Ali Hammuda – Low Iman – Reintroduce yourself to Allah

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The importance of reintroducing oneself to God through a method called the "by the heart" is emphasized in Islam, where the creator is the only one who has the right to worship. The use of words and actions is also discussed, including Jesus being the creator and the assignment of the firstborn Islamist Sayid Ali-b manifesting in the fruit of creation. The shyness and pride of Islam is also emphasized, along with the importance of using one's influence to change the world.
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As the events of life unfold before our very eyes at a very frightening pace,

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and as the demands of life only ever seem to be increasing

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and as the pressures

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that the average Muslim of the 21st century finds himself and herself exposed to. It is not uncommon to hear people Muslims complaining of weak Eman. They say my Eman has become so weak.

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And much like everything else in life If a person's the man his faith, her faith is not serviced and monitored and refreshed and revived on a regular basis. Much like everything else in life, it will wear away

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until very little of it remains.

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For this reason the Messenger of Allah Juana he was sending he said as attacking the rights in this Mr. Cooney authority of Abdullah Mohammed bin house. He said in the manner layer la Kofi jiofi, a honeycomb camera yakugaku. So via Anika Maria Bella,

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for Salah Anuj did an email.

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He said, a man that is found within the hearts of people, it wears away, the same way that the clothes that you wear, were away, he said, so always ask a lot to renew and replenish the man that is within you, I beg Allah Almighty to renew the mind that is within us.

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And there are many techniques that a Muslim could employ in order to raise his Eman and to experience those beautiful days of being close to Allah that perhaps a lot of us are no longer are no longer experiencing. Those techniques are many.

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However, today we're going to be speaking about just one of those methods.

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Perhaps the chief of old methods,

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a method that is so significant that if it is missing, every other effort in order to raise a person's Eman will fail.

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What technique is this? This is the method of re introducing ourselves to Allah Almighty.

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Who is Allah.

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If any one of us here today was to be asked to give a description

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with regards to he or her whom he loves the most in the life of this world, we would be able to give a very elaborate and precise and long description hours upon hours.

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We would describe his talk or her talk, her walk her favorite food, her favorite drink her favorite hobbies

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and so on.

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If, however, we were to ask the very same individual to give us a description of Allah,

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the Lord, he claims he loves the most and adores the most, and worships day in day out. When we asked him to give a description of Allah who is Allah with only two minutes, not hours, just two minutes with the condition that you're not allowed to repeat yourself.

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A lot of us struggle.

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And then we ask the question, why is my Eman so low? The answer many times is so obvious. We don't really know who Allah subhana wa tada is, who is a rough manual rahimullah medical coders.

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And it is a very difficult task. When

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the one who is poor like as human beings tries to give a description of allegany Allah the Most rich, it is difficult when the most weak tries to give a description of an away a lot of the most powerful, it is difficult.

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And therefore to deal with this issue, we will return back to the words of Allah Himself. And we will now introduce the creator through the words of the Creator Himself. Allah is about to introduce himself to humanity, what does he use? Hey

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Sora to latia Allah Almighty says, who Allah He is Allah,

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Allah de la ilaha illa who, besides whom none has the right to be worshipped as many Malik the king

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produce the pure, a Salah, the one who is free from all defects.

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In the giver of security, Allah Aziz the most mighty al Jabbar, the compeller Alamo to the Supreme super Han Allah.

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Hi is Allah above everything that

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associated with him who Allah, He is Allah, Allah, the creator, and the inventor al-musawi, the giver of forms.

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To Him belongs the most perfect of all names. You said before the home office, Mr. T was Caesar Hakeem. Everything in the heavens and the earth glorify Allah He is the most mighty the most wise. Yeah, Allah. tala Maha Samia. Do you know anybody who shares even one of these characteristics with Allah? Who is Allah? Come with me to chapter six of the Quran surah Allah says,

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Why in the hoonah 30 holy wine Don't forget to follow up la Yamaha Illa who he has the keys to the unseen no one knows them except to him. Why allama feel very well.

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And he knows everything that is on land and everything that is within the sea. What matters to me What are cotton in Nana Mohan there isn't a single leaf that folds from any tree except that Allah has knowledge of it, what a hot button field will do matching up and there isn't even a green within the darkness of the land. One route will be one is nor is there anything moist, or anything that is solid Laffy kitara movie except that Allah has knowledge of it. It is written within clear record. Now you know

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a lot of your brothers and sisters we have not recognized Allah as he deserves to be recognized. Who is Allah? We want to refresh our Amen. We want to be attached to our Creator, we want to fear nobody but to him, we want to please none other than him. So who is Allah come with me to Sora to chapter 57 of the Quran where Allah He says, introducing himself to us, lumen Kusum Otto.

