Akram Nadwi – How to Live in the Modern World – Essential Fiqh Handbook for Muslims

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of finding one's own success in relationships, finding one's own connection to culture, finding one's own success in relationships, and learning about one's naturality and naturality. They also emphasize the importance of belief in oneself and avoiding confusion, following expiration dates, and following rules of thumb. The speakers stress the need for personal and scientific reasoning in shaping behavior and finding the best food, and emphasize the importance of clear understanding of rules of thumb in life.
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Neither theme or the hungry.

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Was Salatu was Salam. O Allah Rasool E. Muhammad was early he was Hobbesian Malian a model for how will they be learning in the first live as Yun Bismillah. He was known over for you

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I mean, the cookie tabula rasa fee for the limited para Tada, Mahalo to Elgin, our inside Daria abou your call at awada Allah discerning the Santa Maria Mr. de Mistura Robbie vara Boku fabu Abu Dhabi more Parata Allah wa boonie hada serrata Mr. T.

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Wakata Allah political

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Kamala welfare la cama de novo. So, my dear brothers or sisters inshallah, I'm going to teach you in this course,

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the Felker of a Muslim Muslim life in the modern world, you know, either Muslim how we have to live in in our time.

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So, no doubt, there are so many confusions in the mind of many, many Muslims when especially when they're living in the West. And

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there are so many problems that Muslims faced and very often there are so many solutions which are contradicting the believers don't know really, which solution to follow. So, that we have to make effort to understand that you know, what are we are what what are our real problems, and what are the solutions in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, this course is divided into six parts. The first one I will you know, inshallah cover you know, personal life to meaning that they will enter the property that delivers a face in their personal life, you know, from the belief or to either Alibaba dot the prayer fasting is a cat high dose problem that

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people face, then after that, you know, the problems that people have, you know, in

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you know, about food and drink that you know, what, what not to drink and also about slaughtering the animals about the treat illness and treatment

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and using the drugs and what is actually Islamic code, you know, for the father dress, and also about the photos or pictures and so, many things you know, which basically all belong to the personal life of the believers to inshallah Dawson's will come.

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But before that, I will say, you know, a few things in Sharla about a believer himself, what a believer is, and the second thing is, what really the world around is around us is to have to understand the world around us. And then after that, you know, what is the duty of a Muslim scholar on the faculty are mostly to solve the problems, how they have to solve the problems inshallah, this is why I spent so little time on data, then it will make it easier to understand everything shala

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first thing that we have to understand is

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in the Quran and the Sunnah are in the religion, basically, what matters is the individual,

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to everybody basically, is responsible, everybody's slave of Allah with a man or woman, a rich man or poor person.

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People are born an individual, and people are going to die as an individual. And people are going to be accountable to the Lord, an individual. You are not born basically, in a

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head of state, you are not born by the leader, you are not born, you know, either poor person or rich person, we are not born as a father or mother or something like that. What you're born, you're born as an individual, you are born an individual human being, and a slave of your Lord, that people are born. And when they die, they die with that they are born without any other relation, when they die, they die, don't carry anything with them. And when they come to the Lord, they come to the Lord or the individual. So in the Day of Judgment, you are not going to be accountable, and you are not going to be judged because of other religion, you're basically you are an individual, that what

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matters is that thing is equally when you are born here. You can see so many you know relations, because you're born here then you know people you have your son or daughter then you have you know you marry you become husband, a wife, you know you become father and mother. And then also you have you know relations like you know friends so many friends you have then after that you become leader you become Imam you become this, you know so many times you've come here to so many you know, relationships happening, towards the materially meaning it when you're born is individual, but then you in this individual life, in this world, you have your personal life, your family life, your

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society, and our

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So your responses to the state, towards these relationships that we have to understand, really. So the real thing is that you are individual,

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or these relations, they are accidental in your life. They basically are for a purpose for a purpose, but they are they're not meant meaning you, you could you can't exist without a society, you can exist without a family, you can't exist without a state

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these things they are temporary, they are accidental your life they are not meant in your life and those some people they make give them so much important in all that I can see really there are so many Muslim movements in all that I want it in the talk is that you know in the term of the state and power and philosopher and this and that, you know, without realizing really, these things are accidental in the life of the believers. You could see there have been many, many prophets, they do not have any state they did not have any power, but in the in the Quran, they are successful people. Ibrahim al Islam is not a ruler, but Ibrahim al Islam, certainly, you know, one of the most

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respected prophet a messenger in the Quran. He saw Alyssa Marie Marie RS Salaam is a courier Ali Salam yada yada cinema now this there are many people like them, you know, they are born in this world, but they don't have any power. They don't have estate but it's still there very important that successful people in their life and the Quran has so much praise for them. So that one has to understand that you know, you are born as individual, then you become the visual. So people don't use the term the visual but certainly you are divided basically meaning, you know, like like a mother, you know, just see the individual, but, you know, can you imagine a mother, if you know her,

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her son is our daughter not feeling well conceived properly. Or if you know, if son and daughter had been lost in the missing, she did not know where they are, can she rest No, she divided her heart with the son and daughter similar to your friends, if your friends have problem or difficulty life, you suffer, if your family a prom you suffer, if the society the prom, you're suffering you know. So, instead if a status problem people feel people realize this thing, so do your board individual, but you can see really in in this life your visual.

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So, why this dividuals white comes really wireless authorized in America may made us to be bought by the individual and made us to die as an individual and we are accountable or the individual, but meanwhile in this life, we are dividual why this is really true, this is a big, big part of the really pathetically easy

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that Allah has created you to testing He has created you to test you on his testing you with all these relations to basically your dividual ism is it to test you is part of your test. And when you pass the test, then you basically become individual that actually what happening further like you know you are a mother. So, he made you divisible. Now this test for you are good to look after your child, your son your daughter how to raise them, you know you are an EMA. So now you have followers, to your test formula, that how to lead your people, what are you going to do your friend you have many, many friends, which is your test Allah made to dividual why he wants to test you. And this

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test is very, very important for you because this is actually going to prove whether you're going to be paradise on the halo halo file that he created you and he made it very clear that lots of other creative people label Welcome to Kumasi, Rama to test to you who are the best connections to for testing purpose, he made all these connections or these relations, and he gave a space and also he made a testament to you for your heart and mind to this world. So you can see that you know, you're so much test, you know, because he has created us with the desert of the food.

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To now we have certainly we have to make effort to get the food. And when you make effort to get the food. He made hirahara something lawful something unlawful. Now he's going to test you. Similarly when you eat food, he had made very clear how much to eat. And you know, and then he got to test you. Uh, do you follow him or not? Do you follow his commander notice to understand this thing properly, that though you are a board individual, but your test is through being individual that you've tested. Your test is basically that you have been made divisible.

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In this test, you already make effort to look at yourself as an individual. But meanwhile things really are the relationship they matter to you. You have to know what Allah's commands are. If you do them properly, then your individualism because a complete and absolute basically and then you come to Allah as a pastor, you have to come to Allah is a successful father, a successful mother, a successful brother, a sister, a successful a husband, a wife, a successful son and daughter, a successful mom and leader, a successful Head of State, you have to basically succeed in order to the relation. When you don't do all that it actually makes you then you become your individual and come

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much, much more clear that this person is so good. So nice.

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When Why bother nicely in the night who gets offered the prayer, he you know, he pleases his door, this to build you, you're basically your individual it but am I attached to the individualism but that individualism is only built by all these relations and connections is it clear to first understand the main thing is we focus in the individual, but this individual has got all this connection to the religion that must be done properly that Allah that why the rules and you know have come from Allah subhanaw taala in this world, they regard or distinct, that you know, how you got to be like a husband and a wife, this and other environments have come to make very clear to you

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that how you become a good individual, to be a husband, if he follows commodify Allah, Allah, he can become good individual, if a wise father the command for a Satoshi because a good individual to everybody tested properly do these relations, they are not part of you, they are actually accidental, it could be possible somebody's never become husband.

