Beyond The Glitter; Choosing Substance over Sparkle

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The discussion delves into the influence of Islam on people's behavior and how it can be used to manage thoughts and make decisions. The speakers explore the concept of impure and pure behavior and the " impure and pure" concept, with a reference to a woman named Jana de satisfied. They also discuss the pros and cons of the "median line of comparison" and how it can be used to measure things in life, including money returns, choosing what is by the person, and finding out who is most likely to achieve their goals.

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A man by his nature

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is very much inclined to that which is impressive in size and quantity

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over things that are lesser.

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Similarly, man by his nature is inclined to the immediate to the hygiene

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over the urgent that which is delayed.

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What kind of insane what a doula man by his nature is hasty Eliza.

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Therefore, because of these tendencies are so strong, to prefer the glamorous and to prefer the popular and to prefer the huge in quantity and to prefer what is immediate now,

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we have the tendency to make decisions that we later regret in this world and in the one to come.

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And so to help us Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us some tools to help us manage our thoughts to make the correct decisions. When the whole world is seeing something and popularizing something, we are able to see right through it for what is truly worth.

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Allah has given us a tool and this is an ayah from Surah tuna EDI chapter five of the Quran 100 and this will be the focus of our hope by this afternoon where Allah gender Julia who said Allah yester will be through whatever you

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say to the people, the hobbies the impure, and the pure, they are not equal. While our agenda Cassara to the hobby, even if you are impressed by the size of the impure

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foot duckula Yeah, Ollie and berry La La come to Philly Han Allah said, so be mindful of Allah, O people of intelligence, so that you may be successful.

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This is a golden standard me out on the hurry that Allah has gifted us with that we can use when measuring beliefs, trends,

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popular matters.

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Statements, dress code, financial opportunities. The principle says the hobbies the impure and pure, they're not the same, though we may be impressed by the size of the impure and the opportunity that it brings with it.

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And we understand this concept in our day to day life, we value what is valuable, even if it is small, and we don't like what is fake. Even if it is huge in quantity, I may gift you a car full of iPhones brand new iPhones, but if they are fake, they mean nothing to you. Yet I could offer you an iPhone that is genuine and it would mean the world to you. Similarly, I could offer you a suitcase filled with medicine that you need.

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But if you find out that the medicine is fake, it's counterfeit, it will be rendered useless. Though I may offer you one tablet of medicine that is genuine and it would mean the world to us.

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The impure and the pure, they are not the same, even though we may be impressed by the size of the impure and to help us understand this principle and to train us to apply it in everyday life. I'm going to give you four examples, four lines of comparison and I leave the rest to us inshallah to understand how to apply this principle line of comparison number one,

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comparing the life of a Muslim who pursues the hereafter and the realize the pleasure of Allah gender, Julianne who has made this his objective against the one who cares not for any of this and lives life blind, are they the same? Make the comparison according to the IEA and you will see they are not the same. Allah says FMA Yala mo Annamma Zi La La Kimura Biechele? Haku Carmen who

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is the one who knows that what has been delivered to you oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the truth like the one who is blind are they the same lash and Allah asked hell yes there we are. Now we'll see here is the blind similar to the one who can see and helped us they will Voluma to one nor are the darkness is like the light they are not the same one yesterday we live in a Ala Moana when Latina Allah Allah moon are the ones who know like the ones who don't know they are not the same.

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Think of the

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miserable and wretched and painful and confused words of some of our contemporaries, who don't know Allah who don't know the hereafter who are confused. One of these poets from our contemporaries known as elior, Abu Mahdi, he says in a long couple of titles less to address I don't know. He said the two

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Law moving in our kidney I tell you to I've come into existence. I don't know from where but I have appeared what occurred absurd to put their military thermal che to and I've seen a path ahead of me. And so I am traversing it was their unbelief authority has actually to have a way to and I will continue walking upon this path aimlessly whether I want to or not. Okay, 3g to Workiva Episode Two pedometer at least two or three. How have I come into existence?

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And why am I seeing this path ahead of me? He says, I don't know

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is the life of this individual and his likes today who don't know Allah who don't know a hereafter who don't know Islam, spiritual chaos, internal turbulence confusion? Is this like the life of the Muslim who knows Allah and the jigsaw piece of life has all come into place. You know why you are here and you know why you are going live in in Allah. Look at the words of our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he would begin his night prayer as Buhari and write on the authority of Abdullah him not bass words of confidence, believe in Allah yaki in certainty no confusion, he would say.

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Well I can handle until Hawk Praise be to you Oh Allah, you are the truth. There is no confusion. You are up my Lord you are the truth

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what can we look at your speech is the truth when you thought okay and meeting you is the truth will Jana to Paradise is true one now we'll have the Hellfire is true when maybe you and a half of the prophets are true. was sad to have

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they have judgment is true.