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He is a lot was the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Your fee when you meet He alone is the one who gives life and death. Well who earlier couldn't live in Korea and he is able to do whatever he wishes.

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He is the first and the last one he wrote about and the outward and the inward will be conditioned on him and he has knowledge of all things. who already had a personality when he said that he came in to Moscow. He is Allah created the heavens and the earth in six days. Then he established himself on the throne.

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Yala Mona, you feel old Ilan. I mean, he knows everything that comes out of the earth and everything that goes into the earth. Well, nyanzi, domina, sama, sama, yada yada. And he has knowledge of everything that goes up into the heavens and everything that comes down from the sky. Well, who am I come in, I'm a quantum and he is really you, wherever you may be will love will be Matt dama Luna basura Allah Almighty sees everything that you do.

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This is Allah.

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When a person struggles to describe Allah, go back to the words of Allah. This is Allah today dear brothers and sisters, I wish for us to experience a sense of all and veneration and majesty and the greatness of this Lord whom we worship. I wish for our hearts to tremble at the sovereignty of this creator, whom we bow and prostrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala who is Allah? Who is Allah? He is that Lord who has never slept since time immemorial. Allah has never slept and he will never sleep.

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Thus Muslim the rates in his life on your authority of me Musashi Hari, that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the La Jolla Nam

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1 million bellina.

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Yo, this boy fell. You will fall in a Yama laelia toda la Molina wa Luna Harry Potter la la ajamu no, no kashia hula harakat super hard to watch he him and he.

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He said a lot is not sleep.

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And it is not befitting for Allah to sleep. Allah knows justice and he raises it. The actions of the Knights are raised to him before the actions of the day. And the actions of the day are raised to him before the actions of the night his veil his veil is made out of light. In other generations, his veil is made out of fire. If Allah was to remove that veil, the splendor and glory of his face would destroy and burn everything in creation. This is alive

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I look at how we behave when we are sleepy. When we are deprived of sleep after 24 hours after 24 hours,

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we are unable to make correct decisions, and our memory begins to fail.

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After the passage of around 32 or so hours, without sleep,

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you become very emotional. And your health now is generally at risk. After the passage of 48 hours as the doctors they say without sleep, you begin to experience blackouts. without you even realizing your body needs to sleep. After the passage of around 72 hours without sleep, your now mind your mind is now prepared to offer hallucinations, you now think that you aren't seeing things you're not seeing them and carrying out the simplest of tasks becomes very difficult. You need to sleep and in extreme scenarios. Lack of sleep may even bring a person to his grave.

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As for Allah,

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Who is the first he has no beginning and the last, he will have no end. Despite the passage of these infinite years, Allah has never slept. This is Allah.

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Imagine this situation where several people are trying to converse with you at the same time, from the left and the right and in front of you. You can't make up what they are singing, you can't make out what they are saying. What about 10 people speaking to you at the same time, or 100 or 1000? We can't do it. And that is why we employ secretaries to do the hard work. We've only got one set of ears and one set of hands. As for Allah. As for Allah, he's called upon by the whole of mankind. And he's called upon by the jinn, by the animals, by the insects and creatures are what is called upon by the Shire, when Allah is called upon by the Muslim and non Muslim ally is called upon by the soft

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and the hard. Allah is called upon by the inhabitants of the earth, the inhabitants of the ocean, those who swim in the sea, Allah Almighty hears them on and he responds to them all. And he is able to desert to differentiate this call from that call, and thus our mother if she would say 199 us Yes, Mr. Who knows what

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Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala, whose hearing encompasses all voices? Praise be to Allah, who's hearing encompasses all voices. Yes. Aloo Mandvi Sam RT when Allah says everything in the heavens and the earth bags of me Guna here women who have Isha and every day Allah is engaged in a different matter.

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Every day Allah is engaged in an affair, what are these Xu own these affairs, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what means yet?

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And yet,

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when you forget your karma, one your owner

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from the affairs of Allah that He visits himself with, from the matters that Allah Almighty engages in is a sin that he pardons a difficulty that he removes a nation that he elevates, and a nation that he lowers.

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I bring to your attention dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

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the description of just one of Allah Almighty his creation, he is an angel, the chief of the angels, Angel Jabra, he AlLahi Salatu was salam, the messengers of Allah Allah He will send them so him in his true angelic form of Ahmed narrates in his Muslim that Abdullah even though my Saudi companion, he said Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam God Luffy Swati

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de la la sala de la who said to me at Jana,

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Jana and me inhabit center.