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But still he tested somebody never consumed and never married never wife, somebody never mother, somebody you know never never father, it could be possible. But he will have other tests to test will be there in one way or the other. But all these tests are based on things which are not really part of you that understand properly. So what actually is here that you are born an individual and die as an individual is basically your individualism is the one on the basis of which you're going to be accountable in front of your Lord and order relations in this word Mr. Your dividual ism has been made to test you they are part of your test that you know if you understand properly it will

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help us to firstly make very clear mind and if there any ambiguity asked me later on that you know the in the Koran and in our process medically. Illa de Muna Florida, you came to us as individuals come on. Come out Amara. I created you the first time to simple no doubt really people are going to come to lots of other individuals that how the push is going to happen for arson yo my effort he will owe me omeo rb was Sahiba to Bonney Lake Colima a minimum yo My God in the day after Yama people will be running away for for an order relation because they're every bit individual every buddy his whole life matters to that where people running away from the father or mother or sons or

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daughters sisters or brothers everybody running away from everybody to this wanting to understand when in this world people are born

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okay what Allah What a miracle year people are born in this earth has been given to you not as your place simple to understand if if these are lots of other create a huge in a world in the US Kingdom You know, he his land is actually whatever he created actually we cannot nobody can imagine this tiny Earth very very small part of his creation very very tiny, very small. This he hasn't made for you For what purpose to test you. That way he actually in this earth. He has given you everything that believers need for test.

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Though, you know scientists, they look at the earth from a different angle to the exactly the earth has got no life support system to napi for life ever to support this, this system. But believers don't look at it. From this angle believers always know the earth has got what test to support system, anything that you need for your test. It is here. Difference basically is that when you sit in an examination, you know if for exam, what you need there, what can help you, for example, there will be water, there'll be some drinks, but you're not going to enjoy the life in the examination hall. You're going to sit there for three hours not for climate. You are watching for testing to

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look at the earth either place, test a support system to the new don't complain. Don't complain that I don't have Taj Mahal here. I saw Dr. Tajima don't complain because you don't need to in here, because this is not your place. You are here for only for test like further if you passing on on a station. Do you complain that you don't have time either? No, you know, they're just you passing by, you know, you move on move on, to try to understand it, you know, people should understand that Allah has given enough on this earth to test you a very, very new tested to this earth basically has got test to support system, whatever comes in your test you you have got it whatever helps you for

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your test, you have got there.

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But what is the best thing but you can see really, but we are not created for this. You can see our desires are so huge, you know if we want to enjoy eating, drinking, and you know and when we eat a nice food, then after that we got annoyed, you know if you could have more more to eat, then you can more enjoyment. You can see really any desire. Basically our desires are so huge and so big, but basically we don't have capacity to fulfill them. So it means what miss this earth actually is not to fulfill your desire very clearly. Not to fulfill you

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Even if one person says these are bad naughty fulfilling this word you want a person if you ask one person who had reserved this art is not enough for that one person to disturb theory if you if you create in this way certainly meets his go to fulfill the desire to for that purpose he had near ready life after the test by the test comm then you know I made you like that anyway if I may I'm not going to run you you know I made you want to eat more and more yeah I made for that you want to drink you want to enjoy this you will try that like everything will be for you, but positive positive outcome so that why we actually be reverse have to look at this life. You know, it is very

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hard to understand because when we talk about halal haram sometimes people don't understand that why something forbidden? What's that not simply forbidden? If you understand this basic thing, inshallah the believers basically live with Hara oriented, that Achilles

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people have to correct their orientation.

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In this lie basically you are heading to an era that you're basically looking at, like a traveler, if you're traveling from here to you know, to to meet your father somewhere in India, that what you look at, you're not looking you know, injury during the journey, what happening in reality, the real thing, I tend to ask the archives There is no doubt that the last life that is the real life of the people,

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while you can see unbelievers

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dooney oriented, unbelievers did not realize really, they thought we are created by chance, no planning nothing, no life after that. So they have got what is Julia dooney oriental life.

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Just you know, basically they think, you know, in her inhaler, Hayato dunya nomoto nahi it just worldly life, you know, we are here and we die, that's all they don't think any deeper than that. You know, to them actually life is just a joke basically just like a place, you know, they came there ate into eating, drinking, enjoy that. Because you know, if they don't get what they want, the thing was tough time. It was tough. Let's have regular people reaching by the door to get what they want. They committed suicide because there's no purpose for life. They don't think any purpose in this life. reason is because they actually misunderstood the whole idea there thinking this is the

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ending. If you think this is the end, certainly you're going to be you know, lose your hope, then you basically know meaning life only has meaning. If there's if there no after this word has no meaning at all, really nobody can explain the meaning of this word. If there's no anchor to you know this thing keep in mind that

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now another thing before I in more detail in about or after auditor life, one thing also you have to look actually, whenever in this universe, whatever has created, you know, it is created for a purpose and whatever purpose they have got it for that purpose, they have given enough ability, all the faculties properly you can see really like animals what's the purpose like you know, if a cow is for a miracle, you can see really that how the two then you can get enough milk for them and also meat and descended whatever purple is there for everything you know they have made in a way to sell the purple.

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Now think that the faculty that people have been given we people what we have been given for Allah said, Allah Allah, Allah you name while Asana, washa Fatah wa t No, no, then he gave us two eyes, the ears, the nose, the hands, the legs. And then more than that, the might

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tell you why it means he gave us this, we need that simple thing. If he has given meaning for our test, it is very important that we must have eyes, we must have hands We must have looked in the test, we must have mind more than that, we must think directly what is and then you can see every individual has been given this, it is very important. And also will tell you one thing will tell you, if he has given you a hand, it means that you have to use them. Without that you are not good. Whatever can be whatever people can get through the hand. If they don't use hand, they are not going to get properly. Whatever people can get through the legs. If they don't use their legs properly,

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they are not going to get it. Whatever you can get through the mind thinking if you don't think you are not going to get it meaning in your life basically will be full of suffering. All the time running, walking, using the hand using the mind not resting you have to think if you don't use your mind, you will trouble the way he has made you. He made you full of foot travel that he said La Jolla in the Santa feed cupboard. We created the Manhattan suffering that's your suffering. Because that okay how you created meaning it you have to all the time keep using your eye all the time. Keep using your ear all the time. Keep using your mind who can't really somebody else can see for me on

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my behalf. I'm so tired. Even if you're tired you have to see with your eye. You can't say you know I'm a wife. I'm a woman, too. I don't think my husband think for me. Then why he gave you a mind if you don't think your husband thing for you. You're not going to be successful. You have to use your

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Why'd you know if you think no I'm not a mom in my marketing follow me No you have you have to think who you follow this is to understand public you know difference between animals and and the human being

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if you are traveling somewhere like I came to London I'm going to a destination which I don't know how to go the people are telling me that my IP address and this and that then I use your my of my mind and travel there ask people use every single ability to reach that place. If you give that address to an animal can he know why because he has got many telecasts, he has got it he has got you know all the things are there. But no mind if he did not he had not no mind to meaning what if any mouth had to read to this nation they will be carried by someone somebody had to carry them to find out but if I buy a cow from from London and I want to take to Oxford Can I give it to the cow the

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address come to my home if I invite you to my house I said you know that dinner in my house and I give you a dress you can come by if I give the address to the cow can the cow come

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so you can see the difference? There's a difference that Allah has made he said you know this world is far apart for you. But in this path you need to use your mind at this very bad man was thinking that I made a marble honey for my mom I relax no no honey Feb mom, but you have to understand where he leaves you because sometime you know that the spirit that was given to you him is different from your space. Sometimes you need to deviate sometimes you need to differ from some night nighttime you need to change a little bit Some are so or just yourself. It could be possible that Naga hanifa said the prayer no prayer should be done earliest time it he said but it's very personal for you sometime

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if you pray earlier time it will cause drama for you for your work for serenity you have to adjust yourself sometimes you can sell adorable honey for Allah says the prayer of us you know mothering a mother with the you know a karate Mother mother should be done either early as possible after sunset during our hanifa said this thing, but you know Hunniford does not live my life it is my life. You know and you can see for Napoli you are in meeting or something like that. So you can see reality it is really the most so difficult for you to pray Mother's Day, under less time, you have to adjust you have to learn to get your mind you can't say I read in Maharashtra and the first and obvious

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time now I follow blindly know Abu hanifa actually made this rule to make life easier for you. But not to make it difficult for you know people made road motorways for you and all these roads to make life easier. But you have to think some time actually what happens is that a road will be quicker than motor motorway, sometimes you can find notice or sometimes you can't just sit with no I will hanifa has started using m 42x four two I must wait even if the text in there said no there are some work going on on the motorway it will take you know one week to find what are we converting there because

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I got to work like that No, you have to find out where the alternative route somebody else can help you in our Hunniford cannot predict it or the future of your life. He only can help you to this understand property that were last created you he you know it makes very clear you are going to suffer and that way it is in mobility in this thing that you know you get bigger, you get guided by using your faculties it is nobility. That way another verse Quran says lukka the Harlequin insaan ifI asnuntuck room, the basic structure

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you know IE it is suffering but that's the basic structure for the purpose that you really never can be structured better than that to suffering will be there but this suffering really helpful for you meaning if you want to rest in a good religion then we're not in the structure business sector only Kirby when you use it when you use your mind come tide deck and the professor Lisa Lavina Bella for her in a soft diet and you know people 70 people among his companies have been killed his uncle Hamza the latter one has been killed and many many close people have been killed and you know can see Muslims really are in big problem suffering there and then after that do they want to have risk?