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Allahu Milaca has slammed he would say oh Allah to you I have submitted where we can amend and in UI have believed while you get our Kelton upon you I have placed my trust or because of something in UI debate. We're in a kaha camp and in new I take my judge for clearly martyred them to occur. So forgive my past and future sins on my Asana, two on my island and my public and my private ones. And then mapa de moi until Marquis Rula ilaha illa and you're the one who pushes some forward you are the one who holds some people back. No one needs to be worshipped but you

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is the life of the one who knows Allah and worships Him like the one who does not the pure and the impure. Allah says they are not the same, though you may be impressed by the size of the impure. Now the Muslim may be outvoted and outnumbered but he is not the same as others. Line of comparison number two, an income that is made from halal and money that is made from haram are they the same?

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We'll look at the outcome of both and we will know the answer.

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One may offer Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu an earth is full of money as charity that he had given to the needy in dunya and Allah who may reject it on your mobile piano why because it was made from haram sources of income.

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And another person may offer Allah agenda GeoBlue a date and it will be accepted by Allah why because it was sourced from the halal income.

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They are not the same.

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And that is why Bukhari and Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mentor sadaqa be ugly come rotting has been bugging whoever gives a date in charity from income that is Taiji that is pure halal, whether Jacoba Allahu INLA per year and Allah only accepts what is pure and Hannah

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in Allah Hi Yakubu hobby Amelie me, Allah takes that charity with his right hand where you will not be a honeycomb camera you will not be a Hadoken fellow where who and Allah will nurture this charity, the small sadaqa Allah who will rearrange foster it till it becomes like a mountain habitat Hakuna misled Japan

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because that was a sadaqa that came from a halal source of income because the baraka What about the Haram money, or the places of doubt of novice or old narrates that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Riba in Katha in NA RP betta who either.

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Even if the rebound interest is abundant, the outcome will always be a loss will always be a loss.

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So yes, I agree. A person who makes money from haram me wear the finest clothes and may drive the finest cars and may occupy the most spacious of houses and may live the most luxurious of lives. But guess what, if it's made from haram, his Doha is under threat. His sadaqa charity

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is under threat. His zakah is under threat. His peace of mind is under threat. His fear of well being is under threat. There will be enough his family is under threat and his safety underground when he goes six feet under in the grave is under threat is halal money the same as haram law you still will have youth by you. The impure and pure are not the same. Hello Agia Becca Catherine hobby even though you may be impressed by the size of the viewer.

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The third line of comparison

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is the brought boyfriend girlfriend relationship versus a relationship in marriage. Are they the same?

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Well consider the former a brother a sister who pursues a covert clandestine relationship under the guise of night apparently nobody can see them and the fear and the guilty consumes them. Then they meet and perhaps they spend an evening and haram with one another.

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And it is excruciating why because they remember that the Allah agenda who said wala Takara was Xena don't go near fornication in all kinds of factories. Yeah, it is an abomination, WhatsApp, I sebelah and a very evil way to go. And they remember that the people who phony Kate will be in ovens in their graves that's before the day of judgment. So regret is consuming them during that moment. There is very little pleasure in it then should somebody knock on their door. When they're in that act. They pounds in fear because they know that they are guilty they are in the wrong and then should she become pregnant. The gloom and misery is compounded and should she deliver the child the

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gloom and misery is compounded or should they kill the child abortion? The gloom and misery is compounded?

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Is this the same as a brother or sister who patiently waits for marriage

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and restrains their hunger and their desire for the opposite gender through salah. They manage it through their care through Quran through good companionship through time in the masjid through lowering of the gaze through fasting for them to get married. In the halal and there is our Lima our wedding and everyone is invited and everyone is happy. It's in the public. Yeah. Salaam. Then that evening, should they spend moments of intimacy with one another? Their hearts are at peace. Why were feeble a hottie come sadaqa because there is charity when you are with your spouse in the Hulen Allahu Akbar, when should someone knock on their door? When they are in that moment? They are not

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afraid. They could respond. They can leave the door closed because they're not in the wrong then should she become pregnant, their happiness is compounded should she deliver? There is a Artesia the happiness is compounded are they the same?

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Law? Yes, they will have you thought but you wonder why agenda catharanthus Hobbies the pure and the impure, they are not equal.

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Even though you may be impressed by the size of that which is impure. The fourth and final line of comparison, just to give you a sample of how this area is to be understood and how you can use it in your everyday life.

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The fourth line of comparison

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a life of sin,

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pursuing your desire

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and the life of Toba repentance, are they the same?

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Don't ask me a sinner like myself. Ask that people have told us they will give you the answer. What type of life are they leading?

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Go on approach them you know who they are. Ask them. How does it feel to be a reformed human beings? How do you feel to be a person of Taliban?

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You will not even need to hear their words.

