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In this 46th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alaziz



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The speakers discuss the importance of reforming Islam, citing the need for specific rules and regulations rather than just changing cultural practices. They touch on the topic of Phone-Machines and its potential negative impacts on people's lives, including Phone Shoots and the removal of Phone Shoots. The speakers emphasize the need for people to establish a "we" mentality and prioritize one's own well-being.

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Assalamualaikum ladies gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome back to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host Lawson I'm here with moto Shakur. He had done probably 25 episodes and I think that was the lowest energy bill has ever started off with. You want to do it again. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to another episode of the 99 names I am your host, Bill Han a much better and I am I'm Mata Shirky aka Mr. Energizer Bunny. And being paired up with with this guy over here. Yep, we've been going over a lot of the names of Allah and we're getting close to the finale in sha Allah. But right now we are going over the name Allah Aziz Aziz.

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And then Aziz is the name that's mentioned a lot of times in the Quran 92 times to be exact, cool. 92 times in the Quran. Yes. What about if when you think of the names of Allah?

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I don't know how many times it's mentioned in the Hadith. But in the Quran, it's 92. The interesting thing about it is you get a little bit of perspective, when you see that some names, like a summons, for example, as mentioned once Okay, some names like a you really just once Yes. Some of those just in solid. Atlas. Yes. Very good. So total law had. In fact, Allah had is just mentioned sort of the class also.

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As you as mentioned three times in the whole lot. And, as mentioned, once I love it, a lot of

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a lot of is in the name. Let me as an attribute, maybe.

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I mean, yes, a lot overpowers everyone, but it being a name. I don't know that being a name. Okay. But the idea is, is that, you know, names are mentioned three 520 30. So when you come across something that's mentioned over 90 times, that's like you're in the really, really, really, it's got to be important. Yes, it's, it's, it's being mentioned a lot like even an ID, which we said is the name that's the most often cited after a law we are talking about 150. So 90, something is really, really high.

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And as he is paired with a lot of different names, it's paired with Aladdin, so as easily, okay, as he said, Hakeem, is is paired a lot in the Quran. So as these means the mighty strong. Okay, the mighty and the strong. Yes. Allah Hakeem is the wise.

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So why do you think al Aziz and Hakeem are paired together a lot? Now, does the mighty in the straw have something to do with because when you think about Aziz, as in a human context, you think of somebody who has a position or authority in governance. So is that when you say mighty and strong, you're talking about governance, you're talking about everything, okay. A lot is powerful and the mighty in everything. Okay. And not only that, but he gives it to whomever he wishes he gives this concept of his. Okay. power, strength, honor. Honor. Oh, like the Honorable Judge so on. So right. And so they fight the fact that it still goes into the whole

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thing. Yeah, already. Yeah. Mighty honor. Strong. Honor. Gives honor. Now we say okay. The absolute power corrupts

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absolutely. Yeah. When a person is given absolute power, they become corrupted

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all the time. You know, it's interesting. But a lobbying Aziz would Hakeem, yeah. hikma is defined as the opposite of volume. Yeah, because little is placing something where it doesn't belong. That's a little bit suppression. Okay. And hikma? It's okay, I know it's a wasp or whatever it is what your face became paralyzed for a second. Oh, it's a dragon. Never mind.

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I'm like, why wouldn't it be like all the blood?

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It's like a wasp or a bee or whatever it is. I just dragonflies Yeah. And even if it was a wasp review wouldn't have done anything. No, if it's a wasp or bee, I would have just become a statue. And I wouldn't have moved waiting for it.

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do so. basically means if it's smaller than you squash it.

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Like who's bigger You are the wasp in the process of trying to squash it.

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You might get a few,

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a few weeks of unnecessary unwanted undesired pain as a result of the fight that the wasp or the little thing put up. Okay, cool. So the idea here is that hikma is anything that is not knowing that you shouldn't sometimes squash them because they can hurt you.

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So volume is putting something where it doesn't belong. Okay. Matt is defined also, which is wisdom translated as wisdom. Yeah, is putting things in their appropriate places. Okay. hikmah is measuring everything appropriately. That's what wisdom is that you measure everything a precision precision. You just know where it went to pull when to let loose when to

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when to move, when to not what to say when to say it. That's hikma volume is to put things in their

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wrong places. Okay? You give someone a responsibility that they don't deserve. You've oppressed them, and you've oppressed everybody else who's now going to suffer because of that. So the idea here is that Allah is an Aziz. And he said, Hakeem. And so Allah is Mighty is uncontested. His power is absolute. But he doesn't have the human deficiency, where we become corrupted by power. Yeah, a lot is that hecky even as he's realizing, you know, this was a thesis of Batman for Superman, right? Where I didn't know that yes, because if you go back to the original theme, we're always trying to do a lot of things a lot at the same time. But you know, the, the line will Lex Luthor is facing up

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against Superman. And he basically tells him, okay, there's no way that something could be all good.