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No, no they want to bury their you know their data people on McCann people have left it either victorious and winner then under God or Islam Dr. Purcell says no don't take off your your weapons you have to follow them you have to follow them no resting in the assets that when visitors are keep keep using your ability. Now he can Karma Karma Karma duty relax like Indian people they got the freedom from from British they relax to relax what will happen what we know in India anyway in a freedom independence inadequate solve your problem. You have to keep looking for a solution. If one problem goes in, another will come that house they have the life isn't theirs they will come there

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every time you have to keep thinking what the next problem how to solve it, that by the Quran say after the conquest of Makkah to the professor lorrison. work around said erasure and azula What if it were either NASA to the left wotja for sub 100 or bigger was done Phil

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further ferrata further sub what

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Dr. Rebecca doty, let's keep working hard. And the professor lesson at the end of life, more prayer, you think not relaxing, why he My God, just rest, no, even for heart when he's old. Hi, john coming back, I bought a by the more more work in hard work and more problems in the life. But he saw that how things will happen. So just keep in mind that you know, all the things that Allah has given you, your success depends on using them. If you don't use them, you don't get success. Is it clear? Your success depends on you. If people think that I know somebody else to think on my behalf, you will never succeed. If you think really somebody will succeed, or maybe you are not going to succeed. If

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you think somebody else works on my behalf, you are not going to succeed. Every individual has to use all these abilities properly that I'll have to admit, okay. Now, since I mentioned that life is after oriented for the believers, to what actually means really offer oriented to fasting happening with the way Allah had the mirror you your nature, he made your nature and he gave you mind, net, if you use your mind a guide to nature, what will happen is, it will lead you to believe that you know you must attract to your Creator, you must be grateful to him that you are happy with no doubt that he will admit the nature, if somebody gives him a glass of water, I really feel to thank him. If

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somebody actually asked me to come to his house, you know, I can feel it. The true nature, if people have proven is that they're not mean, they want to thank Greg from thankful. So what Allah has done, really, Allah has given credit to the true nature. And then after that, given the mind, if he use your mind to measure it, He will guide you to what to believe that there's no one worthy to worship other than Allah that is so clear, I'm not going to get the novel to the human and either but just I want to, you know, measure this demeaning it, that people said the way they were created is really sufficient to lead you to your Illa your mouth. No, I'm not talking about no create and and this and

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that, because you know, what people teach actually, you know, especially naughty than this and that was able to do the one exists. No, actually, he hasn't made up your mind to find a ladder ma would not why not me? just you know, a creator. No, that's not important anyway, to know your Creator, that important thing. What matters is to work once you are shipping. That's your virtue, to get the medical mind that we can see our the prophets and messengers,

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before they can become profit of messenger, they are believers. Because why? Because belief actually is from the mind, to their nature and to the mind, it helps them to become believers. Then after that, once they believe that they must worship Allah, they must thank Him, they must be grateful to him. Then mind cannot help after that mind cannot help. How you go to worship Him, how you go to please Him, how to how to go thank him. This thing is something mind cannot help you. You know mind can help you to believe that know Allah that Allah mind can help you if you are to nature man can help you there know what he or she other than Allah. But after that, how do you are shipping? How

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obey Him, man cannot help. But once you reach that stage, where your nature said, Now I must surrender to my Lord, I must worshiping then what happens is, he listened to you, as he's given you everything he wants you to use your mind if you use it properly, then what actually happening in the next step he does. Now you need this thing. What next thing is revelation? You use your mind you the audibility properly, and you read to your Lord, and you want to worship Him. Now your mind cannot invent it, how to worship it impossible, it beyond actually comprehension of the mind. Now what happened, revelation of Abraham and Sarah couldn't have reached his Lord by mind, but could not know

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how to worship Him. The Prophet Muhammad Salah Listen, when a 40 year old is so desperate to worship Him, He really you know, does not know what to do going to care of her and, and all those things. Then when Allah see that you just are so desperate that really, you know, they just want to worship me, then he deserves the revelation to revelation comes. Is it clear to EMR basically from the mind? And Islami from your heart? What is every submission of the heart to the revelation to come up with a folder this alarm basically only comes when command comes if there could no command in Islam, Islamism, submission. If a lot on our command, how can you surrender to Him? To that he listened to

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you, he taught me that actually Allah, always, whenever you use the space and ability you are given properly, the next thing he will give to you is always the leather. But if people don't use proper like many muscles complain now in the West, and I will come to that anyway. Many were complaining that now the space is taken away from us in the West one after the one. Now life is so narrow for us. But think properly is still whatever you have been given, do use it or use it properly. Tell me really how much freedom you have got in this country. I use it properly. Does anybody stop you from playing the night telling me? Does anybody stop you to be nice to your wife? Does anybody stop you

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to be nice to your husband to listen to him? Does anybody to stop you to have to pray all the time. Does anybody

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stop you from eating a salad. Does anybody stop you to be good to the people to be good to never to feed them to look after them? Does anybody stop you to show the people the pattern of the paradise we don't use it properly, why you need to stress if you don't use this properly, why you need more actually you need less that we're alive doing. If you don't use his fullest best, he will take away from one after the other that all he does all the time. If you want more space, the way he used what you have been given, if he used all the ability properly revelation comes the revelation came to him and his love revelation came to Musa Islam, Revelation Kim Muhammad Salah, all of them to database

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Islam Islam with your submission to Allah subhanaw taala when Islam comes, then after that, certainly no doubt something will be recommended something will be you know, encouraged to do something will be obligatory upon you something forbidden that our submission is there or tested they do this don't do this that was his last submission immune. So then rules iron in laws will come to many many Africa and I you know certain You know, there are you know, so many division But no, in 100 females we have got at least a seven types of conductors or more. But keep in mind seven types of aka the one is for you know then after that next who is watching Then we have mundu recommended

00:31:17 --> 00:31:33

among men who is soon mocha, mocha and all those things. Then you have got Hara then you have got makuta Halimi, you've got Rakuten z, and you have got things which are MOBA. And then there are also azima, rasa and many other things. So maybe inshallah Next, you know, if you have, I think the last time I'm going to

00:31:35 --> 00:31:39

say, in detail anyway, but if anybody a question you can, you can ask about that,

00:31:40 --> 00:31:44

too. These are the archives and what happening when you do all these things, what the purpose is,

00:31:45 --> 00:32:17

to please Allah, the simple thing is that understand really, that when many women complain, that you know why I have to listen to my husband in his human being like me, you know, I earn money and he earned money. Why I said, you know, you don't listen to him because you are shipping. You listen to him because you please your load that he's tested, and husband said, I work all the day and this and that. And then after that my wife is sitting around doing nothing, and I have to spend money upon Why should I spend? No You are just a commodity you loot you have to please him. Don't please yourself. Don't please your wife, please Allah subhanaw taala that activity people need to do

00:32:17 --> 00:32:41

understand that similar to when you pray to the market and makalah God they will. Do you want to play the Kaaba telling me? I know, it is Allah if Allah subhanaw taala no positive revelation. But imagine if there are any new messenger comes if it is happy, affordable, okay, leave because I don't want to give example where people can have misunderstanding. So in like the proper has allowed us to pray towards better democracy