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Their facial expressions will be enough happiness, peace and contentment if your well being our predecessors Ebrahimian when Adam and others would say oh no Yamamoto would have been out with Luke nine and moving him in under me. La Jolla do not hurry he'd be Sue if the kings and the sons of the kings, they would to learn of the happiness that were living in this dunya as practicing Muslims, they would fight us over this happiness with their souls.

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And others of our predecessors who would say who experienced the joy of Toba they would say

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in the whole day Mr. Ravi Alcott Akula fee ha in Kenya alone. Jannetty fee immediately had an inner home lithiation

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They would say sometimes I experience moments of joy is knowing Allah had been a prac

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Just a Muslim, that I say to myself if the people of paradise are feeling what I am feeling, then they will be living a good life who Allah.

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Is this life like the one whom Allah Almighty said about him woman araba and victory for him Allah whom are you certain banca? The one who turns away from my remembrance we will give them a life of misery and hardship Allah says, are they the same one? Shodo who Yeoman tianma Tiana and we will bring him up on the day of judgment without vision blind

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Sulaymaniyah AMI he would say about the sinner, may Allah forgive us, he would say, in our radula Allah you will see both them that is Siri, for us to be wildly human.

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A person may commit a sin in privacy.

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But by day and in public, the disgrace of that sin can be seen on his face. Are these lives the same?

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Um, has he been led Enoggera huzzah yet? And the gyla home Kaleena nwamitwa Slowly heart. So Amaya home my mama to home. Sir Amaya. comun. Allah asks, do those who commit sins,

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think that we're going to make them like the people of Iman and they do good deeds, whether during their life or when they are dying, do they think they're going to be the same? How evil is their judgment Allah says.

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So these were four lines of comparison I wanted to share with you, my brother, my sister to show you examples of how this area this principle of an area is to be used in our lives. Use it now yourself and measure everything else that comes your way using it. It is a principle that teaches you an AI to not measure something by its glossy appearance, to not measure something by how trending it may be, to not measure something by the finances that it may return on how quick a business venture it is, how popular something is.

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This is a principle that takes your vision to the hereafter

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and you pass everything that comes your way through it.

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Even though the Haram alternative may be huge in comparison. So for example, money, a business opportunity comes your way. If you have understood this principle, you will no longer just ask how much are the returns? No, you will now ask how pure other returns because I'll hubby's and apply if they're not equal.

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When speaking about friends, you will no longer be obsessed with having a huge following on social media anymore. It's no longer about how many friends I have.

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The question now becomes who from the many should be my friend?

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Well, now you're looking at what you should wear before you leave your house, my dear sister with respect to a hijab. You will no longer ask what's trending. What does society expect from me? No, you will ask what is required of me? What does Allah want from me? Because the pure and the impure they're not equal, even though you may be impressed by the size of the impure.

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This is how we behave with this principle their brother, their sister, and Allah, gender, Julianne who is charcoal.

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He is appreciative.

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He gives tanks he is grateful. Meaning if you live a life where you are always choosing the high yield the pure even though you have to make some sacrifices. Allah will fill your hands three times. The first time He will fill your head is in dunya he said mannheimia lasagna Hanneman Dhaka in a that whoever works with deeds whether male or female, were who were most mean whilst being a believer further no here never higher than tayyiba will give them a good life Hang tight, yep life, a happy wholesome life because you chose what is by him. So Allah gives you a life that is for you.

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He will fill your hands a second time, and that is when your soul is leaving your body. That terrifying moment, Allah said Alladhina teta Fairholme will mela eager to play you been? They are those whom the angels claim their souls

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in a tube pure, good state, the angels will reassure them Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you you're safe.

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Whoo hoo Jana TobyMac quantum Dharma don't enter Paradise because of what you're used to do.

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And the third time he will fill your hand is on the Day of Judgment. What happens there for the people who chose the Paiute even though they had to make sacrifices? Allah said we're Allah who won't be Nina will not mean that Allah has promised

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believing men and believing women Jannetty intentionally mean that you and her guidance beneath which rivers are flowing when the Sakeena like Eva and mansions that are playing you back mansions that are lofty matches that are pure and wholesome and rich fee Jannetty hiding in gardens of perpetual residents what it was only in Allahu Akbar. But the pleasure of Allah is greater than all of this. That Arnica one falls on him that is the supreme success.

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Brothers and sisters I have explained to you the meaning of this if I have shown you four lines of comparison about how it is to be used, and now the tool is in your hands to measure everything else that comes your life. And I understand that it is difficult sometimes to see through the appeal of the haram to see through the trendy nature of what is impermissible to see through the glittery the near of the impermissible because it is so popular and everyone is speaking about it, and it can give you a quick return and it is available in the evenings. It is everywhere. It requires Heckman, it requires wisdom. It requires tofield from Allah. And that's why the ayah is concluded with

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that duckula Be mindful of Allah. Yeah, only Al Bab or people of intelligence Lala come to flee home so that you may be successful.