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Yes, to mean generally he mean, really, what do reavell yakushima mahavihara

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he says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Angel gibreel in his true angelic form, and he had no less than 600 wings. And every one of those wings was huge enough to fill the horizon and cover the skies. One

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wing spread out, covers every cloud covers every star covers the sun and the moon covers every inch of that blue sky that we see one way.

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What then can you make of 600 wings? And if this is the majesty of just one of Allah Almighty his creation, what then can you make of the beauty and the majesty of the Creator Himself?

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I bring to your attention dear brothers and sisters, yet a second creation from Allah Almighty. This is the description of one of the seven angels who are carrying the throne of Allah, narrating the sun and on the authority of God, that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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With the newly had Dijon mela King mingma eka Tila human homology, louche na Bina chef medio de la de merci euro to Serbia me.

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He said alayhi salatu salam, Allah has given me permission

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to give you all Muslims a description of just one of the seven angels that are carrying the throne of Allah.

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He said the distance between his earlobe and his shoulder, is the distance of 700 years worth of travel.

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That is the distance between his ear and his shoulder, a hand span or the distance for us human beings, what then about the size of the rest of this angel, but then about the enormity of the rest of his body, if this is the size of one of the seven angels who are carrying the throne of Allah, then about the enormity of the throne of Allah itself. And if this is the size of the throne of Allah, what then about the Lord, the Lord and the king of that throne?

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We have truly not worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala and recognized him as he deserves to be recognized. This is Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So what we had returned to that chapter now, Allah Almighty has a question that he poses to the whole of humanity. Allah asks Adam Tara and Allah hi yes doula human SMRT woman

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Don't you see Oh, people that everything in the heavens and the earth prostrates to Allah

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or Sham, Suwon, comma, and so does the sun and so does the moon when nujoma well gee bad, so do the stars. And so do the mountains was shut down.

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And so to the trees, and so do the moving creatures were Catherine Mennonites, and so do many people. ocassion have gone on in Canada and many people will be punished Jamar

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Isn't that amazing?

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From all of creation that's in existence, they are all in submission, on Institute to unlock whether we see it or realize it or not. And the only exception is a minority who happened to be from the weakest of all creation. He is man. He and the jinn they refuse to prostrate to Allah. But even then, Allah Almighty says something remarkable about them and so on. He says, He says what Allah He has to do manifester Malati

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Tawana whakaaro what we learn

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we will do we will Assad? He says everything in the heavens and the earth prostrates to Allah, willingly or unwillingly and so do their shadows. Yeah, Allah, the shadows are in prostration to Allah. So whether we do sudo to the more we don't, our shadows have not consulted us. They have not taken a second opinion from us. They don't care what we think they have already decided to prostrate to Allah

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than the common law. This is a law. You're not the truth. This is a law.

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It is, however, on the day of judgment, where it will become in the clearest ways it will become apparent in the clearest of ways, the starkest of ways that kingdom only ever belong to Allah the majestic, it will become apparent there.

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Allah Almighty, He says, describing the first blowing of the horn that will bring an end to creation as we know it today. Before the beginning of the day of judgment he says, When you feel sorry for saya manaphy samata woman fill out the Illa Illa Masha Allah,

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the first blowing of the horn will take place, and everything in the heavens and the earth will die. Except those whom Allah Almighty makes an exception.

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Everything will die. Silence no more sounds to be heard. No more backstabbing, no more showing off. No more pride, no more lying, no more spite and malice, no more gossiping, no more boasting no more sounds absolute silence, it will only be the voice of one and that is the voice of the Creator or rough man where he will ask a question and no one will answer. So he will answer it himself. He will say Lehman is Malecon young.

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Who this kingdom belong to today.

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No one will answer. No one is around. Everyone is dead so Allah will answer himself. Linda.

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Kingdom belongs to Allah the one the compeller.

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Muslim narrates on the authority of Abdullah Muhammad, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Yet we know who's Mr. T Oman cuyama

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sumaiya una de la familia kulu Anand Malik,

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Anil Malik, a ninja Barun. Anan mata kabiru in Somalia are Audrina. Fi Eddie Hill

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to my Hulu Anil Malik al Jabbar Hoon al multicopy rune, the messengers and I send them set on the Day of Judgment, Allah will wrap up the seven heavens, Allah will wrap them up like a scroll, and he will place them in his right hand and he will say, I am the king, I am the king, where are the tyrants? Where are the arrogant then Allah will rock up the earth, placing it in his other hand, then he will say I am the king. Where are the tyrants? Where are the arrogant

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then imagine with me dear brothers and sister and picture the enormity the scene of yo Tiana after the second blowing of the horn, when humanity in their billions have emerged from their graves, and they stand all together waiting for the judgment waiting for the arrival of the king Alta har Allah

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and then you look above you on the sky begins to crack open as if they are doors were Yamato shokaku sama Obama.