00:32:42 --> 00:33:18

in order to heal up a better off this more than the Kaaba, no, but because it was come out of his Lord. And then the Qibla, gentle to come, he ended, the Kadena we don't worship but to Moses, we don't worship the Kaaba worship the Lord of Moses, we worship the Lord of the Kaaba, that are happening in the you know, if you know if you have a ruler or Master, you know, who is actually you know, not so handsome, not very attractive, not very rich, is still you have to listen to him. Why because commodity load to know that the process said that you know, you have to obey what you know, even if you have a black slave, meet your ruler, Master obey Him, you got to understand that and I

00:33:18 --> 00:33:27

only obey people you know who are in Indian does not right, you have to obey anybody who else has appointed, you know, like I like I know

00:33:28 --> 00:33:36

this story Shekar has a hidden mahmoodi NO ONE OF GOD Mashallah scholar in this country, he was mentioned to me that once he was in North somewhere

00:33:38 --> 00:34:15

and there was a mosque and the name of the mosque much they build most of the bill out of the Latino. So he said I said to the people who are giving a speech that you have men name, the mosque after bla bla bla Whoa, buddy bill are the Latina cousin alive, you will even not going to make him trustee a member of this mosque, you will say is black in one language lots of people can remember this most nobody's going to be able to he never can be member of this most that will do really do we said this mostly only Bengali, this is Pakistani. These are most This is the Hanafi most this molecule that what we have done, you know, though, you know this, you know this word people have

00:34:15 --> 00:34:18

been to anyway. So what I'm trying to say worship Allah, Allah.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:57

Allah subhanaw taala what unbelievers do they believe themselves really that they do things because it brings satisfaction to them to their done not doing enough to Please dear Lord, they want to have their own satisfaction to certainly they have to complain they will say to life I believe Muslim is so bad. Eat this don't eat this drink this don't drink this marry this woman daughter marry this woman or this problem. You know, how can you live like a prison? You know, people should enjoy the life to certainly you understand difference between you. They want to police themselves. So you can't copy them. You can't follow them. You have to please your Lord. For a believer really what

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

pleases My Lord. It's pleasing me that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

what pleases Him that is the best for me that will deliver believe believers believe anything that pleases My Lord, that is the best for me. unbelievers believe whatever pleases me that is the best for me. But believe us believe what whatever pleases Him. That is the best for me in my lord actually wants me to wake up for the further prayer and doing Gema crane Gemma, I don't want I'm tired. I want to rest. No, my Lord commanded me. I will go If it pleases him. I will do this. My lord said don't need these things. It ahora maybe I don't understand the reason I don't know the logic. You know, I don't know maybe I don't want to I will look clean this metal. If he can ask

00:35:36 --> 00:36:03

Dotty I will follow him because whatever pleases him that it does for me in and whatever does not please please Him. Even if you enjoy that, it is very very harmful to me that how will you have to understand the difference between life of a believer and life of unbeliever believer basically does everything to police his load on him unbeliever Dustin why to believe himself to basically unbeliever worships himself and the believers worship the Lord please him

00:36:04 --> 00:36:08

to this keep in mind then I just want to before moving to explain to you

00:36:14 --> 00:36:31

yeah the meaning of the EMA is Allah Sharia an account and Phil just in order to because I have been doing this so many times I deserve to do a mitzvah dealing means obedience dunya you know Mr. Levy language to obey?

00:36:33 --> 00:36:36

To do basically is a path of obedience

00:36:37 --> 00:37:13

that we're dealing with in the deen in the religion What do you obey? That Denise any Indian you can say no luckily Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, what they do, they obey someone you know who was the door but there's a deep need to deal with the part of the audience. So certainly for us it is it is not any obedience for us actually dealing with obedience in a guide to the way taught by Allah smart Allah through his messengers. And last among the myth, the Prophet Muhammad Salah, listen to us with Deen is in obedience of Allah, the path of obedience of Allah, through the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is it clear that when you say a Deen that we mean actually the path the

00:37:13 --> 00:37:28

way of life? You know that you know, which actually makes it to obey our Lord, a guide to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Salah listen all the messengers, including him and he the last one and see see love all the profits? It has Dean, this Dean has got two parts.

00:37:29 --> 00:38:05

Because in this life, you can not do anything really it's impossible unless you believe it's impossible first you believed in you do that how we represent that, you know, advertising companies, why they're so successful, because they create a belief in your mind and then you spend money. So, you know somebody you know think that you know, I become old, like I have become old too I want to become younger, and then I look in the TV and they have a cream and you apply the cream your hair will come black and your face become very handsome and this and that, I will go and buy it I believe on this actually is going to help me and I by still I remain the same and then the new I use second

00:38:05 --> 00:38:39

time third time fourth time, then I complain they say no no that was wrong really. Now, we have diversity further by the new product to then I buy new for the whole life I keep using and actually I keep them older, older to die nothing but any water they know they know exactly the creative belief your heart and then you spend money to this Allah had met the word the word actually like that, before any action, people need to believe it or understand it that people do once you make it clear, then then then to do it whatever to further please You know, if you want somebody to eat certain food, you have to spend to him that this actually good for you good for your health, good

00:38:39 --> 00:38:46

for your test, good for enjoyment, and then the person will prefer anything, the only people who are very disciplined to them, you know which one they choose.

00:38:47 --> 00:38:56

So, so belief is important, too. Similarly, in the region, in Europe, people need email, what email really either an email is not something

00:38:57 --> 00:39:37

from outside the mind that people are playing in this world believe that there are people who believe in so many things, that external that a problem that a problem problem, most belief in the world is external coming from somewhere else people impose upon you, that the cause of every problem in the society because people's belief actually is imposed upon them by the society by the father by hear that the market is Islamic, a lefty singer is not from our, from our from your nature, you are born in a cooler Manu than the euro dollar fitrah everybody is born an entity of nature, you're born like that, then you think about your nature and you can see it Meanwhile, I always give example

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

which makes very clear example of the food that will help you to understand really, by nature, you need food even when you are hungry your nature will demand a food from you that what people do, your nature will say that you are tired. You are you know you need energy. For the energy you need food. Your nature also will say that for the energy

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

You need only certain amount of the food certain food and a certain amount your nature will tell you if you don't love first time you learn by experience but you learn by your nature that if you eat more than that amount actually it's going to harm you. You can see it but more tired you want energy to phenoxy energy then this bit Are you dead you full to what will happen I go to work more than that. No you go to sleep that your nature is to your nature basically helps you to be you know people when they're hungry, they need food and what the New Deal a certain amount of food, but tell me really do people follow the nature? No, people always follow external beliefs. What actually

00:40:37 --> 00:41:14

Indian people have gotten their mind from very beginning today that how their mind is set. They think the best food Indian food the requisite Indian people have come to her in this country. They left everything all their cultures equal one by one it's everything going even in mind going Islam is good everything but their food the last to leave because it is their mind so deeply. The food the best telomere release in nature. No end associate pudding if you take one Indian food the people say the best one is biryani Tell me really when you are hungry. Do you need food? You need money? You need food. There's if you look your nature, your nature that tells you he knew the food in which can

00:41:14 --> 00:41:49

give you energy you don't need biryani but you tell me what you'd be learning is the nature of culture. The culture you follow your culture in disbelief that you need to be reality is around belief. You need food not biryani but people think that they need biryani to their needs samosa there's one Ramadan comes unity mana somebody from Gujarat in Nevada, my friend from Blackburn he's saying that you know in the family in Ramadan, the whole month of Siobhan goes into preparing for Ramadan. So, I said what the character of the Prophet and allows you to prepare for Ramadan you know Siobhan What are they prepared to what they prepared to make a samosa kebab and this and that to

00:41:49 --> 00:42:03

Ramadan they tell me really do really your nature says that he Ramadan who needs kebab and samosa the culture is a culture basically of development. Now the harvest What if you follow the culture don't follow the nature there certainly you are not looking to get energy,

00:42:04 --> 00:42:37

you are looking for the taste, you know for enjoyment to you that use the for food, who is going to bring more test more enjoyment for you. And then when you eat for energy, you look the amount how much you eat, when you for test enjoyment, you keep eating as long as you keep enjoying, like anyone telling me what this food is going to help you army in my comfort, you know become lazy, that what will happen is to when people have external belief, it harmed them, when people believe from inside because Allah made your natural way, it no nikka neither what it needs,

00:42:38 --> 00:43:18

external environment or not noticing that the problem really is unless what I wanted people to look at the nature that what he hinted at when I was teaching it nature of the nature from your nature, look that will not occur, even if the law did not meet people. So, if you eat food for energy, then you understand your your nature and follow that it will go to help you and if you eat food because of your culture, it is going to harm you too what we mean by demand we mean by EMR to understand your nature, use your mind for that. And then Believe in your nature really when you are born you are born dependent not independent.

