there hasn't been a single year where the Muslims united on when the beginning and the end of Ramadan is overnight. So the confusion is valid. And the difference opinion is valid, even if most people don't understand it. Now, I'm not

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here to address the scholars the Messiah, or or the students of knowledge or those who are well versed in the Islamic jurisprudence. I'm here to talk about two of them. I'm here to talk to the general public what in Sharia are called the r1. Who are the communists, the laypeople who have not studied, you know, formal studies in Islam and don't understand to differentiate between scholarly views and schools of thought that just follow a religious body who they trust or the Imams of scholars who they go by, or the local mosque that they go by? You know, and they go by that whoever they trust. And I'm here to actually let you know the solution in Sharia are for the general public

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and sisters for Islam has a solution for everything, it's easier than what you think. So here it goes.

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When it comes to the communists, the general public, you may choose to follow whichever religious authority, religious body or local mosque that you want to go to, that is in your families and communities best interest, the community whom you're going to share it with this year, insha, Allah Allah, and the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the Imams and the religious bodies whom you followed, you don't hold any accountability because you are incapable and unable to differentiate between who's right and wrong. Insha Allah to Allah, it will be accepted from you. Also, if you're a family, for example, who is divided half is doing Friday half is doing Saturday, then you have

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several options. Also in Islam, the half that's doing on Friday can go to their Eat, Pray on Friday, at the most they're just doing it then and the others can go on Saturday. If you all want to share their eat together as a family, then the ones who are doing it on Friday can skip the prayer and do it on Saturday morning with the rest of their family. And the scholars have called them called up which is making up your eight prayer or you can go by the head of the family. If you don't know the difference between jurisprudence of us going by the head of the family and the head of the family can choose the mosque or the body which they feel are most best for their family to follow and not

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cause more division and confusion. Brothers Sisters, I need to make a very important point that please try and don't don't blame the religious authorities and the bodies and the scholars for they are trying their best and I know that nobody wants to just hold the responsibility of the entire Ummah, you know about when and lose their rewards in Ramadan and Eid. So all of them do base it on some valid opinions of scholars and Imams and religious bodies who they are following. And Allah subhanaw taala does say you can leave alone of sin Lhasa, Allah does not command anyone to do more than what is within their capacity and a lot of sources for top Allahu Mustapa from fear Allah as

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much as you can, I hope he shall Allah, this gives you a good solution. And at the end of the day, say to Allah yada whichever day you choose, say, Oh Allah, if I have made an error, forgive me. And if I have made the right choice, reward me and may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us all. And at the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah knows our intentions, he knows what we're trying to do. And even in differences of opinion, or last panda Isla still has mercy upon all of us so long as you are sincere. Aid Mobarak to you all in advance was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah