Ali Hammuda – The Consequence Of Insincerity Isn’t Delayed

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the success of the "hereafter" project, which is a graduation project that is the most successful in the history of Islam. The project has been successful and has made people want to jump on board. There is a lot of consideration and a lot of effort to rectify the project.
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wasting the hereafter and wasting the dunya that is the interesting one. Wasting the hereafter. There is begin with that there is no isn't it? If there is a deficiency in sincerity

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and the experience in the hereafter will be quite an ugly one brothers and sisters. Didn't Allah Almighty say what Kadena Ilana? hamilo minimal. For Jana who have a month of water, we will turn to whatever good deeds that they had done in dunya and we will pull it down we will make it scattered dust worthless Allahu Akbar.

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Didn't Allah Almighty say? What about Allah whom in Allah He may Allah me Hakuna Yatta Cebu there on the Day of Judgment they will see from Allah that which they could never have imagined, law worker.

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And Allah Almighty describe the Day of Judgment has been coffee dyed raffia and lower of some and a razor of others. This is one of the most amazing descriptions of human glioma, a database or of some an elevator of others.

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And it's not always the people you thought were the most righteous that wouldn't be the most righteous on the Day of Judgment.

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element of his last sincerity how do you quantify it? How do you measure it? It's a secret that sits in our hearts.

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People that you maybe you saw in the life of this world, hundreds of 1000s of followers. The voices are so loud.

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You open any YouTube video, any Facebook feed, they are the first sponsored video to see can't run away from that handsome face.

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And the projects that they were churning out were beyond Chow, you think wow, like how do I how do I compete with such a person? How productive is this individual, masha Allah. And it may be that on the day of judgment, He is lowered

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to a place with Abuja and surround and shape on our own. This is a reality, I must have a database.

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On the other hand, there may be a Indonesian man, the African man, simple Arabic,

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never paid any attention to him.

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Because nobody knew him, he doesn't even know how to use a computer. He's illiterate, maybe actually, the village that he's at, there's no electricity.

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And they had a simple Halaqa under a tree somewhere, to three people, maybe a child, two elderly, and that halacha that individual, and those three or four men will be raised on the day of judgment to be with the Prophet Muhammad. Allah says, so the man and Ibrahim with the prophets and the messengers with the martyrs with the city who How come? Because it's a race of what? It's a race of the hearts. It's the race of the class Hafeet out on raffia Allah said at the base of some an elevator of others. What's What's your benchmark? My dear brother, when you mentioned measuring successful so you mentioned

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output and followers and likes and shares? Is this your benchmark of success? Then that would mean that Prophet Yunus has a greater profit than profit nor but is he?

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They are both great, but can you compare the Prophet of Allah Yunus with the Prophet of Allah? No. Who was one of the five great messengers of perseverance as the Quran describes him?

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Well as for a Prophet, nor how many people embraced Islam through him, Allah set early

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few not am an admirer who Illa colleagues, only a few embraced Islam with him. What about Eunice alayhi salatu salam, how many embrace Islam through him?

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Allah said We're also now who isla? Me at the elephant. Oh, yes, you don't. We sent him to a community of one or 100,000 or more. So they were more.

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Allah said they were believers, they embrace Islam 100,000 versus a handful? Who was greater in the eyes of Allah knoweth

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the one who had a few embracing Islam with him. How do you quantify the success of a project? This is why I am saying brothers and sisters, we need to assess this particular Adam because of the

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considerations of the hereafter. But I also said if you remember there are what worldly considerations as well.

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You want your Islamic project that you're going to establish to take off it's also about the economics Hola, hola. And then Allah Almighty will sponsor your project.

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And that is why the prophets I send them said clearly men sama sama Allahu alayhi wa Manarola Allah hoopy whoever there's something to be seen. Allah will expose you. Wherever there's something to be heard, ie by people Allah will expose.

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Your Islamic project will lose its values.

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Sooner or later if my class your class is in question.

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Even though today there may be many followers, and many subscribers, and every person has your name on the tip of his tongue, and your project now is being discussed maybe by Presidents I promise you, it could be just a moment after you and I pass away and that project is never heard about again. It dies, it disappears. There's no sincerity.

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And that is why the scholars of Islam ya allah think about the statement.

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They say in the Alima either let me Armel behind me, he zealot now either to who added Kulu become is equal to one is

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if the scholar of Islam does not act upon his knowledge, then his teachings will fall away from the hearts of people the same way that rain water falls away from soft stone or smooth stone.

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He gives the information and that advice that mo Eva that teaching that reminder has died before it even comes out of his mouth. It's a rotten course it doesn't affect it doesn't move. It doesn't reform because it's not affecting him.

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And Mohammed Minnewaska was one sat with a man who was teaching people reminding people and then the man who was teaching said to the audience, why don't I see your eyes crying? Why don't I see your hearts moving? Why isn't your skin's are not cringing at the remembrance of Allah. Muhammad Nawaz. I said to him, I believe that you are the fault of this.

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Ma out of calm Illa Otto mean play bellick I believe that their negligence and their heedlessness is because of yours in the Quran, either Karachi terminal I'll be walk off and I'll be he said my brother because when the Islamic reminder comes out from your heart, it will go to the heart. Allahu Akbar. So it's a class sincerity how to be give his sincerity so easy to say this word. Sincerity doesn't just rectify a person's hereafter,

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which is the most important consideration and makes his life worth while. It rectifies your dunya it rectifies your Islamic project. It makes it beneficial. It makes it fruitful. It makes people want to jump on board

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