Sulaiman Moola – The Best Way To Console The Bereaved

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the comforting words used in Islam to cover deceased individuals, including speaking about someone's life, their journey, and their deeds. They also mention a woman who offers comfort to her deceased mother by saying she will not see the sunset and tonight her son will be late. The speaker also talks about a woman who gives words of comfort to her deceased mother by saying she will not see the sun and her son will be late.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. It is part of the pure, rich and pristine teachings of Islam, that we offer comfort, solace and express our commiseration to the bereaved individual. Many people asked the question, how do you comfort someone who lost his spouse, his son, his child, his parent, etc? Well, once again, we learn from the lives of the Sahaba that the most comforting and soothing words that can be said to such an individual is to speak about the noble deeds of the late person who has passed away, speak about your journey of Hajj with him, speak about his love for Quran speak about his generosity speak about selflessness. This will help the bereaved family to heal and to cope

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better. There's an amazing incident of the great companion Abdullah bin Zubair or the Allahu anhu, who comes to his mum on the eve of his martyrdom. And believe it or not, he offers words of condolence in advance to his mother saying to her, oh, my Mum, I will not see the sunset and tonight Your son will be late and he will be into the mercy of Allah. So I say this to you in advance on my mum, not to flatter myself or inflate myself, but to help you heal and these are words that will help you go Subhan Allah Cooney, Allah thebarton Annapurna kilometer Ahmed etn, a modern Korean Pato Oh my mom takes solace from the fact that your son, meaning himself, never deliberately disobeyed

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Allah once in his entire life. La ilaha illallah wa Omar I mean, that'd be far Hey shatin but to and what the grace of Allah there is no blotch of blemish of immorality on my government. Furthermore, all my mum Wella mia delfy Mr. Nene, I'm happy to tell you what the grace of Allah I have never committed a breach in any trust. While I'm yet I'm met Vilma Muslim in one or more are hidden and I never oppressed or abused any human Muslim or otherwise, when you convey our sermon with Allah azza wa jal and nothing brought greater joy to me than pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala when okoto danika teskey attend Lena FSI and the aim of informing you about this is not to praise myself or flatter

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myself or inflate myself. We're in nama Buta julio de la Rosa Allah tobik. But to offer you words of comfort in advance, the mother replies by saying Alhamdulillah he levy Jara laka. Allah you hibou What will a bow All praise belongs to Allah, Who fashion you in a manner that is pleasing to Him and to me

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