00:43:19 --> 00:43:20

You are

00:43:21 --> 00:43:57

dependent everything that you can have got you dependent if somebody is given to you you depend on your mother but your mother also not independent nothing to then you look for one on whomever everyone depends a summer allow allow some of the some of you report on summer then you think you know if he's the one who created me Make me everything all Dorothy Give it to me whatever I need, you know is so generous. So Rahmani Raheem rabina Karim and autosteer say you want to thank him, you want to say anything if he has given me I should use them as he commands to you want to thank him. You want to grateful to him you want to worship him. You want to surrender to Him. You want to do

00:43:57 --> 00:44:35

this this EMA so that EMA EMA basically comes from the mother Imani Farah hula said he man is utterly a manufacturer for a mind that what he said if there has been if there is no profit, no messenger, the spirit will be obligatory on the belief and the people to believe in light Angela, this column Allah Allah Allah Allah is really from the nature and the mind. If in their true nature and true reasoning they put together they will lead you to say la ilaha illa Allah that what he might he might Imani for the mind. Then after that second thing is Ravi Salah with as mentioned a revelation, then Islam comes as a revelation, whatever is allowed never can confirm mind. Is it

00:44:35 --> 00:44:36


00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

How Samy Brahim who knew from his mind I just cannot watch it. He says they don't eat don't drink don't but if you are watching, so nice and mind. Same you can know from his mind that he cannot worship stars and moon and sun. He has developed this properly. But same Ibrahim Winnicott God commands him to slaughter his son. He said tell me can you develop

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

Notice from your nature, nature set to start he was telling me initially to natural thing will be not to settle because if people are both to have life Why go to kill them that kind of nature

00:45:11 --> 00:45:52

distally This is their prerogative allama Salama what Allah who will be ready but I'm smile both did Islam Islamic not from mind is Salamis Rama rebel source of Islam is what? You know Allah subhanaw taala that vide many, many to our time Ricky filling all the time, Judas dynorphin Abu hanifa Malika Shafi they're very clear, but all the time our people our time in philosophy from outside the field really they want to make enough for our mind. They want Islamic rules it's ramka rules to agree with people's reasoning. They are beyond reasoning. The now people have invented a new thing the name Islam fakuma pass it the mcsa done this and did the user testing if you're a human it's not foreign

00:45:52 --> 00:45:54

my pass is really good history. Isn't

00:45:55 --> 00:46:07

that fair from a party allow you to sell a car to your son tell him the possible he never can happen? It could be on a mcsa used to be on your understand you never meaning it his alarm never can be invented by the mind the simple thing

00:46:09 --> 00:46:13

that you know like in order to they're saying it was a joke

00:46:14 --> 00:46:56

or Hoda, Joe acklam in your mind can lead you to Allah to get him but you cannot comprehend him your why he is unlimited. Nobody can no nobody can complain to his command or sin really is commodity in growth. No, it is tested if it if they fulfill the purpose the test just enough for us. If he said it, 100 hoorah it gets prepped for why why is the Hara why the pig is haram you know the pig is like any any any morality like cow when this 100 people can make any research we don't care about the research what we get is in our Lord Sita Hara is going to you know saw the purple pad actually to test this don't use this the soul if we do what ecommerce we will successful the simple thing is

00:46:56 --> 00:47:36

alarming not for anomalies from Revelation understand properly identify the revelation it is could be that your mind can help you to understand it but also it doesn't you don't understand sometimes that when you die then you understand sometimes pretty passive when you're reading the data until you understand it if a person is clear, you have EMA then you have got Islam and Islam yoga for the words of this and that you know and all the law that goes to one misunderstanding all the time you happening. People have got the word Sharia and that is Sharia law to this really misunderstanding of the Quran. misunderstand the Sunnah Sharia in Islam does not mean low versus Miss Sharia means the

00:47:36 --> 00:47:40

path which is authorized the sherea

00:47:41 --> 00:48:05

sherea sherea Mela the path which is authorized in the for anything that that you have got an evenness in the Quran in the sooner out the way that the less water management that's whatever that Sharia law Sharia is not in only laws in Nigeria that everything Sharia the whole judiciary didn't Sharia means is a deal by Shu, Shara Allah Cubana de Anima

00:48:06 --> 00:48:10

Allah swatter has made that denio Sharia which he said no and all this prophet

00:48:11 --> 00:48:52

to Dena Sharia both are the same thing. The only difference Sharia you know if I say that the Specht are being authorized from Allah subhanaw taala the Sharia is what the path that is authorized the Sharia means to even the pressure yet no not even Imani Sharia everything Sharia whatever it is right door Sharia listen to your partner everything law in laws are different metal with all shall you to understand property misunderstanding misleading really, when people translate a Sharia law, Sharia law Sharia is more comprehensive Sharia means what has been authorities authorized anyway. And then last thing I want to explain to you feel fear community deep understanding of all these

00:48:53 --> 00:49:09

if people want us only understand the haka, they are not 40 if you will only understand the Eman they are not phipa if people only understand you know, they Salaam they are not 1450 to understand the whole deal later factor houfy de Porres forever anaphora min

00:49:10 --> 00:49:19

ba if at a minimum they get the photography de facto Fidel Dini the whole thing to that why it is impossible that you do

00:49:20 --> 00:49:20

you know

00:49:22 --> 00:49:53

these people prayer or you don't fear Allah you're not funny, because the 40 actually should fear Allah subhanaw taala It is possible that you know to your religion and you love this dunya focus should be what is it and to me it should not occasionally after our dunya so that we have to understand the you know I have written in my own right in Arabic really because you for summarize from all the discussion Dalai Lama, if you want to write that are 30 hawara Alamo, sola Deen will follow. Well, he political jersey Yeah, I write it here.

00:49:54 --> 00:49:56

It will help you to understand what the team is really

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59


00:50:04 --> 00:50:47

So this basically if you look in the in the Quran and the Sunnah and also how the alum I've been using that or fake news certainly is somebody who knows all the astrology what also the Eman Islam taqwa piety is in order to sue for lack prayer fast is the cost and the major true only minor for oolaboo was things like that those which have come in the Quran first in the Quran then the sooner then they demand the players in all those things and then at the same time he should have fear of Allah tala in his life and otherwise you're the one who's careful in the life as the one who make his life or her oriented if if I'm teaching you on my part of the world to make money

00:50:48 --> 00:51:01

and I fatigue them I'm not starting to understand properly if affordable if I give it to her and I think that you know if I give a photo photo and I please my ruler to him, give me a palace to ID photo to please Him and my 40

00:51:03 --> 00:51:51

to 40 is the one who fears Allah who is zone and that you can see in a medical app is like no. In 100 female doctors book Allah had a riot to set for the hospital analogy or coffee or soul level. Carmen de la Ilaha Mata padam for laser for de la musta hit the home and down to 40 the one who knows you know it will not come properly from the right arguments associate properly. So we're gonna focus in the restaurant in Varanasi, and Hindery from hustler bursary to Emerald pursuit I asked a bursary about something that what is your penis, he said, to I said to her Salah bursary in Nashville, kaha Jaco Luna Kava Kava. They said this and send that to Melissa said to me her Iota 40

00:51:51 --> 00:52:32

honeybell uniqa. Have you ever seen a factory with your eyes in malfatti, who has Zahid of dunya onobasulu DNA, Allah Mahdavi mu, Allah ibadah Tara is the one who designed dunya he prefers our dunya The one who knows his Deen The one who does you know all the time is Eva is Lord you know that that authority easy to understand 5050 is not just you know like a worldly matters where people know some laws they become no lawyer and this and that that how Islamic parties that who knows you know, this is not a Mufti, the one who gets the photo not like that. It actually is a much more that he does follow. He believes in that he follows that versus Mottola. You know he is very first author or

00:52:32 --> 00:53:05

dunya he does not actually love money, it people love money or the 40 it means the honor for you because you're loving something we should go to leave behind. And Ibrahim Hassan said what love or hate bhullar Filene whatever actually comes and goes, I don't love really in money comes and goes padishah come and go What if this world comes go you love that? Are you fucking it was regarding the Quran. People who read the Quran, the buffalo word law of Herbalife, they don't follow anything. If you see any fatigue, and it's perfect only to police the rulers and the state and the power of police community. Like you know, I

