Hadith is an action, saying made by the final prophet of mankind, Prophet Muhammad SAW…

These Islamic audio lectures pertain to hadith, it could be stories or rulings extracted. Implicit and Explicit approvals he made. The science of hadith and so on.

A ḥadīth is a statement of the Prophet peace be upon him which was narrated by his companions and subsequently narrated to the next generation until these sayings were compiled in ḥadīth collections.

The Companions of the Prophet peace be upon him memorized his statements and actions. In addition to memorization, many Companions wrote these ḥadīths down in their personal collections. These ḥadīths were passed down to the students of the Companions and subsequently down to their students. Several Muslim scholars collected these ḥadīths into compilations which have become widespread and are the main sources of ḥadīths until today.

Audio Lectures on Hadith