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And still, and be all powerful, or something could be all powerful and all good. And I'm here to test that theory. And I want to see, because I don't believe you're, you're either all powerful, but then you can't be all good. Or you're all good, but then you can't be all powerful. And so Eliza yen is all powerful and all good. I don't know about Superman, but a lot is right. Well, that's why Superman should have broken and he should have tried to kill Lex Luthor and all these other people. But unfortunately, Superman dies trying to kill Doomsday, which was a stupid addition to the movie was a manual contaminate all of this with your DC Universe. That's very, very sad.

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Come now to

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we come not to the last issue with regards to this concept of alliances and lobbying the idea of the strong and that is that a lot is the source of his Okay. Okay. A lot is the source of his his Prophet and his messenger.

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Then we're not 15 so we have a lot of different verses, like I mentioned, it's mentioned

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in something that's just defined by more than just honor. Yes. Okay. The general rule is anytime you these, these these names, and these words are so layered. Yeah. So deep when they get translated into one word. So like I said, one of the meanings of his power, yeah, honor doesn't carry that connotation, or it doesn't. Right. So one of the meanings of of raises dignity. Yeah. So it's related to honor. Yes. Okay. However, it also definitely has the connotation of physical strength. Yeah. Okay. And so, Allah as he says, to Taylor's there is a dementor Sha, Allah says, no, sorry, Aloma medical mulk.

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O Allah, the owner of the Dominion to attain Malcolm and Tasha, you give the dominions whom you wish. What ends your mocha Misha, you take it away from who you wish. Yeah. What is zoom into shot? What is the lumen Tasha, you give honor and power and mic to whoever you wish, and you subdue and you humiliate whoever you wish. Okay, so the first lesson we learned here is that so it says the opposite of humiliation of the of good. Okay. Now,

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the idea here is that you seek is from Allah, okay?

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We in general say our oma is in a time of the zoo. It is oppressed, it is on disrespected, it is abused, it is no one really cares about us. They don't care about each other. Well, that's fine. All of that is part of the all of it together. Okay. However, a lot as we did is one who grants is and so a person seeks it out. And that was the lesson that we learned from Eminem to help Bob aroma when he was when Jerusalem the city of Jerusalem had been conquered, conquered, opened, or opened or surrendered to the Muslims, basically. Yeah, they said, we're going to surrender. But you have to send us your leader. Yeah. We have a description that we have, you have to send us your leader. And

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so it'll they'll understand I'm going to come if that's going to avoid all of the bloodshed and all of that, then I'll come. And so he took the journey. And when he arrived, it was his it was that him and his servant, were taking turns writing a particular animal. And that was it. That's all they had.

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That's all they were using. They didn't even take two, two

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Writing animals together. They just took one and they took turns. It was the servants turn along that journey must have taken. It's at least a month, at least like those soldiers was a camped out there for

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at least a month. I mean, even when the prophet SAW sent him said he went on an assignment. You're laughing at him. They said, you know, Jerusalem takes us a month journey. Okay, so a month going and a month coming back, and you're saying you did it once he was gone from governance? Yep. So can you imagine a president taking a two month break? He's not taking a two month break. He's journeying there, and he has a deputy and all of that I know. But like he himself does. Keep in mind, all of that is why because they put a condition to surrender. Yeah, they said, We want your leader. And that shows you that, you know, human life was not insignificant to the Muslims. In fact, it was

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incredibly significant than if they could,

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if they could open up a city in a way where no lives are lost. Yeah, then that was the prerogative. And so a lot of the line who takes that journey, and Aveda Ninja, who is his General Mills, a middle minion or Amato's, you know, very, very

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basic clothing. You know, you're talking about patches, just unimpressive. And so what made the says to him, you know, I met him what meaning you know, these are people who really respect, you know, their leaders to look a particular way. Yeah. And so I'm not on the line who says,

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I wish someone other than you everybody that said that? And he said his famous statement, he says, could not we were a people who were a villa, meaning the Arabs there. We were humiliated people. Yeah, nobody cared about us. Nobody was concerned about us, as in a lot of Islam. A lot gave us is through Islam, power, prestige, my were able to subdue the super powers of the world, all of that through what through Islam. Yeah. And so if we seek it is in other than that avellan Allah, Allah is going to make us have again, we are going to be humiliated again. So the lesson here is that whoever is seeking power and miton establishment on the earth as well as dignity and honor that they seek it

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through Islam and more so the idea of a disease it's more so maintaining a particular mindset that these names that are talking about a lost power, they are supposed to create a particular mindset they're supposed to make up a believer in sub doable.