00:53:06 --> 00:53:49

there's somebody written a book in about February, but very nice in all those issues where people on Sunni people defer to he mentioned about that, you know, in advance, you have to put a shadow on now allegion, what do you learn? They said, I went to Iran and I discussed with Iran, I said this Santi sada is not from the other end of the Prophet on and the amounts to this said, but still has good meaning. I had an audience very often anyway, what's wrong with that, too? He said, Are we allowed to add in the add on every good centers? Then I add, I add also, I bear witness that my father is solid. So it is true, it is it? You know, that is my Kalamata. Today we can you know how to I said,

00:53:49 --> 00:53:54

Okay, now tell the people, these people they said no, if we teach people they will go to kill us to kill me about the

00:53:56 --> 00:54:30

fact he did not fare any but he had a better grip, you know, really is this religion only you can get if you become like Ibrahim Ibrahim has got intellectual courage, thinking intellectual courage, nobody can stop him from thinking properly. And then he's got moral courage, once he knows something that nobody can start with to set the note, even if the father said to him, Lord Yamanaka, I'm going to stone you era him did not get a blank piece moving on the data, that how the professor said, if they put the sun in my right hand, and moving the left hand to leave this matter, I'm not going to leave, you know, to that try to understand properly that, you know, the, you know, when some

00:54:30 --> 00:54:59

economists and I know really that you know, once and I wrote this book on the women scholars, too, I have many of them are friendly to some of my friends. They said to me, no, don't publish the book before they are discussing with the don't publish because you know, it is not good to go to change and this and that and they are sincere people, too. I said to them, that first thing will you are alumina ahmadu Do you find it any weakness? Only probably my argument. If it is there, then certainly I should revise this No, no that no proneural argument

00:55:00 --> 00:55:33

But it is going to change the you know, things are you know differently the way we have it will differ from that to this thing and that really because what happening is really that you know, you're thinking not just you know to please Allah subhanaw taala you're thinking to something else to please the society to create the culture to please 100 mother to please molecule mother thinks will be 123 is your Lord please him just think about him all the time really. In the Day of Judgment you are coming I the believer you know the individual you're not coming by the Hanafi or Maliki or Shafi or Hungary or Indian or Pakistani Bangladeshi you are coming

00:55:35 --> 00:55:38

to him. So, you know this is important that people

00:55:39 --> 00:55:50

you know, be 14 this means really intellectual courage and moral courage thinks properly and then follow up properly. Okay. Now, next thing is I want to tell you

00:55:51 --> 00:56:26

because you cannot understand the fact that the moral time unless you move on time to what modern time really is that we have to understand and then inshallah we'll cover how to sell the product and then you know, we'll start with the beliefs and about that and then you know, eating drinking foods rotting animal those things will come from this two second thing to understand this world the modern world so no doubt modern world has changed the world RS keep changing anyway you know, what was the word in the time of the process? It was not the same in the time of but oh yeah, it was not the same time when robust new challenges new problem lacking the time the parser lesson Amina God so pure but

00:56:26 --> 00:56:53

in the time of no oma yet in Jihad you can sometimes have to fight your own you know Muslim Brothers it is empty how are you going to use the water you know, what's the Jihad I guess your older brothers think properly you know, what is so much changing all the time to what you do people have so when the changes happen really what people become very you know, they lose the hope and descended does not right we understand really that whatever you know conditions Allah has given you

00:56:54 --> 00:57:00

one thing keep in mind Okay, let me record this I already explained but it is also helpful

00:57:16 --> 00:57:41

you know, I made a circle This made the circle and then I made this straight line a straight line basically in your space meaning in your life and display that use it This space is given to you by Allah this you don't create it or create your father and mother You didn't admit yourself it will not kill you to space the language that you use did you make it

00:57:42 --> 00:57:47

the place where you're born did you make it you don't make a space on this you're not going to judge

00:57:48 --> 00:58:23

you're going to judge about Circle Circle is the one which are less common circle in this spirit, how to live it day and night this circus keep coming all the time every time there will find a prayer every time for private or private America every time hahaha all the time. Circles keep repeating itself all the time. But this straight line never repeats it basically your bowl and your spaces opening all the time keep to every time every moment new space for you new trifari new space for you all the time keep happening what you have to understand in this space is given to you why to then you apply this one

00:58:25 --> 00:58:40

if people have sent me space if I have specialized the process and same circle I become a prophet to everybody for liking same thing no he has given everybody different space to when you apply this one. Your individual isn't because more clear everybody can't let

00:58:41 --> 00:59:17

the abacus follow. Both obey and other messenger both follow him Buster workers over karasuma Why? Because it's pretty different and almost especially different, his family different his conditions are different. And then when they apply this the circle upon this dead space, they also differ did not apply same way to unless a hotline is given different spaces to your individual is because much much clearer and easier for you. And you are commanded to bring this this circle to this space. So our father spirit what he had me really changing space all the time because every time he walked he never made the specifics.

00:59:18 --> 00:59:56

He did not do that Muslims are now born in the head of the alpacas digable Salah Khalifa Muslim Sybil conqueror regrets in the world. Just keep worshiping me. Do you remember like that? No. Even that inadequate fix it change very quickly. Omar camp jell o Samana camp chin, Ollie camp chin under in a televised gun finish. It keeps changing. It couldn't pass. I think if we are majority relaxed, then we can have no fear from the enemies. No, sometimes we might at some time majority sometime. Sometime poor. He keeps changing or that is not right way to keep complaining about the space he did for everybody. Imagine Easter for Islam.

00:59:58 --> 00:59:59

Is it relaxing for him to remember this

01:00:00 --> 01:00:38

Nice house Father loves him so much he loves more than anybody Yes mother loves him uh you know it's such a nice place it's difficult for him to fix his space No, I'll let them know what to fix the space for him Allah what to make a change the space now he's thrown in the will that is space now he's to worship His Lord within that space in Britain the failure to be silly of Allah the forum that is space is brought to new space in the house of this lady who wants to him to do sin now two ministers for him then from that palace he has brought well to the prison especially if Jenny attack to change everybody is understood properly This is paste you don't need to complain

01:00:39 --> 01:01:17

This is paste basically the like opportunity for you. Whatever you have to think really how in this opportunity I use this that are three to four that somebody bought on our phone. You think really soon soon he has parked there. And then he know he studied very hard and he spent money on a god degree from Oxford if I had a parent and I lifelab I could also but since I don't have anything How can I do anything? No. If you got an orphan still you can do a thing finally there's so many orphans in Oxford, it is not that you know to study now for you need a parent every buddy different countries understand properly This is pace is your opportunity you have to understand how to use it

01:01:17 --> 01:01:51

this complaint Bible so all the time that you know Muslims in India think if they are in Pakistan so nice all the Muslims and this and that are no rush between those Muslim you don't understand if you're in Pakistan Another problem that lies between Muslims and Muslims from civil is amen asked Pakistani people are they happy no. Now they can twist but if you look at it just look at the newspapers in Indian Pakistan before 1947 The only problem Indian people have got actually is that British rule was a British brand it was so nice. And if the people wanted to get

01:01:52 --> 01:02:07

rid of that as soon as possible tell him the guard that what happened now their children they're left to move to British rule. See now we are here who forced to be here if your father If mother father wanted to be independent British rule you got independence while you were coming here

01:02:08 --> 01:02:44

think properly you know just understand this properly Allah tala the way he is it Don't worry about the space if you use use apply the circle properly that is basically become good for you. You don't need to change this bed don't complain this complex very very bad man of Indian people should think the space Allah has given the know what to test them how in this space you can be good a believer would a believer good some of them will change he will change if you if you do properly he can make the people become Muslim they love you You just need to understand how to do how to behave luckily we have been given this list in this space in the West you need to learn properly is it clear though

01:02:44 --> 01:03:22

is not that you know if you have different displays know any spec that you're given that is pairs cannot be the best for you if you really understand properly you this property you need the circle properly you know for for humor it's up to someone and then you know your your friend said that my husband is so nice and so generous and this and that you think if I had to spend the husband like like him by level to be so different No Don't worry, the one that you have given that it is your test you can make your life much better than your friends if you really understand the circle properly you need to obey a law that is best suited for you every week sometimes literally majority

01:03:23 --> 01:04:04

some Sunday during a minority level keep testing you all the time. Similarly what will happen is some time you walk on the on the road you know that only men sometimes walk on the road there are women as well to now thinking I should not leave my house because you know when I go to the mosque that we went on the road and looking at the women you know it's hard for me to let it at home it allowed for you know this road it will be used by men by women by believers and unbelievers now to your test when you see the women lower your eye if these outcomes say putting so many women if they pass somewhere and that the men what they do the lower 400 nurses stay at home or whatever Amina oh

01:04:04 --> 01:04:12

no sorry. Ask believers to lower their eye and ask billing women to lower the Quran said no asked me to stay at home because there's so much

01:04:13 --> 01:04:45

new to happen now internet you think really that Internet has problem also no doubt really many many people who want to advertise their products in order somehow they you know they provide something free for you and father free when you go then you see things which are clear Hara you know facilities you go and then because that's what they use to then get those sides which can be Hara. Now, what is the way the way is not that you say that? You know the internet? If you do like that, then basically you're being born over time.

