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In the 10th century, we had discussions. Are you listening between atheists, Christians, Jews, so called heretics and Muslim theologians having debates between each other in a perfectly harmonious society, crazy extent coexisting with each other? And not? No one's torturing them? Did you know we didn't have any witch burnings in the Islamic lands? We didn't have any heretic burnings that weren't happening in Europe. Okay. And then after that, how Islam spread from all across

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the country by the sword

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let's discuss the existing laws. Let's discuss the existing laws. There are laws

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okay. So,

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so, so the bottom line is liquid, can we not digress? Can we? The bottom line is, you have no set definition of wrong you, as an atheist have no set definition of wrong the word wrong hence you cannot use

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so what what standard do you use to reach that understanding of your standard that we create as a society? I've already shown you I've already shown you that committed standard has failed again and again. So it cannot be used for all well being that's committed that community standard has led to massacres and genocides off a grand scale.

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Well, I don't need your protection.

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I don't need your protection when you are killing 6 million Jews. When you're killing 6 million Jews, I don't need your protection. I don't need your protection when Native Americans were completely wiped out of the map of America. Okay, I don't need that protection when when 11 million.

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You didn't get robbed when he came up here to speak. So don't get attack you don't get killed on the street. You didn't get robbed every day because we have laws. The laws

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do that too. I agree. protected. And these laws are very religious in nature, I believe. Okay. Did you know In the 10th century, but God in they stopped? I don't know.

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By the way, this is not my doing. I didn't plan this. Yeah, this is a random, we started talking. So.

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So in the 10th century, we had discussions. Are you listening between atheists, Christians, Jews, so called heretics and Muslim theologians having debates between each other in a perfectly harmonious society, crazy extent coexisting with each other, and no problems? No one's torturing them? Did you know we didn't have any witch burnings in Islamic lands? We didn't have any heretic burnings. That was all happening in Europe. Okay. And then after the meeting, we then how Islam spread from the rabid finish all across North Africa with the

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conquered by the sword.

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When you when you say Islam? Okay.

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That's a good question.

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That's a good question. Have a discussion? That's a good question. How did Islam spread from an Arabian settlement called Mecca to places like China and Southern France? How did that happen? Okay. When you asked me, how did it spread? Islam a to two? I mean, at least two kinds of spreads, but one was territorial, right. And one was religious. How did Islam spread as a religion is a separate question to how did Islam or Muslim empires break the distinction between the two? Now, there is a distinction.

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distinction is that Muslims took the land by force, no doubt, I'm telling you categorically. I'm not one of those people who's going to run and hide and

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be apologetic, be apologetic about it. But by force, the Muslims, early Muslims fought the Byzantines and the Persians and the Chinese in some cases, and the North Africans and Spanish king Roderick, because they believed they believed that these empires and kingdoms are absolutely oppressive. And why was the spread made so fast? What happened? How did it happen so rapidly? rapidly? Some historians the enemy, no, no, no, no, he didn't have any nuclear weapons or

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missiles or Scud missiles or during

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the Great Wait, wait, no, they will not have you. I mean, again, this is an area where I have thoroughly studied the spread of Islam, the early Islamic expansion or the early Islamic conquest there. There are people like Carol Hillenbrand, who has written on this extensively. She stated that the Arabs had no special weapons to conquer the Byzantines and the Persian simultaneously the largest standing armies on the planet. The Arabs had no special weapons. What are the reasons the story is forward

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But for this rapid expansion of the Arabian Empire is that these empires were very oppressive and the masses, the people on the land, the peasants supported the expansion. They came out to help the Arabs, they welcomed them as liberators. This happened in Syria. This happened in Egypt. This happened in Persia. This happened in North Africa. This happened in Spain, when they landed when Tarik landed on on

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on Spanish territory, the Jewish people out of all the Jewish people came forward to welcome them as liberators. So this is how the expansion was facilitated. This is the way to chaser.

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Since when Wait, wait, that's a very good question. Since when, since when Sr. Sr. Congress has failed, you said they run out

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for over 1000 years, this is this is why I love the park because here we get some education, right? A lot of people come with misconceptions in their minds, and then they get some education and in return, I get it. I get taught by many people. I come with misconceptions. And I'm corrected so many times this white of the Jewish people for over 1000 years. Listen to me carefully 90% of the Jewish population of the world lived under the protection of Islam for over 1000 years who say so, a Jewish historian called Bernard Lewis, in his book, The Jews of Islam. I'm not saying this, the Jewish Golden Age was in Spain and Al Andalus, what they called the ornament of the world, okay? The Jewish

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people writing in, in the Arabic language, in the Hebrew alphabets, the character, the alphabets were Hebrew, but they were writing in the Arabic language, like my monitor is he wrote in the Arabic language A Guide for the Perplexed, he wrote this book. So major Jewish scholars and academies, you know, the oldest Academy, Jewish Academy in the world, whether it was in Baghdad, in Iraq, Babylonia, the Jewish existed in Iraq, for as late as 1940s, after the after the creation of Israel, after the creation of Israel.

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The relationship went sour things went sour people, you know, Muslims because of Palestine, they started to have, you know, and then the Jewish people,

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some Zionist, some Zionist, hijack the Jewish religion for the cause. So, these are political issues.