3 Ways To Stay GROUNDED In Times of Difficulty

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In that hamdulillah Emma do NSA, you know when I stopped futile, what are all the Billa him in short order? I'm phocoena Amin say Dr. Medina, the LAO for Ramadan lira. When may you learn for the Ala Wai shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah shady Cara who eyeshadow and Mohammed Abdullah Soto wasafi home in healthy Yo Honey Hello, Bella rissalah del Amano Naso Houma, Taraka home island Mahajan, very

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lazy in LA had extra to wrap you said I'm already about Allah, Allah azza wa jal vikita will carry him by the rules will be La Mina shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you're gonna Tapachula to party whether to move to LA and to Mr. Moon or to Allah your nurse to Taco Bell como la vie halacha Kumi nursing wa Ada, Allah caminos o Jha with me Oh, Maddy, Jilin get killed on when he saw but double Allah Allah the Desilu and I'd be a lot of harm in Aloka and it qumola teba Wakata to either Yeah, you enter the innominate duckula puluh overland said either you

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can work with him to come back home, while male to allow Rasulullah vaca divisive o's and I'll do my my bad.

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All praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves, and the whispering of our desires whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And who may allow us to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, except Allah alone, having no partners in that I'm not so Allah, Allah was sending him it's just leaving his messenger in his perfect worshipper. Allah subhana diatas says in the Quran, oh you will believe your Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says all mankind Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from their soul

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its mate, and made from their combination many men and women. So Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, Verily Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah says, Oh, you will believe fear Allah and say that which is correct, you will correct for you your deeds are forgive you your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious, to proceed

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as we continue to be

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with the events that are unfolding in Azusa.

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And the world is amazed.

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At the belief, the steadfastness, the dedication, the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters, it was me Allah azza wa jal bring them immediate relief, Allah Muhammad.

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You hear comments from people saying, these are people that we did not think existed in this time in place.

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It's like, they are the people that we read about of old and we heard about volt.

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Their resilience, their dedication, their Deen has caused non Muslims to read the Quran

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and it has caused non Muslims to accept Islam and it has caused Muslims to reread the Quran and as cause Muslims to recommit to Islam.

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And part of it is just because of how foundational their Eman is.

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The basics are what anchor a person, the basics are what ground a person and give them a strong foundation. And so in this brief, I just wanted to speak about one of those things that is so instrumental to our fate. And yet we are seeing it play out in real time and fall asleep. And that is simply a dog Curatola Reliance Allah Allah Subhana Allah that

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when you see videos of a person saying to the camera, what's wrong with you? He's speaking to us. What's the matter with you? Don't you believe in Allah? What's the matter with you? Who is stronger than we're Allah? Who is stronger? Who should I rely on other than Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah data says we will call Li Na.

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He says, Will called Lena iLab any surah in fill kita or before the Allah subhanaw taala says, What about a Buddha Allah will do illa

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Allah subhanaw taala says rather than Salton wisdom Allah says Robin Michiru will mostly be La La now for the Hebrew Akira

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Allah subhanaw taala says a certain wisdom but verse nine, there is nothing worthy of worship except for Allah so take him as your lucky take him as your best Disposer of affairs. And Allah subhanaw taala died and he says

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to take him as the best Disposer of affairs. Allah subhanaw taala is our Disposer of affairs. He is the one that we rely on and the reliance on Allah Subhana Allah data has a number of pillars. The first pillar is knowledge. Now you know Allah subhanaw taala is, he says, Allah Subhana Allah data says we'll certainly slot it in

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Musa kita, which I know who the Lebanese law is a law that you do when doing your key that Allah says And We gave most of the book, which I know who didn't need any extra, you know, we made it a guidance for the children of Israel do not take a walk he is do not rely on anyone other than Allah. So we learned that it is worship, and Allah subhanaw taala. He says in Surah Toba verse 120 Night, for interval Luvable has to be Allah ly ly low at a total to overall production only.

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If they turn away from you say, Allah is sufficient for me.

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There is nothing worthy of worship except for him. It He took upon him I realized, and he is the Lord of the great throne.

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So the first pillar of Tawakkol is knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. When I know who Allah Subhana Allah data is that I am comfortable relying on him. And Allah subhana data describes himself in that versus being robbed pull out shall lead. He is the Lord of the great throughout the province, the melodious and and tells us that he has been given permission to speak about one of the carriers of the throne, this great throne, what is this great throne that Allah is describing the promises of Elijah and Simpson, I was given permission to speak about one of the carriers of the throat what is between their ear lobe, and their shoulder blade is like the distance between 500 years journey.

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These are vast, vast creatures. And Allah subhanaw taala uses them to carry the vastness of His creation, the vastness of the throat. When a person understands the greatness of the throne, it is indicative to us of the greatness of Allah subhana data and that is the one whom Allah Subhana Allah has commanded you to rely on. He says Rob will mercilessly when mother in law he lie in now. It's as if a person is saying, Oh Allah, what are your qualifications for me to rely on you? What's your CV?

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says he's the Lord of the East in the West.

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That's who he is. There's nothing worthy of worship except for him. So take him as the one who you rely on Allah subhana wa Tada. The second pillar of tulipwood is to seek the means is to seek the means. And so servitude is not that a person simply believe in Allah Subhana Allah data and not work the province of Elijah said it says in the Hadith as reported by Timothy, it's the famous hadith of pop. He says no undocumented Karuna and Allah Hakata Cooley, if you

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know and Dr. Tamala if you relied upon Allah subhanho data to help us quickly as he deserves to be relied upon, then he would provide for you like he provides for the birds.