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if that's a word

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unsub doable. Okay, they are supposed to make a believer someone who cannot be conquered You know, it just reminds me of

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one of the one of the best books written on the subject of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is titled submit anyone

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submit anyone? Yeah. And the believer doesn't submit except to allies. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So that's the idea. You know, we are a people who love death as much as you love life. We are a people who are between the two good things martyrdom or paradise, like how do you how do you defeat a people like that? And so, this is this concept of a lottery and as okocha Allah is Allah Aziz a lot is

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Elijah Baba bar a lot is and Mateen a lot is this and this and this and this and so if a person believes and knows that all of that is behind him,

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then Who is he to fear And so anyway, we come back to the one of the greatest ways for a person to receive is yeah is to forgive people forgive people yes. Okay as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says it's a Muslim. So letting things go Mazza the lower abdomen behalf when inlet is he says,

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Allah does not increase a person who forgives in anything except for his except for anything except in their honor.

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And to recognize that all is the belongs to a lot because the minute 15 and sold with him when I 15 or so 10 minute, mile for

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a out to live and it will be and his group of hypocrites okay. After a campaign when they were returning back to Medina, they said Raja Anna, Ella Medina at local regional azumino. They said When we returned back to Medina, the ones who have his us the noble the best of us, the dignified of us, meaning themselves are going to expel and then it's going to explode the province. I sent him and his companions and the lowly we were saying, Yeah, they were saying Okay, so allies are dead he responded. He quoted them in the whole island. He says what the law here is the two little mini in our kin and Muna Filipina Leia alimony says to a law belong on his end to his messenger enter with

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the believers, those are the ones who have a sense but the hypocrites they don't know. They don't understand.

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And this versus This is awful. This is when though this is a this is in Medina. Okay. The idea here

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That there's another plotting against them. They're plotting against a province Elias lm, and they're coming back from a campaign and they're like,

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when we return back to Medina, we're going to expel the province of the lightest atom and all of that, however, a blessing, It all belongs to the believers. And so now, we just fast forward 1400 years or years later. Yeah. And you see how much is the believers have? We're naming our kids after them. We're saying, although the law on whom we believe in their righteousness we tested, they were people who should change the world. Yeah. And then when we mentioned them, and I feel good, right? I don't even know their names. We don't even know their names, or we say a lust curse be upon them, or we're just they're completely belittled. And this is a lesson for every person who thinks that they

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can take advantage of Islam in any current climate in any particular time in place. Because they think that by attacking Islam that they will get it is. But Allah says that is that belongs to Allah and His Messenger, the believers, but the hypocrites they use a question that what do you what do you say to one of the common conversations is taking place now, especially in the activist circles? Is the idea of reforming Islam?

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Like, is it the is it Islam that is reforming in this situation? Because we're talking about Islam? What about honor? Like why would anyone bring up that subject of reforming Islam? Or is it more so about let's look at deeper look at the current issues that maybe hasn't been addressed on a legal facet? Well, that's the idea. Right? Is that what are you talking about when you're talking about reforming Islam? Yeah. So people when they talk about reforming Islam, they're talking about separating Islam from particular cultures. Some people when they're talking about reforming Islam, they talk about trying to bend over backwards to make Islam palatable, or not even just palatable,

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but acceptable to a particular culture that they live in. And so

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Imam Malik has a beautiful statement, and he says, nothing will rectify the end of this oma, except what rectified the beginning of it?

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The only thing that will rectify the end of the talk about his generation, yeah, is what rectified the beginning. And it's found to be true. There's an at the end of the day, there's nothing that's going to rectify this generation, except what rectified the first generation and what is that and that is the whole island, the son of the prophet SAW the light as a lemon holding on to it sincerely and submitting to it and not submitting to our desires and not submitting to the things that that we want. Okay. And so going from there. And then anything else, when we're talking about reform, you have to look at what is it's not about the terminology, because we can't have a discussion about

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terminologies because the terminologies mean different things to different people. Yeah. Well, we can talk about is what's the reality? What do you mean, when you say reform Islam? What do you want to reform? Do you want to reform the you know, the pillars of the religion? That's not a for reform? Yeah. For? Yeah. Do you want to do you want to reform? You know, do you want to do something where like, you have some lottery drama on Saturdays? Because some, some reform groups do that? They really Yes. That's an actual thing. Yes, that's an actual thing, because I thought there was a joke one time where

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this is like, in the early days, like we're talking like, the late 80s. And there was a complaint about somebody who came from overseas to America. And they saw more people at the measures on Sunday because of like Sunday school and things like that, because that's convenient. And they went back saying like, these, these American Muslims are deviated. They do Jim on Sunday. Yeah.