01:04:46 --> 01:05:00

Because it's hard. What is it you have to learn Really? How to use it on iOS 11 do you the what is the hello and don't use what to do this on welfare, repent to Allah and then determine again, make effort again. Totally

01:05:00 --> 01:05:20

Let's see if you can do more harm if you let shatter shatter nevertheless shatter if you go for the prayer is relax oh now he's gone anyway let's get to know his turistico he's gone to the prayer but it's still I can deceive him that he comes to you talk to someone now you can for the priests are talking to you lose your reward if then if you went up

01:05:22 --> 01:05:41

there he makes your mind go everywhere in the world you're not concentrating shatter never lose hope believers Never Never give up Don't give up to it maybe in the internet there are so many problems but believers no think properly in this world in the society you can see that somebody's now traveling on the bus and he was taking the bus in this country there are men or women boasted

01:05:42 --> 01:06:04

to I think all women are sitting oh and you know this is not good for my mom too. I should not travel to tell me Can I do anything no travel but you know be careful you know travel on the plane but be careful don't use any public space but be careful public splits will have everything like a road to it like that internet like a road into TV is like a road road we will have enough things which we should not like

01:06:11 --> 01:06:42

I don't want to go deep in much more detailed to have written I think one day maybe in afternoon I will write down all the board about them our contemporary what I've written in English very loud places you know two three pages. So if you can copy that will help you inshallah to understand your space because very often people keep complaining and that will matter to what humanity what it is but really most of my profits are the majority the vast majority Illuminati you can you can do well you can be as best as possible and karasik come in if you didn't polyrattan earlier but

01:06:43 --> 01:07:21

that number really it really your your circle much not your space if circle is good any special good what you need to do to lead the circle make it right obey your Lord circle is openness if your Lord if obey your Lord in any space it gives you the space it has given you know your opportunity in my in your married life may be different from your friend that's what Allah wants he wants to make everybody's life different from from the other then your individualism tested you're tested nobody got the same life you know people keep changing so is it clear whatever respects you have been given take it as a challenge or an opportunity you know don't take it as you know something negative to

01:07:21 --> 01:07:54

you Don't be negative Don't be always positive whenever a problem comes up don't become annoyed or think oh this problem came Let me think really what is the best way to deal with this problem that how believers should be not even a problem cuz it become a no like no now so many products are coming if I'm not Muslim in the West, the one way to complaining and in Islamophobia and this and that what will happen nothing to help you. But otherwise no, this has happened Let me think with the root of the problem. Let me help for my coming for myself and can my community what has gone wrong there think about that ask us wake up in the prayer night make prayer ask Him He will help you and

01:07:54 --> 01:08:14

then you know make it and follow the path of Allah tala, you will do mistake then again, you know, correct yourself, correct yourself until you'll be the winner that Allah wants Allah wants you to use your mind. But this thing you've got tired and relaxing and give up does not have to believe it? Is it clear? Any space like you saw Islam got a smaller space of the world? Are we in the will? Our is much better than us?

01:08:15 --> 01:08:40

Actually, I'll tell you one thing we keep covering about this person. If you go to Saudi Arabia and asked the Muslim there that now British Government is giving free visa for all Saudis. Nobody will live in Saudi Arabia every will. People are desperate a country pif. Many of my friends, somebody director of uronic madrasa in Macedonia Karana Tell me hey the best in the world market and teaching the best thing or only the best to hire.

01:08:41 --> 01:08:50

The best one he's in the best city teaching the festival and he asked me if I can find for him a job in Oxford. Tell him he really is also returning maka macaron

01:08:51 --> 01:09:26

that the ticker properly people are just too You don't understand the split any split that again is good for you just use it properly don't think you know if you are in a place where you listen you can pull the lever know if you are indispensable don't miss out one is still you can be the best believer in rejecting How do you displace you see other you make that nobody's done at home wherever you place your oven. You don't need that you know somebody else yada Why can't you see why you can't be the first person who make this work to become you know place other than everybody else? Why don't you just this thing I try to understand properly is tentative given a formula from load don't change

01:09:27 --> 01:09:45

it is given by him your parents your father or mother from him you know your your language from when you're born when did you make your language already choose it? Tell me Do not use it. Did you choose your father or mother will not choose your father mother he has given you whatever is given. Now within that you have to apply the circle is a crematory.

01:09:46 --> 01:09:47

Now I'm coming to

01:09:49 --> 01:10:00

how to whenever a jurist look at the condition of the believer okay. Look at the condition the you know believers in this world. He wants to find you know to help them to find solution.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:32

What is the where to find solution now to noncom? Really? Now Muslims have problem that either Muslims the problem that I buy that Muslim Latin or people have said people said that we cannot trademark Some people say we have problem in the prayer, sometimes we are meeting in the classroom, and the time of the answer comes and goes, and the doctor comes and goes, we can't pray, Muslims are problem of fasting, Muslims a problem eating and drinking so many problems. Before coming to this province, every watch should be over at you how to understand the problem, and how to find solution. The next thing I'm going to teach you, there is Shall I will come to the perimeter, but it's very

01:10:32 --> 01:10:40

important to understand really how to look at the problems and how to find the solution of the problem. But before that, if you have got any question, please ask

01:10:43 --> 01:10:44

us the

01:10:50 --> 01:11:34

Shaykh salaam aleikum you mentioned didn't comprise of two parts. But we chose the two parts of Dean Imani Silla, to deal with him on his love demons what that you know, from your nature and from your mind you read to this conclusion conclusion that no Illa Allah once you read there then you're desperate to worship Him then second part of the revelation is Allah then you surrender to what are commands that do it then now you want worship him he said to do then don't ask he said to you to the writer then he said no but hand right hand or left hand both are the same. Both are made by him what the difference make do it with the left hand a writer it doesn't make any sense I went with the left

01:11:34 --> 01:12:10

hand then you are not Muslim understood properly. Now got need to make sense. What makes sense he commanded if he commanded he knows what to come out. Now you have to eat with the right handed whether it makes sense to you or not doesn't make sense to me so it makes sense anyway, but if it does not make sense to you Don't worry. What am I supposed to use to obey this law is alarm is furama revelation surrendered to absolutely whether you're a small amount accept or not accept it no matter really is clear to the people some people are confused they don't understand the difference between the man Islam the audit it could create a problem what they use the need to use their mind

01:12:10 --> 01:12:47

in the mind they use it in Islam like for Nepal, the way in the world before marriage think properly understand if you want to find a wife you know ask question find about her in whatever you need. And then once you're married then you know provide her rights properly. But this is not right with that before marriage You do not think properly and after you keep questioning every single thing about her is not right that's why the people say advice people say before the marriage opened both eyes after the marriage closed him but the time has gone because after you do it what you need to do before marry you do after marriage. You need to think before it before Islam. Imani new thinking

01:12:47 --> 01:13:22

once you say the Rila Did you go to Casa de la you said on my file the homeless alone he never can be questioned people will call unless water if his commands if he commands you. If he commands them might particularly I like him very much. Manasa Well, he's to say if he commands me to use pig I will hate it. It doesn't matter maybe I got like a headache now because we are born to hate it but if he commands me I'm elated because what matters is his command is no matter what I like it no matter really when he commands something that what we do that what actually we have to do we are believers were slaves. That what Islam is alive is full submission to Allah that Allah Subhanallah

01:13:22 --> 01:13:51

zebra zebra him it was so good in the man in his reasoning. He was so good his submission is the Lord commanded him to slaughter he hated it. He wants your done but he's right What did Moses have said to them? slaughter a cow not a son you know Ibrahim is clotting his son no question a cow is easy thing anybody can do but even better problem which color male or female or this and that the people but it's like be like Ibrahim Don't be like bunnies right?