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Every day they go out hungry and they come back for we all see birds and how they search for food they spend the entire day looking, searching, pecking at the ground, the province of allied s&m describe that as true to a Quran Allah, true to a Quran Allah is not that a person simply ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah rely upon Allah subhana data and not go out and put forward the means the act of work that is required to actualize what it is that you are seeking true to a call in Allah Subhana Allah that is that a person goes out seeking the means, but not relying on them with their heart, and that a person who relies upon Allah Subhana Allah there are but their hands are busy. And

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so what good is that your hands are busy but your heart is still your heart is attached to Allah subhanho data, it never leaves that station, but your hands are very busy seeking what Allah subhanaw taala has put forth in this earth for you to actualize what it is that you are seeking. The third step or the third pillar that the scholars mentioned is for a person to be pleased with the results. The third pillar of Taqwa is that a person be pleased with the results even say me assess whoever has to look good before the incident, and is pleased after it. That person has performed servitude, that person has performed servitude that I have to work with and Allah subhanaw taala

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I try my best to bring relief. I try my best to bring assistance, I try my best to protect myself or protect my community.

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And if any harm comes along the way

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that I am content, and pleased with Allah subhanaw taala this decree, if I have to upgrade before the auction, and I have contentment with Allah subhanaw taala after the auction, then that person has actualized servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. But he says there are three verses from the Quran that made me independent of all creation. He made me not in need of anyone. The first he says is a sort of view and his verse 107 William says Allah will be totally unfair like as Shiva Salah cash if Allahu Allahu

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if Allah subhanaw taala were to touch you with adversity.

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There is no Remover of it except for him. And if we're a unit can be hated, fell out or deliberately and if Allah subhanaw taala wants goodness for you, then there is no one who can who can return that goodness from you. And in slotfather adverse to ALLAH SubhanA data says

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If the hate loudly Nassima Ramadan filarmonica Allah, Allah subhanho data says whatever Allah grants the people of mercy, none can withhold it and wherever he was holds none can release it. And in solitude, verse six ALLAH SubhanA Medina says will not mean that but if you are the Illa, Allah Allah Hadees Guha, and there is no creature on this earth, except that ALLAH subhanho data provides for it. Confidence in Allah subhana data is that a person knows that this script of theirs has been written by Allah subhana data and ALLAH SubhanA data is more merciful to us than we are to ourselves.

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And that Allah Subhana Allah data desires goodness for us and He is the most knowledgeable and that ALLAH SubhanA diatas Latif, you know, the scholars they mentioned when you look at this name of allah Latif, that if you want to understand Allah Subhana Allah data being Latif for his slave, then you simply look at the story of use of it setup and use of it is that it goes through a journey in that Surah that is related to buy everybody who goes through hardship, everybody who's ever suffered imprisonment, everyone who's ever suffered false accusations, everyone who's ever suffered harm, they connect with the story of use it, and from the outside looking in, it looks like his story just

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keeps getting worse and worse and worse. He goes from having a loving family and brothers who betray him of being thrown into well, and that's horrible. And then he goes into enslavement in Egypt, and that is horrible. And then as a slave, he gets seduced in the house of the one who he is in her care. And that is horrible. And then as the slave he enters into prison, doesn't get worse than that. And yet we see that Allah subhanho data is maneuvering use of it is set up in every step of the way.

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So that he can reach the culmination of his story what Allah subhanho data had written for him.

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And that is for him to have authority in the land. And so use of at least that I've at the end of his story, in the 100 verses of Surah Yusuf when he says that my lord was good to me when he brought me out of prison and he brought you out of it. But he says in order below to fully Maya Shah, he says, My Lord is Latif for whoever he wishes we ask Allah so He did that, that looks be upon our brothers and sisters in Philistine and everywhere, Kumasi, Maximus, Dr. OLALIA will look for some good unknown

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while it is slightly citrusy, we can feel that there are lots of moments that the Quran mentions that are moments of to acquit of them is when you seek victory and relief, that that becomes a moment of Torquil Allah subhanho data says, you know, so Kamala, I love it. But that's one way of looking for them that lady on solocom embody wildlife. You know, if Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you. But if he should forsake you who is there that can aid you after him and upon Allah, let the believers are like, that is a station of reliance. And when the people turn away from you,

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Allah subhanho data says, for Intuit Lofa code has to be Allah La ilaha illa who I need to go to horrible thou shalt leave in Surah, the Toba verse 129. If they turn away from you say sufficient for me as Allah, there is no deity except for him. On him I have relied upon Allah is the Lord of the great throne. And when Destiny arrives ALLAH SubhanA wa diatas says, Oh Leo Sienna Illa microtube Allahu Allah Now who am Allah and Allah life and yet okay maroon, Allah say say never will we be struck by anything other than what ALLAH SubhanA Medina has decreed for us. He is our protector and upon Allah subhanaw taala that the believers rely and also when a person realizes that

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there is no one that they should rely on other than Allah would want to be La ilaha illa who Allah He took us to Allah He met up, say He is my Lord, there is no deity except for him. Upon him, I rely unto him as my return. And finally when a person fears the harm of their enemies

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that they rely upon Allah is sorted and adverse 99 Allah subhana data says it no they said the household partner and I didn't live while Allah behemoth are good. Indeed there is no authority meaning for shaytaan over those who have believed and Rupiah lie upon their Lord. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it. Allah Who manana is a local general Maccabi they haven't called him Iman when he was becoming a narrow Macromedia him in coding when I met Allahumma hambletonian Moto mostly me and wushu. Modan Amata misdemeanor la Mora Maccabiah and if you should have stayed Allahumma Coloma in in your market and weigh in we're gonna

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have NASA Daniel McCullough NASA Allahu makindye My home wash remodel da home without a hitch on her home with a cobra Shuhada Salalah Hi, that's it no hammer Takumi la sala team