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When was equal to 10 Zilla Allah says on that day, when the heavens will begin to crack open, and clouds will emerge from them, Smoke will emerge, and the angels will begin to descend, rank after rank. The angels are now joining us on the plane of resurrection, in preparation of the arrival in preparation for the arrival of alcohol.

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And then when the time is suitable, and when the scene is set, and everyone is ready, and the judgment is about to begin. Allah Almighty finally arrives, arrives in a manner that benefits his majesty and glory.

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Hey, Liam Luna,

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Allah will come. Allah says in chapter two of the Quran, he will come within the shadows of clouds and along with the angels as well. And on that day, it will be a day where no man will have any power to help anybody else. When monokuma even in the

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kingdom on that day on the command will belong purely to Allah.

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This is a larger brothers and sisters. The likoma la hora Buccola.

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This is your Lord Allah, the truth.

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That is a lie.

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Now that you and I have recognized how great this creator is, within the universe, the sensitive question now poses itself.

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How great is a lot of mighty within your heart.

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A Muslim stops in his tracks when urge to commit a sin having realized Allah is great. Allah is alim. Allah is glorified. I cannot do this.

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The week from Muslim does not say that the sin is small. But he says my lord is huge. My lord is great. The wakeful Muslim does not look at the smallness of the crime, but he remembers the enormity of the Lord.

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There was a man who was once alone with an Arab Bedouin woman. This was narrated by

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a man

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and he tried seducing her to commit the heroin with him. But she was a pious woman she resisted she said to him, thank you let komak and Malika XORed urine Minh Callum America now Hinman Dean, she said to him What is wrong with you? You vile man?

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Don't you have manners? Don't you have any honor? Don't you have Dean to protect you from what you are asking me to do? He said to her jokingly, my honor.

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He said to her Don't worry, nobody can see us. Nobody can see us except the planets.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:20

But her response was remarkable. She said what are you Nemo? wikibot ha.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:23

But where is the one who placed them there?

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You say to me that's a duty haram because no one can see us. Only the planets where is the one who placed them there. This inclusion dear brothers and sisters is why we choose the likes of these topics and introduction to Allah from time to time, so that when a sin presents itself to you, and it says here I am. I'm free. No one is looking. Go for it.

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you respond with courage and power and determination and you say but where is

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where is Allah? Speak to yourself dear brother

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speak to yourself your sister, interrogate your soul, say to yourself, oh my soul. If you had disobeyed, Allah Almighty was thinking that he couldn't see you.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:14

Then how great was your disbelief in Allah?

00:25:16 --> 00:25:24

But all my soul if you disobeyed Allah Almighty whilst knowing that he can see you, then how little was your shyness of Allah?

00:25:25 --> 00:25:32

Oh my soul Why have you made Allah subhanho wa Taala the most insignificant of all observers.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:55

Oh my soul, why are you running away? Why are you trying to hide? whilst you know that the sky is his sky? And the land is his land and the kingdom is his kingdom and your body and your property are both is where are you trying to go? Oh my soul. Oh my soul? Why aren't you shy of Allah?

00:25:56 --> 00:25:57

Oh my soul.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:06

What would you say if Allah Almighty asks you on the day of judgment? Was it not worthy of your glorification?

00:26:07 --> 00:26:14

Was it not worthy of being glorified? Do your brothers and sisters in Islam glorify Allah.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:21

Sell that business that profits from the Koran and glorify and

00:26:22 --> 00:26:29

take care of the five pillars of Islam perfect your five solo ad as much as you can glorify Allah.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:38

Remove the intoxicant from your lungs. Remove the intoxicant from your pocket, remove it from the shelves of your store, glorify a lot.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:56

Remove that impermissible relationship that you are still struggling with once and for all. glorify Allah, create a vision in your life. Don't lead an average life a strategy for the hereafter. What is your contribution to Dean glorify Allah.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:07

I ask Allah Almighty, that the same way that he is the greatest within the heavens and the earth to make him the greatest within our hearts. No one likes this one.

As the events of life unfold at a frightening pace, as the demands of life only ever seem to grow, and as the pressures on the average Muslim of the 21st century increase, it is not uncommon to hear people complaining of weakening Iman (faith).

Much like everything else in life, if one’s Iman isn’t serviced and refreshed, it also wears away till very little of it remains.

This speech focuses on just one of the methods of refreshing it, as in its absence, every other effort must fail. This is the method of reintroducing ourselves to Allah.

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