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No, this is this is like, you know, literal thing. Yeah. And having Jamal on Saturdays, because it's more convenient for people and things like that. So, I mean, that's something that's rejected. So when you talk about reforming what is the issue that will go would be appropriate to discuss in regards to reform?

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things that haven't been established as a precedent perhaps? Yes. Okay. For sure. Things that haven't been established as a president new issues, new issues, contemporary issues, but then you wouldn't call that reform? Because it's new. Yeah, it's not reformation. It's it's, it's what's the term for new

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establishment temporary issues? They call? Yeah, temporary issues. So but then, is there anything that is really a four, quote unquote, reform? Or is it more so about looking at the, because what I would understand as potential reform is like, you know,

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post colonial reaction to the way that Islam is followed in certain parts of the world. And that's the reason why I have the hesitation with constantly calling anything Islamic reform, okay? Because that's the exact point is like, what are you going to reform about Islam? Right, because I mean, it's one thing to look at the reason for codification of certain things in a particular part of the world at a certain time, but then, you know, times change and people's change and the circumstances change. So those particular qualifications or rules that were implemented might not necessarily apply in addition

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different part of the world in a different time with in different circumstances Is that fair to say? And that in that case, you might want to or people of knowledge, may want to revisit some rules in that regard. So something for example that people discuss currently is the issue of alimony. Okay?

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Right. So for example, in Islam, a woman who are a woman historically was always always, always under the care of another man, another man, yeah, in whatever scenario she was either taken care of by her father. Yeah, she gets married, she's taken care of by her husband. Yeah, they get divorced, she goes back to her family. Yeah. And they have that system set up. Now you have scenarios where a husband is marrying a wife taking her halfway across the world, they live for 40 years in a particular country, separate from our family, separate from from everything, really. And then he makes a lot of money. And then 30 years later, she doesn't have any skills or whatever, because

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she's been taking care of the kids. And she hasn't needed to work and all of that. And then he divorces her.

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And he says, you know, what was your Mohawk? I'll give you that. Yeah. And your alimony for three months? or what have you. I'll take, I'll give you that for three months. That's what Sam says. Okay, so Michael, but they take it literally not, in essence of what it was intended for. And so here, yeah, right. That's literally what but is that? Is that something that, you know, can't be looked into now? Because it's obvious. That's an incredible hardship on that woman that's being placed. And that's not what Islam intended. And so now you're looking at, you know, scholars are looking at what can be done and what can be reformed, so to speak about this particular concept.

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Okay. Right. And so these types of things where the the lifestyle has changed so drastically, where you have to revisit the text and revisit the statements of the scholars and the the conclusions of them about whatever stage and try to find the intent of the legislation. Okay. With regards to this particular issue is basically, when it comes to quote, unquote, reform, we're talking about policy.

00:22:18--> 00:22:54

Okay, because that's what it is, is legislation, right? It's a particular law put into place. But again, a lot of times when people are talking about reform, and that's the reason why it's hard to just make a judgement about this topic. Because a lot of people when they're talking about reform, they're talking about theological positions. Oh, they're talking about sin, and what is sin and what is considered to be so you go into the realm of philosophy? What does it mean to be? what is good and what isn't? Yeah, right. Just because the prophet SAW said the moral law says something about something 1400 years ago in that context in that society, but we live in a society that where those

00:22:54--> 00:23:03

values have not changed. Yeah, we need to reform. Right. And that's really where the contention lies with a term like that. God.

00:23:05--> 00:23:29

So going back to the whole thing, the idea that disease has to be with the reality that if we're even thinking about this idea of reformation, it's not about Islam being reformed. It's about you reforming yourself. Yes. What's the idea? In a lot, a little, maybe a little maybe Uncle Sam. So the rod rod has not changed the conditions of the people until they change with us within themselves.

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And so if you want honor, you want change, you want dignity, you want to be upgraded. Then the key thing is to start looking look within.

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So like sort of lies and how to identify recidivism.