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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of memorizing the Quran in order to benefit from it. They suggest that people should memorize it to avoid memorizing it. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to understand the meaning of the Quran in order to achieve their goals.
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You know, hopefully not to begin to move to prison, to keep something to preserve a minister, you know, to understand that how you preserve if you don't understand how can you preserve something, if you don't understand what it is, do you understand the Quran, you understand the Hadith, you understand all the things around that, then you are able to preserve it. That's why we used to say half with a heavy duty what experts are the head is not those who memorize. Half it used to be the one who understand the Hadith. And allied understand the generation he can defend the Hadees understand, to half the Quran is someone who knows the meaning who acts upon the Quran, he can teach

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with proper express that half a half paper reduce will lead to memory as people reduce a para reading, just with the lips, reading used to mean read and understand. Like hearing when you hear a lot of words to hear and understand. Now people to hearing this just hearing without understanding to people have reduced the meaning of these words. sama means hearing with understanding there are means under reading with understanding have the means learning with understanding and thinking and applying it when he or that that refers to all about his that they mean all that but people think just memorize this in a minute it really unless people understand it.

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But it can be helpful if you if you memorize it easy for you to

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to benefit from that. But when you want to but if you don't benefit there's not

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much you if that would discourage a lot of people from memorizing Quran because not everyone reaches that level of understanding but they want to memorize and they know the translation. But how do you understand the Hadees that says you know, Accra Telkom icon throttle for dunya.

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Reading understanding in a thing really when you forced children to memorize because you think the motorization is thirsty enough. There are millions of people who memorize never made effort to understand never they forgot. I know there's so many how far they don't know anything finish. reason is because death is this is the goal just means that we have achieved something. If you memorize the tools you think it means to something else, then you will make effort to reach that goal. Mister memorize I'm not against memorization, but you don't stop there memorize then understand the meaning act upon that teach explain to the people to feel her fall I are better than millions of people by

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name. And in reality they don't know anything. In the only people in India who know the Quran by heart after notarization is those who read the Ravi to think there is a purpose

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or it is something those who first notaries traffic they forgot I know really has so many in my village, there must be at least 200 half. But I think 10 people must be knowing and 190 forgotten or they know very little. It is not because you don't connect with anything. But memorization is safe not averse to it only because of virtue when it leads to understand and act upon it then it is proper then it can be helpful for you to even if it discourage you from him, that's better really, they should they should not really it's not a wedding, they should do something else, which can be more beneficial. So this must be understood properly that it is not enough that you people Moroccan

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memorization is helpful. If you want to understand it, ponder but if you think you should be reading it's not right.

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