01:13:53 --> 01:13:53


01:13:54 --> 01:13:56

Oh yeah. You know like

01:14:04 --> 01:14:42

you said that we should use our mind and we should use the capability that Allah has given us but sometimes when you give the example of Imam Abu hanifa we do not know on a personal level I do not know about a law about fake. So when there is a thing there is a Hadees or something and we do not know the basic ruling of it. Is that the time Can we use our mind if there are two different opinions? Can we use that at that time? Basically, every Brandon burrata the knowledge people believe in Allah given the money for us anyway for every single thing even you cooking for you have to use the money every single to walk us everything you don't leave your mind somewhere else. You

01:14:42 --> 01:14:59

also have to carry your mind with yourself that allowed me to remove all that I'm thinking but problem actually is medical to understand theory before using the mind, you need a certainty around the mind is not mind that not intimate the knowledge. mind does not produce information, what amount of

01:15:00 --> 01:15:34

To the mind it builds upon something you've had personal development, if I did not learn from my mother how to cook from anybody, and then I use my mind can I cook? I have to have basic information then my mind will help develop from from that. So let's try to understand it for the pool. Mm hmm. Honey ferrata did he have to for an apple he said that, you know, reading the father behind the Imam, you know people should not Makoto Halimi, people behind the image should not refer to her. Then you read a hadith in Bukhari, that you know that no prayer for the one who did not read the Father. Do you think you follow in a hadith that's good thinking to follow the person lesson? But

01:15:34 --> 01:16:12

before that, you need to understand what are other hobbies in that subject? What the Quranic verses What are really about honey for argument, if you want to look out the information properly then it will be in your mind can work from my mind only was it with information full information is more valuable if you ask me you know I want to marry someone can you help me to choose darcel no First tell me who this person is what choices what the quality that I can help you if I don't know anything even if I the most clear person on the face of the earth I cannot help you mind one Li headset when the direct proper information to follow up if you want to know what's something halal

01:16:12 --> 01:16:49

or haram mine only can help you if the information is not proper many Muslims don't have enough knowledge and they want to use their mind to they do mistake the foreigner pool if I'm very clear person and I want to travel from here to somewhere but I don't know the map I don't know if the road Tell me Can my mind till lead. If there are so many food I put it that I don't know what the great ingredients are in the in this food. And it tells me which one the best food for my health. Karma man help me know I have to look at how they are met what they met, then man can help to try to understand properly. You know, sympathy really is what people keep, you know, many, many clips in

01:16:49 --> 01:16:51

which I discussed with the people, people are confused

01:16:52 --> 01:17:25

about certain matters. First thing is people really don't know what reasoning is. Most people have no idea what reasoning means. reasoning are two types of personal reasoning, a scientific reasoning. But a third reasoning is just your own, just oh, this doesn't make sense to me. This has no value at all. A very, very personal very personal reasoning has no value in no science. No, not anyone that thinks or does not have access to me, no value, what am I totally scientific reasoning, scientific reasoning, reasoning, which is based on the proper knowledge, sound knowledge, that science does reasoning, based on the sound knowledge is are two types.

01:17:26 --> 01:18:04

The one which takes information from the nature and the one who takes it from his father culture, the one who takes information from the nature of human that scientifically for example, if I advise you to eat a food, which is good for your nature, then my reason is good. Wi Fi device will teach the food which is good for my culture, then I'm not a clever scientific reasoning, which in agreement with the your nature, that the good reasoning, scientifically, which is you're in agreement with your culture, is bad reasoning. Most scientists in the world, they're clever people, but the side that is used actually, which has the culture, not the nature, he did not look at human

01:18:04 --> 01:18:42

nature. In the apple, they are employed by someone by forbartha. They're employed for a mobile phone company, big center. Now he's concerned not you your concern, actually, that company is going to make that phone which can, you know, make more more money, though the furniture is going to hurt the Unity he's not concerned about that, what he considers to make more money to do he use scientific reasoning, but the scientific reasoning serving the culture, what allows you their scientific reasoning, which serves your nature is clear, to firstly in reasoning, a two types personal reasoning and scientific reasoning, for third reason use rubbish, to what it is useless usefully,

01:18:42 --> 01:19:02

scientifically. Scientifically, there are two types, there are scientific reasoning, which helps your nature and the other which helps your culture 99% of the world, they have got that scientific reason which held the culture more scientific collateral, the scientifically themselves your nature is true that will fit at the level of Islam. What might not

01:19:04 --> 01:19:31

think he will think but he's thinking what what scientific thinking based on the nature that what will that what people need to do? You said about that if the margrave you have to pray mangry before at the earliest time right but you said you could adjust it because everybody's life is different to at that time which reasoning are we using? If we follow the third one of them shall I go to teach that what people need to learn really, that you know, certainly in basically what happened is Quran and Sunnah their guidance,

01:19:32 --> 01:19:48

but basically how to live in this world. It depends on the adjustment, that of that. So what is it that was tsunami tsunami, unless Santa Clara to the person or the cinema, but the professor applied the Quran to his own context

01:19:49 --> 01:20:00

to from the profit you can learn the adjustment. Have you adjusted the Quran is like now you're slightly different from the person. You have to learn adjustment of your life from the

01:20:00 --> 01:20:35

Iran on Iran the adjustment of the professor How did he adjust to learn from that in a way that you not misguided everybody's life is different. Everybody's different. You have to adjust for that but you know that sometimes the promises he used to deliver okay Why did private because something was busy for vice versa giving a speech he was giving a speech and the time for the hurricane did not play on the on the early time you need to play on early time he delayed the perimeter. Do you see okay the professor said because of the adjustment, he delayed the prayer now if I have similar adjustment my life and I can I delete it pretty Yeah, you can do go to makarand don't make a he did

01:20:35 --> 01:21:16

if he does something once or twice. You can do also to like multiplayer people should do as with the sensors, but for example my mother you're not feeling good. She needed my help. At that time for his son, his son said okay, and she needs for me at least for half an hour. Okay, I can sort of look after her. And then after half an hour I can come and put him on to it The both of them to it let him or her career because I have to learn how to adjust it. But if actually serving her kind of make my career to delete the data more offensive then I have to be more vocal so can be softer. Sometimes you can even technically do other like the professor lost the battle of funds that he delayed he did

01:21:16 --> 01:21:57

a few prayers because it was so bad, he could not read the time and it cost us people some time even that can happen to people but if people make this hybrid, that the problem what the Prophet did it in in those conditions which are foresee condition, if you do in those conditions, which are optional, you are you have to do though you are allowed only to do either in forcing condition if you do not foresee condition you are sinful if you have to you're allowed to deliver a prayer in those conditions where you still you can think you can play all the time and also you can do other commands of Islam as well. But if you just replicate your costs for TV you know you're looking after

01:21:57 --> 01:22:33

a mother a different from TV you're watching TV now football is coming in no match between India and Pakistan and now your metadata to Pakistan Wilson and now time for money are usually multiplayer is a good fun you know, you should play on the time in Mysore Pakistan is not enough justification to build the player but your mother certainly looking after mother it didn't matter that what people be clever people look out the things properly. Like you know many people say that musical huddle Islam one of the reason is because when the professor doesn't care to Medina to some girls the utopian will disagree if they read what's in the lighter process you want to put in your air all the time

01:22:33 --> 01:23:12

working in this word Islam is what he did once in life you want to do all the 24 hours in a think properly what he wants to some time occasionally in to make the little happy the different metal to one scenario they do but what 24 hours to be reverse time for music. Believe as a life It must most sit in a petition to try to understand this thing I know where people just want to follow her I'm just looking for this is more instantly look to his life, his life his asset market oriented, you know if this man who allows people to in a play with this is the man who is but two thirds of the player do we do if we spent two thirds of night in the player you don't have time for music really

01:23:12 --> 01:23:19

telemetry these people's people don't take for the person and the region as a whole the tech bit and a bit bit a bit earlier.

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